First I've done just short of 20 miles In this one that included a 145 half Marathon test with a mix of Paces thrown In from Easy up to marathon pace plus a Couple of shorter easier plots most of That was on road or tarmac Pavements Some of it was on River paths and there Was a little bit of cobbles thrown in as Well now soccer describes the Triumph 21 As a light and plush performance shoe That's built for those who need a little More out of their daily miles we've got A daily trainer here that's a little bit More plush there's a huge emphasis here On the comfort as well and I think this Shoe ticks that box really nicely offers Good step in Comfort he manages to feel Plush and pallid I think without feeling Bulky and heavy like some shoes can the Upper's hug and wrap well without being Restrictive the lockdown for me was good There's no movement no slipping no Rubbing or hot spots to speak of on Those 145 half that I did it's Definitely one of those shoes I think That just feels right on the foot pretty Fast the moment you put it on When it comes to the ride I found it Light and agile enough where some shoes Can leave you feeling like they're kind Of interfering with your run I think This is a shoe