The Novablast 4 sees some big changes from the previous version. The biggest of those is the new FF BLAST ECO PLUS foam that aims to provide a softer ride with more energy return when you want to pick up the pace. There’s also an updated shoe geometry that combines the trampoline-inspired midsole with a higher stack of midsole foam.

Although the Triumph 20 saw a number of updates over its predecessor, the 21’s changes are largely made across the upper. The new design gets a revamped flat knit material to improve fit as well as provide breathability, along with a modified lacing system for better lock-down.

The shoe features the same PWRRUN+ cushioning in the midsole and sockliner – an impressively balanced foam that manages to feel soft while still providing a good level of energy return, and there’s a generous level of outsole rubber to protect that foam and deliver a high level of grip across varied road conditions.

Tom and Kieran have been testing the shoes out to see how they compare.

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01:53 – How’s The Fit?
03:35 – The Run Test
12:50 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers in this Video we are going to be doing a Comparison of the A6 Nova blast 4 and The S trium 21 let's dive [Music] In so trium 21 cost £170 or $160 weighs 280 G or 9.9 o for men in a size 8 and The drop is 10 mm the A6 Nova blast 4 Costs £135 or $140 it weighs 156 G or 99 Oz for men in a size 8 and the drop is 8 Mm although the TR 20 saw a number of Updates over its predecessor the 21's Changes are largely made across the Upper the new design gets a revamped Flat knit material to improve fit as Well as provide readability along with a Modified lacing system for better Lockdown the shoe features the same Power on plus cushioning in the Midol And sock liner an impressively balanced Phone that manages to feel soft while Still providing a good level of energy Return there's also a generous level of Outso rber to protect that foam and Deliver a high level of grip across Varied road Conditions finally there's a heel lock Design to hold the foot in place and a Pull tap at the rear to make getting of The shoe easier to pull on and off the Shoe is also slightly heavier than the Previous version the Nova blast 4 sees Some big changes from the previous Version the biggest of those is the new

FF blast Eco plus foam that aims to Provide a softer ride with more energy Return when you want to pick up the pace There's also an updated shoe geometry That combines the trampoline inspired Midsole with a higher stack of midsole Foam there's an engineered wav mesh Upper offers a plush fit as well as Plenty of breathability and flexibility As well as a gusted tongue to prevent Slip and there's a healthy covering of Ahar outso rubber across the shoe to Improve grip and [Music] Durability so quick word on fit I ran in A UK and a half which is my regular size It's a US 9 and A2 and I recommend going True to sizing both of these shoes the Nova blast 4 have a little bit more room Up top from the midfoot through into That toe box there a bit more wiggle Room there's a bit more clearance of the Uppers across the top of the toes so That could be a good thing if you're Thinking about using these for long runs Where you might get black toenail that Kind of butting up over you know two Three hour runs the Triumph 21 they are Still pretty roomy they're a little bit More snug overall they've got what you Would sort of consider a tighter I guess Faster more ding sort of racer fit than The Nova blast I think in terms of Overall kind of still hold and comfort

These two are on a PA the Triumph 21 Definitely feels like a more natural Shoe on the foot overall that's because Of the size of the no blast 4 though but I would recommend going true to size in These shoes Okay so the fit for me in These two shoes I'm a size eight in the UK these are both size eight the Nova Blast 4 I would say is an improvement on The previous versions I would stay to my Size in this shoe the previous versions Were notably a bit more narrow than this One it's about the same size but this New upper uh is a little bit more Forgiving so it feels like there's a Little bit more room in the front of the Shoe in the Nova 4 there's also plenty Of room uh between my toe and the Forefoot so I found it to be very Comfortable shoe there plenty of padding As well uh I would stick to my size in The Nova blast 4 trium 21 is one of the Most comfortable shoes I've worn it's Definitely my size uh in the UK size Eight there's plenty of room in the for Has a really nice flexible upper so There's plenty of room for your feet to Move around and there's lots of space Before for the toes so i' would stay to My size in both of these [Music] Shoes so I've talked about the sakon tri 21 many many times it's one of my Favorite running shoes I use it for

Loads and loads of different types of Runs includ as well as the S trium 20 Which is a very similar shoe uh just has A just has a change to the upper in the 21 um the trium 21 is just a brilliant Versatile cushion shoe it has this Poweron um plus midell foam which is one Of the best midell Foams out there Especially for daily shoes and cushion Shoes because it just has a lot to it It's got It's nicely soft but it's also Got a nice compressive energy return in It as well you don't often get from a Lot of Max cushion shoes or until Recently you didn't get a lot of Max Cushion shoes um so what I found about The sakon tri 21 is that it is a really Comfortable shoe that of padding on it And stuff it's got lovely upper just Keeps your foot feeling really nice and Comfortable for those easy runs for Those long runs but it's also Surprisingly versatile shoe for a Max Cushion shoe uh there's a nice little Bit of Bounce in it it's not the Bounciest shoe in the world it's not Like Zoom X foam but it has a surprising Amount of Bounce for a cushion shoe and As a result it it's a cushion shoe that Really starts has become more of a daily Shoe these days because of that Versatility um and it it's just a solid Great option if you're looking for a Shoe that you can do lots of different

Run runs in I'd still say that it's Still a Max cushion shoe it still fits In that Max cushion shoe world where you Want an easy run shoe or a long run shoe But it just does a bit more uh which Makes it great value even though it's a Relatively expensive shoe it's a shoe That can do a lot um and I if I was Going to go on holiday or I was on a Desert island and it had roads on it uh I would i' probably pick the trium 21 Just cuz it's a solid oround shoe and The style of running that I do most is Easy runs I like a lot of cushioning uh I just want a shoe that is just feels Really good but also helps me to sort of Move along and bounce me along a little Bit so that I can really get to the end Of that run uh in Comfort but also Feeling like I've got something a shoe That's helping me do that as well the Trium 21 really does do that there are Lots of other cushion shoes out there That don't do that cushion shoes that Are really just Veer towards that easy Run side of things things like the cloud Monster stuff like that which is not a Shoe that I would ever really use for Anything other than the easiest runs That I do which for me would be like 5 Minute kilometers um so the TR 21 is Just a fantastic shoe um and it's it's One that we do versus with against with Most cushion shoes and it normally does

Very very well the A6 no blast floor is Um an interesting shoe because it has Developed quite a lot over the past few Versions the first version um of the Nova Blaster was really Surprising shoe because it was a Max Cushion shoe which had a quite a bit of Bounce to it um but it did have some Issues as well it was a little bit Wobbly a little bit unstable um and some People didn't get on with that shoe Since uh that shoe was developed the Later versions to the three and now the Four they're a bit wider they're a bit More stable um into the three it lost a Little bit of the magic of the first Version because it just it became a bit Dull um and just sat in that world of Cushion shoes Max cushion shoes that Don't really do a lot it wasn't bouncy It wasn't uh there wasn't lot of Ury Turn in it it was just a solid daily Shoe for easy runs really um but the Nova blast 4 has a few updates to it Which make it a bit of a different shoe This mid cell foam has got a little bit Bigger uh the geometry of it is Redesigned slightly um and as a result It's a it's an improvement a big Improvement on the Nova Blast 3 but also I think it's probably the most rounded Of the Nova blast so far far the uh Mell Foam feels like it compresses nicely um It gives you a nice bit of bounce back

Uh there's definitely a bit of Responsiveness in it it just feels like A shoe that can do a lot more than the Nova Blast 3 uh it's also fairly light Feeling shoe when it's on the feet uh And it also has a nice rolling action as Well so you can see this got this Pronounced um design at the front uh and It's got this quite extensive uh heel Section here which really do does roll The foot forward uh and creates a nice Smooth uh motion for running so these Are two shoes that are quite similar in A lot of ways they're really Max cushion Shoes that are designed to have a bit More versatility um they're both shoes That I would say that if you were Looking for one pair of shoes and maybe You a runner that was doing your first Half marathon your first marathon or Maybe you're a runner that does lots of Half marathons and marathons and doesn't Want uh isn't going for really fast Times all the time you don't want the Lightest shoe they don't want a carbon Plate shoe to do it the these are both Shoes that can do that very well they're Versatile to a point um and I definitely Happily run a marathon in both of these Shoes if my focus is really just getting To the end in Comfort with a nice little Bit of smooth transition and um they i' Both I'd go for both of these shoes for That now when it comes to comparing

These two shoes I think it really does Come come down to that foam um and Although the phone in the Nova blast uh Uh 4 the FF blast plus is getting closer To what you get in the poweron plus Midell foam I do think the power plus Midell foam is a still a better foam It's just it's probably one of my Favorite Foams out there it just has a Little bit more compression and energy Return in it it just feels like it's a Little bit more to to the the power one Plus uh midell foam really it's just a Great foam that just delivers in every Shoe that it goes in uh the Nova blast Is getting closer to that uh I just Think it's there's a little bit less to It than that it's solid it's comfortable A move ride I just think there's a lot More in the trium 21 than in the Nova Blast 4 other than that they they do Deliver in a Sim in a similar way the Outso on them is uh well the Triumph 21 Outso is fantastic it's got this really Extensive layer of rubber it grips Really well in the work it's just a Really nice outso really does a good job Of protecting that midso foam as well uh The novablast outsole is really good as Well um it's probably not as good at uh Traction in the wet uh but it's not bad Um and I think it had some improvements In this version over the Nova Blast 3 uh When it comes to that so good solid

Outsole on both of them um but yeah very Similar shoes uh which are a tricky on To to choose between so for my run test I've clocked more miles in the Triumph 21 which has become one of my go-to Every Run shoes and I've now done around 30 mil plus give or take in the Nova Blast 4 I've mixed up the pace in both Shoes from slow and easy to marathon Pace and Beyond I've covered different Terrain including roads and some light Off-road River paths and park paths park Run kind of stuff I also did a Sidebyside mile to compare these two Shoes one on each foot and here's what I Found so I've just done a sidebyside Mile I've got the no blast 4 on the left Foot I've got the socer tri 21 on the Right foot the biggest difference that You noticed here it's all about the Midsole platform there's obviously a Bigger stack on the Nova blast 4 not Only in terms of the overall kind of Height but also in terms of the width And the platform that you're running off There's much more uh flaring going on in The in the for foot and in the heel with The Nova blast 4 so overall you've got More volume of that flight foam foam Under Foot the Mido foam Under Foot than You have on the Triumph 21 that just Feel a bit more compact a bit more Precise they're a bit more dialed in You've still got a pretty big stack

There but it's not as big as the Nova Blast 4 the other difference here is That although the Nova blast 4 now I Think is tuned firmer than the 3es it Sinks less it's a bit more responsive You've noticed the roering a bit more in The no blast 4 than you did in the Threes and they are a better shoe Generally for sort of clipping along Happy and I think a bit more of a Responsive ride than those past Generations they are not as responsive They're not as immediate they're not as Fast they're not as springy I don't Think you even feel the rocker in Sensation as much as you do on the Triumph 21 the Triumph 21 is a shoe to Put on I think to go anywhere from sort Of your easy up to your fast but Probably better at the faster end of Things whereas the Nova blast can also Do easy up to fast but it's definitely Going to be better at the easier end of That scale notably they are both Versatile shoes and I think it's you Know it's a fair comparison to put them Up against each other because you might Well be asking the question whether or Not the no blast 4 can handle those Faster Paces it's better at it than it Was in its previous generation it's Still not the best what I really noticed That wide foot bed sort of cradles the Foot a lot but you sink a lot into it

You still have to wait for that foam to Come back it's much more cushioned it's Trying to do much more of that you know Remove the impact of The Landings Whereas the soccery Triumph 21 feels Like it's just trying to whip you Through each of your steps as quickly as Possible and give you some good rebound Early on that's not to say the so TR 21 Doesn't have enough protection I think It does if you like a slightly firmer Ride I think there is enough protection Here to do your lower and slower and Easier runs as well and that means There's good versatility here as well But yeah I'll wrap my final thoughts When I get back into the office in [Music] A to my verdict on these two shoes the One I'm going to go for is pretty Obvious it's a s trium 21 I just think It's a really solid all round shoe I Think it's got a little bit more Versatility than the Nova blast 4 I Think it's a bit more comfortable than Nova blast 4 I just think it's a very Solid durable shoe it just feels like You're really can go for miles and miles In it and you just you've just got a lot Of comfort and cushioning um and support In this shoe it just it's just a Fantastic long run shoe or high mileage Shoe uh the Nova blast 4 I think is a Vast Improvement on the previous version

Uh and um is definitely a really nice Shoe now I didn't say that about the Nova Blast 3 um but I just think that it Even though it is more versatile now and Even though it has got nicer smoother Action and it it's probably better for Longer runs than it ever has been before I do think that it's just missing a a Little bit of that midsole foam magic That you get in the uh Power run Plus Midsole in the sakon trium 21 so I'm Going to go for the trium 21 uh as my Pick out of these two shoes verdict then And this is a pretty straightforward one For me the sakon Triumph 21's firmer More responsive ride is much more my Kind of shoe and even though the Nova Blast 4 is an improvement I think on the Generation 3 and I've enjoyed running in It much more than the previous Generations and it's considerably Cheaper than the Triumph 21 it's still a Bit too much shoe for my preferences and By comparison to the Triumph 21 it's Still too soft in The Landings for me so If you're like me and you prefer a Firmer Rocket Ride even when you're Running at your easy Pace the Triumph 21 Is the shoe to go for if you want a shoe It's more capable at top Paces go for The Triumph 21 if you like pillowy Softness and sinky cushioned Landings And oodles and oodles of plushness and a Big old shoe then the Nova blast 4 is

Definitely the one to go for if you want A shoe that's somewhere in between but Nova blast 4 price then I think the Socon ride 17 is well worth a look that Kind of spans these two shoes so yeah That's an interesting one to check out As well that's it from us thanks a lot For watching don't forget to like Subscribe click that little bell and Check out the channel for all the other Videos we've got if you're going to Below you can also find a link to our Podcast which comes out at the end of Each month thanks a lot for watching Catch you next Time