Although the Triumph 20 saw a number of updates over its predecessor, the 21’s changes are largely made across the upper. The new design gets a revamped flat knit material to improve fit as well as provide breathability, along with a modified lacing system for better lock-down.

The shoe features the same PWRRUN+ cushioning in the midsole and sockliner – an impressively balanced foam that manages to feel soft while still providing a good level of energy return, and there’s a generous level of outsole rubber to protect that foam and deliver a high level of grip across varied road conditions.

The Fresh Foam More V4 is a max cushioned shoe designed for plush, comfortable miles that features a number of design updates over the More V3. The biggest of those is the addition of even more Fresh Foam X midsole foam that makes it higher and wider than its predecessor – a design feature that aims to improve the stability of the ride.

Tom has been testing the shoes out to see which one is with spending your money on.


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00:00 – Intro
01:50 – Stats
02:218 – Design
03:44 – How’s The Fit?
05:05 – The Run Test
10:06 – Verdict

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Hey he told me from the Run testers with The running shoe versus in this video I Am going to be doing a comparison of the Saucony Triumph 21. and the New Balance More V4 this video is brought to you by A friend's over at precisionfuel and Hydration now if you're looking at these Shoes you're probably looking at doing a Lot of miles both both of these shoes Are designed for long sessions they're Designed for kicking off lots and lots Of training sessions throughout the week In comfort and if you're doing that You're probably going to be looking at Fueling for all that training two of the Products that they have on the site are Both products that I use and these are The 30 gram carb gel and the 30 gram Card gel with 100 milligrams of caffeine In now I've been using these for over a Year now I use them for my training for The Chicago marathon and for the race Itself I tend to use a mix of them when I do a marathon so I have a couple of The caffeine ones and a couple of the Carb ones I don't like to have caffeine All the way through and I found they Work really well I haven't had any Issues with them at all they digest very Easily and they taste very nice as well You can also get these massive packs Which are the 90 gram carb gels as well Which tend to be better suited for Things like if you're doing Ultras

You're out all day on the trails you Want to put something in your backpack But you you can just have a little bit Of as you go throughout the day if you Want to find out more about fueling you Can head over to the Precision fuel Hydration website where there's loads of Different articles from experts on how To fuel and the best way to do it for You and you can also use their carb Calculator which will give you an Opportunity to put lots of your details In about how you train about how you Sweat and it'll give you the type and Level of fueling and hydration needs you Need for your running as a treat for our Viewers you can also get 15 off at the Precision Fuel and hydration website if You go into the caption below and click On the link right let's jump in and do The verses Foreign 21 cost 170 pounds or 160 dollars weighs 280 grams or 9.9 ounces for men in a Size 8 and the drop is 10 millimeters The new balance of fresh foam more V4 Costs 140 pounds or 149.99 weighs in at 298 grams or 10.5 Ounces for men in a size 8 and the drop Is 4 millimeters Although the Triumph 20s are a number of Updates over its predecessor 21's Changes are largely made across the Upper the new design gets revamped flat

Knit material to improve fit as well as Provide breathability along with a Modified lacing system for better Lockdown the shoe features the same Power and plus cushioning in the midsole And sock liner an impressively balanced Phone that manages to feel soft while Still providing a good level of energy Return there's also a generous level of Outside rubber to protect that foam and Deliver a high level of grip across Varied road conditions Finally there's a heel lock designed to Hold the foot in place and a pull tab at The rear to make getting the shoe easier To pull on and off the shoe is also Slightly heavier than the previous Version The Fresh Foam more V4 is a Max Cushion shoe designed for plush Comfortable miles that features a number Of design updates over the more V3 the Biggest of those is the addition of even More Fresh Foam X midsole foam that Makes it higher and wider than its Predecessor a design feature that aims To improve the stability of the ride as Well New Balance has also updated the Outsole with new cushion zones across The length of the shoe as well as Flex Zones to give it a more natural feel on The run the shoe still features a rocker Profile for a smooth transition and a Modified engineered mesh upper that's Built to feel plush but ensure ample

Breathability the outsole is covered With a generous level of rubber for grip And to protect the midsole foam there's Also a reflective logo on the shoe for Added visibility at night So the fit for me in both of these shoes I would say is quite similar they're Both quite roomy shoes they're designed For Comfort they're designed to feel Nice on the feet without feeling Restrictive or too tight or anything Like that the Triumph 21 I find to be an Extremely comfortable shoe it's quite Plush across the shoe it's got a quite a Traditional fit to it Um and I would definitely stay to my Size eight this is a size eight in the UK I'm size eight this fits me perfectly And there's plenty of wiggle room around The front the new upper on the Triumph 21 is pretty similar to the previous Upper to be honest when it comes to fit But it is slightly thinner than what was On the previous version so um it doesn't Massively change the feel of the shoe But it is a bit more breathable Um and if it's very comfortably the New Balance more V4 similar for me it's a Nice bit of wiggle room in the front of The foot it's not too restrictive across The whole shoe it holds your foot nicely In place and there's quite a lot of Padding around it as well well it's very Much designed for those comfortable long

Slow miles where you don't want to worry About your feet you want them to be Really secure and comfortable and it Does that job really well I have these In size eight I'm a size eight in the UK And it fits me perfectly I definitely Want size up or down in my size Okay so the run test in these two shoes Now I've done a lot of miles in the New Balance more V3 and the New Balance more V4 I've gone on record many a time Saying it is my favorite cushion shoe Out there and it is uh still my favorite Cushion shoe if I'm really looking for Pure comfort and cushioning the thing About the new bands more V4 is that it's A shoe that is very good at slow Comfortable miles it's not fast shoe It's not versatile shoe it doesn't Really do anything other than those Those longer runs those slow runs where You're not really picking up the pace Because it's it doesn't feel like a Particularly heavy shoe but it Definitely doesn't feel like a shoe that You can pick up the pacing you can't Really go faster in this shoe so I love It I think it's an amazing shoe and I Use it all the time for those runs where I go out and do maybe an easy run maybe An hour at five minute 20 kilometer pace For me and it feels great there's a nice Rocker action to it that really just Moves the foot into the right position

Just keeps you ticking over that fresh Foam midsole foam there's not a lot to It really and when you use it in Something like the New Balance 1080 V12 And earlier it's not a very exciting Foam it doesn't really do a lot it's not Very bouncy there's not a lot of energy Return in it and to be honest I don't Like that shoe very much because it just Doesn't really do anything for me I Don't really get a lot out of it thing Is when you put it into the more V4 and You're running slowly and comfortably it Actually works quite well it's it Doesn't have a lot of energy return but The rocker action does nicely move you Forward without really giving you Anything more than that which is all you Need really when you're running a Consistent nice pace and you don't Really need to go faster so I think it Works very well for that it also has a Really wide base on it as well which Just makes Landing really comfortable if You if you're tired if you've done a Long run and you may be struggling a Little bit with foot placement or Anything like that the wide base is Really good it it just Nestles your foot Into the ground feels very And then that rocket just moves your Foot off again but as I say you can't Really pick up the pace that much in it So that's really what it's for and it

Does that very well it's a fantastic Cushion shoe for easy days or slower Long runs that sort of thing and it's Still my favorite for that the sockony Try I'm 21. it used to be classed in the Same Realms as um the New Balance movie For it used to be a Max cushion shoe Designed for those easy ones but over Time it's really developed quite a bit And in the last two versions it's really Come on quite a lot thanks mainly to This power and plus midsole foam and That foam is it's still very cushioned It's still very soft and really nice at Slow runs and comfortable easy sessions But there's a bit more to it there's a Bit more energy returning it and it Really does do a good job at being Slightly more versatile than what you'd Expect from a Max cushion shoe I've Always been amazed with the uh Triumph Line or the last two in the in the Triumph series when I go out for a run And I and I decide I want to go a bit Faster on those runs it can do it it's Essentially it's becoming a bit more of A daily trainer these days Um and it's a really good option if you Are a runner who you might be neutral Running or you might be a runner that Really isn't going for really fast PBS You just want to go out and enjoy runs And have a great time or if you want to Even race in it but you're not really

Focused on you know getting like a four Minute kilometer you're more just you Want to get across the Finish Line you Want something that can maybe help you Out a bit with a bit of energy return But really your focus is Comfort that's Really where the the Triumph 21 fits in It's nicely versatile cushion shoe that Veers more towards the max cushion side But is a bit more versatile and if I Went on holiday and I took one shoe with Me and I wanted to do a few different Runs I'd probably be veering more on the Easy runs on holiday but I'd still like The opportunity to maybe go and do some Intervals or something trying to anyone Is one of the shoes that I would pick For that it's very comfortable it has a Nice fluid transition that midsole foam Really does keep you Um bouncing along nicely it's only a Minimal bounce but you can feel it Especially in comparison to something Like the more V4 Um I'd also say about this shoe the Upper is the the only thing that's Really changed over the 20 ones so if You want to get the try on 21 the Triumph 20 is pretty much the same thing The only real difference is a slightly More breathable upper which is an Improvement for me but probably not Worth the money if if you're paying full Price for the 21. um 20 is a fantastic

Shoe and there's a very minimal Differences Um so uh the other thing I'd say about The Triumph 21 and the more V4 is that They both have a lot of outsole rubber On them and they're very uh good at Gripping the ground I'd say they're Trying to anyone is a bit better at grip It's just a little bit stickier and I've Found it's just a bit bit better on the Wet pavement but the more V4 is not bad I'm not any issues of it at all it's Just a little bit smoother for me so I'd Probably say try on 21 wins out on grip So my verdicts on these two shoes is It's a difficult one really because I Don't really it depends how you judge Them so if you're judging them as Max Cushion shoes for easy to Easy Day runs Slow runs long runs I think I'm still Going to go for the New Balance more V4 I just really love the feel of the shoe It just really feels comfortable Um makes the run just go really smoothly It really it like manages any impact you Get and just you get to the end of the The run and it could be a really long Run and your legs still feel great in The shoe it just sort of cruises you Along until the end but doesn't give you Anything more than that so if it's for Max cushioned easy runs long runs Um I'm still gonna go for new bands more V4 but the soccer knee Triumph 21 is

Just more versatile it's veering more on That daily trainer world at the moment Um and I think it's a far superior shoe If you're looking for something that is A bit more versatile you can do faster Runs in it all that sort of thing Um so if that's what you're looking for I go for trying 21 but if you only care About easy days slow runs comfortable Runs I'd go for a New Balance more V4 I Can't really decide one between those Because they're a little bit different Alternatives for me on this might be the Puma magnify Nitro 2 which is a little Bit firmer similar right to the New Balance more V4 but I still go for the New Balance more V4 you've also got Shoes like the Brooks Glycerin 20 which Is very similar to the um softly Triumph 21 hoping the uh Brooks listening 21 is Going to come out soon we're going to See some more improvements on it because If they manage to improve on the 20 it Might be the 21 because it's very very Close but at the moment I still go for The 21 over the Brooks Glycerin 20. That's it from me thanks a lot for Watching this versus don't forget to Like subscribe click the little bell all Those things and if you go into the Caption below you can find a link to our Monthly podcast where we talk through Loads of things like super trainers new Carbon plate shoes and the latest kit

That's out at the moment and don't Forget that you can also get your 15 Discount for precision Fuel and Hydration in the caption below thanks Love watching catch you next time