And how you judge them so if you're Judging them as Max cushion shoes for Easy to Easy Day runs slow runs long Runs I think I'm still going to go for The New Balance more V4 I just really Love the feel of the shoe it just really Feels comfortable Um makes the run just go really smoothly It really it like manages any impact you Get and just you get to the end of the The run and it could be a really long Run and your legs still feel great in The shoe it just sort of cruises you Along until the end but doesn't give you Anything more than that so if it's for Max cushioned easy runs long runs Um I'm still going to go for New Balance More V4 but the soccer knee Triumph 21 Is just more versatile it's veering more On that daily trainer world at the Moment Um and I think it's a far superior shoe If you're looking for something that is A bit more versatile you can do faster Runs in it all that sort of thing Um so if that's what you're looking for I go for trying 21 but if you only care About easy days slow runs comfortable Runs