Pounds the soccer Triumph 21 is pushing The top end price for cushioned shoes But it's been a hit with the Run testers Because it takes a lot of the right Boxes for this kind of shoe what you get Here is a combination of sizeable Midsole stack of power um plus foam with Forgiving and protective 10 mil Drop That Power run plus isn't sinky instead You get a good balanced amount of Cushioning that's protective and Responsive but not too soft so if you Like things mildly on the firmer side This might be one to look at you also Get saucony's classic speed roll rocker Geometry for good roll through and that Makes these a happy clip along shoe the Mid-level padding in the heels and the Tongue and that flatten it upper makes For great step in comfort and you get That all-important disappearing feel on The foot and overall these feel Relatively light and agile on the Run The Triumph 21 are generally a nice easy Shoe to run in offering enticing amount Of Versatility