Although these sneakers just came out a couple months ago, they were pretty beat from a 30 day wear test! These were dirty, had scuffs on both the midsoles and the uppers so they were in desperate need of a restoration. In this video, Vick shows you how to color match, how to repair scuffs and how to properly clean a Jordan 4. #shorts

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What's up everybody welcome back to the Channel today we're going to be Restoring these Nike SB Jordan 4s a few Weeks ago Nick Wilson did a full Cleaning on a specific shoe he trashed Them but he did a great job hitting them Up afterwards I bought him on Charlie's AKA Winona kicks I got him for a great Price the main reason why I bought them Is so I could wear them and skate him up Some more I wanted to track them and Beat him up so I could do a full Restoration video just in case you guys Have to restore the shoe at home you can Find other products at rejuvenator.com Use my promo code down below to save Some money this is Rick Almighty I'll Catch you guys next Monday see you guys