The Scarpa Ribelle Run Kalibra HT is a trail shoe built for rough and uneven terrain. Designed for short/medium distances and skyrunning, the balanced layer of midsole foam excels at precision and stability, while a subtle level of softness means that there’s still plenty of comfort.

The Wrap360 lacing system uses a BOA technology dial to wrap the mesh microfibre upper around the foot with a few turns, allowing the runner to make small adjustments quickly when out on the trails.

Tom has taken the shoe out on a first run to see how it performs.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:17 – Stats
00:31 – Design
01:13 – How’s The Fit?
02:26 – The First Run Test
07:27 – Verdict

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers in this Video I'm going to be doing a first run Review of the Scara Rebel run calibra HT Trail running shoe let's dive In the Scara Rebel run calbra HT cost £ 175 it weighs in at £322 G or 11.5 Oz For men in a size 8 and the drop is 4 mm [Music] The scarpet rebel run calbra HT is a Trail shoe designed for rough and uneven Terrain designed for short medium Distances and Sky running the balanced Layer of Midol foam excels at precision And stability while a subtle level of Softness means that there's still plenty Of comfort the wrap 360 lacing system Uses a boa technology dial to wrap the Mesh microfiber upper around the foot With a few turns allowing the runner to Make small adjustments quickly went out On the trails the outer layer of the Shoe is covered by a presser rubber out Soole for grip and durability while the Upper features a sock fit LW structure In the tongue to wrap around the foot With a snug Feel okay so the fit for me in this shoe This is actually a size 8.5 I'm a size 8 In the UK and I did find there was a Little bit of extra space in the 4 foot So I probably would have gone down half A size if I could have done the actual Overall fit of the is quite interesting Cuz it uses this Boer um dial to

Actually lace up the shoe which is a Sort of technology that you often find On snow snowboarding shoes that sort of Thing I've never actually used it uh on A running shoe I found it to be really Really comfortable I could after a few Turns I managed to get it down to a nice Comfortable uh secure fit but didn't Feel did feel like there was a bit of Room in there as well so I'm really Impressed with the fit of these shoes uh If I'd gone down half a size to my Actual size um other things I would say About the fit is there is some padding Not loads it's quite a comfortable shoe Out on the run I probably would have Liked a little bit more padding it has This uh sockfit LW uh tongue design it's quite a thin Tongue um and I did feel that I wanted a Bit more padding out on the trails but Overall I found it to be a very Comfortable fit uh and I would stay to My size in this shoe if I had got it in My Size so I've never tried tried a scarper Trail running shoe out before I've used Quite a lot of scarper hiking boots and Tested them out in the past on the Mountains um but I've never tried an Actual running shoe so I was quite Interested to find out what this shoe Was like um I went out on a 15K run over The South Downs which was a combination

Of a little bit of sort of gravel tracks A lot of mud uh some harder sections a Lot of climbs I did about 300 M Elevation in it uh so tried a bit Everything really lots of different Terrains I ended up running on the road For uh the last couple of kilometers of It to get back to my house um and I was Really impressed on that first run Actually I I didn't really know what to Expect from a Scara uh trail running Shoe uh and what I found is that this This version the HT uh there's an st as Well the HT is designed for um harder Ground whereas the St is designed for Softer terrain I'm I'm assuming it means So the design of this shoe is slightly Different from the St I think it has a Slightly uh firmer midsole a bit more Stability in it and it's really designed For those sort of technical terrains Where uh you're probably running on sort Of mountain paths things like that uh as Opposed to softer Trails like in in the Woods orever Fields um so as a result It's a little bit sturdier um the midso Isn't too soft um and it's quite a Secure shoe it really holds your foot in Place quite nicely which is what you Want if you're doing technical terrain Um and what I found across all of those Uh different bits of terrain that I was Running on on that 15K is that it's work Surprisingly well on a lot of them um I

When I put on the shoe I did think this Is going to be quite a firm uh Trail Shoe to wear and for sections like uh The road sections I'm not going to enjoy It but it's actually a fairly balanced Mssoft foam it did feel quite Comfortable it's not by no means a soft Midsole at all it's is quite a firm Midsole but there is a nice little bit Of give in it on the road section I did It did feel quite fine it didn't it Didn't feel too bad at all it didn't Feel like it I desperately wanted to get Back uh onto um onto the trails with it Yeah it felt very comfortable no issues At all with it um when I was out there On the other sections so when I was Running across the muddy sections and The grass the outsole is actually the ls Aren't massive um but it did a really Good job of gripping it's not Vibram it Uses uh this pressor rubber outsole and It's did a very good job I did a lot of Climbs a lot of declines uh it was a bit Wet it was a bit slippy and I had no Issues at all in this felt really good My friend who was running with me um had Some uh cheaper uh trail shoes on which Didn't have particularly good lugs um And he was slipping about quite a bit so Did a did a really good job at that um What I also found about the shoe is that It it's deceptively It's relatively Heavy shoe uh it came at about 322 G in

The size 8.5 for me um which is quite a Chunky shoe but it doesn't feel like That when you've got it strapped onto Your feet and you're um out there on the Hills like trying to run up a hill it Feels surprisingly lighter than than it Actually feels like when it's in your Hand um I felt like I could pick up the R quite nicely when I was running up and Down the hills felt like I was in fully In control with it it's a very stable Shoe but also it's it is quite Nimble as Well you do feel like you can sort of Move around quite nicely so it's Definitely a shoe that is very good at Those more technical elements that Outsole is actually a little bit softer Than what I would have expected when I Took it out of the box it's it's a quite A nice sticky outsole so when you're on Wetter paths or hardened ground does a Good job at gripping didn't have any Issues at all with it uh I probably Would have liked probably bigger lugs For the type of terrain that I run in in The UK it's not it wasn't bad on the mud Uh and it definitely didn't have any Issue slipping around but I probably Would want slightly bigger lugs for a Lot of the runs that I I I would do on The southdowns especially when it gets Wet other thing I'd say about the shoe Is that I did find this bow system works Really well it I think there's a

Different type the different types of Bowa system I think this one was Specifically D designed with scarper um To work with a trail running shoe and I Think it's it's got this 360 design so It when you tighten it it straps all Around the foot and sort of holds it in The right areas and I think that did Work quite well I did find that one side P pulled open got my foot in that was Completely easy and it was only like two Or three turns and it strapped down Quite nicely and no issues at all uh and When I took my shoes on and off halfway Through the run to take some photos and Some video um it was very quick to get Them on and off so I was very impressed With that I I was I sort of expected This to be a little bit gimmicky and not Worked very well but um definitely Thought it delivered a really nice lock Down fit and was very quick in doing That so my early verdict on the uh Bella Run calibra HT is I really like this Shoe uh I I wasn't expecting to I didn't Know anything about this shoe before I Tested it it on paper probably doesn't Like the sort of shoe that I'd really Like but actually it's a very balanced Comfortable Trail shoe that I found Works across a lot of different terrains That I was running on um it I did assume That in some of the marketing material It talks about it being designed for

Sort of Sky running and things like that Um but I actually did a really good job At the the softer ground and the the Muddy ground that I I took it on on the On on the downs I would say that it does Feel a little bit like a faster shoe Because of that secure fit um there's Probably it's probably not as loose or As comfortable as uh I might want from a Trail shoe if I'm just going to go for a Light jog on the trails it's definitely A shoe that's really focused on those More technical trins where you want that Security you want that support in the Shoe uh and it does that very well um But I did find it comfortable and I I Did enjoy that I'm really looking Forward to using it more over the next Couple of weeks as I've actually got the South DS half marathon on Saturday and I'm going to use this shoe for it and See how it does over a half marathon Race but I'm quite looking forward to it Because um I think it's going to do a Really good job it it feels like it it Would be a nice half marathon Cruiser For a trail race so looking forward to That but all in all very impressed so Far looking forward to doing some more Miles in it it's definitely a little bit Of an allround is shoe for me um and With a nice balanced Mido so that's it For me on this first run of the Rebel Run calra HT thanks a lot for watching

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