The Shokz OpenFit are a departure to what we have seen before from the brand, which is best known for bone conduction headphones like the Shokz OpenRun. The OpenFit are air conduction headphones, which place a speaker near your ear canal without blocking it, offering some awareness while having better sound quality than bone conduction headphones. Tom, Mike, Kieran and Nick have all been testing out the Shokz OpenFit on their runs later, here’s their verdict on how the headphones will suit runners.

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00:10 – Design & Key Specs
02:09 – The Run Test
02:18 – Design And Fit
05:37 – Controls
08:53 – Sound Quality
16:13 – Battery Life
20:37 – Verdict & Alternatives

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[Music] So the open fit are a brand new set of Headphones from shocks or obviously best Known for making bone conduction Headphones these are not bone conduction Headphones they are air conduction Headphones which basically means that They put a speaker near your ear canal Without blocking your ear canal so you Can still have some awareness of your Surroundings whilst getting a little bit Better sound quality than you'd get from Bone conduction headphones they're Expensive they cost 179 pounds in UK at 180 in the US that's more expensive than Any of shocks's phone conduction Headphones but it is around par for some Of the top open headphones like this out There like the clear Arc II headphones So unlike shocks's bone conduction Headphones like the open run the open Fit are individual buds so you hook one On each ear and then twist it so the Speaker rests in the top internal part Of the ear there near your ear canal They're like a flexible silicon hook Which shocks calls its dolphin Arc Earhook design which is a good name and And this allows you to customize fit a Little bit but really we have found the Fit to be quite hit and miss either Really works for you or it doesn't each Earbud weighs in at around 8.3 grams Which is obviously a fair bit heavier

Than any earbuds pretty lightweight for This open style of Bud here the buds Introduce shocks's direct pitch Technology for audio uh which should Deliver higher sound quality than you Get from bone production headphones like I said and you can adjust the EQ in the Partner app as well they have a carry Case that also doubles as a charger this Obviously something you don't get with The bone production headphones the buds Hold seven hours of charge and there's a Further 20 watt hours from the case and Then a five minute Quick Charge will Yield one hour of playback as well the Buds have an ip54 water resistance Rating so not fully waterproof like some Of the open run bone conduction range But that's more than enough to fend off Sweat and rain during your workouts There are touch pads on the outside of The headphones that control playback With Taps and holds you can customize up To two different commands on each side Of the headphones using the partner app And the headphones have dual noise Canceling mics this is for calls which Basically means that your voice should Come through a little bit more clear Really to the person on the other end of The line it's not noise canceling to Improve the audio quality you're hearing Yourself [Music]

Okay joined back here and now to talk About the shocks open fit we're going to Start with the fit of the open fit which We've had very different experiences About Kieran yeah I wasn't initially Sold on the fit of the open fit I think It's different to kind of the obvious And the overhooks and it to me just Doesn't quite sit naturally it feels a Little bit wobbly it didn't quite grip Enough so 50 of the time when I was Running kind of slow and steady at Slower Paces it was kind of okay fairly Sort of Disappearing but whenever I up The pace or went steep downhill you get A wobble and it's noticeable so they Just weren't always comfortable and it Was a bit hit and miss for me but yeah And I've had the opposite experience He's been the best fitting headphones I've ever come across like they just Twist perfectly into my ear sit really Securely but not in any way Uncomfortable I've worn them for long Periods you know outside of runs as well And I've done track sessions you know Fast runs on hills and they stay in Place brilliantly I think it's not the Most flexible design I think it's fair To say so it really is a case of does it Twist in perfectly or doesn't it and for Me it did which is quite a hit or miss Strategy I guess for shocks it's gonna Be the problem

Um I think they're more noticeable than Than the open run you know the ones who Just completely go over the year but I Prefer the fit I tend to struggle within Earbuds and comfort and stuff so I think If it was really good but it's gonna be Quite hit and miss Michael's had Problems I've heard of other people Having them too loose and that's not Great yeah and I imagine if you if you Were doing anything outside of running Like if you're in the gym you want to do Any kind of you know dynamic movements And stuff they're not going to stay for For you know if you're a doing hit Workouts and stuff yeah so hit and miss I found the fit in the open fit pretty Good actually Um I struggled a little bit to put them On straight away because it's a bit of a Weird concept Um flipping over the year and then Having it just sort of sit around the Front it sort of feels like you've not Got anything on Um so I was worried the first couple of Times I went out running in these that They were falling off but they were fine I didn't have any issues at all it's Very comfortable you you don't really Notice them on your head Um so definitely think it's a nice Design in terms of fit so in terms of That design now obviously the open fit

Is a massive departure from the shocks Headphones that we've seen previously And one thing that I like that has been Retained is that shocks has kept these Headphones nice and light though I do Think that is at the detriment of the Kind of reliability you get from the fit And the secureness of the fit of these Headphones now these are definitely the Lightest truly Wireless open ear Um kind of air conduction bass Headphones that I've tested recently so That is a good thing but ultimately I do Think there's a bit of an issue in terms Of the weight distribution between the Air Hooks and the speaker units that Deliver the audio now I will start I Think they haven't fallen out but I have Done some kind of sweaty Iran's I've Done some general gym workouts where They've been slipping and sliding around In that race test that I did I had to Play around with the fit as well at the Beginning of the race as well I also Went away and was kind of running around Near the coast and it was very windy There and I felt them kind of wanting to Fly out and move about so I ended up Actually taking him off because why that They might fly off so I do think socks Maybe needs to look at that side of Things because ultimately I didn't feel 100 confident every time I went out Running with them that they were going

To stay put they did but they do move About and I do think there's something To work with there on the design point Of view so I do like the fact they're Nice and light they do feel comfortable To wear it's a good level of durability Um and kind of sweat resistance in terms Of getting here but ultimately that fit Hasn't 100 work for me and I do think That's something that shocks needs to Look at okay I'll do a quick word on the Controls on headphones so these are Customizable it's all on the touchpad You basically get two controls each side Um but you don't get as many controls as You can on other headphones as a result Because there's not that many options Yeah I mean it's great you can tweak Them you can have your preferences I Found them fairly easy to use you know The Taps they seem to work again you've Got they will wobble around that they Move if you're going to try and tap them But not for me but overall I found them Quite easy to use for the controls I Would have liked to maybe had more Options for the custom controls but yeah I think I've worked with that basically I've got play pause Skip and then volume For the holds but you know that's that's Enough for me but at the same time I Think I probably heard using my phone For volume rather than holding a thing On the run it's a bit tricky yeah

Particularly if you're moving at any Kind of pace I I'm not a big controller Of the headphones anyway I normally Stick them yeah stick them on volume up On the phone and then off you go I don't Necessarily fiddle too much but yeah but They're there so in terms of controls Now shocks has opted to go for kind of Touch base control so capacitive touch And can I touch pads as opposed to the Physical controls that it typically uses On its headphones now I am always the Kind of person I think you'd rather see Physical controls on running headphones Or Sports headphones because it's just Easier to use and operate them now in Terms of those touch base controls I Think these are some of the better Integrated ones I've seen on Sports Headphones around headphones in general But again when you're running a little Bit quicker trying to find that sweet Spot to use those controls generally for Me it's trying to skip tracks or trying To adjust volume It becomes a bit more problematic now You can customize those controls in the Companion app and the shocks companion App which I've been using on an iPhone And that's nice that you have the Ability to do that but ultimately in Terms uh the you know how well they are To use during runs in particularly I Think during kind of the race that I've

Done and also just generally quicker Runs I've done indoors and Outdoors I Think they're a little bit trickier to Operate and this is why I think using Physical controls on Sports headphones And running headphones is always a way To go so it's a slight shame that shocks Has decided to kind of avoid going down That route for the open fit the controls On the open fit I I love hate Relationship with them um I think They're really good from the point of View that the touch control is very easy To tap when you're out on the run and You don't need to find a little button Which can be a bit tricky on the open Run pros and the open runs there's Normally there's one big button on the Open runs which is quite good for Pausing but there's two tiny buttons for All the other controls like volume and Stuff and it can be quite fiddly to get To you don't have that problem with These you just tap the top of it but I Do find with touch controls that I know I find that I'm because it's not Actually in the air I'm never quite sure Where it is so it takes me a few times To um to to click it the other thing About these is that because they're Touch control Um and there's no different buttons on It they're you're quite limited with What these can do so out of the box you

Get the ability to pause it and you get The ability to um skip next and Skip Back and also control voice you can go Into the app and modify the settings so That you can control the volume as well But you have to lose a little bit of Functionality when it comes to that Skipping back and forwards so it's a Little bit limited when it comes to Controls Um they're okay once you get used to Them but I still prefer having a button At least one button which I know where It is and I can press it big category Here now we'll talk about sound quality A bit about awareness as well so Obviously the idea here is that you're Getting better sound quality than bone Production headphones you might as well Start with that do they sound better Than the bow production headphones they Absolutely do I mean the first thing I They're louder you know your top volume Is much louder it's much more kind of Fills your ears you can't hear as much That's going on around which will come Onto it as set I don't think the um the Sound quality though is still got about There was some of the best kind of In-eared headphones it's maybe not as Balanced it's still not as rich I think The custom presets do add something you Know when you move into the kind of base Or whatever they do change it up and

Make it a bit Fuller I also like the Fact that in the presets you can create Your own and then save them but overall The sound it has me baffled a little bit Because when you put it up to full Volume it's all like the awareness Disappears completely yeah and you can't Hear what's going on around so if you Want to have them that kind of bone Conduction open air then you almost have To run with them at half volume yeah and That enables you to hear around so I Guess it kind of makes sense but at the Same time about why we want that yeah It's like we've hit this sliding scale Of sound quality of awareness and They're trying to find that middle Ground and almost the middle ground Doesn't please anyone in a sense but the Sound quality is good I think I enjoyed Listening to them outside of workouts I Even took them on over around trains and They're okay as soon as you would really Love trains on the ground they're not They're not loud enough even in the Highest volume so that hits on their Lifestyle use I think they've got a much Further sound certainly than bone Induction headphones and the bass is There but you're not getting the passive Noise cancellation of any headphones You're not getting any active noise Cancellation obviously deliberately and Yeah it's not as good a sound as in

Headphones which is always gonna be the Problem here definitely allowed us I Either run off and do down by a busy Road like an a-road um and I was going Oh brilliant I can really hear my Amusement podcasts are going here but Then like you say you get that moment of Going yeah but I can't hear the car so Well anymore so when I do hit the part Of that is on a road where I turn it Right down but sort of music like you Said yeah turn it right down it's a bit Pointless but with podcasts that is Quite good because you are still aware Of podcasts and you can still hear the Podcasts so that's quite a nice touch But it's quite expensive headphones to Have for um podcasts yeah I mean I I Guess when it comes to the sound you'll Make a magician between these and the Bone conductors or anything for me it's Like the bone conductors probably do the Awareness bit better the enemies do the Kind of proper sound better so you've Got these things that are in the middle And don't do either of them great and it Just leaves me asking why are you making The compromise I don't I'm not quite Sure I understand it but yeah and there Are times where I like outside I really Like it like oh I'm sitting at home and You know I'm working but I want to see Some music but I've got to be vaguely Aware in case the kids kick off

Downstairs or something it's quite nice But yeah it doesn't feel like it solved This problem which is basically an Unsolvable problem of sound quality Versus awareness but it is better sound Quality than production headphones so There is that the other thing I've used Them we obviously were editing a lot of Videos when I used them to try and edit The sound quality isn't really up to Scratch as well so when it comes into That kind of functional yeah use uh it Was often I don't know I just couldn't Get the kind of they weren't loud enough To sort of hear the audio and edit well So I don't know yeah my crossover Experience of office life wasn't Brilliant either but yeah you sacrificed A bit on both ends kind of thing they've Got this noise cancellation for calls Have you tested that at all hope you Actually I haven't tested it uh I have Taken some calls I mean yeah I I always Find headphones for calls are very Difficult you know they don't really Work I didn't find it people could hear Me I could hear them just about wasn't Great yeah it's pretty standard stuff You can take a call with them yeah sound Quality is maybe for me where these fall Down a little bit when you're in a Really quiet room or when you're out and There's no wind they're they're fine They sound really good they're not that

Loud when you're out outside which is Something that you get with the normal Bone conduction headphones that shocks Have but with these I think it's even Quieter and when it starts to get windy Or you're running past lots of traffic I Couldn't hear them barely at all I've Been listening to a lot of podcasts on The Run recently and I had to keep Pausing it because it was a bit windy And I just couldn't hear the podcast so I had to pause it until I got to an area Where there wasn't so much wind Otherwise I was missing these chunks in My book Um so I think the sound quality is okay But the volume is very low Um so with music it's all right you can Sort of get it and you don't need to Worry about it being too quiet but Definitely with things like spoken word And podcasts it's far too quiet for Those you can also modify The Equalizer Settings in the partner app I've played Around with that a bit I've not really Noticed a massive difference with the Equalizer settings Um is it that you can notice it a bit But it doesn't really have a massive Impact when you're out on the run Because the Ambient sound and everything Sort of takes it away anyway so sounds Quality is not great I still think the Shocks open run open run Pro sound

Quality isn't great but it's still a bit Better than these okay so into sound Quality and arguably the biggest reason Why we're starting to see these kind of Air conduction uh open ear headphones Like the open fit is that ultimately They can deliver bigger more powerful Sound more customizable sound that you Ultimately can't really get on bone Conduction headphones in general and you Don't really get on shock's headphones As well either now in terms of Delivering that bigger more powerful More customizable sound I would Definitely say that shocks does Definitely deliver that on the open fit Now is it better than grabbing a pair of Kind of Cheaper uh truly wise headphones That you can switch to kind of Transparency mode maybe not necessarily But in terms of if you've been looking For something that works in the same Ways of bone conduction But ultimately Gives you a more well-rounded Sound Performance and that's what you are Going to get on the shocks open fit now Is it as balanced sounding as the shocks Headphones like the open run open run Pro And the open SIM as well I wouldn't say They are but if you want something with A bigger Bassy sound you're getting that There's definitely a bigger than a bass There's definitely more warmth in that

Same profile I would say that you can Get if you go to you know use the right EQ mode and get something that works a Little bit in terms of offering a bit More clarity and detail as well so those Are kind of characteristics that you've Been looking for in terms of sound Quality from a pair of shocks headphones Then you are definitely going to get it As I said I don't think it's it's the Most balanced sounding uh headphones I Do think the open run open run Pro offer Something a bit more balanced and a bit More versatile and that you know Generally in terms of catering for Different music An audio but it definitely you know for Me the sample form has been very good And when you kind of introduce that kind Of exterior sound it doesn't get kind of Drowned out from the sounds around you And ultimately that's what really Matters whether it can retain that sound Quality when you you're outside whether You're in busier environments and I Think ultimately the The shocks open fit can hold pretty well On that front and it's the same thing I Think with you know handing calls as Well you know it doesn't get massively Drowned out but are you going to get the Best in Class call Quality you're going To get that from I think other Headphones ultimately but it's been good

Enough I think so for me sound quality Has been very good it's definitely a Step up is it better more balanced than What you get on shocks is other Headphones so it's bone conduction Headphones I'm not necessarily convinced But I do think if you wanted more kind Of power and bass and I listen to a lot Of kind of Bassy music I listed a lot of Drone Bass music and that kind of for me It works a lot better it holds that kind Of um warmth and that kind of bass Response a lot better now than it does On the open run and open run Pro But Ultimately I think you sacrifice getting Something that feels a little bit more Balanced a little bit more versatile Um out of the box but you do have those EQ modes to better cater it and get Something that works for you all right Next up we've got battery life Um these obviously differ to shocks's Bonefish headphones and let you get the Case which is obviously a big Plus in Terms of battery life and adding the Case charging and then on the buds a Decent amount as well how was your Battery life experience I wasn't Impressed with this in any way at all I Mean I don't know it's one of those Things I've sort of tested lots of Different ways I'm going to read you Some stats so I did a 20 minute run and That burnt 10 battery which is way below

The seven hours that this predicts yeah And one I had another one that uh I did 90 minutes and it burnt 40 so again way Below seven hours yeah I thought that That was to do with having the base Settings on yeah volume up burning juice But I've just done another one on normal And uh the volume low and it still burnt 30 for an hour and 15 minutes so this is Not getting the seven hours they predict In any way so it's way it's way below The claimed I think I so I've done a lot More podcast listing I wonder if it's Like almost a talk time battery life Listings any kind of music like I have Noticed when I put the music on and I'm At home it will go for a bit quicker all Open headphones when you start ramping Up the Volume they go way quicker than They're listening which I really dislike I think at battery life listing should Be if that is going to happen you should Give two Bachelor off listings almost One for if you're listening to 100 I Know some brands do that actually I Haven't had a terribly experience Bachelorette though because like I said I'd probably been equally be music and Podcasts and podcasts are a lot Friendlier to the battery life but the Actual on the buds I think fall short of What you get from the open run Um over here headphones to me in the Actual real world use and I think the

Big thing for me is if you were thinking About using these on a race day if you Went if you're going to run a five hour Marathon I wouldn't be confident that They would last if you're going to Listen to your music at any kind of Volume yeah that's that for me is the Big question mark here where some of the Others will yeah and the case is decent Size it's not terrible for carrying with You in a belt but it's also not that Small so on a marathon you wouldn't be Carrying that maybe an ultra you'd be a Bit happier too but um yeah that it does Charge very quickly so there is that so Again it's one of those ones where it's Almost yeah ends up being a lot depends On your use case these aren't just going To be brilliant for everyone in Bachelor Certainly if you listen just podcasts You'll probably get near the numbers of Shock say but it's just the music you Can expect a bit of a dive and then one Other note on case if you're thinking About taking this out and you're Thinking about like halfway around a Marathon you want to pop them in and Charge them up a bit so you can go again They've made it like a bar of soap which Is true Cases there's some manufacturers like to Do and I find it quite hard to open Without dropping it it's very sort of The edges are made so it's like so if

You're also in your dotage You know so there's that I wouldn't I Wouldn't bat myself to open this move With it on the Beats fit Pro scale it's Not at the beat fits Pro level of Slickness which is the slipperiest item Of of anything in the world but it still It is quite slick definitely I still run Around Chiswick looking for that case So in terms of battery life now shocks Is quoting shorter battery life on the Open fit compared to the open run and The open run Pro headphones now it says The battery life that I have experience I would say that if you are listening at Louder volumes if you are using Particularly more Um demanding kind of EQ modes like the Bass boost mode and the battery life is Definitely going to be less than the Quoted numbers by shocks now I found Using it for an hour worth of running With the kind of bass boost mode or EQ Mode used The battery life dropper has been 30 to 40 percent so that is significantly less Than the kind of quoted numbers uh that Shocks has put out there for the open Fit now if you listen at quieter volumes If you are using the other kind of EQ Modes kind of standard versions or maybe The kind of more treble kind of focused EQ modes And you are going to see closer to that

Number but ultimately I do think it Falls a little bit short I do think you Need to listen to these headphones that Uses headphones in a louder volume to Get the best experience out of them and Ultimately that means that you're not Going to see that kind of numbers that Shocks is promising here but I would say If you are you know using them regularly You are going to probably get maybe five To six hours out of them I think you'd Maybe generally strugged to get to seven Hours but you do have that quick charge Feature there to make sure you're Topping up every time you put it in the Case battery life I haven't really Managed to test that much yet because I've had these less time than the rest Of the guys so probably defer to them For battery information as far as I've Got with these I've basically had the Longest run I've the longest time I've Worn these for is for three hours with Consistent music and it seems to take The battery down by about half Um but I haven't managed to test fully Uh the capacity of these batteries so go Do the guys on battery [Music] Foreign verdict on the open fit shock so The expensive headphones as well we'll Take that into account here they're the Most expensive headphones even in Shocks's range you buying these no okay

I mean sure no I I didn't hate them I Thought they were all right it's the First time I've kind of run with this Sort of form factor and used them I Wasn't in love with that I think that's Primarily one of the things for me is This isn't really a headphone that I Would naturally go to I prefer in ears I Prefer the volume to be a bit louder Okay I prefer a longer battery life And for overall really I think there's a Lot of compromises you're making on These and you're paying or being asked To pay quite a lot of money yeah I think The bone conductors do a better job if You want the awareness I think they're a Much cheaper headphones in-ears that Will do everything else better than These so they kind of fall between two Stores for me so that's what I Definitely think the problem is the Price because like you are compromising And actually I love these headphones They work perfectly for me the fit is Brilliant I like them on the run I most Into the podcast so battery life's not a Big deal I like actually the music I Listen to is not that bass heavy I tends Just a lot of singer-songwriter Alternative stuff so they find sound Quality in the office but I would never Recommend spending 180 000 of these Because there are some situations where I can't use them when there's either not

Enough awareness so they are fine for That to turn it down but mainly like When I go traveling they you know on a Train they don't block out stuff which Is obviously the case with these Headphones so I do think it's a problem That you have to pay so much compromise I've used a few of these open ear Headphones and they're probably my Favorites like I think the clear Arc II Had even better sound quality but They're not as comfortable they might Actually feel more security they've got This um it's like almost a clip style Fit actually tightens to the ear which I Find a little bit uncomfortable for long Periods but they do offer better sound Quality probably a more secure fit also Even more expensive though so I've you And then the ones are cheaper things Like the Ola dance headphones I think do Just as good a job and they're available For Less although their RRP is also Quite high so I don't know I wouldn't Spend a lot of money on these I Personally would try and get a cheap Pair of boat collection headphones and a Good cheap pair of India headphones like The jabras on sale for like 70 quid the Other day uh they're the active fours And then you could buy the open runs and You'd definitely the same price as just These headphones kind of thing and That's that's problem so yeah I think

The big thing is what you said if you're Compromising this much you don't want to Pay 180 quid and if you already own a Pair of shocks that are doing a job you Don't need to upgrade to these or go and Have a look at it definitely not no like There are some more convenience in Having two headphones like it's a bit More lifestyle friendly a bit less weird Than popping a band on I guess in the Office but It's not that much more lifestyle Friendly you are getting upgraded sound Quality but you're not hitting the level Of even 100 pounds um in-ear headphones And the thing you know there's a Counterpoint today even the band you Know having the band in the office is a Bit weird but then when you're on the Run if you want to drop your headphones Around your neck you can't do it with These you've got to put all those kind Of things yeah and I don't have an off Button which is yeah I should have said That controls perennial nightmare for me There's no off button on headphones Because then what you're clipping them To you and they're playing they're Pausing they're Doing weird things anyway so I love These headphones but I cannot recommend You buy them you don't like them and Also don't recommend you buy them yeah I Wasn't I wasn't sold on them and yeah so

My verdict on the shocks open fit I Think they're pretty good Um I think when it comes to Bone Connection headphones I still prefer Having something like the open run Because I like the fact that it's tied Around the back of my head I like the Fact that I know it's secure on my head I think the problem with these is that I Don't I don't like having two of them Because you don't really notice them on Your head Um and I'm constantly worried that I'm Going to lose one they're quite Expensive to lose one of these as well So I do prefer the normal Um bone conduction headphones just Because I just feel like they've sit on The head nicely and I find them very Comfortable and I know that they're on My head as well in terms of sound not Great Um but okay I mean they're fine for Um non-in ear headphones but if you're Looking for a great sound you're not Going to get it from these I think It Ultimately comes down to the price for Me 180 pounds is quite a lot of money For these especially when I don't think There's much of a benefit in comparison To existing bone conduction headphones The main thing you're going to get is The fits probably nicer for some people Who don't like wearing normal around the

Back of the head bone conduction Headphones but really for that price I'm Still going to opt for a traditional Pair of bone conduction headphones so my Advantage on these shocks open fit and Whether they are a good fit for runners I'll start with the good and the good is They are nice and light they're Comfortable to wear they sound great you Know you've got that kind of bigger more Customizable sound here and you're Getting good but not class leading batch Life the bad being that I'm not 100 Convinced about the design and the air Hook kind of secureness and reliability Of the fit and for that reason you know That is a reason alone that I don't feel Massively comfortable recommending it as An option for runners as I said when I've got sweatier and I've been in kind Of windier conditions I'm not being Absolutely satisfied with the the Reliability and the secureness of the Fit now there's also the prices 180 Pounds 180 dollars that's more expensive Than any of other shocks headphones that Does put it in line with other kind of Open air kind of air conduction true Ui's earbuds so things like the clear Arc Um two which I haven't tested but I Tested the previous version Things like the Ola dance as well which Nick has tested as well so in terms of

Price range it kind of sits there and Things like the Sony link buds as well Which we've tested but I do think that Maybe these offer a kind of more Reliable Um kind of Sound Performance in terms of Getting on the open fit I've been Testing recently a pair of headphones From sivka and they are 60 pounds They're an air hook design like the um Shocks open fit but they are much more Reliable in terms of that fit compared To the open fit it doesn't have the kind Of kind of customizable EQ side of Things but out of the box it's very Balanced the sound quality is very very Good and kind of cases for a lot of Different kind of genres very well as Well too and battery life is pretty Similar as well to the shocks open fit So I do think you can pay less money if You're you know massively sold on this Kind of open air kind of wearable kind Of you know speakers near your ears Instead of bone conduction but I do Think you can pay less for a better pair A more reliable fitting pair as well I just think you know if we see another Pair of open field I do think it needs To look at that design side of things to Really going to get a better kind of Version out because I think ultimately Everything else is kind of there but in Terms of the reliability the secureness

Of that fit that is going to be a reason That I'm not going to use them long term Because I just don't feel comfortable Without going to stay put in all of the Kind of running scenarios that I would Typically use my headphones and where I Would run as well too