So into my running expenses with these Three headphones now I have done plenty Of running with all three of these Headphones I have raced with all three I've done shorter distance races with The open fit I've done longer distance Races with the open run and the open run Pro and and what I would say firstly in Terms of design I do actually generally Prefer having truly wireless earbuds for Having less in terms of headphone uh to Kind of run with but ultimately in terms Of how these compare in terms of design Fit and that secureness of fit I would Say the open run and the open Pro works Better for me now I like the fact that The open fit are nice and light but the Open and the open run Pro are nice and Light as well too I particularly think The open run Pro Mini or the Mini Version of the open uh run headphones Has worked a little bit better for me in Terms of just offering something a Little bit more comfortable a little bit More hugging and you kind of forget it a Little bit more when it's kind of when They're on as well I think comparison to The Standard Version the open field I've Had more issues with I've talked about It in our kind of main review