These are the best sneaker releases in April 2024!
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Nike Shox R4 Black $150
Adidas AE 1 Georgie Red Clay $120
Adidas Fear of God 1 Miami $250
Adidas Fear of God 1 Indiana $250
Adidas Fear of God 1 Clay Miami $250
Adidas Fear of God 1 Desert Indiana $250
Fear of God Athletics Runner $170
Fear of God Athletics Adidas Rivalry Hi $220

Jason Tatum 2 Vortez $125
Nike Max 95 Atlanta $185
Nike ZoomX AlphaFly 3 Volt $285
Mocha Hot Step 2 Total Orange $200

Puma MB.03 Sark $125
Asics GT2160 Cream Bamboo $150

Nike D Book 1 Haven $150
Women’s Air Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur $210

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Chrome $180

Nike Dunk Low Veneer $115

Clot Adidas Superstar $200
Air Jordan 9 Golf Masters $230
Nike KD 17 $150

Air Jordan 5 Sail $210
Nike Kobe 6 Italian Camo $190
Nike Kobe 4 Protro Philly $190
Nike Kobe 8 Protro Venice Beach $190

Adidas Harden Vol 8 Flamingo Pink $160
Nike Air Max 1 ’86 Jackie Robinson $150

Air Jordan 1 Glow Green $180

Nike SB Dunk Low Pastoral Print $125

Air Jordan 3 Georgia Peach $200
Air Jordan 1 Team Red $180

Travis Scott Jumpman Jack Sail $200

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These are the sneaker releases that you Need to know about in April 2024 what's Up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and this is Sitter cell hey guys future Seth here I Wasn't going to tell you guys that but I Couldn't find the hat that I was wearing When I filmed yesterday's video so I'm Just not even going to lie about it but I wanted to jump in really quick to tell You guys that Apothecary is looking for A social media and video intern if You're interested in working for Apothecary as a video editor/ social Media intern SL you know whatever social Media needs we may have make sure to Send an email with your video portfolio Or whatever you have to jobs apothecary Again this is a part-time internship Position and you do need to be local to Philadelphia but if you are interested And you want to work at Apothecary make Sure to email jobs Apothecary Docomo be looking for graphic designers So if you're local to Philadelphia and You're a graphic designer also shoot Your portfolio over to jobs Apothecary Dcom but with that being said let's jump Into the video starting things off on April 3rd we've got the Nike Shocks R4 In Black originally released back in 2000 the Nike Shocks R4 is coming back Once again in 2024 should it though Probably not I don't think I've seen one Person wearing this shoe over the last 5

Years in fact come to think of it I Don't think I've ever seen anyone Wearing this shoe I mean the trend right Now is 2,000 sneakers making a comeback And it seems like that's what Nike is Trying to push with this shoe this is Not the first time that they've retroed This shoe but they're bringing it back Once again for some reason now and while Yes the shoe is absolutely futuristic It's not a shoe that I'd be willing to Spend $150 on and because of that I'm Giving this shoe a Sit that's not the Only reason I'm giving this shoe a Sit The main reason is that I've never seen Anyone wear this shoe or even buy this Shoe that's the reason but still sit and Hey if you want to Gra gra any of the Releases that I talk about in today's Video make sure to check them out Through the YouTube shopping tab on your Screen or through the affiliate links That I've left in the description below Next up we've got the Adidas ae1 Georgia Clay so I'm pretty sure this is like the Fifth colorway of the Adidas ae1 around The fifth colorway I'm not exactly sure Where it is in the lineup but either way The ae1 is one of the most popular Sneakers to drop this year and in my Opinion is one of the best sneaker Releases of the year and also one of the Best basketball sneakers of the year for A while their Adidas wasn't really

Dropping basketball sneakers that anyone Wanted but now it looks like they've got Two models that are consistently selling Out which are the AE 1s and the Harden Volume 8s because of that pretty Incredible price point of $120 it makes Sense why the AE 1es are selling so Quickly they look good they perform well On Court and you can afford them now I'm Sure you've noticed that most of the A1 Colorways at least most sizes of these Colorways have sold out which means it's An incredibly popular shoe but I feel Like we're finally at that saturation Point where people who want a colorway Of this shoe have a colorway of this Shoe and actually that could be the First time that I've given an A1 a sit I Could be wrong they could sell out but My guess is that they probably won't at Least not in all sizes speaking speak of Adidas basketball sneakers on the same Day we've got four new colorways of the Fear of God Athletics Adidas basketball Ones now my guess is that these Colorways are college themed colorways You've got two Miami themed colorways a Black and a clay and then you've got two Indiana themed colorways a black and a Desert colorway and the main difference Between these colorways and some of the Colorways that we've already seen on the Fear of God one Athletics is the toe and The color that comes on the toe on the

Miami pairs you've got this sort of Pastel green and on the Indiana pairs You've got this sort of clay red and Honestly they're all pretty clean I Don't mind any of them I actually really Like the fear of God Athletics Basketball sneaker it's not a shoe that I'd play basketball in but it's a pair That I would wear casually I've had a Couple pairs of them myself and overall They're not bad I actually think that They're way better than people are Giving them credit for that said though These are college themed basketball Sneakers and I'm sure they're going to Be a little bit more limited than the Standard fear of God one basketballs and As we've seen with some of the other More limited pairs like the white pair They sell out pretty quickly and even Resell a little bit so I wouldn't be Surprised if all four of these colorways Ended selling out and might actually Have a little bit of resale actually Right now on Goat to be fair 3 days Before release they're going for like 1,000 I definitely don't think that's Going to be the case when they actually Release I think they might be maybe 50 To maybe $100 over retail who knows but Uh I do think all four these colorways Probably will end up selling out also Dropping on the same day we've got Another pair from the same collection

The fear of God Athletics Los Angeles Runner in pale yellow now from what I Can tell this silhouette is the least Popular of the fear of God Athletics Adidas Silhouettes it just doesn't seem To really move people don't seem to Really connect with a silhouette and I Think that's because it looks a lot like A pair of Adidas sneakers that released Back in like 2016 I will say though that I think it's a pretty solid sneaker Overall the materials are good it's Relatively comfortable on foot it's a Good looking sneaker albe it a little Minimal and sure this pale yellow Colorway is very similar to all of the Other Los Angeles Runner colorways that We've seen so far they've all been sort Of a that color it's still a goodl Looking sneaker and I'm sure people are Still going to want it plus compared to The fear of God one basketballs which Come in at a retail price of $250 this Shoe only comes in at $170 so it is a Little bit of an easier pill to swallow But I do still think that this shoe will Probably end up sitting online and then Finally rounding off the third we've got The fear of God Athletics Adidas rivalry High 86 and sesame so this is the first Time that this silhouette is officially Releasing this is a pair that we saw Leaked alongside the basketball ones but This is the first time that we're

Actually getting pairs for retail and I'm personally going to be trying to Grab a pair for myself I don't think It's going to be that hard based on how Easy it was to grab all the other fear Of God Sneakers but you never know and This was personally the pair that I was Looking forward to the most from this Fear of God Athletics collection that Was previewed last year I think this Shoe has that really clean high quality Retro vibe to it that I'm always into I Love 80s B ball sneakers and the Rivalry High is well it's not really that Anymore at least not this version of the Shoe but it's based on that and what I Really like about this silhouette is That it takes that classic Adidas look And combines it with the Jerry Lorenzo Aesthetic like this looks like a shoe That Jerry Lorenzo created and if you've Never owned any of the fear of God Athletics Adidas sneakers you got to Know that the material used on these Shoes is really solid especially for These more lifestyle releases and it's a Shoe that I think is worth the retail Price which by the way is not that bad At $220 I know that's more than most of The other sneakers that we're going to Talk about in today's video but compared To other shoes grab for 220 like some Jordans and even older Yeezy 350s you're Getting a better quality shoe at least

That's my guess looking at the pictures But I would love to know if you guys Want to see a full review of the sneaker When it officially dropped so let me Know in the comment section down below I'm not going to review it if you guys Don't care I probably will still buy a Pair for myself but I might not do a Full review just cuz it takes so much Time to actually make a full review so If you guys want to see that let me know In the comment section down below if you Don't then don't that's fine too but Because this is a brand new Adidas fear Of God silhouette I do think that there Is a chance that this shoe might end up Selling out not very quickly but I still Think it will sell out oh just quick PSA It has nothing to do with this video but I've started a tech Channel if you guys Want to check that out and see all my Tech reviews which are in a similar Format to this so if you like this and You like Tech you're going to love this Channel make sure to check it out Through the link at the top of the Description below we are about to hit 100,000 subscribers I cannot wait so Make sure to subscribe if you haven't Yet I'll see you guys over there moving On to April 4th we've got the Jason Tatum 2 Vortex this shoe is primarily Green take on Jason Tatum's second Signature basketball sneaker with Jordan

Brand and I've got to say it does not Look that bad it pains me to say that as A Sixers fan but also our chances of Going to the finals this year are pretty Rough so I can now I personally have Never tried on or owned a pair of the Jason tatums it's not because I don't Like Jason Tatum I think he's great but Uh I just haven't got on my way to buy Him you know so probably not going to do That for this shoe either it's an Interesting looking shoe it's not priced That badly at 125 bucks so there's that All around it's fine do I think it's Going to sell out probably not next up We've got the Nike Air Max 95 Atlanta so What's interesting about this colorway Is that it was designed in collaboration With a few Atlanta based boutiques like Wish ATL amam manier and also soulplay Atlanta and apparently the inspiration Behind this colorway was the '90s track Aesthetic the shoe comes in a red orange And gray color way the orange sort of Fades into a red along the side of the Sneaker which I actually kind of dig and There's also some reflective details on The shoe which is pretty cool like on The Taw and around the laces it's not Something that I'm into personally Especially not for 185 bucks but I do Think it's a cool looking sneaker I'm Much more interested in those uh copper DMV Nike foam posits that are dropping I

Think later this year or next year those Are crazy but these ones not really Having any connection to Atlanta Whatsoever I could leave them they look Fine but I just don't need them and from What I've seen online the hype isn't Really there for this shoe although There are some people excited about it Because they are from Atlanta or have Some connection to Atlanta so in my Opinion I do think that this shoe will Probably end up sitting on shelves also Dropping in the fourth is the Nike Zoom Alphafly 3 in volt so this shoe is the Second colorway of Nike's latest Marathon running sneaker their most tech Filled running sneaker that they've ever Made now unfortunately because this shoe Was like their top-of-the line running Sneaker it comes in at a topof the-line Price of 285 bucks but even that crazy High price point does not deter people From buying this shoe it's one of the Most coveted standard Nike shoes out There it usually sells out in any color Way that it drops in in fact the first Colorway of this shoe sold out in Minutes I couldn't even get a pair and Uh it looks like this volt colorway is Not going to be any different just Clarify this is not like your standard Running sneaker this is a shoe that Professional runners or people who are Running marathons throw on Just for race

Day it's got a carbon fiber shank plate It's got this insanely complex Cushioning setup it's designed to be as Lightweight as possible and to propel You as forward as far as possibly can Without being illegal it's a wild Sneaker and unless you've tried one of Nike's alphafly shoes you don't really Understand how insane the shoe feels on Foot unfortunately though it's not Designed to be worn as a day-to-day Sneaker it will break down pretty Quickly if you do that because it's Purely designed to be thrown on for race Day and that's about it but even still The shoe is incredibly popular and I Know a lot of people out there are going To want to grab this shoe for their next Race and so because of that I do think That this shoe will end up selling out Finally rounding off the fourth we've Got Drake's latest sneaker with the Nike Knock to hot step two in total orange This is one of those shoes shoes it like Literally hits you in the face it Reaches out and smacks you across the Face because of how insane the sneaker Looks and it actually reminds me a lot Of that pair of Yeezy boots that never Officially dropped second version of the Knock to hot step is absolutely inspired By '90s Aesthetics it features this Incredibly bulky look with a molded Upper and metallic silver accenting and

That total orange color way is wild this Is a shoe that I kind of want to see in Person just to see how it looks like I Want to know if it looks as insane Person as it does in all these pictures And so because of that I am going to try And grab a pair for myself I believe the Shoe retails for $200 so it's not cheap But I honestly don't know how hard it's Going to be for me to get a pair because I don't know what the hype is going to Be like on this shoe there was an early Shock drop of this shoe I believe on March 15th that sold out immediately as Most shock drops do but I don't know What the but I mean based on how some of The other Nike nocta sneakers have done Over the last 6 months of the last year People just don't seem to be that Excited for this silhouette or any of Those Silhouettes so I really don't know What the shoe is going to do my guess is That this first colorway of the shoe Might sell out just because it's the First colorway of a brand new silhouette But I could be wrong about that so just For the purposes of this video I'm going To give it a but I wouldn't be surprised If it ends up sitting on shelves I don't Think it's going to resell for anything Crazy so if you're a reseller and you're Trying to buy the shoe to flip probably Don't moving on to April 5th we've got The Puma mb3 spark this shoe is the

Latest colorway of mellow Ball's latest Signature sneaker with Puma the mb3 and The spark colorway comes in a bright Yellow green and purple look melo's Actually been killing it with Puma his Sneakers perform incredibly well they Look pretty decent and they've been Selling really well that probably has Something to do with the price point of $125 and also the fact that he's got a Big personality and people love love That so it makes sense why his shoe is Doing so well but according to sneaker News this spark colorway is inspired by The LA spark which is the WNBA team of Melo's hometown of Los Angeles it's a Clean look it's a little wild for me It's not something that I'd ever wear Off court but on court it's not a bad Aesthetic and one that I'm sure performs Incredibly well I've never tried the mb3 For myself but I've heard good things Will this shoe sell out probably not Usually it's the first colorway of a Brand new signature athletes basketball Sneaker that sells out and the Subsequent colorways don't do as well That wasn't the case for the a1s or the Harden volume 8s but that's usually the Case for basketball sneakers so because Of that I'm giving this shoe a sit but That doesn't mean it's a bad sneaker I Think it's a great shoe overall the next Drop is the A6 GT 2160 in cream bamboo

I've said it before and I'm definitely Going to say it again but A6 is Absolutely killing it right now they're Kind of having the same sort of Renaissance that New Balance had two or 3 years ago and I think a lot of that Has to do with the fact that 2000s Inspired running sneakers are just Really hot right now and that's pretty Much everything that as6 makes in fact When you think of 2000s running sneakers You usually think of as6 because a lot Of those shoes were popular in the 2000s And the GT2 160 embodies that aesthetic And this cream bamboo colorway is one That's going to be incredibly popular And actually if you guys want to learn More about as6 sneakers and some of the Best as6 sneakers that I think are Available right now make sure to check Out my top 10 as6 of 2023 list linked at The top of the screen covers all the Best as6 sneakers and uh it's one of my Favorite Brands right now this shoe Comes in a white metallic silver and Green look for some reason green A6 do Really really well like that hidden Collaboration that dropped at the end of Last month it's a clean looking sneaker It's only 150 bucks well only it's Cheaper than most of the other sneakers On today's list a lot of people like This silhouette already and I definitely Think that this colorway will end up

Selling out moving on to the sixth we've Got the Nike dbook one Haven so this Shoe's colorway is actually inspired by Devin Booker's dog something that I Actually completely understand and I Would do myself if I was a giant NBA Player which I'm not the shoe comes in a Primarily black look with black suede And black textiles making up the upper You've also got a semi-translucent blue Outsole but the biggest detail that sort Of shows that this shoe is inspired by Devon Booker's dog at least that I can See from these images is the Nike Swoosh Which comes in sort of a brindle color Way my dog also is sort of a black Brindle look so this color way actually Work well for my dog as well maybe I Should grab these shoes I wasn't Planning not but now I'm thinking about It I might have to and for 150 bucks It's not a terrible price now the dbook One is an interesting shoe because it Got a lot of hate when it first came out Because people thought it was too simple I actually really like the look of this Sneaker I mean even dbook came out and Said that he wasn't in love with it Which is kind of crazy again I love the Way this sneaker looks it's very clean So it's been interesting to watch the Different colorways of these shoes Released now obviously the first Colorway of this shoe was incredibly Li

And the second colorway was more of a Public release so both of those Colorways sold out but I don't think any Of the subsequent colorways have sold Out most basketball shoes usually only Sell out in their first colorway so I Think that's going to be the case with This shoe I think that this colorway Will end up sitting but it's a good shoe Overall and I still think it's worth Picking up rounding off the sixth we've Got the women's Air Jordan 4 Vivid Sulfur so this shoe kind of comes in Fire red color blocking except instead Of red it comes in Vivid sulfur or Bright yellow and I've got to say that It's actually a pretty clean look I Think if it had released in men's sizing It would have been even more popular Than I think it's already going to be be The upper of the shoe comes in white Leather accented by black and yellow Hits again the shoe looks like a fire Red four but instead is a vivid sulfur 4 And it's dope man I really like this Colorway a lot I wish this shoe was just Coming in full family sizing I feel like This is one of those shoes that might Not be that hyped when it first releases But as time goes on it's one of those Colorways that people just really get Drawn to like the military blacks that Shoe was relatively hyped when it first Dropped but nowadays it goes for a

Decent amount of money because people Just love that colorway it's super Wearable now for 210 bucks it's not Cheap but again it's an Air Jordan 4 It's one of the most popular silhouettes Of this year so I'm not sure what the Resale is going to be like I wouldn't be Surprised if it's like 20 to 50 maybe Even $100 over retail but we'll have to Wait and see I don't think the shoe is Going to be incredibly easy to get but I Also don't think it's going to be that Difficult to get that being said I do Think that the women's Air Jordan 4 Vivid sulfur will end up selling out Moving on to April 10th we've got the Women's Air Jordan one high Chrome this Is a tough one man I understand that It's women's only release it's not made For me but still this is not a shoe that Uh I could really see myself or even my Wife wearing I don't think she would Like this shoe very much I could be Wrong I need to ask her but still not That hot of a shoe I'm sure there are Ladies out there who can make this shoe Look fire on feet that's just not me Plus this shoe is 180 bucks which is a Lot for a pair of women's Air Jordan 1es It's essentially a tinf foil wrapped Air Jordan one high and I don't think the Hype is that high for this shoe so for That reason I'm giving the Air Jordan 1 High Chrome a Sit dropping on April 11th

We've got the Nike Dunk low veneer so This shoe last released I think back in 2020 or 2021 I'm not exactly sure when This shoe last dropped but it was Recently I'm pretty sure this shoe first Released exclusively in Japan back in The mid 000s I'm not exactly sure about The origin of the sneaker I know I Talked about it when the sh first Released a couple years ago but since Then I forgot the sneaker comes in a Brown green and purple suede makeup an Incredibly clean shoe definitely Underrated well okay maybe not Underrated but not a color way that People immediately think of when they Think of hyped up Nike Dunk Low's even Though the Nike dunkow is not as popular As it was a couple years ago this Colorway is still one that I think a lot Of people missed out on when it last Released and people are stoked about it Essentially restocking at least I think That's what it is maybe a remanufacturer Remake of this shoe I'm not sure Definitely a lot of hype behind it and For 115 bucks if you can grab a pair for Retail it's worth picking up that said Though I don't think it's going to be The easiest shoe to grab and because of That I'm giving this shoe a sell moving On to April 12th we've got the clot Adidas superstars in Black this shoe is The second colorway of the surprisingly

Popular clot AAS superstars in fact the First colorway of this shoe I think is Reselling for like $500 to $1,000 Depending on size it's kind of wild this New colorway of the shoe comes in a Glossy black upper accented by the Adidas three stripes in white on the Side and of course you've got that sort Of hacksaw traction pattern on the Outsole or I guess hacksaw Trail outsole I don't know exactly what to call it but It's very interesting and while hey I'm Not really a fan of this shoe myself it Seems like there's a lot of people out There who are excited about this release Because of how popular the first one is So for that reason I do think that this $200 pair of AD Superstars is going to End up selling out also dropping on the 12th we've got the Air Jordan 9 low golf Masters as you probably could have Guessed from the name this shoe was a Master's inspired Air Jordan 9 low golf It comes in this tan and brown upper Which I actually think looks very very Clean I haven't really thought about Grabbing an Air Jordan 9 golf shoe Except for maybe the cool grays but this One I'm kind of into it it's obviously Not a shoe that you can wear casually Because it's got the traction spikes on The outsole and if you like to go Golfing and you like wearing Jordans While you go golfing like I do this is a

Shoe that might be worth picking up it Is expensive at $230 and you can find a Lot of pairs of decent golf shoes at the Nike outlet for way cheaper but if you Like this colorway probably worth the Pick up I just don't think the shoe is Going to sell out so for that reason I'm Giving this shoe a Sit then finishing Off the 12th we've got the brand new Nike KD 17 sunrise this is the first Nike basketball sneaker or new Nike Basketball sneaker that I've been this Excited about in like 5 years the Nike KD7 is heavily inspired by the Nike Air Max Plus as you can see by the paneling On the upper of the shoe it comes in This beautiful orange and yellow Colorway ACC to byy a white fabric on The upper you've got some blue hits on The midsole and on the out soole I just Love that Air Max Plus detailing in the Upper of the shoe it kind of looks like Rays of the sun coming up that's why It's called the sunrise colorway at Least that's my guess and it just gives The shoe such a cool viy look man I I Just love it I've always liked Nike KDs I think the best year of the Nike KD was The KD6 at least in my opinion but this Is a shoe that I'd be happy to rock both Casually and on Court and this is Another shoe that if you guys want to See me do a review on the sneaker make Sure to let me know in the comment

Section down below because I'm really Stoked on this shoe but again I won't Review it if you guys don't care and as Far as pricing goes it doesn't seem like The KD 17 is going to be priced that High it looks like the retail price of This shoe is going to be 150 bucks which Is pretty middle of the road that being Said I definitely think that the hype Levels on this new silhouette are pretty High high so because of that I think at Least this first colorway of the Nike KD 17s will end up selling out continuing On to April 13th we've got the Air Jordan 5 SE sale this is the new Air Jordan 5 colorway that seems somewhat Inspired by the off-white Air Jordan 5 It features a sale or I guess an oat Milk colored upper that seems like Leather or maybe some form of newbu I'm Not totally sure actually according to The sneakers app it is leather so there You go the mids sole of the shoe comes In black and white with white splatter Print on the black shark teeth the Outsole of the shoe comes in this Milky Semi-translucent colored rubber and then On the tongue of the sneaker you've got This sort of cream or I guess what are They call it oat milk coconut milk and Light orwood brown accents the one thing About the tongue that I don't love is That it's got that unfinished Edge that You find on a lot of off-white sneakers

Which I like on off-white shoes but it Doesn't really make sense on just a Standard pair of Air Jordan 5ivs at Least in my opinion so seemingly Inspired by the off-white fives or maybe The amam maner fivs either way it's fine It's just not that exciting and for $210 I just don't think the hype is going to Be there for this shoe so for that Reason I'm giving this shoe a Sit also Releasing on the 13th are three new Nike Co protro sneakers all in classic retro Colorways the first is the Nike Kobe 6 Protor Italian camo the colorway of this Shoe was inspired by Kobe's time over in Europe and is actually taken directly From the Italian Army's camo pattern According to sneaker news this is Actually the only pair of Kobe 6 protros That are releasing this year so if you Want a pair of KOB 6 protros you're Going to have to grab this pair but I Will say that while I'm not a huge fan Of camo print on my sneakers the camo Used on this shoe is fire the Italian Army must be looking fresh all the time You've also got a bright red Nike Swoosh On the midfoot of the sneak and of Course red accents on the Kobe logo on The tongue and on the heel and the look Is rounded off by a tonal green outsole Releasing on its own this shoe would Absolutely sell out no question all Kobe Sneakers sell out especially Kobe 6's

One of his most popular models but Releasing alongside two other Kobe Sneakers I do think you have a better Chance at grabbing the shoe it's still Going to sell out it's still going to be Very difficult to grab but because there Are two other models to choose from People might pick one over this one but In my opinion this is going to be the Second most popular Kobe to drop on the 13th it comes in at a retail price of 190 bucks and like I already said I Definitely think that this shoe will Sell out continuing on with these April 13th Nike Kobe releases we've got the Nike Kobe 4 protor Philly as you Probably Guess the Color way of this Shoe is inspired by Philadelphia because That's where Kobe's originally from well Technically outside of Philadelphia but Still the shoe comes in bright Blues Reds and whites obviously a very Patriotic colorway because of the roots Of Philadelphia as being the birthplace Of America one detail that I found Really interesting on this shoe when I Had a pair in hand is that you've got These reflective Stars around the ankle Area of the shoe which I didn't notice Until I actually held the shoe I mean It's a pretty clean pair of Kobes is it My favorite pair of Kobes dropping on This day probably not probably my third Favorite but because I live in

Philadelphia I probably should grab a Pair just because you know it's a Philadelphia theme shoe and we don't get Those a lot I mean we did get the B air Fivs but does that really count n not Really this shoe is also releasing for The retail price of 190 bucks and as you Could probably guess this shoe will Absolutely sell out the final and Probably the most popular Kobe releasing On the 13th is the Nike Kobe 8 protor Venice Beach this shoe is obviously Inspired by Venice Beach which is very Close to the Staple Center where Kobe Played and the sort of tie-dye color way Comes in oranges greens yellows Grays And is one of the cleanest Kobe sneakers To ever release it's definitely bright It's definitely out there but it's one Of those colorways that everyone knows And loves and a pair that I just think Is going to be an instant sellout like I Already said I do think this is going to Be the most popular of the three Kobes Releasing on this day let me know in the Comment section down below if you agree My ranking is probably the Philly 4S at Number three the camo sixes at number Two and then the Venice Beach isn't Number one I think it's very possible That the camos and the Venice beaches Might be tied for number one or might be A close one and two but I I think the Venice beaches is going to be the most

Popular Kobes to drop on this day like The other Kobe protros that are Releasing on the 13th this shoe also Releases for 190 bucks and again I think This shoe is going to be an instant sell Moving on to April 15th we've got the Adidas Harden Volume 8 flamingo pink as You can see this shoe is a bright pink Harden volume eight it comes with a hot Pink upper accented by sort of more of An orangey yellow on the ankle area and On the I guess out sole of the sneaker That kind of wraps up onto the side of The shoe uh it's clean I don't feel like I need it there's not a lot of shoes That come in one color that I'm usually That into unless it's like a black Sneaker so uh I'm probably going to let This one go Harden volume mates have Been selling out though so it is Possible that this shoe might sell out Like the a1s that came in all blue that Dropped a couple weeks ago but I'm not Sure though this shoe is dropping for $160 so it's not as cheap as the ae1 so I don't know if it's going to be as Popular as those all blue AE ones who Knows but uh for right now I'm giving This shoe a Sit because I just don't Think it's going to fly off shelves also Dropping on the 15th we've got the Nike Air Max one86 Jackie Robinson the Release of this shoe coincides with the Start of the MLB season and honors the

Late great Jackie Robinson and to honor One of the most important players in Baseball history Nike is releasing a Jackie Robinson pack you've obviously Got these Air Max 1's and then you've Also got a pair of cleats they both come In primarily navy blue with the Air Max One featuring a white hit around the Bottom of the upper and on the midsole And on both shoes you've got gold Accents and of course number 42 hidden On different parts of the sneaker you Guys probably already know this about me But I love gum outsoles and this shoe Features a gum out sole so that's just Adding to an already great release plus I also love the Nike Air Max 186 in fact I grabbed the uh the Air Max day color I Just want to show you guys cuz I'm not Going to make a video about it but this Is the Air Max Day Air Max 186 it has my Birthday on it because my birthday is Actually Air Max day which is sick I Didn't grab the red colorway they Dropped 10 years ago or nine years ago But I was finally able to grab the blue And volt colorway love this shoe the Most comfortable Air Max I've ever worn And uh I might try and pick up the Jackie Robinson Air Max ones as well Because they are super clean these Nike Air Max 186s dropped for a retail price Of 15 bucks and I definitely think that These shoes will end up selling out

Moving on to 420 we've got the Air Jordan one high Green Glow so this shoe Already had a shock drop on the sneakers App about a month ago so if you wanted a Pair of these you could probably grab Them right now for around retail this Jordan one high comes in breed toe color Blocking except instead of red you've Got green glow which is a color way that We've seen on Air Jordan 4s and Air Jordan 3s and now the Air Jordan 1 it's Nothing too spectacular I don't think Anyone's that excited about this release Like I said you can grab pairs right now Online for like retail or below so if You want a pair of these I'd say Buy It Now rather than waiting for the shoe to Drop officially because the price is not Really going to go down anymore than it Already is at least not in my opinion And based on what we're already seeing I Definitely think the shoe will end up Sitting on shelves moving on to April 22nd we've got the Nike SB dunk low Pastoral print this canvas covered Nike SP dunk low comes in primarily a purple With printed Brown accents like a I Believe a billboard with some graffiti On it you've also got what seems to be a Hot air balloon with a Nike logo on it And then that paneling used on the upper Of the shoe is accented by Brown Outlines it's a pretty chill sneaker it Makes sense that it's releasing around

Earth day and also 420 it's the kind of Shoe you just throw on you Vib in it's a Shoe that a lot of people have been Excited about for a while I definitely Think there's some hype behind the Sneaker obviously it's a Nike spb Dunk Low which means it's going to be more Popular than standard Nike Dunks spbs Tend to just be more popular in general And the colorway is clean the purple is Very wearable the brown accents really Make it pop solid sneaker and I Definitely think this $125 pair of dunks Is going to sell out very quickly Dropping on April 27th we've got the Women's Air Jordan 3 Georgia Peach this Shoe comes in a very clean look you've Got a white leather upper aing to BU Elephant print on the toe and on the Heel of the shoe and of course the shoe Is called the Georgia Peach Air Jordan 3 You' got orange peachy colored hits on The midsole of the sneaker and also on The tongue and as far as pricing goes The Georgia Peach Air Jordan 3 is coming Into a retail price of 200 bucks it's Nothing that exciting but it is a Clean Air Jordan 3 colorway unfortunately it Is only releasing in women's sizing so If you're a larger dude and you want to Grab a pair of these you're probably out Of luck but I do think it's a clean look And although Air Jordan 3s are not as Popular as they once were I do think

That this shoe will have a lot of people Who want to run out to the store and Grab it just not everybody and so for That reason while I think it's a clean Sneaker I do think this pair of shoes Will end up sitting on on shelves also Dropping on April 27th the least in the United States are the Air Jordan one High team Reds these shoes actually Already released overseas like a month Ago so by the time these shoes released They have been out for like 3 months and While this shoe is an incredibly clean Colorway of the Air Jordan 1es you've Got a white leather upper accented by Sort of a maroon or I guess team red Overlay the shoe itself is not that Popular Jordan Ones are just not hitting Like they used to and that's totally Fine in fact if you love Jordan 1es like Me this is a great time to be alive Because you can grab shoes like the Satin bread Air Jordan 1es for way under Retail which I did I actually owned like Four pairs of these cuz I keep finding Them at the outlet I finally decided to Keep a pair it's just a shoe that 3 Years ago would have gone for like $500 And now in 2024 no one cares and that's Definitely the case with these Air Jordan one high team Reds it's a clean Sneaker it's very wearable if you like Jordan 1es definitely pick up this shoe But the retail price of 180 bucks does

Not make a lot of sense when you can buy It right now on the aftermarket for $155 Sure if you're not going to save that Much money cuz you have to pay fees and Shipping and things like that so it's Probably going to come out to around the Same price as you would have paid if you Bought it for retail so this shoe is Definitely going to sit and it's Probably going to end up at Outlets too Then finally dropping on April 30th We've got the Travis Scott Jumpman Jack In sale the release date of the shoe was All over the place first it was supposed To release in March then it got pushed Back to May then it got pushed up to April I don't know when the shoe is Actually going to release it looks like It probably will release on the 30th but I don't know for sure this is a shoe That I really want to get a pair of to Check out and review and let you guys Know if it's a good overall sneaker I'm Intrigued by it I think the sale Colorway is very clean it's obviously Inspired by Nike Dunks and maybe even Nike Air Yeezys and other classic Nike Sneakers but it's an all new silhouette By Travis Scott it's his first official Signature shoe and I'm really interested To see if it's any good I've talked so Much about the sneaker at this point if You guys want to hear all my thoughts on The shoe either wait for the review to

Come out hopefully in the next couple Weeks or check out some of my previous Videos I think it's a dope sneaker I Don't like any of the other colorways And be real with you but this colorway Very very clean definitely a pair that I Want to grab and for $200 the price Isn't terrible I do think this shoe will Probably sell out at least this first Colorway of the shoe I'm not so sure About the follow-up colorways of shoe But I guess they probably will too it's Just not a classic Air Jordan 1 like a Jordan 1 or a Jordan 4 and whenever Someone collaborates on one of those Shoes those have this like hype boost Because they're such a popular Silhouette this shoe because it's a Brand new Jordan silhouette which never Really tended to do that well I think it Has an uphill battle the only thing That's really going to help it along is The fact that it's a Travis Scott collab So we'll just have to wait and see what Happens with this release but uh I'm Excited to check it out and I definitely Think that this particular colorway the Sale colorway of the shoe will sell out But hey that pretty much wraps up the Video for today make sure to check out All the sneaker releases through the YouTube shopping tab on your screen or Through the affiliate links in the Description below subscribe to my tech

Channel if you haven't yet subscribe to This channel if you haven't yet and I Will see you all in the next one