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These are the important sneaker releases in January 2024! In today’s Sit or Sell we talk about the upcoming Air Jordan sneakers, New Balance release dates and even some YEEZY sneaker drops!
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Nike Dunk Low Midnight Navy Tour Yellow
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Nike Dunk Low Light Armory Blue
Nike Dunk Low Brazil

Air Jordan 3 Craft Ivory

Womens Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Light Orewood Brown
Nike KD 4 Year of the Dragon 2

Nike Kobe 8 Radiant Emerald
Nike Kobe 8 Court Purple

Nike SB Dunk Low Burgundy Crush
Nike SB Dunk Low Coconut Milk

Air Jordan 13 Blue Grey

Air Force 1 Low Layers of Love

Nike Air Foamposite One Eggplant
Women’s Air Jordan 1 High White Metallic Gold
CNY Air Force 1

Nike Air Max Plus Drift
Nike KD 4 Galaxy
Trophy Room Air Jordan 1 Low Away

Air Jordan 1 High 85 Metallic Burgundy

Bad Bunny Adidas Response CL Wonder White
Air Jordan 4 Bred Reimagined

Clot x Adidas Superstar White

Air Jordan 1 Black White

Women’s Air Jordan 5 Lucky Green

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These are the sneaker releases that you Need to know about in February 2024 this Is sitter cell so I know January was a Tough month for sneaker releases I even Struggled finding sneakers to put in the January cter cell video but February Everything changes and that's mainly Because of All-Star Weekend there are so Many crazy releases dropping around Allstar Weekend that I mean this is one Of the longest sell videos I've dropped In a while but first I want to give a Huge thank you to the sponsor of today's Video Harry let's go pick some up at Target so I've been using Harry's Razors For the last few years and I absolutely Love them first of all they make these Incredibly ergonomic handles which feel Great in your hand and make hitting Those hard to reach places super easy Which is one of the reasons why they Give you such a clean and close shave And not only do they make razors but They also make pretty much everything That you'd ever need to keep yourself Looking fresh so haris has a bunch of Different options you've got their Truman handle which comes with a couple Different heads you've got the Truman Handle with just one head and then You've also got the Winston handle which Is one that I actually don't have so I'm Going to grab this one GQ actually Called The Winston razor the best razor

Of 2023 so you know I had to grab it Plus this is a chrome Edition which is Awesome you know what while I'm here why Don't I grab some Harry's filming shaved Gel some post shave bomb and of course Some extra cartridges yo it is super Convenient to grab everything you need From Harry's at Target this is Awesome I'm not going to lie it is so Easy to grab Harry's razors at your Local Target a place that I go to at Least once a week meaning that I don't Have to make any special trips or stops To grab new razors I can just grab them Where I'm already going make sure to Check out Harry's next time you're at Your local Target and let me know in the Comment section down below what you guys Pick up once again huge thank you to Harry for sponsoring today's video Starting things off on February 1st We've got the Nike Dunk low midnight Navy tour yellow I'm not going to lie This is not the most exciting Nike Dunk Low we've ever seen it comes with a Black tumbled leather upper accented by Dark Navy overlays and a bright yellow Nike Swoosh that being said it is still Relatively clean the one problem I have With this release is that they raised The price to 125 bucks wasn't it just Like last year that the price of Nike Dunk Lowe's was 100 bucks maybe 110 Max But 125 for a standard Nike Dunk low

Release that's a bit much like I said It's a pretty clean looking sneaker but It's not really anything special and That price point that's tough you might See the sneaker on an upcoming Outlet Vlog because I'm sure the shoe is going To hit Outlets because in my opinion I Think the shoe is going to sit on Shelves oh and of course I should Mention if you want to grab any of the Shoes that I talk about in today's video Make sure to check out the YouTube Shopping tab for each sneaker at the top Of the screen also dropping on the first We've got the Converse sarabski Chuck 70 Deluxe Square so I'll be honest this Shoe looks a little wild to me it's Definitely a designer friendly style Look it's not something that a regular Dude like myself would probably Rock not Only that it's priced at $300 there is a Good reason for that though and that's Because the entire upper of the shoe is Covered in sski Crystals gammer sasi Crystal it's also got a square toe which I think is kind of an interesting look For a pair of Chucks it's just not Something I would ever see myself Wearing not to say that's bad if you Want to rock it it's totally cool but I Just couldn't pull that off I know for a Fact I couldn't pull it off so I'm going To save $300 pass this one by that being

Said though because the upper of the Shoe is entirely Beed by sski crystals I Do think that there will be some hype There every other sski Nike release That's dropped over the last like five Or six years has eventually sold out Some went to outlets but I think they Were priced a little bit higher than This so for that reason I'm giving this Release a sell however I also wouldn't Be surprised if it didn't move that Quickly coming in on February 2nd we've Got the Nike ja one check apparently Jaw's inspiration behind this colorway Is actually Nike and their headquarters And the reason for that apparently According to jaw is that all his life His parents worked for a check and now He works for the check and I think he Means two things by that one he's Helping his parents out now and then two Because he literally works for Nike so I Think it's a double on Tandra there but I could be wrong the shoe features a Black upper accented by red orange and Blue hits again all taken from Nike's Headquarters and overall it's a decent Looking pair of Nike jaw ones however Like we see with a lot of performance Basketball sneakers for a popular Athlete the first colorway of that Silhouette usually sells out and then The subsequent colorways end up sitting On shelves and I think that's going to

Remain true for the jaw ones I think This colorway will end up sitting also Dropping on the second we've got the Nike Dunk low light Armory blue see I Told you there's a lot of releases this Month we're already on the fourth shoe And we're only on February 7 second now This suede pair of Nike Dunk glows Features a very toned down tan pink and Blue color way and I'll be honest I'm Here for it I think it's a dope look and It's something that I would definitely Rock it's kind of got SB Vibes to it a Little bit I don't know why I think that But it just kind of looks like a Colorway that would be on a pair of SBS Unfortunately it's not and also for some Reason these suede Nike Dunk lows don't Usually do as well as the standard pairs I don't know why maybe just because the Color blocking isn't what people want or Maybe they don't like the sort of tone Down aesthetic but either way although I Think it's a great looking colorway I do Think that this shoe will end up sitting On shelves and hopefully like I said I Can find this pair at the outlets in the Future and actually while we're on the Topic of February 2nd I should tell you Guys about the upcoming Apothecary Valentine's Day drop that's happening on February 2nd at 11:00 a.m. eastern time Now you guys might have already noticed My Apothecary Valentine's Day shirt

Which I'm rocking right now you've got The kisses on the shoulder and of course The kiss on the back of course in Addition to the shirt we've got two Different pairs of matching socks a White and a black and you can grab all Of these things the shirts and the socks Officially on our website APO gary.com This Friday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time And of course if you order from our Website on launch day you are guaranteed To have these in before Valentine's Day So you can rock them with your boo or bu Yourself maybe to attract a boo I don't Know finally rounding off the second We've got the Nike Dunk glow Pine Green Varsity maze also known as the Brazil Dunks this colorway comes in a bright Yellow and green upper and is one of the More popular dunk colorways the last Time this shoe released was back in 2020 And it would resell for like $300 which Is wild to say for a pair of dunks now Even though these dunks don't resell Like that anymore it's still a popular Colorway it's still very clean and in my Opinion I still think the shoe is going To sell out moving on to a very fitting February 3rd we've got the air Jordan 3 Craft Ivory so over the last few months We've seen Jordan brand do their craft Remakes on different Jordan Silhouettes We've seen it most recently on the fours I believe we also had some twos and I

Think even some ones maybe a year or two Ago now we're getting it on the Air Jordan 3s and essentially what the Craft Series is or what it seems like it's Trying to communicate is a pair of shoes That was handmade from pieces laying Around I don't know a factory or Someone's Cobble store as a sneaker Reviewer I should know what a cobbler Store is called probably a cobbler store That's probably exactly what the name is All that aside it's pair of Air Jordan 3 That has multiple panels on the upper That are made up of different materials In this case the Elephant Print panels On the shoe feature a second panel layer Out on top of them to make it look a Little bit more handmade or a little bit More cobbled together that being said The material used on the upper of the Shoe does look pretty solid the tumbled Leather looks great I also kind of like The Aged yellow details on the heel Tab And on different parts of the Air Jordan 3s like the toe cap and on the heel and Also on the eyelets of the shoe it gives The shoe a much more uh honestly Off-white look I mean I guess if you had Thrown like the off-white tag and the Off-white stitching details on there you Could have thought of this is an Off-white 3 and that's a shoe that I Would have loved to have had a Silhouette of but we never got it so

This is kind of that I guess but even Looking like this and also being an Air Jordan 3 which tends to be one of the More popular Air Jordan Silhouettes I Just don't think the hype is there you Can find pairs of these online right now For retail or below before the shoe even Releases so in my opinion this shoe will End up sitting on shelves it might sell Out on the sneakers app maybe but I Think there's a really good chance of You being able to walk into your local Foot Locker like the weekend of the Release and still find pairs on the Shelf before we dive into the next Releases I do want to address something And that's that yes I noticed that there Is no New Balances or as6 or even a lot Of Adidas is on the list and the reason For that is because these Brands don't Tend to really tell us about their Releases until a couple days before and That's kind of been the case for pretty Much every sitter sale video with Jordan Brand and Nike we either know about Upcoming sneakers because they tell us Through press releases and things like That or because there's a lot of leaks Of these sneakers online so I understand That some of you guys are kind of mad That there isn't a lot of Adidas new Balance or as6 on these lists but that's Mainly because they just don't tell us If they told me I would tell you guys

But they don't and they don't really say Anything about it online or on their Website so with those releases we kind Of just have to hear about it when they Happen so I don't know I just want to Tell you guys that because I got a lot Of comments in the last couple videos Saying like oh you're like a Nike stand You're a Jordan stand I'm not I just I Only can report on what I Know But Continuing on to February 7th we've got Some more Nike sneakers the first of Which is the women's Nike Zoom vomero 5 In light orwood brown it's a very light Brown pair of niky Zoom Vero 5ivs which Is a pair of sneakers that I definitely Recommend checking out if you haven't Yet they're super comfortable they've Got that 2,000 running sneaker Vibe and They're just incredibly popular right Now they're actually kind of hard to Grab not impossible though Nike's Released so many colorways now that you Can pretty much grab it in any size as Long as you're relatively on your game And for that reason I am going to give This shoe a Sit however I don't think It's going to sit for like months I Think it'll sit for like 2 weeks Max Let's just say that I found a pair of Nike Zoom vomero 5S once at the outlet In like 2 years of doing these Outlet Vlogs and it was a bright yellow Colorway like the least popular color

Way so take that for what you will I Don't see them sitting very much finally Rounding off the seventh we've got the Nike KD for Year of the Dragon 2o so This kd4 comes in sort of a tonal Brown Upper it's kind of like caramel colored It features red accents obviously for Chinese New Year and the year of the Dragon and it's a pretty clean look on The kd4 one of my personal favorite Details is the embroidered Dragon sort Of making its way around the medial side Nike Swoosh it's such a cool hit pretty Subtle but pretty clean now you may have Noticed with some of the previous KD Retros that have dropped over the last Couple months they haven't been flying Off shelves but they are moving this Particular colorway because I'm assuming It's going to be more limited will Probably be more difficult to get and After checking resale prices online of This shoe like a week before it drops They're still pretty high like $350 to $400 so I would say that I wouldn't be Surprised if this shoe ends up moving Quickly so for that reason I'm giving This shoe a sell moving on to February 8th we've got two different colorways of The upcoming Nike Kobe 8 protros now These two colorways are similar but Different they both featured the same Design on the upper except in completely Different accent colors printed onto the

Mesh upper of each of these Kobe a Protros you've got Kobe's numbers 8 and 24 patterned across the upper of the Shoe a majority of the color blocking on This shoe is white in fact the base Color of the upper the midsole and of Course the tongue all come in white on Both colorways however the accent color On one of these shoes is radiant Emerald Which is also the name of that Particular shoe and then you've also got The court purples which again features Purple accent and is also the name of The shoe I love the K8 I think it's a Great looking silhouette I'd love to Have a pair to play basketball in but Also a pair to wear casually obviously I'd prefer the purple uh because of my Favorite football team second and five Bed up into the air and That said they're both greatl looking Shoes I'm going to be going for both of Them and because they're both Kobe 8s I'm sure these shoes will end up both Selling out very quickly continuing on To February 9th we've got two different Pairs of Nike SB dunk Lowe's dropping Both from the city of love pack the First colorway is the coconut milk Colorway that comes with a white upper Accented by tannish suede details you've Also got this really interesting red Stitching detail around the top of the Midsole pretty simple pretty clean but

At the end of the day it is a Nike Dunk Low which means it's going to be more Hyped up than if it was a standard pair Of Nike Dunks the other colorway of the City of love pack is the burgundy Crush Colorway which obviously comes in Primarily burgundy you've got suede on The upper you've got these darker Burgundy hits on the overlays of the Shoe and all around it's just a giant Burgundy sneaker neither of these Colorways are my favorite but if I had To pick one out of the two I'd probably Go with the coconut milk colorway Because there's a little bit more Variation on the upper of the shoe and I Think that colorway is just a little bit Easier to rock but they're both fine and If you like both of them or if you like One over the other it doesn't matter That's great you can try and grab them The problem is because they are Specifically Nike SB dunk CLS they're Not going to be as easy easy to get as If they were just standard Nike Dunks so The only places that I know of that you Can grab them right now are the sneakers App and skate stores possibly some Nike Stores I don't know for sure but most Likely they're going to be harder to get Than a standard pair so for that reason I'm giving both of these colorways Although kind of eh both of them a sell Next up on February 10th we've got the

Air Jordan 13 blue gray as you probably Could have guess from the name of this Sneaker this shoe is a blue and gray Air Jordan 13 I will say though that the Images make the upper of the shoe look a Lot closer to White than to gray it's Possible that the gray reference is Another Accent on the shoe I'm not 100% Sure but either way it looks a lot like A UNCC pair of Air Jordan 13s I don't Know if that's the inspiration behind The shoe it doesn't say that on the Sneaker app but that would make sense Obviously the light blue hits on the Shoe come in Suede and then you've also Got some yellow accents on the Jumpman On the tongue and also on the outso of The sneaker and while it's not the most Exciting pair of Air Jordan 13s out There it's definitely a clean color way And if you haven't tried the 13s yet This is a good way to go there is Definitely a chance that you can get This colorway dirty very easily Especially with the suede on the upper But it's a clean looking sneaker and I Definitely recommend it the good news is For you if you are trying to grab these Shoes is that while it is a clean look I Don't think it's going to be that Popular so it shouldn't be that hard to Pick up in stores because in my opinion This shoe will end up sitting on shelves Dropping on February 13th we've got the

Valentine's Day Nike Air Force One Low Layers of love so this shoe is a tonal Red Suede Nike Air Force One the toe of The sneaker comes in this bright red and It slowly sort of ombres or I guess Fades to a darker red as you get towards The heel of the shoe and I'm not going To lie it's not a badl looking sneaker If you're looking for a pair of red Air Force Ones this is a good way to go and I also think this is a great Valentine's Day theme sneaker it's not too overtly Valentine's Day so you still can rock it Around the year but it's still got that Bright red sort of Color of Love or Layer of love that they uh referencing The name of the sneaker which does make It a Valentine's Day sneaker will it Sell out though I don't think so Air Force Ones unless they're like a special Collaboration don't tend to do that well So for that reason I am going to give This shoe a Sit doesn't mean it's not a Clean sneaker just I think it's going to Sit on shelves moving on to Valentine's Day itself February 14th we've got the Nike Air foam posit 1 eggplant now I Know foam posits aren't as popular as They once were and most foam posit Colorways have ended up sitting on Shelves for a while however this Colorway is a colorway that a lot of People have wanted to Retro for a very Long time in 2023 even the super limited

Foam posits were sitting around at Certain boutiques for a while after Release so I wouldn't be surprised if This shoe does end up sitting on shelves Even though it's an incredibly clean Purple iridescent colorway I'm also Pretty sure that this is a shoe that was Leaked to be the return of the Galaxy Foam posits and ended up being the Eggplants instead which people are still Happy about but people really those Galaxy foam closets it's a personal Grail of mine but it looks like the Eggplants is what we're getting instead And like I said I don't know if the hype Is going to be there for this shoe but I Do think there is going to be a lot of People out there who will end up Grabbing the sneaker but will it be Enough for this shoe to sell out I don't Know so for that reason I'm giving this Shoe a set also dropping on the 14th We've got the women's Air Jordan one High white metallic gold this shoe is Pretty clean it comes with a white Tumbled leather upper accented by gold Hits on the Nike Swoosh and around the Top of the ankle area it's pretty Similar to one of those like OG white Air Jordan Ones however I don't think we Ever had a gold old OG Jordan 1 I will Say that the gold hang tag that comes Along with this shoe is pretty cool not Going to lie but is it enough for me to

Buy the shoe probably not plus it only Technically comes in women's sizing and Although I am a size n and I probably Could get a shoe large enough to fit me I just I just don't need this shoe in my Life and I think that's the way most People are going to feel about this Release so because of that I'm giving This shoe a Sit don't get me wrong Though the gold accents are clean I Think it's a greatl looking sneaker I Just don't think it's going to be hyped Finally rounding off the 14th with a China exclusive release we've got the Chinese New Year Nike Air Force One low So this shoe is for a lot of reasons First of all it's releasing exclusively In China which makes sense for a Chinese New Year themed sneaker however there's A lot of really cool stuff going on in This shoe and I bet this shoe would have Sold like crazy if it released in the United States obviously this shoe is Themed for the year of the dragon so It's got Dragon embroidery all over the Upper Plus the dominant color on the Upper is gold which I think looks Amazing on this particular shoe the Materials used on the upper look very High quality and all around it's just a Great looking sneaker the problem is not Only is this shoe only releasing in China but it's also $365 retail that Makes me think that the they're using

Some super premium materials on this Shoe kind of like the Tiffany Air Force One Lowe's that use like super premium Suede and silver and things like that This shoe looks incredible probably is Great quality and again is releasing Exclusively in China but man the details On this shoe they are so clean if I can Grab a pair of these for $365 in the US I might do it if I can't I'm I'm not going to spend like $700 to Import the shoe if I can't I'm not going To spend like $700 to import this shoe But I think it looks great I can Appreciate it from afar and if you're in China and you're somehow watching this Video on YouTube try and pick up a pair Now I'll be honest I've only been to China once back in 2019 so I don't know What the sneaker Market is like over in China but I'm assuming because this shoe Is specifically Chinese New Year themed Because it's priced so high I think this Shoe might be a grail for some people It's also probably very limited so for That reason I'm going to give this shoe A sale but again if you live anywhere Outside of China the chance of you Getting a pair of these is is slim to None moving on to February 15th we've Got a brand new silhouette with the Nike Air Max Plus drift in the Phantom Colorway now I've never been a huge fan Of the Air Max pluses or the vapor Max

Pluses or anything like that but this Drift variation the paneling on the Upper looks so good and this Phantom Colorway in particular with that fade From like a reddish brown to a blue Towards the back of the shoe aced by Those like cream colored overlay details It looks amazing it's a shoe that I Would love to pick up now will I grab it For the $185 retail price point I don't Know does seem like a lot for a pair That I might wear like three or four Times let's be real but it's a clean Look nonetheless now what's interesting About the silhouette is that even though It seems like just another lifestyle Nike Air Max It's relatively hyped up I've actually seen a lot of information About this shoe specifically because People are interested in it so it really Makes me think is this shoe going to be That easy to get I honestly don't know But in a lot of cases whenever I don't Know and I end up not going for a shoe It ends up selling out and I wish that I'd gone for the shoe so because of that I'm going to say if you want this shoe Play it safe cuz I think there is a Chance that this shoe could sell out Resale Wise It's not going to resale for Anything at least not in my opinion but If you want it definitely try and grab It on release day cuz that might be your Only shot technology wise it doesn't

Seem like there's anything really that Different about this shoe I mean it just Looks like a different take on the Nike MX plus but regardless that take is very Clean also dropping on the 15th we've Got the Retro of the Nike kd4 Galaxy so This shoe first debuted back in 2012 During the All-Star Game of course on KD's feet and it looks like for the First time ever we're getting a retro of This classic sneaker 12 years later During All-Star Weekend in 2024 this All-Star themed silver colored kd4 Features orange accents NASA and Spaceship inspired hits throughout like Remove before flight really cool details That we all love from All-Star sneak It's crazy that Nike waited this long to Bring the shoe back if they had retroed This shoe in like 2019 man people would Have gone crazy for it but in 2024 I Don't know if the hype is going to be as Crazy as it would have been if they had Dropped it like I said a couple years Ago but either way I do think there's a Lot of people out there who missed out On the initial release who want to grab This shoe that being said do I think This shoe will sell out actually yeah Probably I wouldn't be surprised the Last shoe dropping on February 15th is The trophy room Air Jordan one low this Trophy Room collaborations design is Inspired by the classic 1986 Fleer

Michael Jordan rookie card a basketball Card which has become one of the most Coveted sports cards of all time the Sneaker features sort of a reverse Black Toe colorway with red satin hits on the Toe and a black sort of corduroy detail On the heel you've also got Michael Jordan's signature embroidered into the Heel in Black in addition to that you've Got the trophy room logo embroidered Into the lateral side of the sneaker as Well as an embroidered black Nike Swoosh And then finally rounding off this Air Jordan one low collaboration you've got A blue insole and a gold insole on Either side of the pair which obviously You won't be able to see when you're Wearing the shoe but they are inspired By the Fleer basketball card so the Color way that's getting the widest Release is a colorway that I just talked About the away colorway and let's be Honest the release itself is not going To be that wide it's probably going to Be a very limited release and I'm sure There's a lot of people out there who Are assuming things about this Trophy Room release that are probably not Completely off base but I don't know for Sure I'm just making assumptions so Getting a pair of these is going to be Difficult but there is also another Color way the home colorway which Features a white Nike Swoosh and also

Blue accents and yellow accents along The sides of the leather panels which I Really love however I think that pair is Either specifically reserved for just The trophy room store in Orlando or Maybe it's just a friends and family Pair I'm not 100% sure I I could never Really figure out exactly what the deal Is with that pair but getting that pair Will be much more difficult than getting The standard pair even though that pair Is going to be insanely difficult to Grab as well all that said if you want a Pair of these you have your work cut out For you you either got to have a couple Thousand doll ready for resale or uh be Willing to wait in line at the back door I'm just kidding I'm totally kidding About that I would like a pair of these And uh I just don't see myself getting a Pair for retail and I don't think you Should either so for that reason I'm Giving this shoe an absolute sell and if You want a pair of these be prepped to Pay resale for it next up on February 16th we've got the Air Jordan 1 high 85 Metallic burgundy while this pair of Jordan 1es looks very similar to and is Probably inspired by the OG metallic red Air Jordan 1es unfortunately it's not Exactly the same instead Jordan brand Opted to use a much more Burgery red Than the sort of bright red that we're Used to that said though this is a pair

Of Air Jordan 185s and if you're not Familiar with what that is it's Essentially an Air Jordan 1 that was Redesigned to look just like the Original pair that released back in 1985 5 and for whatever reason Jordan has Decided to make these particular Versions of the Air Jordan 1 not only More expensive but also much more Limited and release like maybe one or Two a year so in a lot of ways we're Almost getting an OG retro of the Air Jordan one metallic red except not Exactly cuz although the shape's the Same and the color blocking is the same The color itself is not the same so it's Kind of a different thing as someone who Loves the Jordan 1 in my opinion the Air Jordan 1 85s are the best version of the Air Jordan 1 not only because they look Like the original 1985 Jordan 1es but Also because the materials used on these Shoes tend to be better and yes they are Kind of painful when you first wear them In some cases but they do break in and They're much more durable and honestly After you break them in more comfortable Than the standard pair of Jordan 1es Also there's something about the shape Of the 85 Jordan 1es that just looks Better than these newer versions of the Shoe I just prefer it as a silhouette Even though this shoe isn't technically The OG metallic red Air Jordan 1es it's

Still a clean release it's still a pair That I'm definitely going to be going For specifically because it is a 1985 or 85 Jordan 1 and unfortunately also Because of that it's going to be a lot More limited and a lot more difficult to Get and in my opinion it will absolutely Sell out then moving on to February 17th We've got the Bad Bunny Adidas response CL in Wonder white so this shoe will be The sixth time that bad bunny Collaborated on a pair of Adidas Response CLS and while his collabs on The cl's are not as popular as the Forums or even the campuses it's still a Pair of shoes that I think a lot of People will be into and this Wonder White colorway kind of has that that Yeezy 500 vibe to it which I think a lot Of people kind of miss this Monochromatic tan sneaker features this Really interesting sort of busy paneling On the upper which which I really like And then also the Adidas three stripes That are sort of these I guess uh straps That feature black lines on either side It's honestly a pretty solid looking Pair of sneakers and I think it's my Favorite Adidas response CL Bad Bunny Collab that's dropped so far that will Drop so far now even though the response CL is not one of the most popular Silhouettes that Bad Bunny and Adidas Have dropped Bad Bunny is still part of

The name of the sneaker and pretty much Everything that he drops sells so Because of that I am giving this shoe a Sell although now that I'm saying that I Did buy my bad bunny Adidas campuses at Ubic or I guess at most like 2 months After they released released so maybe Not everything sells out very quickly But still I think the shoe will sell Also dropping on the 17th is not only The biggest release of this month but Quite possibly the biggest release of The year the Air Jordan 4 bread Reimagined this shoe is so incredibly Anticipated it's crazy it's not even a Collaboration it's literally a new take On a classic Air Jordan 4 bread the OG Air Jordan 4 bread and it's one of the Most hyped releases of the year the Sheer scale of this release in terms of Probably quantity but also hype levels Are similar to what we had last year With the white cement REM Imes and the Year before with the lost and found Air Jordan Ones this is quite possibly the Biggest Jordan brand release of the year For Jordan brand specifically so like I've already mentioned this shoe is a Reimagining or I guess a material swap Of the classic OG Air Jordan 4 bread now You guys might have already seen my Review on the sneaker and if you want to Learn more about this sneaker and Possibly pick up a pair for yourself I

Definitely recommend checking out my Review linked at the top of the screen But essentially what Jordan brand did Was take the classic black Nuuk upper And switch it out for a black tumbled Leather and as we've seen with releases Like the reimagined Air Jordan 1 Royal Material swaps sometimes don't work but In the case of this shoe I think tumbled Leather is just a more popular material Right now than Nuuk and so it seems like People are really all about this release And again I reviewed the shoe about 3 Weeks ago so I've had this shoe for a Little bit now I absolutely love it While yes I do prefer the original Version of the shoe purely because it is The OG this leather version is fire and I might be crazy to say this but this is A shoe that I will try to double up on If I can get two pairs for retail I'm Doing it dude the hype levels for this Shoe are off the charts it feels like We're back in 2020 when everything sold Out or 2012 I don't know if you guys Remember that but in 2012 everything was Flying while I don't think the resale Prices of this shoe will hit like $500 I Definitely think that if you can't grab A pair of these for retail you are Probably going to be paying at least $100 over the retail price because it is Such a coveted release and so obviously I think the shoe will absolutely sell

Out but in my opinion one of the best Releases of the year and will definitely Be on my top 10 list at the end of the Year moving on to February 23rd we've Got the clot Adidas Superstar for the Past few years Edison Chen has been one Of the largest sneaker collaborators out There and a lot of his collaborations Have not not only been incredibly hyped But have resold for a ton of money and While most of the recent clock Collaborations have been on pairs of Nikes it looks like Edison Chen is Trying things out on the other side of The street with an Adidas collaboration And to be honest this collaboration is Not exactly what I would have expected From a clot Adidas collaboration so Essentially this shoe is a pair of Adidas superstars in white and black on Top of sort of a a dress midsole with a Trail out soole it's a really Interesting look and one that I think a Lot of sneaker heads are not going to Love but a lot of people who are into High fashion might be obsessed with no It's not exactly a shoe that would want To rock personally but that doesn't mean That it's a bad sneaker I really love The fact that Edison Chen is trying Something different with this Collaboration very different than what He's done with Nike and I think it's Going to be really cool to see the

Reception on this shoe now I get that This shoe isn't dropping for another 3 Weeks at least at the time of recording This video but right now it's like $500 To buy this pair for resale which Yes Again it's early but that's still a lot For a pair of Adida Superstars so if you Were hyped on these and you were hoping That you'd have an easy chance to Getting these it might not be as easy as You thought and in my opinion I do think That this shoe will end up selling out Continuing on on to February 24th we've Got the Air Jordan 1 high black white This is another one of those shoes that If it had dropped like two years ago it Would have flew off shelves and resold For a decent amount of money but right Now in 2024 I don't know what the hype Is going to be like on this shoe Colorway wise this shoe is super clean It comes in primarily bread color Blocking except instead of having red Accents it has white accents and it's Honestly a super wearable pair of Air Jordan one highs I don't know about the Material quality I would assume it's Pretty similar to standard Air Jordan 1 Material quality which is not great but It's not terrible and a big plus for People out there who have families this Shoe comes in full family sizing so you Can literally dress the entire family in Air Jordan one black and wh and honestly

Doing that for retail shouldn't be that Hard because in my opinion while this is A very clean colorway I just don't think The hype for the Air Jordan 1 is as high As it used to be so for that reason I Think finding pairs of these for retail Will be very easy and I also think that This shoe might end up sitting on Shelves I mean let's be honest currently Sitting in Outlets are the Air Jordan 1 Royal reagins and the satin bread ones Both shoes that two years ago I would Have lost my mind if I had seen those in An outlet now it's kind of common place So a pair that's just a black and white Air Jordan 1 I just don't think the hype Is going to be there next up on February 28th we've got the women's Air Jordan 5 Lucky green there have been so many Lucky green Air Jordans releasing over The last couple months like the lucky Green Air Jordan Ones which I think are An incredible pair of shoes but sat for Some reason the lucky green 3es were Clean as well and these lucky green Fives are also pretty solid however hype For Jordans is not what it used to be And while this white black and green Pair of Air Jordan Fives might have done Really well a couple years ago in 2024 The hype for the fives in general just Kind of seems different and this Colorway while clean is not that Exciting it's not a collaboration or

Anything like that I just don't think People are going to run out to the store And grab this shoe especially because It's a women's exclusive so for that Reason I'm giving this shoe a sit but Hey that pretty much wraps things up for This month's sitter sell thank you all So much for watching make sure to Subscribe if you want to see more videos Just like this and I will see you all in The next one