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In today’s Sit or Sell we talk about upcoming Air Jordan releases, Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance and other 2023 sneaker releases! Check out the full Sit or Sell to learn more!

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These are the most important sneaker Releases in June 2023 that you need to Know about what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and this is sittercel [Music] First we've got a bunch of new balances Dropping the first of which is a new Balance 550 in black and white as you Can probably guess from the name of this Shoe this is a black and white leather New Balance 550. now the 550 is a low Top basketball inspired sneaker back From the 1980s I believe and it's one of My favorite New Balance Silhouettes Available now the good thing about the 550 is that over the last year and a Half to two years New Balance has really Been spamming us with colorways which in My opinion is a great thing because it Means you can walk into any store and Find a pair for retail in fact certain Colorways you can find for under retail Which is great because in my opinion This is a great all-around summer Sneaker it's comfortable ish it's good Looking and it's leather so it will last A long time now because there are so Many different colorways of the 550 Already available the shoe probably Won't be that hyped up so for that Reason I'm giving this colorway a sit Now remember how I said the 550 is Usually a leather sneaker while there is A new version of the shoe dropping on

The same day June 1st that comes in Canvas hence the name New Balance 550 Canvas so this shoe comes in an almost Entirely white or off-white colored Makeup the upper of the shoe comes in Canvas this is you probably would have Guessed and then the New Balance logo is Outlined in Black stitching it reminds Me a lot of the 550 that came in leather That was the same color I mean it looks Almost identical the only real Difference is that the upper of the shoe Is in canvas which is fine I'm not sure Exactly which version of the shoe I like Better probably the leather one because Canvas stains pretty easily but it's Still a good looking sneaker but hey you Could make the argument that this is a More summery version of the 550s because The material changes however the price Did increase by 10 for this release for Whatever reason the good news is though If you want to grab a pair of these Should be easy to grab and I definitely Think these shoes probably will end up Sitting on shelves and then finally Rounding off the New Balance news for June 1st we've got one final release With the New Balance 650 in white and Purple the 650 if you're not familiar is Sort of a high top version of the 550 I Mean the bottom half of the shoe looks Almost identical with the top half being The only real difference as with the

Black colorway the shoe comes in Primarily white with some purple hits And it reminds me a lot of the purple And white 550 it looks almost the same Except a high top personally I think It's a dope looking sneaker if I needed Another pair of 650s which I don't so I'm good this would be a shoe that I Would grab because I think it's decent Looking however like with the other New Balances that we just talked about They're wide releases they should be Very readily available and you shouldn't Have too hard of a Time grabbing this Because I do think it will sit on Shelves also dropping on June 1st we've Got the Adidas nmd S1 in Black now There's actually a lot of Adidas Sneakers dropping on June 1st I think There's a white version of this shoe and There's like seven different 40s Dropping but the only one that I think People will really care about is this One because this shoe comes in like the OG nmd colorway now obviously the nmd S1 Is a different version of the nmd it's Not the original nmd but in my opinion It's the best it's the most comfortable It's the wildest looking and I think a Lot of people really gravitate towards The S1 silhouette now up until recently The nmds one was not that widely Available in fact it was pretty Difficult to find a pair for retail but

It seems like Adidas has sort of Remedied that by dropping a bunch of Colorways of the nmds once now in my Opinion this is one of the best if not The best nmd S1 colorways so far it Definitely embodies that nmd Vibe with The blue and the red hits on the midsole I think it's very very clean but Unfortunately at the end of the day for Adidas I feel like the nmd S1 hype has Died down a little bit and it'll be Interesting to see whether normal Sneaker buyers who are not sneaker heads Gravitate towards the silhouette as much As sneakerheads did so we'll see what Happens but I don't think this shoe will Be hard to get because I do think that This shoe will probably end up sitting On shelves also dropping on the first We've got a release that I'm incredibly Excited for but it's not actually a pair Of sneakers this shoe is in fact the Pollux Crocs slides I know it's weird to Put slides on this list however this is Not actually the only pair of slides on The list so this pair of slides is Essentially the salehi bembury pawlex Crocs however this time around in slide Form and I've got to say they are very Very clean I love the pawlex Crocs I Think they're sick I pretty much love Everything the salehi membruary does big Salehi memory fan but these slides in Particular look amazing I think the

Fingerprint on the I guess the strap of The slide looks really really sick I Think this orange colorway or Arctic What is it Arctic mist or something like That's the official name the color is Dope on this shoe and I'm really gonna Try and get my hands on a pair these but Knowing anything so late he bembury the Shoe will be very difficult to get Because people are hype on salehi at the Moment and then finally rounding off June 1st we've got the Tiana Taylor Air Jordan 1 Zoom comfort 2. so this shoe Has me feeling a couple different things The first is that at first glance I do Like the way the sneaker looks at least From the left side the second is that Why did they do this on a comfort Zoom Too or a zoom Comfort too it's like the Worst silhouette of the Air Jordan 1 in My opinion I don't love it but it's more Comfortable than the standard Jordan one So I guess there's something to like About it it's just not for me and the Third is it looks a lot like a pair of Off-whites now to be fair it is sort of A variation on the Chicago colorway and Virgil can't claim the Chicago colorway It's not a colorway he invented it's Like the most iconic Air Jordan one Colorway so the similarities between This shoe and the Chicago off-whites is Purely I think the stitching details and The fact that the swoosh kind of goes

Into the midsole of the shoe which Couple different off-white sneakers did So there's not too much there really Tying the two collaborations together I Really think it is more people just Having off-white in the brain that being Said the shoe is interesting and the First reason it's interesting is because The right shoe in the left shoe are Actually different from one another the Left shoe features this Nike Swoosh Which spills on over onto the midsole And the right shoe features a much more Standard Nike Swoosh with thorns along The side I initially thought that the Thorny Nike Swoosh was on the medial Side of the shoe or the inside of the Shoe and then the outer swoosh was that Sort of larger Nike Swoosh but it turns Out it's actually one swoosh per side of The pair which is odd to me it's an Interesting collaboration that being Said I'm not like a huge Tiana Taylor Fan or anything like that so it's not Something I really feel like picking up But that doesn't mean it's a bad Collaboration I do think she did her Thing on this shoe I think technically The name of the collaboration is a rose From Harlem which is similar to the name Of her song Rose in Harlem so there's That sort of vibe going on it's got this Cool Rose detail on the laces which I Think is actually really cool that it's

Part of the shoe it's something that you Can remove if you don't like it but uh It's an interesting collaboration I Think she did a good job on this shoe It's just not not something that I would Personally rock that being said though There is definitely some hype behind the Sneaker if you look at the shoe on like Goat and stockx right now it is trending Upward I think it's selling for around 300 when it retails for 150 granted it Is still before the release of this shoe But really only like a day or two at the Time of filming this so I do think there Will be some hype behind this sneaker And because of that I do think this shoe Will end up selling out then moving on To June 6th we've got the Nike Zoom from Arrow 5 and varsity maze now this is Actually a shoe that I've had for a Minute I thought it was in my studio Must be upstairs because I was just Wearing it today but this is a shoe that I've had in my closet for a while I Actually got it from takeout I think at The end of last month if you guys Haven't checked out take out NY you Definitely need to it's an awesome store In New York City they're also the only Current brick and mortar retailer to Carry Apothecary socks so if you guys Live in New York and win grab some Apothecary socks check out take out NY Link in the description below but the

Zoom Romero 5 is one of the most popular Sneakers that Nike makes at the moment Which is crazy because it's like a 10 Plus year old sneaker running sneaker at That it wasn't specifically made to be a Lifestyle sneaker and for whatever Reason it's become incredibly popular And people are all about it so this Bright yellow Varsity maze colorway While it might not be for everybody is Definitely a shoe that I think some People are pretty hyped on including Myself plus zoomero 5 because its Running sneaker is incredibly Comfortable underfoot it's not as Comfortable as something like the Nike Invincible Run 3 but it's solid and it's Definitely worth checking out now with That being said even though some of the Previous releases of the zoomero fives Primarily the silver ones and the gray Ones and the black ones sold out over The last six months to a year I don't Remember exactly when they started Releasing the shoe they've kind of Slowed down they're still selling really Well but they're not completely selling Out so because of that I do think this Yellow colorway The Varsity maze zoomero 5 will probably end up sitting on Shelves in certain sizes now blue Colorway that dropped like a month ago Ended up selling out in like all the Women's sizes but there's still a lot of

Men's sizes available I think that's Very possible for this shoe as well I Think a certain size run might sell out And then the rest will still be Available I'm not really sure but Overall I am giving this shoe a Sit also Dropping on the sixth we've got the Nike Airship Tech gray now my love of the Nike airship has been well documented on YouTube over the last couple months I Absolutely love this silhouette it's Incredible and the fact that Nike is Finally giving us more colorways of this Shoe more frequently is awesome now this Nike Airship Tech gray is definitely one Of the more toned down Nike Airship Colorways to release recently it's got a Gray suede hit around the ankle area and Also on the Nike Swoosh it's got a black Or dark brown outsole and the rest of It's white leather now with all that Being said it's an incredibly clean look It's not that exciting for people who Don't care about the Nike Airship but For someone like me who just loves a Simple clean aesthetic of the shoe this Is one of those sneakers that if I can Grab for retail I will absolutely be Picking it up now as we've seen with Previous Nike Airship releases I think This shoe will be relatively limited and Only release at like boutiques and Places like that so I don't think it's Gonna be that easy of a shoe to grab so

For that reason even though it's not the Most hyped up sneaker in the world I do Think this shoe will end up selling out Next up also dropping on the sixth we've Got the Nike Air Force One color of the Month in oil green so in 2023 Nike Decided to restart the color of the Month af1 series which is a series which Started in my hometown it's more back in I think the 80s where shop owners wanted A special version of the Air Force Ones Because people in Baltimore really love The Air Force Ones so they created the Color of the month series and Nike Decided to revive that in 2023 so every Month we're getting a new version of the Air Force One at least a new version With the jewel Nike Swoosh in a Different color and in June we are Getting the oil green which essentially Is sort of an olive green and the Material on this shoe has changed from Leather to a suede which I'm actually Kind of happy about I mean don't get me Wrong the leather used on the previous Color of the month shoes was amazing Like a really really nice leather but It's nice to get a little bit of a Change up not just in color but also in Material I think this oil green colorway Is very very clean now I'll be honest With you I haven't found the colorway of This shoe that I want to grab just yet I Was thinking about the orange one I was

Thinking about the yellow one but we Have to wait and see so essentially this Air Force One is a slightly more premium Air Force One coming in at a slightly More premium Air Force One price of 130 Bucks and as we've seen with some of the Previous color of the month af1s they Haven't really sold out and if they have It hasn't been that quickly so because Of that I'm giving this shoe Continuing on with the sixth we've got Two new colorways of the Air Max One Puerto Rico's so for the last decade or So Nike's been making Puerto Rico themed Air Max ones we've had some Controversial ones and then we've had Some ones that actually released that Are very popular and it seems like this Time around they're releasing two Colorways of the shoe one in Orange and One in blue and I believe the Inspiration behind these shoes are I'm not gonna lie to you Piragua looks really good it looks very Tasty but all that aside these shoes are Inspired by that Puerto Rican treat they Look really really nice you've got these Sort of Jewel Nike Solutions on the side Which apparently I guess are supposed to Look like ice and uh I really like the Colorways on these shoes and I love the Theming of these shoes I think that's a Really cool inspiration now as far as Release information for these shoes

Besides the date which honestly still Could be tentative I don't know too much I mean we don't even have official Images of these shoes yet so it's Possible they might release towards the End of the month everyone's saying the Sixth so it's also possible that they Release like next week but we'll just Have to wait and see what happens but uh Very very clean sneakers and uh based on What we've seen with some of the Previous versions of these shoes I do Think there will be some hype and uh It's possible that both of these Colorways could sell out it depends on How many pairs Nike ends up making but I Do think it's possible so for that Reason I'm giving these shoes a cell and Then finally rounding off June 6 we've Got the children's only release of the Air Jordan 3 hide and sneak so this shoe Is almost White's meant 3 except with Gray hits instead of black hits there's Really no red hits on the shoe either But a clean looking sneaker I believe Either one version of the shoe or a Couple different versions of the shoe do Come with some sort of elephant like tag Which is kind of cool but I mean all Around it seems like a very clean Air Jordan 3 release if I had a kid I'd Definitely grab this shoe for them and Honestly this came in men's sizes I Would probably grab the shoe for myself

As well it's a very clean Air Jordan 3 Colorway and uh unfortunately grade School only or children's only as we've Seen with other shoes like the lost and Found ones you can still find toddler Sizes and baby sizes of these shoes in Store to this day at places like lapson And Hammer and other boutiques so I do Think it's possible that even though the Shoe will be popular it won't sell out So for that reason I'm giving this shoe A Sit then we move on to June 7th and The first release that we've got is the Nike Air Force One Low West Coast so This shoe is releasing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop specifically In the California area the shoe comes in A sort of denim blue upper I don't think It's exactly denim I think it's actually Just blue canvas it features a really Cool metal hit on the laces I think it Just has a Nike logo and like Nike Something what does it say let me see it Says Nike Coast I think another cool Detail about the shoe is that it Features a quilted sock liner and a gum Outsole both details which I really love On sneakers and all around it is a clean Pair of af1s I don't know if this shoe Is going to be that popular or even that Limited to be honest with you so I don't Really know what the hype is going to be Like but judging some of the other more Limited af1 releases that we've had

Recently I just don't see this shoe Being that hyped so for that reason I'm Giving this shoe a Sit also dropping on June 7th we've got one of the more Iconic Nike basketball sneakers of all Time and that's the Nike Air flight Hirachi a shoe which a lot of people Have been looking forward to for a very Long time at least retro wise this shoe Comes in one of its original colorways Varsity purple and royal blue and Features a primarily white upper and Honestly is one of the most classic Nike Basketball sneakers to drop in a very Long time it's crazy even though the Harachi has been out for decades it Still looks futuristic to this day it's Kind of like the Foamposites it's a shoe Which is from like decades ago but still Looks like it could have been released Today and it would still be modern and This is a shoe that I I know a lot of Older heads are going to be excited About now I was born in 92 I'm not a Young head by any stretch of the Imagination but I wasn't really around For this release the original release of This shoe and if I was I don't remember It not really something I feel like Picking up personally but there are a Lot of people out there who are excited About it yeah it dropped in 92 I was Zero I was zero years old when this shoe Dropped regardless I do think this will

Be a limited release I don't think it's Gonna be incredibly easy to get but I Don't think it's gonna be that difficult So I'm gonna give this shoe a sell but Probably not an instant sellout one of Those sellouts where like it sells out In a lot of sizes you have to kind of Search different stores to find it might Not be the easiest shoe to find maybe I Should give it a sit I don't know it's It's right it's right in the middle and Then finally rounding off the seventh We've got the Nike Air Max One the bay So this shoe comes in a primarily white Leather upper accented by a bright red Nike Swoosh that's shaped like a feather It's actually stitched onto the side of The shoe you've got some white suede Around the base of the upper and then Also some interesting fur area which I Guess is supposed to look a little bit Like feathers like around the base of The tongue not really sure I'm also not Really sure what the significance of This shoe is if you guys know let me Know in the comment section down below But uh rounding off the entire look You've got to go mouse hole and that's Pretty much that's pretty much it now is The shoe going to be that hyped probably Not but it probably will be pretty Limited because it is a bay specific Sneaker so for that reason while I do Think it will sell relatively well I

Don't think it will sell out so because Of that I'm giving this shoe a Sit Moving on to June 8th we've got the Women's only release of the Nike Dunk Glow coconut milk and Plum Eclipse so This is definitely one of the more toned Down Nike Dunk low releases in recent Memory it features sort of a a light tan Colored suede upper accented by a very Dark purple or like dark maroon colored Leather overlay it's a clean looking Sneaker but it's not something that I Think is going to blow anyone's Minds oh And one other detail that kind of Separates it from some of the other Nike Dunk clothes is the fact that it's got a Gum outsole which kind of contrasts the Leather overlays usually the overlays Are the same color as the outsole but This time around then decided to change Things up and hey I mean the leather Quality looks good the suede quality Looks decent it's an all-around clean And simple Nike Dunk glow now Unfortunately it's only releasing in Women's sizing so if you're a dude and You want to grab these shoes if you have Feet larger than like a size 10 or 11 It's going to be very difficult for you To grab a pair of these for a reasonable Price however even though Nike down Clothes have been incredibly popular Over the last couple years I don't know If the hype is still there so I do think

While the shoe may sell out on places Like the sneakers app it won't be that Difficult to find and this is the first Time in a long time I might actually Give a pair of Nike Dunk clothes a sit Now it's possible it's very possible That I'm wrong on this one but I do Think that they might sit you could Probably walk into your local Foot Locker on the day of release and find Them I'm not 100 sure but uh I think This one could sit possible I'm wrong in Fact very possible that I'm wrong and The hype is still there but we'll just Have to wait and see I'm taking a risk With this one I think it could sell out So I don't know I don't know I I'm gonna Stick to my guns and say sit we're going With Sid and then rounding off June 8th We've got the women's Air Jordan 5 low Indigo Haze so this shoe is definitely One of the more laid back at least at First glance pairs of Air Jordan Fives It features sort of a a light gray Purple upper accented by sort of a Yellowish greenish Light Lime color on The sock liner you've also got some like Hits of blue and hits a gray it's kind Of very toned down subdued Air Jordan 5. And weirdly enough the party trick of This shoe because this apparently is a Party themed Air Jordan 5 is it the Entire upper of the shoe is reflective So when you take a picture of this shoot

With a flash it all looks bright silver I mean it's not really anything new We've seen this done on Air Jordan 5 Lows before I think with the Neymar Air Jordan 5 lows if I remember correctly But I don't know it's kind of gimmicky But some people might like that and hey If you want to party in a pair of Air Jordan Fives I guess this is a great way To go now with that being said I I don't Think that many people are that excited About this release it's kind of boring If I'm honest maybe that's the reason Why a lot of people Nike gear out Because a lot of their releases happen Kind of like this little boring recently Either way I don't think this shoe is That exciting I don't think anyone else Really does either so because of that I'm giving this shoe a sip speaking of Reflective moving on to June 9th we've Got the brand new and reflective Philly Street Department Apothecary sock Collection obviously two socks from The Collection the orange sock and the black Sock feature reflective stripes on the Top which I think is a really nice hit Not only that in addition to the four Socks that we're dropping as part of This collection we're also dropping this Sick shirt which comes in a vintage Black which I absolutely love it's got The Phyllis streets department cone on The front and then on the back you've

Got Phillis streets department which I Think looks amazing this is such a dope Collection I really love the way this Looks it's definitely awesome for summer And honestly even fall I know we're not Even in summer yet but you can Definitely be a dope fall look if you're Going for that sort of like RNG Vibe but Hey either way super sick collection if You guys want to grab it it releases Officially on June 9th at 11AM Eastern Time on apothecary.com and I got this Shirt yesterday I've been wearing it all Day yesterday and all day today I love This shirt I probably should have Changed but honestly it's that dope of a Shirt so if you guys want to grab any of This stuff from this collection again June 9th at 11AM eastern time also Dropping on the ninth we've got two Different colorways of the zero zero Five Slide by Matthew M Williams it's a Nike slide and it retails for 190 bucks I mean obviously there's more material And more going on with this slide than The salehi benberry slides however those Are like 70 bucks this is I mean double That price almost triple that price so These slides come in two different Colorways you've got this bright neon Green Vault colorway and this dark khaki Colorway and both slides look very Futuristic I mean I'm not gonna lie They're very very interesting and I

Wouldn't mind to have a pair of these For myself if I could grab a pair for Like 60 bucks what's interesting about These slides besides just the way that They look is that they actually have a Shank plate in the midsole of these Slides just like a running sneaker so That they apparently have more stability Than standard slides which is kind of Odd I'm not sure exactly why they'd add That maybe that's the reason the price Is 190 dollars because it's possible Maybe the shank is like carbon fiber or Something like that I'm not sure but uh Super super weird thing to put in a pair Of slides it's not a running sneaker Like I don't know why you need that Maybe it's going for like an extra Bounce but something like react cushion Could give you that same balance I'm not Sure exactly what the deal is there but Either way very interesting very Futuristic looking and very techy slide I think people will be interested in This shoe because of just the way that It looks I mean I'm interested in the Way that this shoe looks and I would Grab a pair again if it was a lot Cheaper honestly look back at really Anything that Matthew M Williams has Done he's the founder of Alex people are Hype on it which is crazy to me for 190 Bucks 109 for pair of slides I mean I Think it's possible that because this

Collaboration is an mmw collab and People are hype on him and his Collaborations and his brand that this Shoe could sell out in both colorways uh Even though just price so high I mean That feels like a resale price but maybe They're trying to cut out the middleman And just sell directly to the consumer At that price which I think could be the Case I don't know I don't know why this Shoe is 190 bucks but it is so there you Go I think the shoe could sell also the More that I look at it the more that This feels more like a mule than a slide Which might justify the price a little Bit more but I don't know weird Situation and then finally rounding off The ninth we've got a shoe that Bodega Actually sent me early huge thank you to Bodega if anyone from Bodega is watching This really appreciate it this is the Bodega New Balance 610. so I actually Have not unboxable that's a lot of Unboxings but I haven't unboxed these on Camera yet I was gonna do like a YouTube Short or something like that shout out To Bodega if you guys are getting an Impromptu unboxing but here it is the New Balance 610 Bodega it's a hiking Sneaker collaboration and I've got to Say that Bodega as per usual did their Thing on this shoe and it looks awesome So I'm not gonna lie I don't know a huge Amount about this shoe because I just

Got it in but it's obviously a hiking Inspired sneaker or a hiking sneaker I Actually went to Hawaii like two weeks Ago which was six my first time there And I did a lot of hiking in my Bodega Solomon's I think it's two that I was Wearing yeah it was I destroyed those Shoes they're beat now but it was Totally worth it but this New Balance 610 is a super super clean sneaker I Love the way it looks I think I like it Even more than the bodega x-racer New Balances that were also hiking collab She looks great looks honestly Weatherized it might actually be someone Water resistant I don't know if that's True but based on the materials it kind Of looks like that but the shoe drops in The knife I believe it retails for 160 Bucks and honestly I do think this shoe Will sell out because New Balance Collaborations of any kind right now are Insanely hyped up especially outside of The United States I was just in Japan I've been like I said I've been gone for A month so I've been all over the place But in Japan new balance is like the it Brand right now and uh I think that's Gonna move over to the US I mean Obviously new balance is still hyped in The US but like it's crazy hyped in Other parts of the world so I do think That new balance is on the come up and I Think uh pretty much anything that they

Drop right now is like basically got the Mightiest touch like anything that they Drop is gonna sell so I think the shoe Will be the same and uh again I think Bodega knocked it out of the park so Huge thank you to Bodega and I'm Definitely giving this shoe a sell Moving on to June 10th we've got the Nike Terminator high in university red So I actually haven't done my research On the Terminator High yet which is my Bad I should have done that uh but Apparently this shoe released back in 1985 it was the first Nike signature School shoe or School signature shoe Which is pretty cool and this particular Kill the colorway in my opinion is the Best it features a white leather upper Accented by bright University red Overlays and it's a 1980s leather high Top it's an awesome looking sneaker and I think a lot of people are going to be Stoked on this release even more so than The previous Terminator High release Which didn't sell out I think this one While it probably won't sell out will be More popular than that shoe because of The sort of white and red thing going on People love white and red especially Because of its association with Michael Jordan even though this isn't a Michael Jordan shoe but I think it's going to be Popular and even though I am going to Give this shoe a scent I do think there

Are people out there who are going to Grab this shoe as soon as it drops Because they like the way it looks which Actually is probably the main reason That most people buy most shoes also Dropping on June 10th we've got the Air Jordan 2 wings so this shoe is inspired By the Jordan Wings program we've had Jordan Wing sneakers for the last I Think around 10 years and the Jordan Wings program is a program designed to Help students get scholarships for Things like college and higher education And stuff like that super cool program And of course all the wings Jordan Sneakers have featured some kind of Wings detail on the shoe in this case This pair of Jordan 2s feature literal Wings printed on the back half of the Sneaker and the shoe itself reminds me a Lot of the lucky green twos it's Actually a very similar colorway to a Shoe that we literally just got so kind Of interesting to see that happen the Green is obviously a bit darker than the Lucky green twos but still a very Similar release the only big difference That you'll notice right off the bat is The wings which I don't love Realistically there's been some really Good wings uh Air Jordan sneakers but This in my opinion is not one of them uh Nothing wrong with it I don't think it's Bad but I just feel like it was kind of

A literal tact on design detail I Shouldn't be hating on it because the Wings program is awesome but I just feel Like this particular design is not my Favorite I know obviously this would be More expensive but maybe molding in like A 3D shape of the Wings on the side of The sneaker similar to like the kd8 and Pearls with that sort of molded Wing Strap I think if they had done something Like that in the side of the sneaker and Made it still white so it's kind of more Subtle but like a literal 3D Wing effect I think that would have been cool again Obviously a lot more expensive for them To produce but I think it would have Been a cooler effect I don't know either Way I do think this shoe will be Relatively limited I don't think it's Going to be impossible to get like a lot Of the shoes on today's list but I do Think it's going to be more difficult to Get so for that reason I do think this Shoe will probably end up selling out Maybe not entirely like I'm sure I'll be Able to walk into like a local Boutique And find a couple sizes but I think on The sneakers app most likely I do think This shoe will sell out and then Rounding off June 10th we've got one of My most anticipated sneaker releases of The month that's the Air Jordan 1 black Smoke gray black smoke gray is just the Name of the sneakers app gave this shoe

It's really the washed black Air Jordan 1 or washed Heritage Air Jordan one or Something like that but either way it is A very clean looking pair of Air Jordan Ones it's definitely toned down it's Like I mean any gray and white Air Jordan one is going to be more toned Down look but the shoe features a sort Of washed gray overlay that's kind of Like a suede or nubuck material I Haven't actually seen the shoe in person So I'm not sure I think it's probably a Suede it features a white leather upper And of course cream colored midsole and Is super clean and super summery I love The way the shoe looks it's actually Crazy to me that this is like one of the Only Air Jordan Ones dropping this month I mean it's a good one but uh I don't Know last month we've got a lot of Air Jordan Ones a month before that we got a Lot and then this month we're kind of Getting like nothing we're getting the Tiana Taylor's in this that's it Actually come to think of it we're not Getting any fours either this month is Kind of slow man I you know it's crazy I Just realized that I I was writing off The list I never even thought of it but This month is slow well I guess it's not That big of a deal we can all save money This month maybe buy shoes that we Missed out on this month I don't know But uh decent looking sneaker not too

Much to say about it very clean Air Jordan one if I can grab a pair for Retail I will not gonna go out of my way To grab this shoe maybe grab a pair Early for a review or something like That but probably not either way I think There will be some hype on this shoe I Do think it will probably end up selling Out but it's not going to be impossible To get and resale is not going to be That crazy so if you miss out on release You should probably be able to pay Around retail and be good to go moving On to the 14th we've got the women's Nike zoomero five and Royal tint so Pretty much everything I said about the First Super Mario fives we talked about Earlier on in the video still applies Great sneaker for whatever reason it's Women's only shoe I'm not sure exactly Why they decided to do that maybe it's Because of the colorway I'm not sure but Either way great sneaker if you haven't Tried the Romero fives actually check Out my review you if you haven't seen That yet Link at the top of the screen But awesome shoe decent colorway don't Think it'll sell out but I do think some Sizes will sell out so overall gonna Give this shoe a Sit also releasing on The 14th we've got one of the more Anticipated releases of the month and That's the fragment clot Nike Dunk low And then finishing off the 14th we've

Got one of the more anticipated releases Of the month thank God that's the Fragment clot Nike Dunk glow so this Shoe is actually very very clean it's a Double collaboration between clot Fragment actually triple collaboration Between clot fragment and Nike it Features this really cool sort of like Pearlescent satin colored upper with the Clot detailing which I think is super Super clean they've got these black Leather ICS which contrast the look and Then this icy outsole which I'm not sure If it's glow in the dark or not there's Really not that much that's known about The sneaker I do think it's also Possible that the upper could be Removable don't quote me on that I Haven't seen any pictures that say that It is but with some of the previous Collaborations that looked like this the Upper was removable so again don't go Cutting your clot fragment Nike Dunk Clothes just because I had a hunch that It might be removable I don't know for Sure wait until someone else does it Before you destroy your pair but a very Clean looking sneaker even if it is just Exactly what you're looking at and That's all there is to it I think it's a Very clean look I love the detailing in The upper very easy to wear and also Something I really love about this Colorway and this color blocking in

Particular is that it's not your Standard Nike Dunk low color blocking It's not your standard overlays you Don't have the contrast in the usual Places you only really have this dark Black kit on the eye stays and then the Rest of the upper is clean and simple It's a really nice looking sneaker I Think fragment and clot and Nike did Their thing on this shoe definitely one Of the more low-key clot fragment Nike Collaborations to release but uh I do Think there's gonna be some hype around This shoe it's definitely a sneaker that I'm looking to pick up and I definitely Think this shoe will sell out moving on To June 16th we've got the Nike Air Foamposite One in metallic red so Recently Nike has been really bringing Back the Foamposites we got the white Colorway we got the All-Star colorways And now we're getting the metallic red Colorway which is the first colorway out Of the three that have dropped so far That uh I would actually consider Grabbing I think it's dope I've never Really been a Foamposite guy even though Foamposites were all was huge in Baltimore actually I Shouldn't ruin this for you guys but Speaking of that Japan Vlog I was Talking about I actually grabbed a pair Of Foamposites while I was out thrifting It's legit I've legit checked it it's

Crazy give you guys a sneak peek oh look At that it's crazy it's wild to me that Even though I'm not a huge Foamposite Guy a lot of my Grails are Foamposites And this is one of my Grails dude the Price that I got those for was insane Like you're gonna have to wait for the Video I think it's gonna drop this Weekend but Nuts and actually if you guys want to See the first part of this trip where I Get another Grail sneaker in the Philippines make sure to click the link At the top of the screen also just a Nuts experience too this whole trip was Crazy Um but getting back to the shoes that We're actually talking about the Metallic red Foamposite ones very clean Look Foamposites are not for everybody They feel like bricks on your foot and If you buy a used pair like I did They're already molded to someone else's Feet so they don't feel as good as if You grab a new pair so that's why I want To grab this pair because I haven't had A new pair of Foamposites in like eight Years so uh it would be nice to Experience what it feels like to Actually have a pair that's molded to my Foot and the metallic red colorway is Bright it's out there but it's a classic Um the only real change between this Version and the previous version is the

Tumbled leather I stay on the shoe which I think some people like and some people Don't if you're a fan of metallic red And you love the Foamposite this is a Must cop now with that being said it's Still going to be expensive like all the Other Foamposites with the retail price 250 bucks which is pricey but uh Definitely a cool sneaker and definitely One that I'm excited to rock now do I Think this shoe will sell out not 100 Sure the white pair didn't really I mean It's so old well but not out at least Not in every store so I think the shoe Has potential to do the same thing I do Think that because this colorway is a Bit more popular than the white colorway At least that's my guess I think the Shoe has a higher chance of selling out Than that colorway did so for that Reason I'm giving this shoe a cell but Again kind of on the fence it could go Either way moving on to June 20th we've Got the Jason Tatum one pink lemonade oh Man there's a Sixers fan that felt good It's nice to see them get knocked out I Love Jimmy Butler the biggest mistake I Think the Sixers ever made was getting Rid of Jimmy Butler that was stupid Other than drafting Ben Simmons and Markelle fultz you know and doing some Other stupid stuff like getting rid of Mikel Bridges This is one of the big I think this is

The biggest mistake the stickers ever Made I think we could have won a Championship by now we would have been In the finals at least twice I don't Know we should get back to the shoe I Don't want to hate the Celtics I think Jason Tatum's an incredible player I Just don't like that he's on the Celtics Uh so this shoe is a pink lemonade Themed sneaker because it's Jason Tatum's favorite drink totally get that Love the drink I think it's awesome and The Jason Tatum won while I haven't Tried a pair for myself actually looks Like a decent sneaker it's a good Looking shoe it's apparently a decent Performer and I'd like to try a pair for Myself I do think the shoe is going to Be more popular than some of the other Jason Tatum colorways because I think It's a better colorway than some of the Ones that he's dropped previously but I Don't see this shoe selling out so for That reason I'm giving this shoe a sit Next up on June 22nd we've got the Women's exclusive release of the Air Jordan 2 low look up in the air so Apparently the shoe is inspired by the Same Skyline that inspired the Air Jordan 1 skylines it's the same sort of Vibe on the sneaker except a bit more Toned down like the skyline ones the Shoe features a fade from pink to blue Except this time around on a very thin

Piping detail on the side of the sneaker It also features a white leather upper And cream midsole but it is a women's Only release and it is an Air Jordan too Low two things which do not help these Shoes sell out I feel like Jordan too Lows as much as Jordan brand is pushing Them they're just not moving I feel like Even though it's a great sneaker and I Love the Jordan 2 and the Jordan 2 low It's just not going to catch on the way That Jordan brand wanted to I feel like They gotta stop dropping these releases And either drop really hyped up Collaborations on this silhouette like a Travis or something like that or just be Done with it these shoes just keep Hitting outlets and they just keep Sitting around and I think the shoe is Going to be no different I think the Look up in the airs which is just way Too long of a name for this shoe is Probably going to end up sitting on Shelves then continuing on to June 23rd We've got the Air Jordan one low black Cement actually this is another really Solid Air Jordan 1 release this month I Forgot about this shoe but this is a Really solid Air Jordan one low so the Upper of the shoe comes in a black Nubuck accident by elephant print Overlays a white Nike Swoosh and a Cream-colored midsole and it reminds me A lot of the Supreme Nike SB dunk

Clothes a shoe which is incredibly Popular in a grill for a lot of people And this shoe is actually a pretty clean Sort of modern Air Jordan one take on That design in fact I think this version Of the shoe is way cleaner than the high High top version of The Elephant Print Like miles ahead of that shoe I think The color blocking is better I think the Black is better than the white and I Think the silhouette itself works better For this design than the high top did I Think the high top was just too much Elephant print this is like the perfect Amount and while I'm not a big elephant Print on shoes other than the Air Jordan 3 Guy this is actually a release that I Might try and grab this is actually a Really dope looking pair of Jordan Ones And something that I learned when I was In the Philippines is that outside the United States the Air Jordan 1 low is The most popular silhouette of the two And I think it's becoming that way in The United States as well I think Jordan Won Lowe's especially around summertime Or insanely popular and I think this Shoe will absolutely end up selling out Then getting to the final day that we're Covering in today's video June 30th we Have the first release which is the Air Jordan 7 white infrared Man this infrared colorway just doesn't Hit the same on the sevens it's just

It's just not the same in my opinion This is just proof that the infrared Colorway really only works on the Air Jordan 6. let me know your thoughts in The comment section down below but this Seven for me is just not it I mean don't Get me wrong it's not like a bad sneaker But when you compare it to the original It just doesn't work I know it's stupid Because it's an all-white shoe and it's Just like a little hit of infrared that Makes it an infrared but realistically I Mean you look at the two shoes together And it just doesn't hit the same it just It really doesn't I'm sure there's People out there who are excited about This release but I really think this is Going to end up being an outlet special And because of that I'm giving this shoe A sit and then finally rounding off Today's video also dropping on the 30th We've got the Action Bronson New Balance 990v6 lapis lazuli so this is the second Action Bronson colorway on the 990 V6 And this is actually the more toned down Colorway of the shoe this time around The shoe comes in dark navies and teals And purples and a really nice Cream-colored midsole and it's a very Very clean look on the sneaker the first Action Bronson 990v6 was a clean look But it was just really really bright and Really really out there and wasn't a Shoe that I think everyone was that

Excited about because of the color Blocking I think some people just Couldn't rock with it myself included This new version of the shoe is just so Clean so wearable and still features Some pops of color to make it Interesting I think it's the perfect Release I think this is the better of The two plus the 990 V6 is like one of The best New Balance sneakers to ever Release it looks amazing it's stupid Comfortable on foot and when it's paired With a good colorway it just pops and You guys know me I love New Balance I'm A huge New Balance fan and this is a Must cop in my opinion absolute must cop Probably gonna have to pay resale for it Because let's be honest it's gonna be Impossible to grab for retail but man This is a clean look Action Bronson has Been killing it with New Balance New Balance in general has been killing it You guys know that I love them but hey That pretty much wraps things up for This month I would love to know your Thoughts on these releases in that Comment section down below thank you all So much for watching and I will see you All in the next one