These are the best sneaker releases in March 2024!
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Adidas AE1 Best of Adi $120
Adidas Harden Vol 8 Pioneer $160
Asics Gel NYC Wide Mesh Pack $130

Air Jordan 5 Olive $225

Travis Scott Jordan Jumpman Jack Mocha

Women’s Air Jordan 1 cacao wow sandrift $200

Nike Lebron 4 Fruity Pebbles $250

Social Status Nike Attack $140

Women’s Air Jordan 4 Sail $200
Awake NY x Jordan Air Ship PE SP $150

Jordan Air Ship Rust Pink SP $150

Adidas Harden Vol 8 Luxury Green $160

Air Jordan 3 Green Glow $200

Air Jordan 1 Low 85 Metallic Navy $160

Air Jordan 14 Flint $210

Air Jordan 1 Low Trophy Room Away $140
Air Jordan 1 Low Trophy Room Home $140

Hidden NY Asics Gel NYC $160

Air Jordan 9 Powder Blue $210
Jordan Air Ship A Ma Maniere $150

Air Max DN Anthracite $160
Air Max 1 86 Royal Blue $150

Air Jordan 1 hi OG Craft Ivory $180

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These are the sneaker releases that you Need to know about in March 2024 what's Up everybody I'm Seth fer and this is Sitter Up and with that being said let's just Dive right into it starting things off On March 1st we've got the Adidas ae1 Best of Addie first off I want to give a Huge thank you to Adidas for sending This pair my way I love this black and White color way I really like the launch Colorway as well but there's something About this black and white color way That in my opinion is just more wearable And it's something that I could actually See myself rocking on a regular basis so The main use case for the shoe is Actually playing basketball on this shoe Which I do plan to do but uh it is a Shoe that I feel like you could wear Casually and as we've seen with the last Few colorways of the AE ones to launch It looks like a lot of people feel the Same way in fact I almost feel like Anthony Edwards first signature sneaker Is one of the best first signature Sneakers that we've gotten in a really Long time I mean think about the other Recent first signature sneakers from Other NBA athletes you've got the dbook Ones which people seem to really not Like you had the Zion which I think were A little bit hyped but not really you Have the Lucas which I couldn't even

Tell you what they look like and then of Course you have the giannis's which are Fine but they're not that exciting to be Fair those are all Nike and Jordan Athletes maybe that's the problem maybe Nike and Jordan just aren't dropping Dope basketball sneakers anymore I don't Know but either way this pair of a1s is Genuinely fire to wear both on and off The court I definitely think they're on To something with Anthony Edwards and His new line of sneakers and I'm excited For it especially because it only costs 120 bucks at retail that being said it Is actually pretty difficult to get a Pair of these for retail at least in men Sizing and uh because of that I've got To give this new colorway the best of Addy colorway a sell because let's be Honest even though we're on like the Third colorway of the AE 1s I would not Be surprised if this colorway sells out On the day of release next up on the Same day we've got yet another Adidas Basketball shoe releasing this time Around it's the Adidas Harden Volume 8 Pioneer now similar to the AE ones that We just talked about this is not the First colorway to release however in This case I think it's the second Colorway to drop the first colorway was An orange colorway also like the a1's Actually and of course it also sold out And I hate to say this cuz James Harden

Is no longer on the Sixers but this shoe Is dope and this colorway is fire I know It's kind of crazy to buy a pair of Performance basketball sneakers early For resale but I bought this pair early For resale because I really wanted to Have it in my collection and also do a Video on it so stay tuned for that but Yeah man Adidas is really knocking it Out of the park right now with their Performance basketball sneakers and While I don't think these shoes will be As popular as the a1s that are releasing On the same day I do think that they Will end up selling out on the day of Release and so for that reason I'm Giving them a sell as well now I do have To say that I'm not totally confident of That happening because I'm sure they Made way more pairs of this white Colorway than they did of the launch Colorway that could also be the case With the a1s as well I don't know I do Think that there is still some hype Behind the silhouette so for that reason Again giveing the shoe a sell also Dropping on the first we've got the as6 Gel NYC wide mesh pack man A6 is Absolutely killing it right now I don't Know how long this trend of like 2000 Running sneakers is going to last but as Long as it does as6 is going to be Killing it and to be fair that has a lot To do with their legacy styles that

Released back in the 2000s but they've Also done a really good job of dropping New Silhouettes that are just as good as The originals and the gel NYC is a Perfect example of as6 creating a new Modern silhouette that still features Some of that classic 2000's vibess and On March 1st we're getting three new Colorways of the gel NYC as part of the Wide mesh pack now this pack is actually Not any collaboration whatsoever it's Just three new colorways of the gel NYC And the three colorways that are Dropping are a gray on Gray colorway a Purple on purple colorway and a tan on Blue colorway and personally I think They're all pretty clean however I do Think that one of these colorways is Going to do way better than the rest and That of course is the tan and blue color Way the purple color way and the gray Color way while not being bad colorways Are just not as interesting as the blue And tan color way and I feel like that Colorway embodies more of that 2000s Running style than the other two Colorways do and I think that's the one That people are really going to Gravitate towards it's also just the Most interesting of the three and while I think there's a chance that all three Of these colors might sell out the one That I think will definitely sell out is The tan and blue colorway with the gray

And purple colorway being maybe all Right just for the purposes of this Video I'm going to give the gray and Purple color way a sit and the tan and Blue colorway a cell and finally finally Rounding off March 1st we've got a brand New Apothecary collection I'm sure you Guys probably saw that coming although The announcement of the collection might Have been predictable the actual Collection itself it's pretty Unpredictable in fact I'd say it's kind Of irregular that's a really bad pun my Sock brand Apothecary has teamed up with Philadelphia artist irregular to create One of my favorite collections of 2024 This limited Collection comes in two Different colorways obviously designed By the one and only irregular and I Don't know if you've been to Philadelphia recently I don't know if You've been to Philadelphia at all I Don't really know exactly who you are Watching this video but if have you've Definitely seen Irregulars tags around The city he's one of the biggest writers On the east coast and the fact that We're able to collaborate with him on a Collection is so cool for me I'm so Excited about it and if you guys want to Grab it for yourself it drops officially This Friday which of course is March 1st On apothecary's website at 11:00 a.m. Eastern time and if you want to stay up

Todate on this drops you don't miss it Make sure to sign up for our email list On our website which I'm linked at the Top of the description below moving on To March 2nd we've got the Air Jordan 5 Olive first released back in 2006 the Air Jordan 5 Olive is finally returning In full family sizing on March 2nd now Now to be fair While most of the shoe is Just like the original 2006 pair the Price point unfortunately is not the Retail price of this shoe is is $225 Which in my opinion is a lot dude Jordan Brand has been raising their prices like Crazy and I get it inflation's real it's Happening but like come on man 225 That's a lot the shoe features an olive Textured twede upper accented by an Olive midsole and of course bright Orange hits and don't get me wrong it's Definitely a clean pair of Air Jordan 5ivs that OG heads will absolutely love However I don't know if the release of This shoe is going to be that crazy I Mean let's be real right now Legacy Jordan sneakers are not moving the way That they used to be moving in fact the Whole sneaker game is kind of flipped on Its head and shoes like as6 are selling Out which is not something I ever Thought I'd say but it's happening and Personally I don't think that's a bad Thing at all in fact I'm really happy That other brands are finally able to

Get the spotlight that they weren't able To get because Jordan brand was hogging It for so many years and as we've seen Many times over the last couple decades The popularity of Jordan sneakers es and Flows sometimes they're incredibly Popular and they sell out in every color Way other times every colorway sits on Shelves so while Jordans might not be Selling out now in 3 years they could be Selling out again the way that they did In 2020 probably not that crazy but Still something like that and as a Jordan fan times like these are my Favorite because you can buy crazy Retros at the outlet which I do all the Time and that also means for big Jordan Releases that aren't as hyped up as Something like the trophy rooms or even The bread fours you can usually buy These pairs for retail and in some cases For even under retail so while I don't See the Jordan 5 olives selling out I Could be wrong about that but I just Don't think that they will this is a Great time to be in sneakers and if you Want a pair grab them enjoy it they're Great but yes because this is a c sale Video I'm going to give them a Sit Moving on to March 5th we've got the Jordan Jumpman Jack TR so this shoe is Incredibly highly anticipated this is Travis Scott's first signature shoe with Jordan brand and while yes this shoe

Definitely looks familiar and absolutely Borrows design details from other Nike Sneakers it's still a pretty cool new Silhouette from Jordan brand now while At the time we recording this video this Shoe is incredibly hyped and the pairs That were sold early on Travis Scott's Website a couple weeks ago are reselling For like $2 to3 th000 I don't know if The hype is going to stay this way and The reason I say that is because unlike With shoes like the Travis SC 1's or the Travis SC 4S which are basically Travis Scott's take on the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 4 this shoe is a brand new Silhouette and for some reason Jordan Has a hard time creating new Silhouettes That really sell well and personally I Don't think it's Jordan Brand's fault I Think they create a lot of really good New Sneakers but the problem is is that People are so stuck in their old ways And stuck on those old retros that if It's not a retro release from Jordan Brand some people don't want it and so Right now I think that a lot of the Resale value of the Jordan Jumpman Jack Is the fact that no one really has it Yet and I'm really interested to see What happens when this shoe actually Releases to the public and whether the Resale prices stay high that being said I do think that the Jumpman Jack Definitely has one of the better chances

Of any new Jordan sneaker of being Successful because not only is it a Travis Scott sneaker it comes in a color Way that's been proven Popular by Travis Scott sneakers over the last couple Years and it's also not a badl looking Shoe in fact I'm personally trying to Get my hands on a pair I'm going to Bring you guys a review as soon as I Possibly can and I'm really really Excited that the sale mocha colorway is The first colorway that they're dropping Because I think it's incredibly clean Very wearable and it definitely ties in A lot with that sort of Travis Scott Jordan 1 look so I feel like a lot of People are going to be into it Specifically because of that reason and Actually at the time of filming this Video on February 25th the resale price For the Jordan Jumpman Jack in sale on Stockx in a size n which is my size is $3,824 which I think is absurd but hey The hype is real right now and we'll Just have to wait and see whether this Hype continues after the shoe officially Releases presumably on March 5th we Don't have an official release date yet But that's the rumor that I'm hearing so I'm going to go with it for this video But if it's not March 5th don't get mad At me I don't know that's just my guess Based on what I've heard but if not March 5th most likely in fact I would

Almost say definitely in the beginning Of March oh of course I almost forgot I Definitely think that this shoe will end Up selling out and selling out Immediately moving on to March 6th we've Got the women's Air Jordan 1 caca wow Sand Drift so The Unofficial name that I've heard floating around for the pair Of sneakers is like the Air Jordan one Dusty Clays or Dusty roses or something Like that which makes a lot of sense Because this shoe does look like a a Light pink or sort of a brownish clay Color and it's one of those colorways That I really have no idea how it's Going to look until I see it in hand Because in certain images it looks Orangey and brownie in other images it Looks more pink I really have no idea What it's going to look like and for me That's going to determine whether I want To grab the shoe or not but I will say That I really like this colorway a lot The suede's used on the upper seam Relatively premium at least from the Picture and of course you can't go wrong With variations of black dough color Blocking it's a very clean women's Air Jordan 1 but Jordan 1es just aren't Moving like that anymore and this is a Women's only release which also hurts it A little bit so because of that I just Don't think the hype is going to be There for this release I've got to give

The shoe a Sit even though I think it's Personally a great sneaker I just don't See it selling out continuing on to March 7th we've got the Nike LeBron 4 Fruity Pebbles so this shoe started out As a player exclusive for LeBron James Back in 2006 and back then the hype for This shoe was real especially because no One could buy it and even though we've Had variations of this colorway and Other gr LeBron Silhouettes like the 15s And the 19s we're finally getting the Actual PE version of the shoe releasing In 2024 this is another one of those Weird weird releases where it seems like Nike is trying to revive the hype of a Certain silhouette by releasing one of The PE colorways that never dropped to The public until now and uh I just don't Know if that's going to work for this Release there are of course sneakerheads And LeBron fans out there who will Absolutely grab this shoe because of the Fact that it was a PE and they drooled Over that PE back in 2006 but for a lot Of people who are more recent to the Sneaker game they're probably not going To care about this shoe plus the LeBron 4 is not the easiest silhouette to rock In 2024 the style just doesn't really Line up with what people are wearing Currently so because of all those things I'm going to have to get this sh a it Next up on March 8th we've got the Nike

Attack social status and Summit white so At first glance this sneaker looks a lot Like a regular pair of Nike attacks the Colorway is similar it comes in white And in Black of course you do have some Social status hits like the social Status logo on the tongue however there Is one big differentiating factor Between this shoe and other Nike attacks And that's the fact that the material Used on the upper of this shoe is Reflective which is a pretty unexpected Hit for a Nike attack collaboration I Actually really like the Nike attack as A silhouette I never had a pair growing Up and it's nice to be able to go out And buy pairs in a bunch of different Colorways in 2023 and 2024 and this is One of those shoes that if I happen to Find it for retail in a store somewhere I'll probably grab it do I think this One $140 shoe will sell out though Probably not I mean you look at stockx In the last pair that sold sold for $90 The retail price is $140 and the shoe Hasn't even come out yet so because of All that I kind of think the shoe is Going to sit on shelves moving on to March 9th we've got the women's Air Jordan Forest sale so this is apparently A slightly more premium version of the Air Jordan 4 the way that you could tell Is that the parts that are usually Plastic on the sides of the sneaker hold

The lace eyelets in place they're in Leather I've seen Jordan brand describe That as premium detailing multiple times Before so I'm assuming that's what They're talking about with this shoe the Sneaker comes in a full white leather Upper accent to by gold hits maybe That's the premium detail I'm not sure And then of course a cream colored Outsole it is a pretty clean Air Jordan 4 that comes in women sizing but it's Not that exciting and it cost $200 so is It a shoe that I think is going to sell Out definitely not in all sizes maybe in Some of the bigger sizes but overall I've got to give this shoe a Sit also Releasing on the 9th we've got the awake NY Jordan Airship SP man Jordan brand And Nike are just overloading us with Airships at the moment which I don't Think is a bad thing it's a good Silhouette so if you don't have one yet And you want one you got a lot of Options so this particular shoe is Obviously an awake and Y collaboration It features the awake logo embroidered Into the lateral side of the sneaker it Also features red snake skin around the Top of the ankle collar some other Interesting details are the reflective Nike Swoosh outlined by red and of Course the pre-aged midsole I'm not Going to lie it's a pretty clean looking Sneaker I think it's one of the better

Jordan airships to release in the last Couple months because again we've gotten So many of them and even though the Jordan Airship when it first released Last year or maybe even the year before Was selling out consistently the hype Has kind of died down on this shoe so I Just don't know all these different Colorways are going to sell like that Anymore with that being said though this Colorway is still very clean it's a Collaboration I wouldn't be surprised if This shoe did end up selling out but I Don't think the resale price is going to Be that crazy so if you miss out on them You can grab them for probably around Retail dropping on March 13th we've got Yet another Jordan Airship this time Around it's in the rust pink color way Now even though the color blocking of This shoe is different than a lot of the Other Jordan airships that we've gotten Over the last few months this is not a Collaboration this is purely just a new Colorway of the shoe the rust pink Colorway comes with the primarily white Leather upper accented by rust pink Colored Suede and then of course a Nike Logo embroidered into the lateral side Of the shoe instead of the heel as much As I like this shoe because I think the Colorway is clean I I like the color Blocking because it's different and I Just like the Jordan airship in general

My favorite part of this shoe is Actually the contrasting Green Tongue Tag which I think really adds a nice pop To the sneaker is it a shoe that I'm Going to rush out to the store and grab Probably not maybe for my wife cuz she Loves this color but uh not for myself And I just don't know if there's going To be a huge amount of hype behind this Colorway especially because it's not a Collaboration so because of that I've Got to give this shoe a sit next up on March 15th we've got the Adidas Harden Volume 8 in luxury green my guess what They mean by luxury green is poga green But they obviously can't say that so This shoe comes in a primarily black Upper accent by in my opinion BGA green And honestly it's a pretty clean looking Sneaker definitely has Celtics colorway Vibes to it so it's interesting to see Them do that on a pair of shoes for a Basketball player that plays from the Clippers but I don't know I'm sure There's a story behind it like Harden Loves you know his luxury whatevers um And that's probably what they're going For which I get but it's really not Something that I feel personally drawn To pick up and I don't know what the Hype is going to be like on the third Color way of the Harden volume eights so For that reason I'm going to give this Shoe a Sit dropping on March 16th we've

Got the Air Jordan 3 green glow in my Opinion this is one of those stop Gap Air Jordan 3s it's the kind of shoe that They release when they don't have any Other Air Jordan 3s to drop the colorway Is fine the materials look fine they Actually look worse somehow than other Air Jordan 3s even from these pictures Which is crazy cuz usually Nike makes Their pictures look way better than the Shoe actually looks it's essentially Black cement color blocking except with Green glow instead of red of course we Are supposed to be getting the black Cement 3 rear imagins later this year Which apparently come in suede which is Actually interesting I don't want to get Too deep into it but it's interesting Because there was a PE version of the Shoe that came out in that color way or Sample so I think a lot of people aren't Going to like it because of the suede But realistically I think it's a really Cool looking sneaker and I'm excited About it but we'll get to that later in The year when that shoe actually gets Closer to its release that being said This shoe is fine the main detail that I Don't like about this shoe is the Elephant Print that's literally printed On to the eye stay of the sneaker I Think the perforations make it look like It's fake rather than not that elephant Print's like really a real thing but it

Kind of makes it look cheap and I don't Know if that's how it's actually going To be in person so who knows but uh it's Fine not something that I'm excited About it's coming in full family sizing And it's releasing for $200 do I think The shoe is going to sell out definitely Not dropping on March 17th we've got the Air Jordan one low 85 metallic Navy in My opinion this shoe is going to be a Huge sleeper one because it's an 85 cut Which I love I think it's the best Version of the Air Jordan 1 and two Because it's an OG colorway on a low Toop for summer which is amazing and I Know this shoe is going to be a sleeper Because you can buy this shoe right now Before it even releases like months Before it released in fact you could buy It like two months ago for retail which Is crazy so the hype is not really going To be there for this release even though I think it's one of the better Air Jordan 1es to release all year but hey I Get it I love the Jordan 1 the metallic Navy colorway even though it's an OG Colorway it's not everyone's favorite Color way of the shoe so hey if you Don't like it you don't like it but I Definitely still think it's worth Picking up if you if you like the Colorway you're a fan of Jordan 1es or You like the 85 cut I think it's a dope Sneaker do I think the shoe is going to

Sell out though definitely not it's Sitting on stockx right now for $10 Under retail and the shoe hasn't even Dropped yet so no I don't think the shoe Is selling out but that's good news if You want to grab it at the outlet like I'm hoping to maybe I'll find it in a Month or two sitting at my local outlet For $109 that'd be amazing jumping into March 20th we've got the Air Jordan 14 Stealth so this shoe is basically an all Gray pair of Air Jordan 14s you've got This long pile suede on the toe and on The heel of the shoe you've got what Seems to be maybe more of a a new Buck On the midfoot of this sneaker and of Course you've got gray and white accents On the midsole and on the out sole it's A clean look it's a simple look and if You like the 14 it's probably going to Be a shoe for you I will say I like the Material usage on this shoe I like the Fact that it's a little bit different Than what we're used to with the Air Jordan 14s I think the colorway is fine Uh but I don't think it's something that I want to run out to the store and grab Especially not for $210 and I know it's Been a minute since we got a pair of 14s Not that long but at least a minute or Two but even still I don't think the Hype is there for this release so Because of that I'm giving this shoe a Sit next up on March 21st we've got a

Release that I've been looking forward To for a long time and I actually Thought was dropping in February but it Seems like it's been pushed back till March and that of course is the trophy Room Air Jordan one Lowe's so I already Talked about the shoe in the last cter Cell video because again I thought this Shoe was dropping for all-star weekend And I think most people did I don't know If the shoe was pushed back or that was Never the release date I have no idea But either way apparently we're getting It on March 21st but I'll be honest take That with a grain of salt wouldn't be Surprised if the release date is Different so this shoe is releasing in Two different colorways you've got the Home and Away colorway the home colorway Comes with the white Nike Swoosh and the Away colorway comes with the black Nike Swoosh there are some other minor Differences but those are the two main Ones that you can see from afar and I've Heard multiple things about the home Colorway but it's either going to be a Friends and family exclusive or only Release at the trophy room store in Orlando I'm not sure which one it's Going to be but uh it's going to be the More difficult pair to get it's all Relative though because the away away Colorway is also not going to be easy to Get but it should hopefully be easier to

Get than the home colorway but who knows And not only are these sneakers awesome Because they're Air Jordan one Lowe's But I love the inspiration behind these Shoes and that's the 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card and so because of That the shoe features little accent Colors from that card like you've got Blue on the sock liner of the shoe I Think of the home color way there's Actually like yellow edges to the Leather or blue edges to the leather It's really cool for some reason it's Not in the away color way it's my Favorite part of the shoe and of course Being a trophy room collaboration you've Got the trophy room logo on the lateral Side of the shoe it also comes in this Interesting sort of reverse black toe Color blocking so you've got black on The heel and red on the toe the red Comes in satin the black comes in Corduroy I think and another notable Kind of hidden detail is Michael Jordan's signature embroidered in black On the heel of the shoe which you can't Really see unless you look at the shoe Close up it's a cool sneaker it's Everything that I think a collaboration Should be it's got hidden details it's a Good colorway it's got good inspiration I like the shoe a lot but uh it's going To be very difficult to get and of Course both colorways of these shoes are

Going to sell out and sell out Immediately and resale is probably going To be stupid so good luck if you're Trying to get these I'm kind of wishing That to myself too because I I really Want to pair of these this just in Adidas literally announced while I was Doing this video that they're releasing More Yeezy sneakers throughout March I Personally don't know which pairs They're releasing apparently we're Getting 350s and foam Runners and slides And maybe some other Silhouettes not 100% sure but the good news is if you Missed Yeezys they're back for a limited Time I genuinely don't have any idea of When these shoes are releasing or what Days it could possibly be I don't think Anyone knows I don't even know if AAS Knows it might just drop them on the app Randomly but if you're looking for these Shoes just stay tuned to all of your Local sneaker sites stay tuned to my Instagram because I'll make sure to post All of that information as soon as I Know it at real Seth fer also on Tik Tok As well oh and obviously because they're Yeezy shoes and cuz we haven't had them In a minute I definitely think all of Them will sell out moving on to March 22nd we've got the hidden NY as6 gel NYC Like I was saying at the beginning of The video as6 is absolutely killing it And collaborations like this one are one

Of the reasons why this hidden and Y Collaboration is releasing on the very Fitting as6 gel NYC sneaker it comes in Primarily white with hidden NY green Accented throughout it's a very clean Looking sneaker one that I'll probably Be trying to grab myself and although Hidden NY also makes socks and I own a Sock company um I still really like what He's been doing whoever it is cuz we Don't know he's hidden kudos to him for Getting an A6 collaboration I think he Knocked it out of the park if it's a he I'm assuming it is I don't know but very Clean sneaker and I definitely think That this shoe will end up selling out Next up on March 23rd we've got the Jordan Airship amam maner so this is not The first amm Jordan Airship Collaboration to drop there was a black Colorway and I believe a blue colorway Over the last couple months but this is The first time that we've gotten green On the sneaker even though the color Blocking is pretty similar the upper of The shoe comes in white leather you've Got this age tan colored midsole and Then you've got some pretty hairy green Suede hits on the Nike swoosh and also Around the ankle collar area and I Personally really like these green suede Hits cuz they kind of look like grass And I actually think it'd be really cool If they dropped this sneaker as a golf

Shoe because this is like got the Perfect golf vibe to it the suede kind Of matches up with grass it's a dope Look it's kind of chill I really like it A lot I like golfing in high top Sneakers I don't know maybe I'm getting Crazy but I think it'd be a great golf Shoe but hey even as a regular shoe I Still think it's solid do I think it's Going to be as popular as some of the Other airships that have released this Month probably not but I do still think It's going to have some hype behind it However I don't think it's going to be Enough to make the shoe sell out because We saw with the black pair they it Didn't really move so for that reason I'm giving this shoe a Sit then rounding Off March 23rd we've got the Air Jordan 9 powder blue finally retro for the First time in a while in 2024 we're Getting this shoe back in its OG look You've got a white leather upper Accented by powder blue hits on the Midsole and of course a black tongue and In my opinion we haven't really had a Solid pair of Air Jordan 9es in a while It's not the most popular silhouette in The world but this colorway is one that I'd be excited to grab a pair of now the Retail price of this shoe is $210 which Doesn't seem that crazy when compared to The other retail prices of shoes that We've already talked about but I

Genuinely don't know how much hype There's going to be for this shoe Because I know there's OG heads out There that really want to grab it I want To grab a pair for myself not calling Myself an OG head but I do prefer some Of the older colorways of Air Jordan Sneakers and I don't know man like There's a lot of new sneaker heads out There that just don't care about Retros The way that we do so in my opinion I do Think that this shoe will sell well but I don't think this shoe will sell out so For that reason I'm giving this shoe a SI moving on to March 26th we've got Air Max day so of course there's a couple Air Maxes releasing on this day and the First pair that we've got dropping is The Air Max DN so apparently the DN in The name Air Max DN stands for dynamic So they've dynamically tuned the air Unit in the midsole of the shoe from the Outside looking in it looks like there's Like four balls on the heel of the shoe That apparently are more responsive and Softer I guess than standard Air Max Sneakers now I don't know how true That's going to be I wasn't able to grab The Supreme collaboration that dropped Last week so I wasn't able to try this Shoe but uh it is an interesting new Looking Air Max model in addition to the New Air Max unit you've also got this Very futuristic and pretty simple

Looking upper which I'm not going to lie Is not the most exciting thing in the World this shoe actually looks a lot Like a pair of nocas now I don't mind Noas is they're fine but this shoe is Not that exciting in my opinion I Actually don't even know what the Supremes go for what do they wow they go For 388 okay that's crazy okay well I Think that's just because it's a supreme Collaboration and people haven't gotten Their pairs in the mail yet that's my Guess I'm not sure but either way I Think it's an interesting new pair of Air Maxes I think people will be Interested in it because it is a brand New pair of Air Maxes and as we saw with Some of the previous Air Max day new Models and Silhouettes that have Released like the uh the Scorpions but I Don't know if the hype is there for this Release in any of the colorways that are Dropping so for that reason I'm giving The Air Max DN a Sit although it could Sell because it's a new silhouette but If it does sell it's literally just the First colorway of the shoe and then Everything else is going to sit also Dropping for Air Max day we've got the Air Max 1 86 big bubble in royal blue This is just another pair of the OG Air Max 1's coming back in the 86 big bubble Variant I love the red pair that Released last year for Air Max day the

OG colorway of the Air Max 1's I love The fact that it's a call back to the Original cut of the Air Max ones but it Features new technology to make it even More comfortable than the ogs or even The pairs that we're used to and over The last year we haven't got many Colorways of this shoe we got like the Black and red colorway we're getting Another colorway in March I just don't Know when it's dropping it's like all White kind of looks like crinkled paper And then we're getting this colorway Which I think is going to be by far the Most popular I think there is going to Be some hype behind this shoe I just Don't know how much and because this Shoe is releasing on Air Max day and It's the best Air Max day release of the Day I do think that this shoe does have A good chance of selling out then Dropping on March 30th we've got the Air Jordan one high craft Ivory so this is Not the first pair of craft Air Jordan 1es in my opinion it's one of the weaker Colorways of The Craft Air Jordan 1es The shoe comes in sort of sort of a gray Fabric upper accent to by some cream Colored fabrics and also a son on wings Logo the shoe itself looks fine there's Nothing wrong with it if you like this Color way definitely go out to the store And grab it it is 180 bucks though so Keep that in mind but with the Air

Jordan 1 silhouette not being that Popular I don't think this is a shoe That's going to turn everything around And I definitely think that this is one Of those sneakers that you're going to Be able to find at the Nike outlet Couple weeks after release so because of That I'm giving the Air Jordan 1 high Craft Ivory a sit but hey that pretty Much wraps up all the releases that we Know about in March 2024 let me know Your thoughts on these drops in the Comment section down below subscribe if You haven't yet and I'll see you all in The next one