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These are the sneaker releases that you Need to know about in November 2023 What's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and This is sitter Seth imagine ringing the Doorbell on Halloween and instead of Getting candy you get treated to a pair Of sneakers well realistically that's Probably still not going to happen but You can win a bunch of sneakers for free On whatnot this Tuesday October 31st Whatnot will be giving away classic Pairs like the Nike SB dunk low mummies Which I'm actually giving away on my Stream which happens tomorrow at 12:00 P.m. EST if you guys want to check that Out Link in the description below in Addition to that whatnot we'll also be Giving away the off white Nike blazers Nike dunkow Halloweens Nike s dunkow Night of mischiefs Air Force One Low Skeletons in black and white the Air Jordan one shatter backboard 3.0 and a $5,000 pair of the Day of the Dead Nike Dunk Low's you heard that right the Nike SV dunk low Day of the Dead they're Giving those away and those are $5,000 Sneakers so if you guys want to check Out this insane Halloween whatnot drop Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below check out my Live stream where I'm giving away this Pair of mummy dunks at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time and also make sure to stick Around for all the other crazy giveaways

Are happening throughout Halloween Seriously it's going to be insane you Have to check it out and in addition to Giving away this pair of sneakers to one Of you guys I'm also going to be selling Some pairs like the upcoming amam maner Air Jordan 5ivs the satin bread ones the Reimagined Royal Air Jordan 1es which I Actually haven't opened out of the box Yet you guys know what they look like The cpfm Nike air fleet 2os oh and I Almost forgot I'm also giving away some Other sneakers like the Air Jordan one Low's which I picked up in my most Recent vlog with kis if you guys want to Check that out also the crew collection Stuff is available on Apothecary dcom It'll also be available during the live Stream there's a lot of stuff happening Tomorrow 12:00 p.m. eastern time you Guys got to check it out and for first Time buyers on my whatnot live stream if You use code Seth 10 you get 10% off a Pair of Apothecary socks actually it's $2 off which is more than 10% off but The code sounded better is seth1 so use Code seth1 get $2 off your Apothecary Sock order if it's your first time to my Whatnot live stream so again if you guys Want a chance to win this pair of Nike SB dunk low mummies for yourself or some Of the other sneakers that I'm giving Away or even if you want to grab some Sneakers for my own personal collection

Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below and if you sign Up for whatnot using that link you get $10 towards your first purchase and of Course huge thank you to whatnot for Supporting the channel so jumping into Things on November 2nd we've got the Women's Air Jordan 2 mauve off Noir this $175 pair of women's Air Jordan 2os Comes in what seems like an almost Entirely suede upper made up of darker Brown some pinkish purpley Hues and of Course some off-white and it's Definitely a clean look but at the end Of the day it is just another Air Jordan 2 release Jordan brand is just pushing Out those Air Jordan 2s at the end of The day though it is just another Air Jordan 2 and even though it's a clean Look Jordan brand still seems to be Spamming us with those Air Jordan 2 Colorways and I think people are just Over it I mean it's very wearable and if You haven't tried a pair of Air Jordan 2os I definitely recommend trying a pair Of Air Jordan 2os because they don't Deserve the flak that they get but this Shoe is not going to change anyone's Mind it's fine and as someone who hits The outlets a lot I wouldn't be Surprised if I see this like two weeks After release and I'm guessing at this Point you probably already know what I'm Going to say about this sneaker and that

Is to give this sneaker a SI next up Also dropping on the second we've got The Air Jordan one low 85 neutral gray So this pair of sneakers is one that I Know a lot of people are waiting for Including myself I think this look on The Air Jordan 1 is incredibly wearable Because of its white and gray makeup and The fact that they redid this shoe in The 85 cut is even better now it's true We did just get a recent release of These back in 2020 or 2021 but because This shoe is cut slightly differently it Actually looks a lot cleaner at least in My opinion not saying that the first one Wasn't but this is a much better version Of that shoe unfortunately because of That and because of the more expensive Materials used on this shoe it does come In at a higher price point of 170 which Is a lot to pay for a pair of Air Jordan One lows but man this sh look looks Amazing and it's going to last for a Long time because the leather used on The 85s is significantly nicer than the Leather used on standard Air Jordan 1 Lows and Air Jordan 1 highs for that Matter the leather used on these shoes Is actually really nice it feels stiffer At first but it wears in really nicely And it just is a more quality leather Like I mentioned at first glance this Shoe looks a lot like the previous Release of this shoe it comes with a

White leather upper accented by a newu Gray swoosh and of course an off-white Color midsole and hey even though the Jordan one isn't moving the way that it Used to I still think that this release Is going to be very very popular because Of that I'm giving this shoe a sale Another shoe that just recently released A couple years ago and is now Re-releasing again in 2023 actually on November 3rd 2023 it's the dusty Olive Nike Dunk Low's this is probably one of The best Nike Dunk low colorways ever Released it's originally from The Ugly Duckling pack back in 2001 and uh the Colorway is super wearable and super Clean and not something that you see a Lot on pairs of Nike Dunk Glow's the Shoe comes in an almost entirely new Buuck makeup with brown being the base Color green being the overlays and Orange being the Nike Swoosh and I mean You can't beat a classic and even though Nike Dunks are not as hot as they used To be like Air Jordan 1es I still think That this colorway will end up selling Out finishing off November 3rd we've got The Nike SB dunkow wheat so if you're a Fan of Nike sneakers which I'm assuming You are if you're watching this channel You're probably familiar with the wheat Color blocking on Nike shoes so Essentially what Nike does is around the Fall time they release a light tan suede

Upper on a lot of their sneakers like The Air Force 1 and it definitely mimics The classic Timberland Boot and over the Years we've had countless pairs of wheat Variations of Nike sneakers like the Air Jordan 6 The air forces and so on and it seems Like the wheat treatment is finally Making its way over to the Nike s dunk Low in the way of the wheat Nike SB dunk Glow which features a darker tan colored Suede upper however unlike some of the Other wheat sneakers it features a black Midsole which I actually think contrast To look very nicely and then it's Rounded off by a gum outsole and while Yes it definitely is simpler than a lot Of other pairs of Nike SP dunk Glow's I Think this color way is incredibly Wearable for the fall and the winter of Course you don't want to get it wet Because it is a suede sneaker but I Think it'll go great with like a flannel Or something like that it's a dope Sneaker and for 115 bucks it's actually A really great price so if you're Looking for a pair of great fall Sneakers this is a great way to go However you probably will have a hard Time grabbing these because they most Likely will sell out so for that reason I'm giving them a sale then moving on to November 4th we've got the full release Of the Air Jordan 1 Royal reimagined so

Like I said I am actually selling this Pair on my upcoming whatnot live stream Which again you can check out by Clicking the link in the top of the Description below this is actually a Larger size than what I usually wear This is a size 10 and 1/2 I was actually Only able to grab a size 10 and a half But here you go that's what it looks Like I've actually already done a full Review on the sneaker if you guys want To check that out there will be a link At the top of the screen I think it's Over there maybe over there I'm not sure Exactly where it's going to be but I Should know that because I've been doing This for years I should know which side It's going to be on but I still don't Essentially what this sneaker is is a Full suede rendition of the royal Air Jordan 1es and while this shoe is not Exactly what I think a lot of people Were looking for when they thought of a Retro Air Jordan 1 Royal and Jordan Brand is also taking this reimagine Treatment and doing it to the bread Fours next year except instead of Changing them to suede because they're Already way they're changing them to Leather which I actually think could Look kind of cool I don't know I have to See them in hand first but even though The hype on these is definitely not what It would be if it was a standard pair of

Royals re-releasing I do think that this Shoe is going to be pretty popular and So for that reason I'm giving this shoe A sale continuing on to November 9th We've got the women's Nike Dunk low Vintage green I'm not sure exactly What's happening Nike is bringing back a Lot of their really popular releases Over the last couple years and what I'm Assuming is a new production run of Those sneakers possibly or maybe it's Just a restock I'm not exactly sure but Hey no matter what the reason is I'm not Mad at it I really like this sneaker I Wish it was coming in larger sizes than Just women's but it is nice that it's Coming back because it sold out so Quickly the first time if you're not Familiar with this shoe this is a Nike Dunk low that features a white leather Upper accented by sort of a a lightly Sparkled green overlay and then just Below that you've got this offwhite Colored midsole and it's very very clean And very wearable obviously I would have Preferred if the green overlays were not So I guess glossy would be the word or Maybe sparkly I'm not exactly sure how To describe it it's not like an overtly Insane glisten but it's more than I Think it should be I would prefer that They just a standard green leather but Even with that this $115 sneaker is Still a very clean look and still one

That I think people are going to be very Excited about so for that reason I think These shoes could end up selling out at Least in most sizes I think some smaller Sizes will still be available a couple Days after release at least in stores But I think most of the pairs of these Sneakers will sell out very quickly and Of course they'll sell out in the Sneakers app dropping on November 10th Is the Air Jordan 5 midnight navy this $210 sneaker is also commonly referred To SD Georgetown 5S because not only the Color blocking but also the patterning Used on the upper and speaking of the Upper it's actually pretty interesting You've got suede on the heel and on the Toe and then you've got this textured Fabric covering up a majority of the Rest of the upper and it all comes in a Dark navy color the midsole of the shoe Comes in a white or very light gray Accented by Navy sharp teeth with Splatter print and I mean all around It's a pretty decent colorway is it the Best Air Jordan 5 colorway absolutely Not is it that exciting of an Air Jordan 5 colorway not really will it sell out n Probably not moving on to November 11th We've got the very fitting women's Air Jordan 11 Neapolitan so as the name Would suggest the shoe comes in a cream Brown and pink like Neapolitan ice cream It's not as defined as neopolitan ice

Cream like it's not bright brown or Bright pink but it definitely has that Same sort of colorful Vibe and it does Also look a lot like the upcoming Christmas Air Jordan 11 releasing in December not exactly the same but pretty Similar probably more similar than it Should be because that shoe is releasing In both women's and men's sizing so I'm Not sure exactly why they releasing two Shoes that look like this even though They never released Air Jordan 11s but Hey either way it's still going to be a Popular release people still love their 11s albeit not as much as they used to Back in like 2011 and I'm not going to Lie I kind of dig that light pink Outsole I think it's very clean Especially when it's paired with that Very very dark brown on the patent Leather it's a cool concept I'm into it And I think a lot of people are going to Be into it as well and so for that Reason even though this is a women's Only release I still think this shoe Will probably end up selling out and Then rounding off November 11th we've Got the tight Booth Nike SB dunk L this Is actually another japan-based Nike SV Dunkow collaboration this time around it Is with the pro skateboarder but it's Actually with this brand TI Booth the Shoe comes in a black newu upper Accented by white textured overlays a

Black Nike Swoosh and a little orange Tag that says tight Booth it's kind of Got a reverse Panda vibe to it a little Bit except that it is pretty different Especially with that orange tag it pops More than I would have expected and all Around it's a very clean sneaker Especially if you're a Nike SB dunk low Collector this is one of those shoes It's probably going to be very difficult To get because I believe it's only Releasing first at tight booth and then Possibly on the sneaker app and some Other skate stores Nike SP dunk low Collaborations are tough to grab because They only really release them at skate Stores which I actually think is kind of Fair because it makes it a little bit Easier for skateboarders to actually get Their hands on these rather than having To pay resale for these when they're Just going to destroy them anyway so I Don't know I go back and forth on the Whole gatekeeping thing I'm never really Sure exactly how I feel about it it just Depends on the situation but either way It's a dope looking sneaker and of Course because of the way it's going to Be released I definitely think that this Shoe will sell out and it's probably Going to be dropping in very limited Quantities moving on to November 13th We've got yet another skateboarding Collaboration this time it's the April

Skateboards Nike SB dunk low so this Shoe is a collaboration with the Skateboarding team April skateboards and Is one of the most anticipated sneaker Collaborations of 2023 I actually didn't Include it on my top 10 list of the best Nike Dunks to release all year one Because I honestly forgot that the Release was coming out and two I still Don't think it's one of the top 10 I Think a lot of people do but it's it's Fine I mean the shoe is clean it Features this sort of teal colored suede Overlay with a white mesh covering a Majority of the upper and some tumbled Leather on the toe but the detail that I Like the best because I'm a sucker for Shiny things is the metallic silver Nike Swoosh that actually doesn't wrap all The way around the heel of the sneaker Like most Nike SB dunk lows it just kind Of ends towards the back back of the Shoe it's simple it's clean of course It's got the April skateboarding Branding on the heel and on the tongue And like I said before it's a sneaker That a lot of people are excited about And like I mentioned with the previous Release this shoe is probably only going To release at skate shops and maybe on The Nike sneakers app and also probably Be very limited and so for that reason I'm giving this shoe a sell next up on November 15th we've got the women's Air

Jordan 3 off Noir this women's release Comes in a black newbu upper with not Too many details around the tongue of The shoe you do have your standard Elephant print on the toe and on the Heel and a offwhite Col midsole it's Actually a prettyy toned down and dark Air Jordan 3 release it's kind of a Black cement 3 except without a lot of The cement detailing and the red Detailing but but it's not a bad look It's very simple and if you're into that Honestly shouldn't be too hard to get One because it's women's only release And women's only threes haven't really Been moving like that this year and also I don't think it's that hyped up and so For that reason I'm giving this Sho a Sit dropping on November 18th we've got The Air Jordan 2 Fire Red I wish Jordan Brand would chill on the twos a little Bit we've gotten a lot of really good Twos but people are sick of them and You're not going to sell even more by Releasing more colorways people are just Not going to buy them so as you may have Noticed throughout the year Jordan brand Is taking some of their more popular Air Jordan 3 colorways and putting them on Other Air Jordan Silhouettes like for Example the true blue Air Jordan 1es or The black cement Air Jordan 2s but this Time around it looks like this pair of Air Jordan 2os is getting the fire red

Treatment so it's going to be a Primarily white Air Jordan 2 with red And black detailing I mean to be fair It's not a bad look it's just not that Exciting and if you're going to grab a White and red and black Air Jordan 2 I Would just grab the OG colorway I mean This shoe is the OG and it's super clean And you can get it for under retail Right now so I don't know why you'd buy The fire red twos when you could get This unless you prefer the way that Those shoes look although it's hard for Me to believe because they look although That's kind of hard for me to believe Because they look so similar I don't Know no shade if you like that shoe That's fine but uh I just don't think It's going to be that hyped up and I Think it's going to be at Outlets Probably in a couple weeks and so for That reason I'm giving this shoe a Sit Also dropping on the 18th we've got a Release that I definitely think will Overshadow that previous release that we Just talked about and that's the Air Jordan 4 craft Olive so if any Air Jordan model is popular this year it's The Air Jordan 4 every single colorway Of the Air Jordan 4 sells out very Quickly like the Air Jordan 1es did a Couple years ago and unfortunately Whenever Jordan brand has a model that's Selling like crazy they decide to start

Spamming us with colorways that are not That great not saying that this colorway Isn't that great I'm just saying that Expect next year we're going to get a Lot of Air Jordan 4s that probably suck But back to this shoe this shoe is the Second colorway of The Craft Air Jordan 4s a shoe that's designed to look like It's made up of a bunch of different Materials maybe cobbled together by Someone in their shop or Warehouse I Don't know and this time around the shoe Comes in primarily a dark olive color Accented by black details what's Interesting about this shoe is a sort of Patchwork of materials that make up this Release you've got suedes which are Seemingly sewn together you've got Regular Leathers which are a slightly Different shade of green you've got Instead of your standard mesh suede Pressed with a mesh texture it's an Interesting looking shoe and I think It's one that will be relatively popular Especially because of the colorway Because green for whatever reason at Least probably this kind of green is is Really popular in sneakers right now Probably because of the Travis Scott Effect in addition to the green green And black on the upper of the shoe you Get a bright white midsole a black hit That kind of wraps up onto the midsole And then a gray out soole and all around

It's a clean very wearable sort of Wintry themed Air Jordan 4 and because Of that I definitely think that this Shoe will end up selling out moving on To the 21st we've got the women's Air Jordan 2 low Chicago yes another pair of Air Jordan 2os this time around it's in The low top variant it's also a black Red and white Air Jordan 2 except this Time around it has a cream colored Midsole which some people might prefer Same thing I've said about all the other Twos it's fine it's it's just not going To sell and so for that reason giving it A it then rounding off November 21st We've got the Air Jordan 13 Wii so Jordan brand released a very similar Pair back in 2004 and after that Jordan Brand decided to release the low version Of the Air Jordan 13 in the Chutney Colorway but it's been a while since We've gotten any kind of Air Jordan 13 That kind of look like this maybe the DMP 13s with the gold but not exactly so In my opinion it's kind of nice to have This colorway back it's not that crazyer That out there but it's a very clean Simple Air Jordan 13 it features a white Dimpled leather upper ACD by a Chutney Or wheat colored suede around the Midsole of the shoe and it's a solid Fall winter look one that could have Been very popular if it had released Back in 2020 when every Jordan model was

Selling out like crazy but now in 2023 While I do think it will still be a Popular Air Jordan release I don't think It will sell out everywhere yes it might Sell out in the sneakers app and yes Certain sizes will probably sell out in Stores but I think overall you shouldn't Have too hard of a Time grabbing this One and because of that I'm going to Give this shoe a Sit although I do think It's an awesome sneaker and you should Buy it if you can find it so I feel like At this point in the video a lot of you Guys might be asking where are the other Brands where is New Balance where is Adidas where is Puma uh Unfortunately They just don't put out their release Calendars as early as Nike and Jordan Brand do and it also seems like this Month there's not a huge amount of Releases from any of those Brands There's some like new colorways of Basketball sneakers but I don't even Talk about new colorways of Jordan or Nike basketball sneakers anymore because I feel like you guys don't really care And unfortunately right now at the end Of October when I'm filming this video There just isn't that much information At all about any of the releas releases From any of those Brands except for Yeezy apparently pausing all of their Releases with Adidas so it seems like There's no more Adidas Yeezy releases

For the rest of this year so that's uh I Guess something from what I've read no One's really exactly sure why D decided To pause Yeezy releases for the rest of The year and possibly indefinitely seems Like Adidas was making a lot of money Selling off their remaining stock and we Know there's still stock available so I'm not exactly sure why they paused Everything but as of right now it is What it is that's what we got so there Is your Adidas Puma New Balance every Other brand release information for you For the month of November so sorry it's Tell the brands to release their Information sooner but moving on to November 22nd we've got the amam manier Air Jordan 5s releasing in two different Colorways the first colorway is this Black and burgundy colorway which like I Said releases on November 22nd and Should be releasing in men's sizing I've Actually done a full review on the Sneaker which you guys should definitely Check out cu there's a lot of really Cool details that I can't get into about This shoe in this video because there's Just so many of them so if you guys want To check that out Link at the top of the Screen but incredible sneaker definitely Worth picking up if you can grab it for Retail and then of course there's a Second colorway drop which is the photon Dust colorway which apparently is a

Women's only release which is Interesting I feel like a lot of people Would have also really loved that Colorway if they could have grabbed it In men's sizing as well but it is what It is the photon dust colorway comes in A light gray upper accd by Blue hits Instead of maroon hits both colorways Feature the sort of aged yellow hits on The midfoot panel of the shoe and of Course in the out soole of the shoe and The one detail that I love the most About both of these pairs cuz I think Both colorways have it is the fact that The midfoot mesh area actually features The amam maner a logo instead of the Standard pillow-shaped cutouts that you Usually find on the side of these Sneakers so I really dig that detail I Think it's cool but again if you guys Want to learn all there is to learn About this sneaker make sure to click The link at the top of the screen and Even though the hype for this amam maner Release isn't as crazy as it was for Previous amam maner releases I do think It's going to be more popular than the Tws and I think that both of these Colorways will probably end up selling Out because at the end of the day they Are still Air Jordan fivs and Air Jordan Fivs are still pretty popular at least When it comes to collaborations I still Don't think those midnight nav5 are

Going to sell out then we move on to November 25th where we've got the Off-white Nike Air Force 1 mid Varsity Maze so this shoe comes in a white and Yellow makeup a color way that a lot of People expected to release on the Air Jordan 1es and we know that there was a Sample of the Air Jordan Ones in this Colorway because at the last Virgil Exhibit they were on a display but uh It's kind of nice to be getting this White and yellow colorway on a different Pair of off-white sneakers unfortunately That pair is the off-white Air Jordan 1 Mids it featured the spikes in the Outsole that no one seems to like um I Do think this is probably one of the Better colorways to release on this shoe So far but it's still eh silhouette that Being said the color block is nice You've got this very warm yellow on the Heel and on the toe of the sneaker You've got a white midfoot panel a white Toe and then for some reason a white Nike Swoosh which I think I would have Preferred yellow but it is what it is And I'm honestly not sure what the Reception for this shoe is going to be I'm expecting it to be lukewarm like Some people will still buy it it's Probably still going to sell out but It's probably not going to be one of Those coveted off-white releases I will Say that it is nice to have some

Off-white Nike releases because it does Help keep Virgil's memory alive in the Sneaker Community where everyone's Memory is so short so that is nice I do Appreci appreciate that but I just don't Think this shoe in terms of hype is Going to be that crazy but even still it Is an off-white Air Force One so I do Think the shoe will end up selling out Then rounding off the 25th we've got the Air Jordan 3 fear pack so if you guys Didn't know 2023 is the 10th anniversary Of the original fear pack release and While it seems like Jordan brand is Doing what they did with the DMP pack Where they split up the pack over Multiple years it is nice to get one of The sneakers from the pack in 2023 and Of course that pair is the Air Jordan 3 And while I love the Air Jordan 3 fear I Think I prefer the fours and I'm sure They're saving the fours for some other Time these threes like The Originals Come in a very dark charcoal gray Nuuk Upper accent to buy an equally dark Elephant print hit on both the heel and On the toe of the sneaker but the Details that really pop on this shoe are Those orange hits on the Jumpman and on The lace eyelids so I'm really Interested to see how these spear 3es do Because back in 2013 when these released People were losing their minds over them Now in 2023 where a lot of sneaker heads

Probably weren't even into sneakers back In 2013 the hype might just not be there For these it's just not as popular is Something like the reimagine 3es or Blacksmith 3es or something like that so Like those off whites that we just Talked about we're really going to have To wait and see what the reception is on These personally I would have preferred These shoes to release in October versus November because I feel like this would Have been a great Halloween sneaker and Instead I'm rocking my uh what am I Rocking actually I'm probably going to Rock my orange lobsters which to be fair Is still a dope sneaker with these spear 3es would have been perfect but even Though I'm unsure of the hype for these Sneakers I do think they will still be Popular among sneakerheads because Threes are popular and the colorway is Very clean so because of that I'm giving These shoes a sell continuing on to November 27th we've got the Air Jordan 8 Winterized so I did not think that the Playoff eights would fly the way that They flew I actually thought they might Sit around for a little bit but it seems Like those playoff eights were Incredibly popular and I understand it's Probably because they were in OG Colorway but I'm still surprised to see A pair of eights fly like that and while Most winterized versions of Air Jordan

Sneakers don't really move in the same Way that Santa versions do we haven't Had a lot of eights this year and it's Possible that maybe the hype from the Playoffs might rub off on these winner Eyes a little bit I don't know but I Mean the colorway is not bad you've got A winterized black upper you've got some Nice white and gray detailing on the Midfoot of the sneaker you've got some Nice white and gray detailing on the Midfoot and heel of the sneaker it's Actually a pretty clean pair of Winterized Jordans I don't know how Quickly this shoe will move or if it'll Move at all I want to lean towards sit Because it's winterized and there's Probably going to be a lot of pairs and It's still an Air Jordan 8 I don't know what to do I'm going to Go with sit I think the playoffs sold Because of the fact that they're an OG Colorway these ones I think are probably Going to sit they might sell in certain Sizes maybe size 9 through 12 will sell Out but everything below that I think is Going to be sitting around for a while So I'm giving these shoes a sit and then On November 29th we've got the women's Air Jordan 6 gortex kelp and then on November 29th we've got the women's Air Jordan 6 gortex Brown kelp so this shoe Is actually very reminiscent of the Wheat sixes it features sort of a light

Brown upper obviously this time around It's gortex and not like a suede but It's still a similar color and look the Midsole of the shoe does however differ Because you've got a gray color instead Of a white color and obviously the shade Of tan Brown used on the shoe is a Little bit darker than the weed sixes to Be honest I kind of like the color Blocking of this shoe better than the Weed sixes because it's got a bit more Depth with that gray the one detail that I don't love is that little purple tag Sewn onto the lateral side of the Sneaker that says gortex I also don't Love the little purple stripe around the Back of the pull tab it just doesn't Really fit with the shoe obviously they Want to let people know that it's a Gortex sneaker so they want to make that Detail and that branding pop but not Really for me uh but again this is Women's only release so technically the Shoe isn't really for me at all but Overall I would say that the shoe is Clean but I do think it'll sit around For a while so because of that I'm Giving this shoe a SI but I would love To know your thoughts on these releases In the comment section down below and Once again make sure to check out the Upcoming whatnot live stream where I'm Giving away this pair of mummy dunks Make sure to click that link in the top

Of the description below I'll see you Guys there tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. Eastern time with all that being said Thank you so much for watching and I Will see you all in the next one