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Women’s Nike Sabrina 1 Iconic $130
Women’s Nike Sabrina 1 Spark $130
Noah Puma Pro Stars $155

Nike Vomero 5 Mystic Red and Platinum $160
Air Jordan 1 Palomino $180
J Balvin Air Jordan 3 Medellin sunset $250

Air Jordan 38 FIBA $200
Nike KD 3 White and Gold $130
Nike Mac Attack Black and White $120

Jordan Tatum 1 Home Team $120
Air Jordan 1 Low EX Sail Atmosphere Grey $140
Air Jordan 1 East Side Golf “Change” $200

Nike Air Max 86 Dark Obsidian University Red $150
Air Jordan 4 Red Cement $210

GS Air Jordan 4 Cacao Wow $150

9/13 Air Jordan 1 Praline $180

Corporate x Nike Jordan Air Ship $150

In today’s Sit or Sell we talk about upcoming Air Jordan releases, Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance and other 2023 sneaker releases! Check out the full Sit or Sell to learn more!

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Also be selling some shoes from my own Personal collection and some pairs to my Most recent Nike outlet Vlog plus you Have a chance to grab some Apothecary Socks and for those of you who have Never used whatnot I definitely Recommend checking it out I know this is A sponsored video but I really do use Whatnot all the time in fact I use it to Buy a lot of retro video games and Sneakers and the reason I love buying on Whatnot so much is because I had the Chance to actually ask the seller Questions live and get a full 360 view Of everything that I'm buying which is Something that you can't do in a lot of Other places so I definitely recommend Checking it out if you haven't yet and Again if you guys want to check out my Live stream where I'm giving away three Pairs of Nike SP dunk glow utos make Sure to click the link in the top of the Description below but with all that Being said let's Dive Right into City Stuff starting things off on September 1st we've got two colorways of the brand New silhouette the Nike Sabrina one so If you're not familiar with this Silhouette yet which would make sense Because it is a brand new silhouette it Is the official shoe of Sabrina ionescu WNBA player for the New York Liberty I Believe and this is actually a pretty Highly anticipated silhouette it comes

In two different colorways the iconic Colorway and the spark colorway the Iconic colorway being the white and gray Colorway and the spark colorway being The purple and yellow colorway and the Sabrina one is that actually one of the Few women's focused performance Basketball sneakers obviously you can Still buy it in men's sizing but it is a Shoe specifically designed for a WNBA Player and it's really cool to see them Get some sort of representation in the Sneaker world so both colorways that the Sabrina won the spark and the ionic Colorway are going to retail for 130 and Like I said they are dropping on September 1st but in terms of whether I Think the shoe is going to sit on Shelves or sell out I really have no Idea because it's such a brand new Silhouette in such a different category For most other Nike basketball sneakers So because of that and because of the Resale prices that I'm seeing online I'm Gonna lean more towards this shoe Sitting but there is a pretty high Chance that this shoe could sell out in Places like the Nike sneakers app so I Really have no idea if you're watching This video after September 1st let me Know in the comment section down below But for right now I'm going to give both Colorways that this shoe a Sit however If you like this shoe I definitely

Recommend checking it out Also dropping on September 1st we've got The Puma NOAA Pro star so this shoe as You might have been able to tell from The name is actually a collaboration Between puma and the US brand Noah now To go off track a little bit I've gotten A couple comments recently of people Saying why do you only feature Nike and Jordan sneakers in these sitter cell Videos and it's not because I only like Nike and Jordan you guys know me I love New Balances in fact new balance is Probably my favorite brand at the moment The problem is a lot of these Brands Like new balance and in some cases Adidas and Puma don't really release Their upcoming sneaker lists or Calendars as early as people like Nike And Jordan brand in fact they don't even Let you know until a couple days before Unless it's a super hyped up release I Have no problem with those Brands I love Those brands in fact in a lot of cases I Think the collaborations from those Brands are better than the collabs on Nikes and Jordans but I just want to Clear the air and I also wanted to say That this Puma NOAA collaboration is Absolutely fire this Pro star comes in a White perforated leather upper accented By a gum outsole and green hits around The ankle collar area now I'm not too Familiar with the brand Noah I have been

To their flagship store I have bought Noah pieces before but I haven't really Follow them for a couple years so I Don't really know what their brand Language is anymore and to be honest I Don't see a lot of it on this shoe at Least in these images it's mostly Puma But with that being said this Pro star Is still incredibly clean and because it Seems to be such a limited release I Wouldn't be surprised if this shoe ended Up selling out in fact the only place That I've seen this shoe actually listed Is on n's website and they have it Listed for 155 dollars so I'm not sure Exactly what the widespread release is Going to be if that's even going to Happen this month or if this is it I Really don't know that much about the Shoe like I said Puma doesn't let you Know about a lot of their upcoming Releases at least not me but uh it's Cool looking shoe I'm gonna try and grab A pair for myself and like I said I do Think this shoe will probably end up Selling out And if you guys want to grab any of the Shoes mentioned in today's video I've Made sure to leave affiliate links to All of these shoes in the description Below moving on to September 2nd we've Got the women's Nike vomero 5 and Mystic Red and platinum Nike has been pushing The Romero 5 silhouette hard this year

In fact harder than a lot of their other Silhouettes and it's funny to me because This shoe really is just kind of a Random running sneaker from like 10 Years ago don't get me wrong I love the Way the shoe looks it's incredibly Comfortable but it's interesting to see Them pushing this particular shoe over Other shoes now I'm sure there's a Reason for it maybe it's because of the Collaborations that have happened on This shoe and that's made the shoe a More popular version of the Romero I'm Not sure they're still releasing new Romeros to this day I think they're on Like the either the 19th or 20 something I'm not sure did I say 20 something the Shoe is dropping for a retail price of 160 and comes in red silver and black And is another great example of why the Romero 5 is such a great looking sneaker No matter what colorway you throw on the Shoe it looks good if you like that sort Of style if you don't like the Retro Running Vibe then you're not gonna like This shoe now Nike has dropped so many Vomero fives over the last couple months The high has kind of died down it's a Shoe that is definitely worth checking Out if you haven't yet but there isn't Really going to be any resale for this Shoe not for these videos are about Resale but the good news is for you if You like this shoe you shouldn't have a

Hard time grabbing it because I do think That this shoe will end up sitting on Shelves Also dropping on September 2nd we've got The Air Jordan 1 high Palomino so I've Actually already done a full review on This sneaker a couple months back there Were tons of pairs of these available For whatever reason for not that much Over retail at least three or four Months ago so I did a full review and Honestly I love the sneaker the Palominos are dropping for the same Retail price as most other pairs of Air Jordan Ones which is 180 bucks it's Basically a brown suede bread one or I Guess a a black and brown Air Jordan one And it's a very very clean and wearable Sneaker it's definitely more toned down Than a lot of the more recent Air Jordan 1 colorways but it's one that I think The hype is definitely building on and It's kind of interesting to me because I Think the resale price now is higher Than it was like four months ago which Is not usually the case and I think it's Because people are just getting more and More excited about this shoe now what I'm most interested in with this shoe And its release is whether this shoe Will end up selling out or sitting this Is a shoe that I really could go either Way on because Air Jordan Ones haven't Really been moving as quickly as they

Used to move in fact a lot of colorways Either end up with the outlet or end up Sitting on shelves for a long time after Release and this is a shoe that I think Like the UNC ones and maybe like the Bread toe ones might sit for like a Couple hours at stores after release but I think you know give it a couple days And it'll be gone and hey maybe people Will start returning pairs to the Nike Outlet and I'll get lucky in my next Outlet Vlog I don't know but I am going To give this to a cell however I don't Think it's gonna be that difficult to Get if you want a pair to rock And then finally rounding off September 2nd we've got the J Balvin Air Jordan 3 Medellin sunset this shoe in my opinion Is absolute fire it's the third J Balvin Jordan collaboration he's done a one a Two and a three and while the one didn't Really hit in my opinion the two is a Really clean look I love the light up Tongue it's selling for like half of What the retail price is which is kind Of crazy to me I actually found a pair At the outlet in my most recent Outlet Vlog if you guys want to check that out There will be a link at the top of the Screen but these threes in my opinion Will be by far the most popular of any Of his collaborations the shoe comes in A white tumbled leather upper and the Edges of each one of these leather

Panels is accented by this yellow stripe Which I really love it brings a lot of Extra color to the shoe and of course The main standout detail on the shoe is The gradient both on the midsole and on The heel tab of the shoe which Fades From a yellow to a red to a black of Course to represent a Medellin Sunset Now the only downside with this shoe at Least in my opinion is the retail price The shoe is going to retail for 250 Dollars which I do feel like is Expensive at least with the Air Jordan Twos there was a whole like electronic Component to it which didn't really Justify the 300 price point but it made It more I don't know reasonable I guess This shoe at least from what I can tell Doesn't feature anything that different From a standard pair of Air Jordan 3s in Terms of materials maybe I'm wrong I Don't know I think they're just bumping Up the price because it's a Collaboration which I guess is fine they Do that every so often and I'm gonna be Honest I'm really excited about this Release like I said I know it's 250 but I'm gonna spend the money if I get the Chance I might even try to buy a pair Early to give you guys a full review Unfortunately I'm not seeing any early Pairs popping up on like goat instant Ship or stockx or anywhere at a Reasonable price point so who knows

We'll have to wait and see the only Other thing I should say about this shoe Is that as of right now I've only seen This release date on sneaker release Websites like sneaker news House of heat Uh KicksOnFire they're all saying September 2nd but I haven't seen any Confirmed dates from any official places Like Jordan brand or Nike or any Retailers or anything like that so it's Possible the shoe might not release on September 2nd I'm hopeful though because The sooner the better in my opinion but We'll just have to wait and see and of Course when this shoe does actually Release it will absolutely sell out Jordan threes are incredibly popular and This colorway is very very clean Jumping ahead all the way to September 7th we've got the Air Jordan 38 fever so This shoe is the official FIBA colorway Of the Air Jordan 38 a shoe which Apparently is inspired by the Air Jordan 8 and the more that I've seen images of This shoe and had overlays of those Shoes on top of one another I do see the Resemblance in certain details and Overall I think it's one of the cleaner Recent performance basketball sneakers From Jordan brand and not only that the Speed of colorway this black white and Gold colorway is super super clean now In terms of materials and construction I Think the shoe is identical to the

Standard Air Jordan 38 the only Difference is of course the colorway and Probably some FIBA branding somewhere on The shoe but it's dope and if you want a Pair of Air Jordan 38s this is not a bad Way to go and for a retail price of 200 It's not gonna break the bank and Personally while I love this colorway And I actually am really interested in Checking out the Air Jordan 38s because I missed out in the initial release I Don't think the hype is gonna be that Crazy for this shoe so I'm giving the Shoe a sit Also dropping on September 7th we've got The Nike KD 3 Retro white and gold seems Like this year Nike is really going hard On those KD 3 Retros which I'm happy About because I really like the kd3 as a Silhouette both as a basketball sneaker And it's just a clean looking Performance shoe and this really nicely Toned down all-white accident by gold Look is very clean on the kd-3 I don't Know if I prefer this colorway to the Easy money colorway that just recently Released I do think it's clean it is a Shoe that again like the easy money Colorway I will try and grab most likely Though I won't be able to grab them Because sneakers app hates me but hey Either way very clean sneaker and Honestly if you're looking for a ball Shoe that not many people have this is a

Great way to go and that being said for 130 bucks it's a pretty decent deal it's Not like a Kobe Pro where they've Updated the tech specs to make this shoe More of a modern basketball shoe but it Is still an encore performance shoe that Was worn in the NBA not in this exact Iteration NBA players wear like Different insoles and things like that But this was a shoe that people did play Basketball in so it's still a good Performance shoe and it's still Something that trying to look fresh on Court not a bad way to go but let's be Real most likely a lot of people are Going to buy this shoe just because they Like KD or they like the fact that it's A retro of the threes so for that reason I am going to give this shoe a cell Because I think it will be somewhat Limited And then rounding off the seventh we've Got the Nike Mac attack black and white Or on the sneakers app it's just called The Nike attack black and white it's Interesting at least for this release They removed the Mac from the name of This shoe so it's no longer the Nike Mac Tag it's the Nike attack so I'm not sure Exactly what's going on there John Mcenroe at least from what I can tell is Still involved with Nike so I don't know Why they'd remove the name from his shoe But uh Hey if you guys know let me know

In the comment section down below either Way this shoe is incredibly clean it Features a white leather upper accented By a black Nike Swoosh and a black heel Ankle collar area and it seems like with This new Travis Scott and collaboration Push that's happening on the Nike Mag Attack Nike is really pushing this Silhouette as well I think no matter What colorway they drop off the shoe as Long as it's wearable at 120 price point The shoe is gonna do well so for that Reason I'm giving this shoe a cell Moving on to September 8th we've got the Jordan Tatum one home team this shoe Comes in a primarily white upper Accented by black neon green and orange And is a relatively clean colorway of a Shoe that I will never wear because I'm Not a fan of the Celtics I'm only half Joking with that I probably won't wear It but I do like the way the shoe looks It's just uh not for me that being said Apparently the Tatum one is a pretty Decent shoe and it only costs 120 bucks So if you're looking for a new ball shoe And if you're a fan of Jason Tatum or The Celtics or just like the way that She looks not a bad pickup now whether I Think the shoe will sit herself Definitely giving the shoe a Sit because I don't think the Tatum ones are flying Off shelves at least not after that Initial colorway

Also dropping on the eighth we've got The Air Jordan one low OG EX in sale and Atmosphere gray I've never really been a Fan of the ex1 lows I don't like when Brands release sort of crappier versions Of their popular Silhouettes I get that They're doing that to give people the Chance to own a pair of shoes that's Similar to the one that they want to Grab but at the same time it kind of it Just feels like a Shameless cash grab I Know that's probably not exactly what it Is however I do think there is an Element of that but hey not a bad Looking shoe it comes in this white Upper accident by a like tan overlay With exposed foam around the edges and Of course you've got a black Nike Swoosh This is apparently a restock of the shoe And for 140 if you missed out on the Shoe initially if you have another Chance to grab it I don't think this Shoe is going to be impossible to get But I don't think it's going to sit Around for too long so for that reason I'm giving this shoe a cell And then finally rounding off September 8th we've got the East Side Golf Air Jordan 1 High Golf change so from what I Could tell this shoe is part of Eastside Golf's 1961 collection which I believe Is in reference to when the PGA allowed Non-white players to compete this Jordan 1 golf is only one of the pieces that

They're dropping as part of this Collection but I believe it will be sort Of the flagship piece in the collection It of course is a golf Air Jordan 1 high Which means that the traction pattern And the outsole is a little bit Different the rubber outsole is actually Designed to grip the ground a little bit Better than a standard pair of Jordan Ones of course standard Jordan Ones were Designed to grip the basketball court These are designed to grip a fairway and Man this shoe is gorgeous it comes in Sort of a bread color blocking with a Primarily black upper accented by Green Hits on the overlays and the words Change Eastside Golf and 1961 written Around the shoe and of course the East Side Golf hang tag I love this shoe I've Really been getting into golf recently I Have a golf pair of Air Jordan 1 lows That I plan on a very regular basis and I love it so I'd love the chance to be Able to grab this shoe I don't know if I'm actually going to be able to have The chance to grab this shoe for the 200 Retail price because this shoe is going To be pretty hyped up so for that reason I'm giving the shoe a cell but hopefully I can grab a pair of these and maybe Also the Travis Scott golfs when they Drop but chances are Slim Moving on to the ninth we've got the Nike Air Max One 86 dark obsidian

University red so this will be the Second colorway of the Nike Air Max 1 1986 to release this version of the Air Max 1 first released on Air Max day Earlier this year this version of the Shoe features a much larger air unit in The heel of the shoe which much more Closely resembles the original air unit In the original Air Max one another Pretty large difference between the 86 Air Max ones and the standard Air Max Ones is that these new versions of the 86 Air Max ones feature react midsole or A softer foam midsole the design of the Midsole isn't as clean in my opinion as The standard Air Max ones we're also Used to the way that the standard Air Max one looks but I think this shoe is Much more comfortable on foot and to be Honest with you this gray white black And red colorway is very clean and very Very wearable it's not as iconic as the First colorway that released on this Silhouette but it's uh something that I Still think a lot of people are going to Be into and for 150 bucks it won't break The bank especially for a pair of shoes That are very comfortable on foot all Day and are very wearable now with all That being said I don't think the hype Is there for these shoes so because of That I think this shoe will sit on Shelves and should be relatively easy to Grab also dropping on the ninth we've

Got the Air Jordan 4 red cement so this Shoe actually shock dropped about a Month ago and a lot of people were able To grab their pairs then and uh because Of that the hype has died down a little Bit that being said this is still a pair Of Air Jordan 4s it looks very similar To the white cement Air Jordan 4 it's One of the most popular sneakers of all Time so there's definitely some hype There it's also not the worst price for A pair of hyped up sneakers and it Should deter some resellers because I Don't think there's gonna be that much Meat on the bone when it comes to resale Prices of this ship as for the design of The shoe the shoe features a mainly White leather upper accident by Red hits On the wings on the midsole and also on The heel tab of the sneaker and of Course all that is rounded off with some Black hits and while no this is not an OG colorway of the Air Jordan 4. it's Definitely a colorway that's very Wearable and that a lot of people will Like and you know what it's a colorway That I'm definitely warming up to I Wasn't in love with it when I first saw It I have a lot of pairs of Air Jordan 4s I didn't feel like I needed any more Pairs and now the more that I look at it The more that I'm like man probably I Probably should grab that and while I do Think the shoe will be very popular and

Will probably end up selling out there Should be a lot of stock available so You shouldn't have an impossible time Grabbing them but again I'm gonna give These shoes a cell just make sure that You're entering all the Raffles you can And entering on the sneakers app when The shoe drops because if you do all That you should have a good chance of Grabbing a pair on your size but it's Also possible that you might not so There you go it's a cell Moving on to September 12th we've got The grade school Air Jordan 4 cow wow so This shoe unfortunately only comes in Grade school sizes and it features this Sort of tonal Brown upper accented by Teal and blue hits and honestly I'm not Usually a fan of the grade school Colorways because they're very obviously Grade school but this one a lot more out There than standard Jordan 4 colorways Is pretty wearable and if they release This shoe in adult sizing I think that This shoe would be pretty popular I also Kind of like the speckled laces it's not Something that I usually dig in Air Jordan 4's but it ties in with the Speckled midsole pretty well it's a Clean look and for 150 not a bad way to Send your kid off to school on a pair of Brand new cacao Wows now a lot of times Grade's cool shoes don't always sell out Immediately I know that whenever I go to

My local Atmos or lapson and Hammer There are a lot of grade school Colorways available in like popular Colorways you wouldn't expect like lost And founds more so in like a baby's Toddler size I think in larger sizes I Would give this shoe a sell but because It's releasing in full like grade school The toddler sizes I think that overall It shouldn't be that difficult to find a Pair of these after release so because Of that I am going to give this shoe Assist but if you are trying to grab one Of the larger sizes be on your game Because I do think those ones will be The ones that'll sell first Continuing on is September 13th we've Got the Air Jordan 1 high prolly this 180 pair of Air Jordan Ones is Apparently inspired by women's handbags And that's why it features a somewhat Natural leather color on the accents of The shoe some nice stitching details and Places that don't usually have them and Of course the ribbon laces but I'm not Gonna lie this is a very clean colorway Of the Air Jordan one it features a White leather base again accented by the Sort of tan leather on the overlays but Like I said earlier on in the video Jordan Ones are just not as popular as They used to be and if it's not a Colorway that's incredibly hyped up or Is releasing immense sizing

Realistically it probably won't end up Selling out so for that reason I am Going to give this shoe a sit And then dropping on the 15th we've got The corporate collaboration on the Nike Airship apparently this shoe is dropping First on September 8th through corporate At their stores however it's dropping at Nike neighborhood stores on the 15th and I think that will be the wider release Of the shoe so that's the release that I Decided to feature in this sitter cell Video the shoe comes in this entirely Teal makeup it features teal Suede and Teal leather on the upper of the shoe a Teal Nike Swoosh that's accented by the Sort of white piping around the outside Of the Nike Swoosh and of course the Look is rounded off by the Gotham phrase It's definitely a different take on the Nike Airship one that we haven't seen Before at least not with these recent Re-releases of the shoe I got lucky Because I'm wearing the Nike airstrips Right now but usually the Nike Airship Comes in a white leather upper accented By one color on the ankle area on the Nike Swoosh and on the heel this shoe is Coming in basically one color on the Upper of the shoe but that color is the Accent color like that's the bright Color on the sneaker and man that suede Looks good it's super hairy super clean And I will say for me personally this

Colorway is not something that I really Want to grab I just don't have anything To really go with that colorway not to Say it's a bad colorway but it's not Something I'm planning to makeup Personally but it is still a shoe that a Lot of people are looking forward to and As we all know Nike Airship Collaborations tend to be very limited And tend to do very well on the resale Market so because of that I think the Hype is going to be there for this shoe Even if people don't love the way it Looks which I think most people do but For that reason I'm giving this 150 shoe A cell Make sure to check out my Tick Tock and My Instagram real Seth Fowler for the Latest sneaker news and with that being Said I will see you all in the next one