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Nike NOCTA Glide Black and White $160
Air Force 1 Low Terror Squad Black Out $150
Adidas Crazy 8 Team Orange $150
Nike Lebron 4 Graffiti $240
Nike ISPA MindBody Black White $180
Air Jordan 6 Low PSG $200
A Cold Wall Air Max Plus Onyx $220
A Cold Wall Air Max Plus Stone $220
Air Jordan 11 Craft $185
Air Jordan 2 Black Cement Grey $175
Nike SB Dunk Low x Albino & Preto $130
Air Jordan 3 J Balvin Medellin Sunset $250
Womens Nike Footscape Woven Natural Brown $160
Air Jordan 8 Playoffs $210

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These are the most important sneaker Releases that you need to know about in The second half of September 2023. this Is Thursday well first I want to give a Huge thank you to the sponsor of today's Video Soul premise Soul promise makes Some of the best bags out there and They're all specifically designed to Carry your sneakers in style and safe in Fact Soul promise bags are TSA approved Which means you can bring them onto the Airplane with you as a carry-on rather Than have to check them underneath the Plane you never know what's gonna happen To your expensive sneakers down there It's the worst I bring my soul premise Bags with me everywhere whether it's to The office or whether it's on a trip Somewhere else in the world I love these Bags they're great quality and they all Look great so if you want to carry your Sneakers safely securely and in style I Definitely recommend checking out Soul Promise by clicking the link in the top Of the description below and use my code Seth for 40 off your entire order once Again huge thank you to Soul premise for Sponsoring today's video starting things Off on September 15th we've got the Nike Noctaglide in black and white so According to Nike this shoe is inspired By the Zoom Flight 95. you don't say and It's fair to say that Drake loves Nostalgia his last couple knocked his

Sneakers with Nike high looked pretty 90s not to say that's a bad thing but it Definitely has very specific aesthetic That I think some people will love and Other people not so much I'm not gonna Lie I don't love the way the sneaker Looks but there is some morbid curiosity There to make me want to try them I mean It's really not a bad shoe I shouldn't Be hating on the shoe this much but Genuinely it's not it's not the kind of Shoe that I think everyone can rock in Every situation it's definitely a very Uh unique look and as you can probably Tell this shoe was made to look like a Basketball sneaker but it's actually More of a lifestyle sneaker according to Nike but uh honestly I wouldn't be Surprised if you could play ball on it I Don't know if it'd be the best shoe to Play basketball in but you probably Could if you needed to I mean you can Play basketball in any but like I said It's not a sneaker that I'm immediately In love with but it is something that I Do want to check out and because it is The latest new silhouette from Drake and Nocta I do think that there will be some Hype behind the sneaker but I think it's Going to be a slower seller so if you Want to walk into the store the day of Release maybe a couple hours after the Store opens you should still be able to Find certain sizes that's just my guess

But I wouldn't be surprised if you don't Have too hard of a Time grabbing this moving on to the 16th we've got the Nike Air Force One Low Terror Squad Blackout this is probably the most Anticipated Air Force One Low release Since the last off-white Air Force One Low release this shoe is wildly hyped up And I mean for good reason this shoe was A fat Joe exclusive for decades and now Nike is finally releasing it to the Public and if you're not familiar with The history behind this sneaker back in 2003 there was supposed to be an iconic Basketball game between Fat Joe and his Crew and Jay-Z and his crew and it was All going to take place at Rucker Park In New York City however right before The game started there was that famous NYC blackout and the game never happened Also I should mention that the players On either artist's side were not just Regular scrubs they were people like Allen Iverson and LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal it was going to be an Absolutely insane game and of course it Never happened and that's the reason That the shoe was named the blackout Terra Squad Air Force One because that's What stopped the game and I mean even if You don't care about the history behind The shoe the colorway of this sneaker is Actually really solid as well you've got A white premium leather upper accented

With black hits and of course the TS Branding on the lateral side of the heel For 150 bucks on September 16th this Iconic pair of Air Force One history can Be yours if you can grab a pair but That's gonna be very difficult because I Definitely see the issue selling out Continuing on to September 18th we've Got the Adidas Crazy 8 in team orange This iconic Adidas silhouette is Returning in a bright orange blue and White makeup also as I'm sure a lot of You know this was originally a Kobe Bryant silhouette but they changed the Name to the Crazy Eights after Kobe left To go to Nike I gotta be honest while I Like the materials used on this shoe That orange suede looks dope the Colorway is just not exactly for me However I do like the combination of Blue orange and white all-in-one sneaker It's a clean look it's just a lot it's a Lot of orange hitting you in the face And for that reason I'm not going to Grab this shoe I also don't think There's a huge amount of height behind The sneaker so because of that I'm gonna Give this shoe a sit next up on September 19th we've got the Nike LeBron 4 graffiti this shoe used to be one of LeBron's most sought after Silhouettes And Paris would go for thousands of Dollars but now you can grab a pair of The highly coveted LeBron 4 graffitis

For 240 dollars which is a lot of money For retail to be honest that being said This is still an iconic silhouette and a Colorway that everybody knows and loves However you can grab a pair right now in Stockx for like 150 bucks almost 100 Below Retail if you guys want to check That out or any of the other shoes that I talk about in today's list I've made Sure to leave affiliate links to all These shoes in the description below but Seriously don't spend 240 on this shoe And you can buy it before it even comes Out on the resale market for a hundred Dollars cheaper I've got to say though That the NYC inspired graffiti look does Look clean on the LeBron 4S and it makes Sense why it was such a popular colorway Back in the day but it just doesn't seem To be doing it anymore and for that Reason I'm giving this shoe an absolute Set which you guys should know already Because you can grab it for 100 cheaper Days before it even releases Continuing on September 28th we've got The Nike iSpa Mind Body in black and White so according to the sneakers app This shoe is designed to be the Embodiment of comfort it features a Pillowy soft foam midsole and a recycled Yarn flying it upper and I mean yeah it Does kind of look like a sleeping bag so It does look comfortable as well I do Really love Nike's iSpa Department I

Think what they do is really cool and Very Innovative but this shoe is not Something I could ever see myself really Rocking on a regular basis at least not Outside the house that's not a disc I'm Just saying it looks like a house shoe If you like the way this sneaker looks It's not a bad way to go if you're Willing to spend 180 on what essentially Is a slipper and for that reason I do Think this shoe is probably not going to Fly off shelves so I'm giving this shoe A sip also dropping on the 20th we've Got the Air Jordan 6 low PSG so every Year or so Jordan brand does a Collaboration with PSG the French Football club or I should say the Parisian football club and this time Around they're changing things up a Little bit because unlike with their Previous collaborations that were very Soccer focused this one seems to take a Little bit of soccer and a little bit of Basketball and match them together into One shoe that doesn't really look like It's either a basketball shoe or a Soccer shoe according to the sneakers App the orange hits are meant to Symbolize the wood floor of a basketball Court and the rest of the colors are Meant to symbolize the Parisian team PSG I do have to say that the colors used on The shoe aren't exactly my thing I think The best I guess collaboration from the

PSG Jordan brand partnership was the Air Jordan 4s that were white with those Maroon hits I thought those were Incredible but this one just kind of in My opinion Falls flat a little bit However the materials on this shoe look Excellent you've got suedes you've got Tumbled Leathers you've got some nice Sort of stitched in details it's a clean Sneaker all around it's just not that Hyped up and after checking the resale Market it does look like this 200 shoe Is selling for Below Retail before it Even releases so for that reason I'm Giving this shoe a sit and also if you Guys want to check the shoe out there is A link in the description below again Why you're happy for retail when you can Grab it for Less moving on to September 21st we've got two different colorways Of the cold wall Nike Air Max Plus so The two colorways come in Onyx and in Stone and what's interesting about this Collaboration is that instead of using The standard Air Max Plus materials on The upper they're actually using sort of A pressed or molded leather which I've Got to say I actually don't hate I think This is a very very clean sneaker However that 220 price point is tough For a pair of Air Maxes the main focus On this shoe are those sort of uh I Guess vein details wrapping up on the Side of the sneaker which on the

Standard pair of Air Max pluses usually Come in a different color or different Materials they sort of differentiate Themselves from the rest of the shoe However on this shoe it kind of looks Like the veins underneath some skin it Kind of gives me a weird like ick but at The same time it's a dope looking Sneaker and I think in this like all Blacked out or all like grayed out look It's very very clean I will say that I Love the minimalism of this shoe the Air Max Plus was never really a minimalistic Shoe but in this simple monochromatic Makeup it looks dope I really really Like it again kind of weirds me out but In a good way I guess but even though This shoe is a collab with a cold wall I Just don't think that 220 price point is Gonna fly with a lot of people and for That reason I do think this shoe is Probably going to end up sitting on Shelves and I think the fact this year's Issue elaboration with the cold wall Means that this shoe's hype level is Going to be higher than it usually would Be if it was just a standard Nike Release so for that reason I'm giving Both the Onyx and the bone colorway Itself Then dropping on September 22nd is the Air Jordan 11 IE craft the Jordan 11 IE Is my least favorite pair of Air Jordan 11s and it seems to be the general

Consensus when it comes to Air Jordan 11s people love the standard version or Even the low top version but the IES They just don't do it for people which Is interesting because the first Air Jordan 11 Low was pair of IES I guess For basketball it could be a little bit More breathable which is a good thing However the patent leather does provide Some really nice lockdown on the sides Of the sneakers so I don't know which Shoe is better overall I've never played Basketball in either one of those shoes I've actually only ever played Basketball in Jordan Futures which is Ridiculous out of all the 11 style Sneakers that I could play basketball And the Futures are the ones I play Basketball in which are the worst ones But either way I just don't think this Shoe looks that great this time around However this craft colorway comes in a Primarily black upper accident by sort Of a grayish colored mesh and of course The standard Air Jordan 11 midsole and Outsole I mean even with that Full-length Nike Air unit it's not a Shoe that I feel like I need in my Collection especially now for 185 Dollars I'm sure you can find it cheaper Online so for that reason I am giving This shoe a Sit moving on to the 23rd We've got the Air Jordan 2 black cement So this shoe is exactly what it sounds

Like it's the black cement colorway on a Pair of Air Jordan 2s Jordan Brad is Going so hard on the Air Jordan 2s right Now and they're throwing everything that They have at it and weirdly enough the Best thing that they ever did was Release the OG which is selling for way Below Retail right now which is crazy to Me and also dropped the off-white Collaboration and since then they Haven't really done anything that's made Me that excited about the two I guess The the J Balvin 2s were pretty dope I'm Not gonna lie but as someone whose Favorite colorway of the Air Jordan 3 is The black cement and actually also the White cement this colorway just does not Look right on the Air Jordan 2. it Doesn't look bad but it's just She doesn't look great apparently the Reason that Jordan brand took this Wildly popular Air Jordan 3 colorway and Put it on the Air Jordan 2 is because This year is the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan 3 and that's the reason why We've had shoes like the true blue ones Or the black cement ones because they're Taking Classic Air Jordan three Colorways and putting them on other Silhouettes and in my opinion none of Them are really hit the only one I Actually really liked was the Air Jordan 1 lows and that black cement colorware I Guess elephant print colorway I mean

Don't get me wrong it's a primarily Black Air Jordan 2 with some gray hits On the heel Tab and on the tongue and of Course you've got some red accents and a Green colored midsole it's a Clean Air Jordan too but when you know that it's Black cement colorway on a pair of Sneakers that's never really had the Blacksmen colorway at least like this It's just not a shoe that I think a lot Of people are going to want that bad Anime and I'm just looking at the way That the other recent release Air Jordan 2s have done I just don't think this 175 Dollar pair of black cement twos is Going to move the needle so for that Reason I'm giving this you a Sit that Said though it's not a bad sneaker and The Air Jordan 2 in my opinion is an Incredibly underrated silhouette that if You haven't tried yet I definitely Recommend trying it I personally would Say try the OG colorway but this Colorway is good too also dropping on The 23rd is a pair of sneakers that I Know very little about and that's the Nike SB dunk low albino and pretto pearl White so apparently this pair of Nike SB Dunk clothes is inspired by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and features a black belt Detail on the Nike Swoosh that's pretty Much all I can tell you I know nothing About BJJ I can however speak the Materials used on this shoe the upper of

The shoe comes in sort of a light tan Canvas color and then the Nike Swoosh Again comes in black with some white Accents this Nike SB dunk glow is Retailing for 130 bucks it's a very Clean overall Nike SB done clone Interested to know why they decided to Choose a Nike SB dunk low for this Particular collaboration or sneaker I Have no idea I'm sure there's a reason Why I just don't know what that reason Is but because the shoe is a Nike SB Done flow I definitely think it's going To sell out maybe that's the reason Actually and then finally rounding off The 23rd we've got the Air Jordan 3 J Balvin Medellin Sunset so in the last Intercell video I said this shoe was Going to drop on the second because that Was the release date that everyone was Thinking that it was going to drop on And I did say in that video that I Wasn't totally sure and that I hadn't Seen any other drop information about This shoe so I thought there was a good Chance that it would get moved or that That wasn't actually the release date And that seems to be the case that was Never actually the release date or maybe It was but it was never official I don't Know the reason but either way we're Getting the shoe finally on the 23rd Until the shoe actually drops we don't Know for sure that's the case for all

These sneakers Nike loves to move things Around but it looks like this shoe will Be dropping in the 23rd so because we've Already talked about this shoe in the Sit or cell video I'm not going to go Too in depth but I do think this is one Of the cleaner J Balvin sneakers Probably the cleanest collaboration he's Ever done with Jordan brand the upper of The shoe comes in a cream tumbled Leather with these really nice yellow Edges it features this beautiful Gradient that's meant to represent the Medellin sunset on both the midsole of The sneaker and on the heel Tab and as Far as Air Jordan threes go this is Definitely near the top of the list for 2023 it's not going to beat the Reimagined threes at least in my opinion But it's up there maybe at number two or Number three I've said it a bunch but I Didn't love the J Balvin ones I just Felt like that she was too crazy it Reminded me of what I see when I'm Getting a migraine so because of that I Think I was a little biased against it But the Air Jordan 2s with that Beautiful cloudy upper and of course the Light up tongue were fire and this one Is just sort of the the Pinnacle of all Of his collaborations and I love this Shoe and I'm definitely going to try and Grab a pair for myself not just to Review but also to rock but

Unfortunately there are a few things Standing in my way the first is the 250 Price point it's not the cheapest pair Of Air Jordans to ever release and the Second is the fact that this shoe is Absolutely going to be limited and Probably going to be very popular Because of how clean it is and because Of the fact that it's a collaboration so For that reason I'm giving this shoe a Cell if you know anyone who has a pair Early for a review hit me up moving on To the 26th we've got the return of a Sneaker that I don't know if anyone Actually missed and that's the women's Nike Air footscape woven in brown and Natural so when the uni Air Jordan once First leaked I was like this could be a Way that they're trying to slowly nudge People in the direction of buying their Maybe upcoming footscapes at the time I Didn't know that the footscapes were Coming back but it doesn't surprise me That about a month after the release of The Union LA's which featured the same Woven detail we're getting the original Shoe with that woven detail retro and I Know a lot of people didn't like this Detail on the Air Jordan Ones but on This shoe the original shoe that this Detail was on it looks worse it looks Worse I'm sorry I hate it I've never Been a footscape fan I know some people Are nostalgic towards this shoe but that

Person is not me and uh I just don't I Just don't know why Nike brought this Shoe back apparently the idea behind the Woven detail at least originally was to Make the shoe feel a little bit more Natural and move with your foot more Like a sock than like a shoe and in that Way I do appreciate its design but I Just don't love it and the fact that They paired it with this like giraffe Print just looks it just looks rough if It had gone to the standard footscape Like blue or something maybe that would Be fine but for me this shoe is a no-go And I don't think anyone's gonna really That excited about grabbing the shoe Maybe I'm Wrong maybe there are people Lining up to pay the 160 retail price For this shoe but I doubt it and for That reason I'm giving this shoe a sit And then dropping on the 30th we've got The Air Jordan 8 playoffs so I don't Know if you guys followed my most recent Season of the 20 sneaker collection but In that season I tried to build a Jordan Clock with all the original Air Jordan Colorways you know as part of the clock So it went from like 1 to 12 you know or 12 to one I don't know it doesn't matter Either way I got the playoff eights as The eight o'clock spot and uh it's my Favorite colorway of the Air Jordan 8s The Aquas are close but the playoff Eights are the one for me and actually

Speaking of the 20 Sticker Collection The new season is starting on Saturday Which I think at the time this video Goes live is tomorrow so if you guys Want to watch that series as soon as it Drops make sure to click the Notification Bell if you haven't yet and Of course subscribe to the channel but Hey we're not talking about that right Now we're talking about the return of The Classic Air Jordan 8 playoffs this Shoe comes in a beautiful black suede Upper accented by blue yellow red and White hits and I think it looks amazing And while the Air Jordan 8 is not one of The more popular Air Jordan Silhouettes At this moment although it's been one of The more popular Silhouettes throughout History it's definitely a colorway that I think most people are going to come Out of the woodwork to grab and Unfortunately this shoe has a higher Price point than it used to have now It's a 200 ten dollars but regardless I Don't think that's going to turn a lot Of people off because this is such a Classic colorway that I think a lot of People are going to want to grab Including myself I may try and double up I don't know that might be crazy but Either way it's the OG classic colorway Of one of the most iconic sneakers of All time and so for that reason I do Think that this shoe will sell out very

Quickly even though I'm sure there's Gonna be a lot of pairs of it but hey That pretty much wraps things up I'll See you guys in the next one