365 days of dirt, grime, grease and more came on this once cream mixed material sneaker…. ????

Our friend @BlakeYarbrough really took the term “wear your kicks” to a different level in these Tom Sachs General Purpose kicks. In Today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we show you how to clean up even the most cooked sneakers in the game using RESHOEVN8R products!

First came the unboxing and let’s just say when we opened this box first, we were a little intimidated… However, we were up for the challenge. Nick dove straight into this cleaning by setting up the cleaning station and using our 3 different brushes and natural solution to tackle the grime. Now we would be lying if we said this clean went perfectly and around here we pride ourselves on being authentic! This was NOT a perfect clean and it took a couple times before we reached these results. PSA: Not all cleanings are the same, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time.

For the pretreatment we needed the products and a whole lot of elbow grease to really break down grime that Blake collected on his journey. After the pretreatment it was time to use the handy patented laundry system. This mixed material sneaker is the perfect candidate for the wash especially because of the mesh portions of the shoe.

After the washing machine it was time to let the shoe dry before checking out the results. Overall the shoe looked better we can’t argue with that, but it needed a lot more work! We had to bring in the big guns and yes we know not everyone has a steamer or an air compressor and that’s okay; not everyone’s shoes look this crazy!

After a second wash and a quick guest appearance from the one and only Vick Almighty; these Tom Sachs General Purpose shoes were ready to be worn again. P.S. the soles on these things are incredibly durable! Blake easily has another year in these.

What is one sneaker you want to see a wear test on?

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My name is Blake Yarbrough I'm going to Be wearing this sneaker every single day For 365 days I'm super stoked to try This out I know a lot of people usually Do wear tests and they'll do maybe 30 60 90 days I thought why not try to push This shoe to the Limit and wear it for 365 days I linked up with the Rejuvenator and actually shipping these Shoes out they're gonna ship them back To me and I'll open them here on camera For you guys welcome back or welcome to Academy powered by rejuvenator my name's Nick make sure you hit that subscribe Button because we post two videos every Single week Mondays with my homie and Yours vehicle Almighty with customs and Restorations and every single Thursday Another shoe care Academy episode where We teach you how to elevate your shoe Care without further Ado let's get into This video On this episode of shoe care Academy Powered by rejuvenator we've got a Banger of an episode our friend and Yours Blake Yarbrough has sent us in a Very very special pair inside of this Box what's inside the Box you ask well I'm gonna tell you calm down it's all Right Foreign You see these we've got the Tom sacks Nike craft general purpose Studios now These things are completely trashed

Destroyed nasty dirty greasy grimy I Mean these things look like they have Gone through it and back and then back To us Blake has been wearing these for 365 straight days day in day out at work Now what does Blake do for work you ask I'm gonna tell you don't worry about That he's an airplane mechanic he's been Working on all those airplanes every Single day for a year to make sure that You guys can get from point A to point B But I'm wearing these Tom sacks GPS Studios so all we have to do is get them Nice and cleaned up so that way we can Send them back to him so he can get back To making sure that all those airplanes Are ready to go so without anything left To it let's go ahead and get these Cleaned up we've got our cleaning Station all set up now for this cleaning We're going to be using a few different Rejuvenator products that you can find Online at rejuvenator.com make sure you Use my link below to help save yourself Some money the main component of this Cleaning is going to be the rejuvenator Signature kit it includes your four Ounce bottle of solution all three of Your brushes soft medium and stiff your Microfiber towel Patented laundry bag as well as two Adjustable shoe trees now for this Cleaning we are also going to be pairing That with our rejuvenator laundry pods

Drying rack and Bowl combo as well as Our cleaning mat now for video purposes We only ever clean one shoe so that way You guys can see the benefits and the Effects of the product so for that we're Going to get rid of this one And these And this now to start this cleaning First thing we need to do is remove These laces Now I'm going to drop these into the Bowl of water so they can soak Throughout this entire cleaning Next we're going to use two quarts of Solution into the bowl of water Next step is to insert the adjustable Shoe tree into the sneaker now these are A size 12 so we're going to adjust it to Size Gonna guess about Yonder and slide it Into the shoe lock it down Purpose of the shoe tree is to give you A nice hard surface so that way you can Use as much pressure as you need to into The toe box of the sneaker to really get It clean as well as helps reshape the Sneaker and alleviate any of the Creasing around the toe box next step is Just use our soft bristle brush and get To cleaning now before you start Cleaning you need to know what you're Cleaning now this Tom sacked GPS is made Out of a couple different materials You've got canvas suedes mesh

Nylon rubber it's kind of a mixed media Shoe so for that we're going to be using All of our different bristle brushes to Clean the sneaker but we're not going to Use all of them on all the panels to Start we're going to really try to break Down the top layer of dirt and Grime on This shoe using the rejuvenator soft Bristle brush it's safe on almost all Materials and you don't risk snagging or Deforming and or hurting any of the Materials that are included on this Sneaker including the suede as well as The mesh and the canvas with our soft Bristle brush we're just going to dunk It in the bowl and we're doing a really Really soaked up to really break down That top layer of dirt [Music] Oh [Music] [Applause] Foreign We've hit the uppers on this shoe one Time using our soft bristle brush I also Took out the insole and cleaned the top Of that so next we're going to put the Insole back into the sneaker we're going To put the shoe tree back in as well and Then we're going to move on to our Medium bristle brush now this is kind of An all-purpose brush it works great on Most materials now the soft bristle Brush did not get all of the staining

Out of this suede back here this suede's Pretty durable I know I can use the Medium bristle brush on it to be safe You always need to test in an Inconspicuous spot with the medium Bristle brush on your Suede and delicate Materials to ensure that the brush will Not damage the material I've cleaned a Lot of suede like this before I know our Medium bristle brush will be okay for it So for this we're just going to dunk it Into solution and try to get some of This deeper marking out of this way [Music] [Music] Thank you foreign That's going to wrap it up for the Medium bristle brush as you saw we went Ahead and hit all of the suede panels as Well as the mesh tongue and the canvas Upper with the medium bristle brush Again and it really helped get some of Those deeper marks and staining out of This material but I still know that it Really needs to get flushed out in the Laundry system which we'll get to that Step later last step before we put in The laundry system is hitting the Outsole using our stiff bristle brush Now this brush is the stiffest brush That we have it's included in the Essential kit the signature kit as well As our three brush pack and you only Want to use this on on your outsole

Materials and sometimes your hard rubber Midsoles you need to be mindful of Anything that's painted because this Does run the risk of damaging and Stripping the paint off for this we're Just going to dunk the brush and we're Just going to clean the outsole of the Sneaker [Music] Foreign [Music] Next Step we're going to take the laces That have been sitting in the bowl of Water and solution this entire time and We're going to scrub them and try to get As much of the dirt and debris and gunk Out of them as we possibly can prior to Dumping them in the wash this way we Don't have all that dirty water just Sitting inside the washing machine as Well scrubbing between your hands give Them a couple squeezes let all that dirt And debris and gross nasty grimy grease Get out of there we're going to use a Soft bristle brush to help break down This top layer of dirt even more That concludes the pre-treatment on this Sneaker I don't know if you guys Remember what this thing looked like a Couple of minutes ago but it was Completely black now anytime you clean Canvas mesh or suede when it's wet it Really looks dingy so I'm not too afraid Of how bad it looks right now I know

That after we put it in the laundry System and drop it into the laundry Machine it's going to really flush out All that trapped in dirt inside of this Materials and really flush it out and This sneaker is going to come out Definitely a few Shades brighter next Step is dropping the sneaker into the Laundry bag Cinch it up make sure you lock it Drop your laces into the little pocket In the front You can put the laundry pod in the Pocket as well if you want or you can Drop it in the laundry system next You're going to drop it into the laundry Machine put it on a normal cycle cold Water and let it run [Music] As you can see we've got the sneaker out Of the laundry we've let it dry for a Couple of hours and first impressions Not great but also not terrible I don't Know if you remember what it looked like Previously but we've definitely made Some improvements now we went next door To many worlds which is our drop-off Cleaning service here at rejuvenator and We're going to use some of the other Tools that they have here to help deep Clean this sneaker one extra time They've got air compressors they've got Steam cleaners they have a couple other Brushes as well that I think might help

Get this sneaker really back to life so All we got to do now is head over to This cleaning station I got set up and Hit it for the second time [Music] Foreign [Music] Ahead and hit this shoe one more time Using the soft bristle brush as well as The solution in the water I also use the Steamer as well as the air compressor to Really try to flush out this trapped in Dirt and debris and grime into this Upper as much as I possibly can as well As through the mesh tongue and also the Suede around the along the toe box as Well as the heel one thing I'm noticing Is this blue on the tongue as well as The heel is bleeding into here so it's Something we've got to be mindful of Next thing I want to do is drop it back Into the laundry system to one more time To help really flush this sneaker out Foreign It's been a couple of days since we took It out of the wash for the second time I Went ahead and let the shoe completely Dry and then after that I dropped it Into the Vic 2000. what's the Vic 2000 You ask well basically it's an indoor Setup ice box some people call it Different things it's got 4 500 watts of UV lights basically what that does is it Helps brighten and lighten some of these

Different materials now most the time When you put a shoe in the icebox you're Typically putting like solar Revive on The midsoles or the outsoles of it but For this we didn't put anything on it we Just put it in there just to let the UV Rays try to help brighten and lighten The shoe as you can tell it has helped a Little bit now the sneaker's been in the Wash twice since that this suede is Cooked not only is it cooked because we Washed it two times it's also cooked Because it's been covered for a year in Grease Grime hydraulic fluid different Types of greases and oils and who knows Whatever else that Blake's been Trampling around for the last year with These sneakers so we really try to get It as clean as possible but then it Really destroyed the suede it's super Crunchy she it's super just fried so Next step is going to be resetting the Nap on this suede typically we would use Our dry suede kit for a traditional Cleaning shoe however this isn't a Traditional cleaning as Blake wore these For 365 straight days at work so for This I'm going to need a little bit of Help I gotta call in the big guns the Big homie Mr Vic Almighty come on in Buddy look at this guy clap him up clap Him up in the chat let's go all right Vic I torched the suede on these shoes I've cleaned them got all the dirt and

Grime and grease and everything else off For them but the suede as you can tell Is hosted so without sitting here for Five hours with our dry suede kit or our Brass bristle brush what do I got to do Here so all things considered dude this Shoe looks really good I've been sitting There for the last couple days watching You clean this shoe it looks a lot Better bro it's still beat but it looks A lot better for sure so the next step To try to bring back the texture on the Suede is to use one of two things either We can use a Dremel Or some sandpaper we're gonna have to Send the hell out of this material to Get it back somewhat soft I would use a Sandpaper but I think I'll waste a bunch Of time so I'm gonna go directly to Using a Dremel the only thing I'm gonna Avoid is hitting the midsole the white Mesh or the stitching because once I hit The stitching it frays it comes undone There's no going back so you want to do It nah I'm good I'm Gonna Leave This Customs and restoration part to you I'm Gonna pull off you're in my way watch Get out the way [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] All right bro after about 30 minutes we

Shaved off a lot of the material it's Back to its soft texture a few things I Want to touch on the first being this Thing was concrete it took so much Effort to get it to this soft texture a Couple more things in between the Stitching I didn't go in with the Dremel Because you already know I would have Ruined the stitching for sure so it's a Little dark but it's not too noticeable Hopefully with the brass booster brush You can lighten it up the last thing I Had to finish removing the Nike on the Back it's one of those things it's give And take but what do you think looks Great man I super appreciate it Definitely brought this suede back to Life after it was completely cooked After cleaning it and also having a Year's worth of grime grease dirt mud Hydraulic fluid and everything else in There so I definitely appreciate you Coming in and showing me how to get it Done if you guys want to learn more About customizing and restoring sneakers Make sure you click subscribe and also Hit that Bell notification every single Monday Vic Almighty drops a new video That teaches you how to not only Customize but restore your favorite Sneakers all right Vic I think this is Gonna do it for me I I know you got a Big project over there so I'm gonna let You get back to it that's right Nick

Good job on the cleaning by the way Thanks buddy have a good day you too bro Okay Vic got this shoe back to being True suede now the last thing we have to Do is hit it with our brass bristle Brush just to get some of these other Areas trying to light back up as well as Also some of the spots that are sanded Down but they're not super soft I'm just Gonna hit it with the brass Crystal Brush a few times lastly we're going to Lace the shoe up and we're going to call It a day all right shoe care Superstars That's going to bring us to an end on This episode of shoe care Academy Powered by rejuvenator on these Tom Sacks GPS and the studio colorway now Our friend and yours Blake Yarbrough had Sent over his pair for us to clean after Wearing them for 365 straight days now We did use a handful of rejuvenator Projects to get the sneaker clean into Its current state firstly we used the Rejuvenator signature kit this was the Primary cleaning product that we used in This cleaning with the patented laundry System we paired that with the Rejuvenator laundry pods also we used The handy dandy cleaning mat we also Paired that with our rejuvenator drying Rack and Bowl combo we had to call in The big guns brought in vic to help me Get this suede back to not being as Toasted and concrete crusty as it was

After that we went ahead and used the Rejuvenator brass bristle brush this is Used to help reset the nap and help Liven up and lighten up the suede Materials all around the sneaker now all These products can be found online at Rejuvenator.com make sure you use my Link down below to help save yourself Some money hopefully this video was Beneficial for you and you learned or Took something away from it I know this Was an extremely fun project for me it Took a couple extra days that I didn't Plan on it simply because of how dirty The sneaker was but without anything Else I got other things to do I Appreciate you guys hanging out my Name's Nick I'll catch you the next time [Music] Please [Music]