Only 1050 pairs ever released of these sneakers back in 2003! These limited edition Nike Dunks dropped over 20 years ago; which means they were in need of a restoration for sure! The restoration was very simple, but ultimately needed to get the value of these kicks back up! These rare sneakers are selling for over $1K depending on the quality… What do you think a pair restored by Vick Almighty would go for?

Before reconstruction always has to be deconstruction! The old glue in these sneakers had started to breakdown and the shoe was really only held together by the hard stitch on the midsole. Once the stitch was out, peeling that sole off was simple. With the sole off it is time to remove the last 20 years with some acetone and cotton balls. Pro tip: Take Prepwork seriously, it will help make your restorations successful.

With the soles prepped and cleaned, we needed to rely on the Vick2000. Since the sole is black the oxidation isn’t overly obvious, but it is there nonetheless. While the soles sit in the UV rays we had to continue with more prepwork. These reglues require quite a bit of prepwork making it the most tedious part of the restoration.

After deconstruction and prepwork it is time to put the sneaker back together. Vick Almighty has all the tips to make your reglues successful. Once the shoe was back together it was time to give it a quick cleaning to make the sneaker ready to wear. To kick off this cleaning we relied on Reshoevn8r’s all natural solution and 3 different brushes.

Now these sneakers are ready to wear, sell, trade or whatever the lucky owner might want to do with them! If you had a rare pair of Nike’s in your collection are you rocking, stocking or selling?! Let us know in the comments to win some RESHOEVN8R Products.

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What's up YouTube for today's Restoration project we got a rare pair Of Nikes from 2003 these are number 107 Out of 1,50 these go for ,000 dollars Depending on the condition these overall Aren't that bad the uppers need a little Bit of work but the only thing that's Keeping them together is the stitching On the mtil as you can see the entire M Needs a full reglue we're going have to Take it apart to make it wearable once Again we got some work ahead of us so Let's get Started before we get started this Restoration process that I'm going to Show you guys today can be applied to Any older Jordan one or dunk no matter What you do that glue is going to dry Out eventually and this is going to Happen the only thing that's keeping it Together is the stitching once we pop it Off you'll see what I mean usually in The beginning of my Restorations I give The shoe a good de clean however the Shoe really isn't that dirty at the end Of this video Once the shoe is all Reglued I'll give it a good wipe down to Remove any surface Grime in dirt and Recondition the old leather on the Sneaker using our solution if you guys Haven't already subscribe to our Channel We drop weekly content with good trips On Restorations customs and cleanings Let's go ahead and take out the laces

And Insoles onto the deconstruction the only Thing keeping the uppers connected to The moles is the black stitching Throughout the entire mitole to start The restoration process we got to remove It very carefully cuz we are going to Put it back once the shoe is all glued Together typically on all Jordan once And dunks the stitching ends right Around here so using a pig we're Carefully going to pull it [Music] Out [Music] On to the prep work first we're going to Be starting with the mols as you can see On the inside we have a lot of old Chocolate glue we got to get all that Stuff off if we don't and just apply Fresh new glue on top of that the glue Job is not going to hold up so prep work Is very important to having a good glue Job first we're going to be using some Anone and cotton ball to wipe all of That stuff off same thing with these [Music] Parts got all the O glue off the minil We still have to do the uppers but we'll Come back to that later we're going to Be using our renator solution and a s Bristle brush to get these outo as clean As possible before we put them in the vi 2000 we do have some oxidation going on

So as is we'll stick them inside for a Couple of days hopefully we wipe off Some of the [Music] [Music] Yellowing All right those are going to sit there For a good two days let's get back to Prep work for the prep work on the Uppers it's not as simple as using Acetone and cotton balls that's just Going to create a mess and get all over The uppers for this we're going to have To do some skying and some dremeling First we're going to be using a really Sharp blade to shave off a thin layer of Leather that contains the glue this part Is going to be a little bit time Consuming but it's [Music] Necessary [Music] So far so good we got the majority of The glue completely off using a blade I Was very careful not to cut up the Uppers now we still have to go in with The Dremel to roughen up the material For this we're going to be using a 60 Grid [Music] Drum to complete the prep workk we're Going to be using some acet tone and Cotton balls to wipe down the bottom Boards before we apply some

Glue one more step we have to do before We apply the glue we got to apply some Bulldog adhesion promoter onto the soles This is a really good trick that my Friend flip and Kake showed me when you Apply it onto the rubber soles it gives You a stronger glue job and it minimizes The touchups we're going to go outside Cuz this stuff stinks we'll apply a nice Thick even coat all around the inside Without getting it on the outsides prep Is fully done now now for the glue we're Going to be using barge super Stick [Music] Glue's been applied to all six parts It's fully cured now it's time to stick Everything together first we're going to Start with the foam and the MLS we'll Heat up the back and work our way to the Front and then after that we'll move on To the Uppers [Music] [Applause] Got these two parts connected this part Wasn't that hard but connecting the Uppers onto the Mentos can be a little Trickier first I'm going to line up the Front of the toe box to the front of the Sole once I'm confident on placement I'm Going to heat it up and stick it Together let it dry for a couple of Minutes then we'll jump to the back same

Exact thing line it up perfectly heat it Up the rest of the sides should line up By [Music] Themselves glue job is complete Alignments on point I let it dry for a Couple hours now it's time to stitch Everything together we got the original Black thread that I removed originally That we're going to use again we also Got the brand new white thread that's Going to go on the inside we're going to Sew it all together using a sewing All [Music] Stitching is complete we used all the Original black thread no issues with That I let these dry overnight fully so We can go in and do the deepling next For this we're going to be using a Renator solution and a soft Bristal Brush to go over the entire upper shoes Really aren't that dirty I'm going to Give this shoe a cleaning for two Different reasons one I'm going to put The Sho trees inside to reshape this toe Box and second the natural oils of our Solution is going to get into the Leather and keep them conditioned for Years to come let's go ahead and put the Sho trees inside and start the [Music] [Music] Cleaning

[Music] [Music] All right guys that's going to bring us To an end on these 2003 forel nerd dunks These came out really clean and they're Ready to be worn don't forget a lot of These shoes from that era and olders Such as dunks and Jordan Ones need this Process it just what happens to all Those shoes the glue disintegrates and You have to go in and wipe it all off When it comes to these projects it's all In the prep work you got to make sure You get all that old glue off and you Got to go about it the right way most of The time on these rubber outo you just Got to use aceton and cotton balls when It comes to the uppers you got to use a Sharp blade to cut off that old glue Then use a Dremel to roughen it up There's a lot of techniques that go into These projects to make sure they're Fully wearable once they're done and It's not just about removing all the old Glue and applying new glue you got to go About it the right way for example let's Say there's 10 steps to a reglue and you Skip two of them those two steps that You skip can ruin the entire glue job so Make sure you take your time do the Correct prep workk and you'll get a Clean reglue every single time you can Find all the products at ru.com hope you Guys enjoy this video this is Lake

Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday See you [Music] Guys No