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Sneakercon Phoenix was one for the record books, not only did we get to take on our hometown as a team, but we got to meet some of the best in the sneaker game. Check out Sneakercon Phoenix from our perspective! For this show we not only had the chance to sling product, but we got to giveaway tons of products, make connections with influencers and partner with Whatnot to giveaway what some people may consider a dream sneaker!

Vick even came out to meet all of you and give our $20K sweepstakes winner his 1 of a kind custom that he got to design. Psst…. That video drops on Monday, so don’t forget to tune in!

One thing about us is we are always down for a good event and this was for sure one of those. We loved having the chance to meet all of you and can’t wait for the next Sneakercon. Let us know in the comments what events we should attend next. Plus if you are featured in this video… Let us know and make sure that you share it!

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Giving away a free pair of Travis Scott Fragments Travis Scott fragments for Free who wants to win a pair of free Travis Scott Frags what's up share superstars it's Nick and today we are at Sneaker Con Phoenix and I'm here with my one and Only BFF Jordan and we've got a bag full Of goodies we're going to go hit the Line see what's happening and start Giving out some product let's Go All right the doors are opening in about 3 minutes so let's go check out the line And hand out some products let's go I'm Ready always ready Jordan let's [Music] [Music] Go bow and there it is there's the last One we out like that we're going to head Back inside check out the booth see What's hopping off inside let's go All right everybody we're out here we Got the homie DJ Rari you all know him He's the face of Sneaker Con he's out Here hanging out talking to everybody I Got him over at the rejuvenator booth How's it going today it's going pretty Good we're in Phoenix we love Phoenix so Much it's one of our best shows best Events of the year uh the people Actually come and show out so definitely Love Phoenix it's going Good

[Music] All right everybody we've been hanging Out here at Sneaker conon for about an Hour we're over in the Monster Energy Booth right now we're playing some D Jenga we're doing some Spin Art we're Drinking some monsters and look who Happened to walk by our homie chance yes Sir yes sir great to see you out here Man I'm sure you guys have seen him on Our feed plenty of times cleaning Sneakers giving you tips and tricks Teaching you about sneakers so what We're going to do is we're going to Follow chance around for a little bit See what it's like as a Sneaker Con Content creator yeah let's roll let's go I'm never nervous to be on camera but For whatever reason when I'm on somebody Else's camera then I start to get like a Little bit like antsy I don't know maybe It's the monsters I don't know all right Guys so now we've got a whole bunch of Ruinator product I've got chance with me We're going to go around we're going to Find some people we're going to do some Trivia we're going to risk it for the Biscuit and see who can get some Questions right and win some free Rejuvenator product if not I'm taking it Home what's up let's do it let's do it You want to you want to be in a video Real quick oh yeah yeah definitely all Right all right all right we got the

First round so basically what I'm going To do is I'm going to ask you some Trivia questions if you get it right you Can keep it if you get it wrong don't Get it but we're going to go up and up So for whatever's in this bag right here What is the famous Nike Slogan just do it bingo bingo all right So do you want to keep this and walk Away or do you want to risk it for Another mystery Item risk it all right all right don't Look at those answers what brand is Known for the three Stripes Bingo all Right Cashing Out you want to cash out You don't want To all right all right cash out we got You a rejuvenator essential kit thanks For [Music] Playing I'm here with my man Jeffrey Right here and we're going to be playing Some rock paper scissors for some Rejuvenator right here and uh let's get Into it hopefully uh I don't know if I Want to beat you but we'll figure it out Paper Scissors Shoot okay you got the first one you got The first One you got the first one do you want to Risk it or do you want to take your Prize right now um I'll risk it okay He's going to risk it okay okay Rock

Paper Scissors Shoot Rock Paper Scissors Shoot okay okay okay you're going to Keep this one yeah keep it all right There we go man enjoy it thank [Music] You so we're on a mission right now Looking for some beers choose to do some Restorations and cleanings we're at the Trading pit let's see what we [Music] Find there is literally nothing dirty in This trading pit it's all brand new Stuff they really don't make trading Pits like they used to Back in the Day 2016 2017 these trading pits used to be Filled with used beater shoes not Anymore it's all brand new stuff 2023 is Very [Music] Different what year was the Air Max One Debuted should I give him another one That was kind of before he was born huh Yeah that's way before he was Born what iconic sneaker was worn by Marty McFly and Back to the Future Nike Air Ma Bingo all right all right you want to Cash out you want to take it you want You want to keep going you want to try Again all right what is the Nike logo Called s Bingo all right all right all Right we got a crowd now so you want to Risk it yeah you going to be the first Person to risk it all the way how you

Feel about That the big bag yeah all right what Shoe was Daniel wearing in the damn Daniel video Series the dang Daniel I don't know you don't Know does nobody remember how viral that Video Was that was so Viral all right what are we going to do On this one I'm GNA give it all right All right all right of course of course All right I'm here with the littlest Member of the rejuvenator family this is P Greer we're going to be walking around Passing out some sneaker wipes to people That want to support rejuvenator let's Go you guys want some rejuvenator Sneaker Wipes thank you oh there you go Rock Paper Scissors Shoot okay so you got the First prize do you want to risk it or do You want to keep your prize and keep Going um I'm going to keep going you're Going to keep going all right rock paper Scissors shoot okay okay so you got two Right now you're at the second prize the Middle one middle one is the Big B you Want to risk it and go for that big bag Or you want to take that second prize And just keep it going uh I'm going to Risk it okay he's risking it we got we Got the got the big Ballers out here He's risking it Rock Paper Scissors

Shoot Rock Paper Scissors Shoot oh good game thank you good game Manate you said what said shout out Renator there we go Oh he's got it on him he's got it on him So what do you think about rejuvenator It works well especially the anti Yellowing yeah the soul revive Soul Revive always comes in clutch everybody Loves our soul revive whose shoes are You cleaning up right now my grandpa's Got to keep Grandpa looking fly all the Time right can't be walking around with Dirty shoes yes Sir one of the coolest things at Sneaker Conon is the eBay stand they Authenticate sneakers so if you ever at A Sneaker Con make sure you stop by get Your sneakers authenticated before you Sell them or after you buy them so that You don't leave here with fake Sneakers oh man we're getting it's Getting sticky out here man when we Start doing these challenges there's Like a herd of people that come around And they think that they got it but when The camera's on mic's on ready to roll They don't got it who designed the Air Jordan 1 who designed the Air Jordan one You ever watch the the Jordan movie no It's not it's not Michael it's not Michael is it I can't Give you no hints can I say like is his Mom a good guess I don't know no no no

No no that's not I give him a Hint it Was not Tinker Hatfield who is Tinker Bell bro Rock Paper Scissors Shoot okay okay he got it You want to risk it yes Rock Paper Scissors Shoot okay okay there you go my Man you're welcome on a mission to find The girl with the hair oh rainbow hair Who wants to know if you would like a Sneaker wife she likes your hair thank You can you give her one thank you so Much thank you you following rejuvenator On Instagram better follow us right now you Got the whatnot app uh I I do not oh you Better download the whatnot app create An account follow rejuvenator r e s h o E v n a right there boom top one and Then on the whatnot app make sure you Download whatnot follow rejuvenator on Whatnot and then at 3:30 at the Rejuvenator booth we're giving it away That's it what shoe was Daniel wearing In the viral video series damn Daniel What nobody's got this one right yet so Don't don't feel bad what's the question Again what shoe was Daniel wearing in The viral video series damn [Music] Daniel Van what color Vans white Bingo all Right all right all right I think he Might have got a little help on that but

We'll give it to him I never got no help You want to risk it or do you want to Cash out risk it no I'll take it off all Right all right all right all right We've been at Sneaker conon for a couple Of hours we looked at a couple of booths But the other booth that we need to Check out is our sister store many world So let's head over there and see how They're doing for the [Music] Day oh you're the guy okay you got to Get this on video all right I have Signed this guy's hat at so many Different sneaker cons look we have here Here here and then on the inside so That's what four or five different Sneaker cons now that I've signed the Same exact hat where are we going this Time go right There I'm going get your info and I'm Going to send you out a t-shirt all Right of course I appreciate you thank You of course we got to show love back Every now and then you know free Travis Scott fragments at 3:30 at the Rejuvenator booth we're doing a giveaway Doesn't cost you nothing they're for Free at the rejuvenator booth at 3:30 You ENT you guy I see that mine they're Big eyes they're looking good all right We are over here at many worlds Booth They have sneakers on the low over here So yared how's it going it's been a

Pretty good day uh we have some pretty Fair prices as opposed to other tables Um lot of good smiles a lot of great Customer interactions so a few pairs of Shoes hopefully we sell a few more by The end of the day other than that Having a pretty good time if you guys Don't already follow many worlds a on Instagram and check out their store if You're in Phoenix Arizona all right man So we're here what do you got in this Box some PSG FS we got some PSG FS They're not completely Beat they're beat enough you know M so Repaint remove some of that yellowing Give them a good clean how much bro 50 Bucks I could do 50 bucks you got Change There gtown Souls hit them up online we Appreciate you man thank you so [Music] Much shout out to whatnot for doing this Giveaway with us here at sneakercon Phoenix so what we're going to do we're Going to pick somebody randomly out of The crowd I want you guys to go wild go Loud get crazy I'm going to start Picking random people you got to pick a Number between one and 100 we have the Number written down if you guess the Number right you win the shoes let's go Wow who am I going to pick Let's Go who We going to pick Picking that girl in the back you

17 is not the number all right we're Going to go little man here in the front 74 74 is not the number my man right Here3 33 is not the number 29 29 9 is Not the Number2 22 is not the number not the Number 44 is not the number 26 is not The number this guy right here 68 is not The number you right there 47 is not the Number 19 is not the number we got over Here 83 is not the number right here in The Montreal 27's not it guy in the back What's the number not four over here 25 Not 25 we Got you in the Back not 97 right here in the glasses Not 42 what number not one not 79 73 let's go let me are you following us On let's See What and [Music] Whatnot got to be following rator on Whatnot let's make sure it has the Follow third one right there oh you're Not [Applause] Falling wins nobody all right okay all Right I'm going to go through our Whatnot followers and I'm going to Randomly pick one from there I like that I like that I like that I like that all

Right here we go here we go I'm going to Go up and down a bunch of times J Barky J Barky Jay Barky not here you got 5 Seconds give us a 5 second countdown 5 Four 3 two 1 all right we got soul Haven A yo there he is Yo Soul Haven come on Over already got him on There yo all right and you're following Them on Instagram too right Chinator yeah yep yeah they are y They're following it yep all right all Right go guys there you go man free pair Travis Scot Auction live auction on whatnot rejuven Cleck hey show some love to the whatnot Community man they love it dude hit it Hit it all right dude so you just won Those free pair of Travis Scott Fragments what are you going to do with Them man these are going straight to the Toe no way let let's see let me see Let's see show us the tongue show us the Tongue he's eight he's valid oh he's it That's the size all right I know how That goes let's go I got a size up on Them too so I know how it is man that's What we like to hear straight to the toe Now I know it's going it's going to a Good home going a good home that's what We like to hear man thank you guys I Appreciate it we appreciate you thank You so much thanks so much everybody for Hanging out with us today at Sneaker Con

This has been an epic day we did a lot Of giveaways we bought some shoes we're Going to restore some shoes it's been a Great day hanging out with everybody Here Vic thanks so much for coming out Bud man phoenixon was awesome dude we Got some cheap shoes great time hanging Out with everybody Phoenix sneer card Was great got the hoodie I wanted and it Was great to see Everybody chance gigas Big Owl whatever You want to go by appreciate you guys Rolling through coming out doing some Giveaways a product for us I really Super appreciate it I just want to say Fenix Seager con we had an absolute Blast everybody at the reator team has Been amazing it's been an amazing event I had a lot of fun all right Sneaker Con That's it for me thanks so much have a Great day my show it's my show it's my [Music] [Music] Show