Sneakers you should never pay resell for and why!

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Here are three sneakers you should never Pay resale for so first on the list we Have Nike Dunks now not that Nike Dunks Look bad but the quality is complete There's no way you should be paying over $200 for a sneaker with plastic leather So getting into Sneaker number two we Have any Travis Scott Jordan 1 now I'm a Huge fan of his Jordan 1 collabs but the Fact that these are probably the most Faked sneakers should definitely make You think twice about coping these for Resale like imagine paying $2,000 for For a sneaker that could possibly be Fake so getting into our number three we Have easy slides now yes they may be one Of the most comfortable slides but again They're just slides there's way too many Other options out there that will give You the same look for half the price let Me know in the comments what sneaker Would you never pay resale for