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Foreign what's up guys today I'm looking For the best used sneaker deals at Sneakercon I'm gonna walk around the Event so we can find see if we can get It for good prices and grab as many Pairs as possible so let's do it So we're in Washington DC for sneak con My sock brand Apothecary has a booth There I'm going to man the booth talk About socks and also Walmart to check Out some sneakers because of course the Sneaker Con and I want to see what's Available you guys know me I love Thrifting I want to see what kind of Used sneakers we can find okay so we got A bit of sneakers right here with a lot Of good stuff got some Air Forces oh Look at those fives Got the Yeezys I like these 11s I don't really have any Pairs in mind that I'm trying to grab I'm just looking for the best deal not See anything that I really want but this Is a nice bin did you see anything you Like from that bin No it's a little Um well worn like very well worn that's True oh this is Austin by the way the Co-founder of my soccer Apothecary nice To meet you okay we found another Booth Some used sneakers here some good stuff It looks like this nice green and white Dunks very nice for 60. that's actually A great price so the first pair that we

Came across is a pair of white and green Nike donkeys a pair that I'm not Incredibly interested in but the price Was right it's actually a really good Wearable shoe right especially like not Bad or like Celtics or something like That yeah with your with your uh Eagles Jersey That's not bad man I might actually have To grab it let me see what else I got Because that's actually a really good Price What else do we have we got these ones Right here how much they want for the 165 is not bad for a size nine these DJ Khaled size 10 for 150 dude this fire Red fours for 250 in a size 13 that's a Great price we got the Letterman ones Size 10 for 120. the Neapolitan threes Are very very clean I like these a lot I Wish these are my size I think they're Women's only release yeah do you like Them though this colorways too the color Is nice should I get the dunks dude I Made sixty dollars you can't go wrong I Know I think I'm gonna have to do it Okay first buy of the day we'll get the Dunks these are the Nike dunkai white Stadium green uh this is a pair that I Think you can still buy in Foot Locker And I grabbed it for sixty dollars which Is 60 off of retail price they're worth About 70. there's a potential profit of Like ten dollars on these guys but

Honestly for 60 bucks it's a solid Colorway and a shoe that uh it's Definitely easy to rock Okay so over here we got some good stuff We got some moon rocks right here which I think are used there's no price on Them What's your favorite V1 In front of us okay fair enough So usually when I go to Sneaker Con I End up going before the event actually Opens because I have a booth to set up Or something like that and whenever you Do that you actually have a really great Opportunity check out some of these Booths while they're setting up which I Kind of feel like is a little bit of a Cheat code but it allows you to see what They're going to have on display or for Sale nice Air Jordan one low starfish For 140. Size eight and a half could rock it but It's still a little small some lightning Fours in a size 9 for 220. that's not Bad yo do you like the lightning Force Yeah Dude they got the reimagined threes I love this shoe it's probably my Favorite shoe of this year well not my Favorite but close best before yes Before dude 220 is not bad I already Have two pairs of these no it's worn But that's still not bad they're in Really good condition this might be my

Favorite find I don't need another pair For 20. but I love it We're walking around the event we're Looking at a lot of different boots that Have a lot of different stuff that's Kind of getting pulled out of boxes and Put on tables but we just haven't found Anything that great yet Okay we're at another Booth we got these Size nine used 160 bucks not bad what do You think of this colorway I like it Burgundy yeah I like it too what else we Got we got those uh fire red fours back There for 200 not bad We've got all sorts of stuff here we got The ones that Marina ones very nice very Nice all the Travis's too They got the Travis sixes over there Yeah Look at that fire red five oh they Actually look pretty much new yeah A little bit of yellowing as they do we Got the the low top jeters and there's a Lot of these oh we got these what'd you Think of the Flyknit ones when they First released back in like 2016. no I Was never into this you weren't were you I don't think anyone was you were you Jordan brand sent me a pair and it was a Bread bear I like I bet they're comfy Though they are very comfy they're super Soft they're actually pretty breathable Hold up I would like another pair but I can't

See myself wearing it I mean maybe in like shorts and like a T-shirt or something maybe cozy by the Way what you got on foot today I have Some off-white fours some Emerald Apothecary sides oh very nice let me see Those bad boys they actually match with Their camo look at that very nice first Of all I got the full Apothecary fit got The the black shirt I got the sample Apopka cargos which is yep we got the Apothecary the uh what chocolate pair I Grabbed these at Zumiez actually funny Story even though we have a whole Warehouse of them and then I've got the Doernbecher five sample pair glow in the Dark glow in the dark That's actually very very wearable yeah I would wear this right now oh custom Brett 11's it's like a 2010 Seth Fowler Yeah it really is oh my gosh let's find It mine was nice though mine was nice oh The barber shops all the barber shops Yep these are clean I didn't know it had That um lace lock yeah they do that's Really cool we got the patent bread ones Which I actually would be happy to have Another pair of these are my size oh I Keep saying ooh I keep I keep seeing Something like oh I got the off-like Dunks right here they're the leather Though you don't like the leather as Much no the suede is way better agreed These are our number 27 out of 50.

Wait till you guys You got you found these thrifting yeah Yeah That's crazy That's crazy from Goodwill 25 at Goodwill and they were legit authentic That's nuts bro that's the craziest fun Sweet so what you got for sale what Sneakers uh you know lost and files nice Puerto Rico That's dope The Howard peas Whoa That's wild that's absolutely Around here so that's crazy oh my Goodness How much if you were to sell these how Much would you have to sell them for now They're around five five Yo huge thank you yo you just gave me These man I really appreciate it dude Thank you so much these are awesome These are so sick so we got these on Shopgoodwill.com from uh Columbia out of Portland Oregon right Um they are 1991 uh Air Jordan uh Thai Samples wow we think that these may be The first non-uh Air Jordan basketball Shoes got the seven bottoms That's wild That's crazy yeah very nice see so we Gotta do a new balance you got it my Favorite soccer brand oh I appreciate You so if you're not familiar with Brit

Water she's actually known as the Sneakerhead news reporter because she Always wears sneakers in the news Reports which is super awesome not only That she's also becoming known as a huge Apothecary fan so that's pretty cool Wait where'd you find those Business actually the ones right two Barks that's crazy yeah they were bad Before that's nuts for two bucks yeah The bins is nuts too man into some crazy Stuff replacement staff in so now we're Gonna go back around check for some more Sneakers So far I've only really bought one pair But I'm still on the hunt for more I Feel like I can never get enough Sneakers which is probably why I'm Addicted to sneakers I have some sort of Problem I don't know Why it's here for 50 bucks 50 is Actually not bad at all that's what we Got we got some muggy lucky greens we Got some Jordan one lows size 12 DS how Much are those us 350 size seven they Used I think yeah there's some there's Actually some good used stuff over there In our size oh look at these I love These These are the Christmas ones these Seismic 450 dang it's a lot 4K nine and a half red October for 4K That's a good price but it's used That's a good price though you're gonna Cut yeah you want that shoe you do want

That shoe this Is one of my favorite pairs of Air Jordan twos the infrared twos they would Be your favorite pair of everyone I just Love this pad I don't know why I like it So much it's way too big though but it's Really sick Oh dude we got The Bel-Airs There you this is probably a good price It is definitely a is it my size you Think yeah it's about nine I think I Would grab these I had a pair so back in 2013 Jordan brand had released a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Air Jordan 5 a pair That I actually waited in line for in Philly do you have a box one of my Chance For 110. I know I know I'll take them next up We've got the Kobe 5 belairs from 2013. This is a pair that I've actually had Multiple pairs of in the past I actually Waited overnight for these back in 2013 In college Um and I didn't even end up getting a Pair well so okay I've had one pair of These in the past and I bought a pair For a resale and then I ended up selling It and I regretted it ever since now I Found a pair of these for 120 which I Thought was a really great price and I Still think it is a really great price Unfortunately it's a size 10 I believe So I probably can't rock it but uh for

120 I couldn't pass it up now there's no Box but it's in really good condition I'm gonna take off some of the dirt on The side of the sneaker and on the Midsole the sneaker and the outsole and After checking prices of used pairs of These on eBay and sold listings and Things like that I think I could Probably get around 160 bucks for these Which means we could potentially profit 40 which is not bad that was a decent Pickup dude yeah I think you found this For me I think that's a that's an Awesome point out I did I did I did Foreign Which is where I'm from there's a lot of Raven's fans here and I realized you Know what I've been wanting to buy a Purple pair of shoes for Ravens games For a long time I had some other ones But they were cursed it was a whole big Thing but now I'm trying to find a pair Of shoes I have some stuff in mind but I'm not 100 sure which pair I want to Grab and I think grabbing it at Sneakercon DC It's fitting all right so we're looking For some purple shoes it looks like they Got some good stuff here they got the 13s right here in a size nine for 260 Which is actually not bad these would be Perfect I can't remember if this is the Cursed pair it's the other pair but These are size 11 for 280. these were a

Size nine I would probably have grabbed Those see what else we got those threes Will be perfect too right there Fortunate on someone else's feet what Size you guys have these for Nine and a half how much you guys have Before 220. let's do it I'll do it See I'm gonna have to watch these Um so I grabbed these for 220 in a size Nine and a half I'm a size nine so uh It's not exactly my size they're in Really good condition though the problem Is is that brand new pairs go for 220. I Just I had the pricing mixed up with the Original core purples and uh I made a Mistake so I think I could probably sell These in this condition missing one set Of laces but that's it for 180 bucks Which means that uh in theory we we've Lost forty dollars which is not not Great um probably should have left these Or I probably should have haggled which Is insane that I didn't I was just Really stoked to find a purple pair of Jordans at Washington DC Sneaker Con Which is near Baltimore my home City I'm A Ravens fan so I had to grab a raven Pair of sneakers in DC but I think I Grabbed the wrong pair hold on we got 100 under in this bin right here look at This Some satin fives fire red fives and a Large size we've got the Fiverr scenes Right here look at these These are clean

So I may have screwed up with that Air Jordan one purchase I know that but uh I Might be able to redeem myself with a Find in one of these bins Oh Kobe's Look at these this might be the move Anyone this might be the move 400 how Much do you have the Kobe's for 100 Would you like 80 for him yeah Okay cool you said cash out the Kobe 9 Victory Elites a shoe that I found in This bin of used sneakers I never Thought I'd find Kobe's in a bit of you Sneakers but we did it's size 11 so not Something that I can rock and it's also A uh a silhouette and a colorway that I Don't think is one of the most popular Kobe's out there but brand new this shoe Goes for like 600 which is absolutely Insane but we grabbed this pair in size 11 used with no box eighty dollars and I Think it's worth around 120 which means We probably could flip this for forty Dollars honestly the shoe is my size I Would rock it I'd like to try it out Because I've heard really good things About the Kobe 9s but I've never played In a pair so cool pickup so I'm gonna Let you check all these shoes now Because I want to make sure that all the Pairs we bought are legit the problem is Um if they're not we may be out of luck Because I'm pretty sure everyone who

Sold me the shoes if they are fake are Not going to be here anymore so we're Gonna check them all on the unbox app if You guys haven't checked out the unboxed App I'm a part owner of the app it's an Awesome map basically what you can do With it is categorize your sneakers Trade sneakers legit check sneakers you Do pretty much everything that you need To do with your sneakers other than wear Them on the unbox app you could actually Say that you wore them on the unboxed up And track which shoes you wear on the a Box app which is really cool but uh yeah Short of wearing your sneakers for you The unbox app does everything so if you Guys want to check it out there's a link In the top of the description below also My voice is going I don't know how this Happened Um all right let's do this it's cool Because even if you don't get the Picture exactly right it'll tell you to Retake it it'll be perfect it has like This way of sensing where the sneaker is So that That knows exactly Which angle to take it with Now I'm not going to make you guys watch Me do every sneaker because there's like Four pairs of sneakers but I'm gonna do All of them make sure they're all legit And let you guys know later on in the Day once I get the results back

I'm rejuvenated I'm ready to go my voice Is going but I'm excited about finding More sneaker deals yo they got the Unreleased easy slides dude I've never Seen them in person that's wild that's Crazy honestly I don't know if I've seen Them in they're cool even a picture no They yeah they did pictures of them a Little while ago and I thought they were Gonna drop they never did Oh wait us Those are cool it looks like it's my Size too there's a tag in there what's It say whoa What the price says it's not my size but The size is my size That's not bad dude how is that bad 800 For nine and a half I mean that's about Going I'd say I have no idea but that's Not what I'm doing probably one of my Favorite off-whites I got super excited about team bins I Love Ben some for reals very nice you Got the LeBrons I remember when these Dropped oh we got dude off-white Vapor Maxes you know look at this this is a Size eight for sure maybe Eight and a half you can fit it I Probably could this would squish my foot Without Royals right here 300 nice nice Nice nice so I got some nice new used Stuff right here You guys are pretty clean these Air Maxes 100 or less

Oh wow okay great Sick okay so for some reason at this Particular Sneaker Con there's a lot of Booths with like 100 or under bins which You don't usually see a lot of at least In my experience at Sneaker cons I Usually see like two or three I'm really Excited to check out this bin and uh I'm Seeing a couple pairs that I really want How much do you have in these 100 yeah I'll take them perfect awesome man thank You we grabbed these shoes from the 100 Section at a booth I was able to barter Them down I thought this was my size I Thought it was a men's size nine it's Not it's women's size nine and uh Unfortunately because of that I'm gonna Have to sell this pair even though this Was a pair that I genuinely wanted to Rock because I actually think it's Pretty clean I mean it kind of looks Like a clown shoe I'm not gonna lie but It's a good like beater Air Jordan one So I bought the shoe for 95 and I think It's worth around 110 which means if we Were to flip this shoe we should be able To profit around 15 bucks which is not Bad how much did you want for these guys 100 Oh what size are they 10. I'll take these two if you would you Do like 180 for both 5190 okay let's do It and then the final pickup of the day The second of the two shoes that we

Grabbed was this pair of Air Jordan 6 Carmines in a size 10 it has the box I Love this pair of shoes and the prices Are dropping on this pair so I probably Should grab a pair of My Size because I Really want a pair of Carmines a little Bit of yellowing on the outsole but not Not too bad honestly and again we Grabbed these for 95 bucks after Checking these guys out I think I could Probably sell these for around 140 which is not bad which means we'd Have a profit of 45 which is pretty Solid and uh it's honestly a really Great shoe if I had found these in my Size I would have kept them okay I Didn't mean to keep mine things I really Thought I was gonna stop on day one but I got more So I run into Anderson blue who's this Artist that I've been following for a While I met him at sneakercon a couple Years ago he does this really cool Sneaker inspired art and I actually Picked up one of his pieces before and He actually has a really huge following On Tick Tock doing tutorials and other Really cool art pretty much what I do is Take my love of sneakers basketball pop Culture put them together and I make Artwork so behind me I have my Collection two different things my Sneaker transformation series that's Pretty much why I take the sneaker the

Story behind the sneaker mix it together You get stuff like this just like we see With the Gundam just like what you see With the uh the elephant print design And stuff like that but at the end of The day I'm just a fan of basketball Sneakers so I'm just trying to you know Show my appreciation for the culture Laughs So shout out to rejuvenator for let me Check out these Air Jordan 1 Royal Reimagines early they had them at their Booth they're absolutely insane so I'm Walking past the rejuvenator booth and I Spot this really crazy pair that I Actually had never seen in person it's These suede Air Jordan 1 Royal Reimaginance a pair that I think comes Out in like four or five months so Seeing it at sneakercon is pretty wild And I had to get my hands on it and Check it out I got the information back from unboxed About whether the shoes that I bought Yesterday were authentic and it looks Like they're all verified Fives the Kobe's and the ones now I Didn't authenticate the dunks because I Bought them for 60 bucks and they're Still in Foot Locker so I didn't think I Needed to but I could always do that I Also inputted the uh the women's Air Jordan Ones that I just bought I'm gonna Do the Carmines next but so far so good

All right we literally just sold out of Everything everything's gone shout out To everyone coming to the booth and say What's up we really appreciate you guys It means a lot when you guys come say What's up grab socks hang out it's it's Been a blast all right so guys we are Finally back from Sneaker Con and I Bought way too many pairs of sneakers it Wasn't on purpose I didn't mean to but Uh I got crazy obviously guys I was There for Apothecary Apothecary as my Sock brand if you guys haven't heard of It you guys should definitely check it Out there's a link in the top of the Description below not only that we've Also got this really awesome Collaboration coming up with Hess kicks Fellow sneaker YouTuber and it's Absolutely fire it's based off of some Of Portland's most iconic landmarks for Example like the PDX carpet and it's one Of my favorite collections that we've Dropped so far I absolutely love it and Even though I I've never even been to Portland I'm not gonna lie to you guys Um I think they're great looking hiking Socks personally that's what I'll wear Them for but huge shout out to Hess Kicks he's an incredible sneaker YouTuber you guys should definitely Check him out and definitely check out His collection when it officially drops On July 21st huge thank you to everyone

Who came out and said what's up I really Appreciate meeting you guys it's awesome Getting to hear what you guys think of The channel and your suggestions and Comments and just to support you guys Give me I really appreciate it and I Really can't thank you guys enough and Also thank you for the support of the Brand we just hit our three year Anniversary at Apothecary which is Absolutely insane but uh I guess on that Note let's finish off the video thank You all so much for watching and I will See you all in the next one