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Guys I might have found something crazy Grabbing them What I'm going on a crazy road trip Across the country to buy an entire Sneaker collection and along the way I'm Hitting every Nike outlet let's see what We can find There's about three Nike outlets on the Way from where I'm coming from to where I'm going and I'm going to try and hit All of them and hopefully we find Something crazy now I don't know exactly What's going to be there last time we Went outlet shopping we found like Sakais we found Um ambushes we found a lot of really Good stuff and uh I think this time Around we might be able to find Hopefully something better Let's check the back walls the first Thing I'm seeing is this pair of Utilities in size nine That gold and silver pair for 149. Plus an additional 30 off so that's Around 100 bucks a little bus oh we got Some 11's here too some 11 Low IES size Nine and a half For 169. hold up we got some 14s over Here nuts these are a size five 179. So not a size that I think would be Worth picking up But uh kind of crazy to see so many like Jordan Retros here hold up We got ones right here brand new

180 size 8 grabbing them grabbing them These are the taxi ones that's crazy Air Jordan one taxis a shoe which released About a year or two ago it didn't really Do that well when it first dropped but Now I mean prices have leveled out a Little bit to where it's retail or a Little bit above wait hold up we got one In the Box here let's go to the box one Oh This one's worn though I wonder if we can switch them down are They some size size eight Size eight let's switch them out and While no it's not really a shoe that you Could flip for a lot of money I love the Air Jordan one it's my favorite Silhouette and seeing a pair of these Shoes on the hash wall at the Nike Outlet for 30 off I had to check it out All right so we switched The Knockout The Box grabbing these for sure and from What I can tell the full retail price of This pair of shoes is 180 and if it's Really 30 off off this back wall we're Gonna get it for like 126 which is Amazing for this pair of shoes and we've Got more of these 11s I didn't want to Grab a pair of these actually because 169 is not bad plus 30 off see if we can Find a box that's in good condition size Nine and a half let's check them out Yeah they're brand new shoot let's grab Them the other shoe that I'm seeing is

This pair of Air Jordan 11 Low IES a Shoe that I'm not particularly fond of It's not a sneaker that I have any Nostalgia towards I also think it's kind Of ugly but uh I've never seen these at The outlet before now there are a bunch Of pairs of these on the wall so I'm Assuming that they're not really a pair That anyone wants but uh you never see Air Jordan 11s at the outlet so I'm very Tempted to pick this shoe up Foreign This is actually tempting because I have A pair I haven't worn them yet but They're on the clock that's why I Haven't worn them so I kind of want to Buy a pairs to wear and they've got a Bunch of good sizes nines tens oh this Is tempting man but it's full retail so You probably get it cheaper online So I'm gonna leave them a lot of you Guys in the comments like saying like oh You never checked the prices well I just Don't like doing that in store which is Probably dumb but I know these go for a Little bit less than retail so I'm gonna Leave them I only have some ambushes Over here in a size seven and a half These ones are one compared to the ones We picked up last time but uh really Cool to see them 190 so full retail Subtract 30 so like subtract 60 bucks It's actually a really good price but Just a small size size seven and a half

You know what I'm thinking about these 11s again and I feel like they're Probably just not Worth it and I'm just going on this huge Trip I know making a bunch of excuses But I'm gonna leave them because I just Don't need them so all said and done I Decided to not go with the Air Jordan 11s because I just don't even want it I Don't think it's going for anything on Any resale side so I'm gonna leave it But I am going to grab the Air Jordan 1 Taxis because it's a shoe that I really Love and it's an insane price okay one Good pickup happy with that So we're at the Nike refurbished section And the first thing I'm saying is this Pair of eagles Pegasus We're out in Pittsburgh which is kind of Great we'll pass Pittsburgh now but kind Of crazy to see those I've also got some LeBrons some LeBron next chance for how Much 80 bucks not bad half of retail We got some fly ease for 60. So not bad I'm not seeing too much oh here we go What's this this is the Air Jordan 36 low For how much 88 and then some Air Max 95s 488 also not bad these are expensive Usually 175. We've got some Jordan 37 hairs here for 93 refurbish got more of these 11s I'm

Assuming there's a bunch of them in the Outlet in multiple Outlets I'm probably Not going for anything so I'm gonna Leave them but I still didn't check them Out yet I probably should check them out On my phone just to make sure that They're not worth anything oh what are These oh no no no the new retro one low Is good on those Got a bunch of these Jordan mids For how much 125 is not bad I might Actually get a pair of these and we've Got Nike vapormax pluses in this blue Color and of course 30 off Foreign Section we've got the Valentine's Day Ones which is kind of cool Probably retail yeah 150 the standard Retail on these guys A bunch of Air Forces over here we've Got some good colorways too we've got This white and green It's interesting like blue almost like Shishiko Air Force You've got these nice uh wheat Air Forces which I really dig and then this Stunt right here for retail 125. not bad So at the second Nike outlet I'm not Finding anything nothing on the hash Wall nothing in the shelves literally Nothing there's not even any good Clothes here we've got the Jason Tatum 37s a whole bunch of them too wow I Really thought there was nothing here

And then I'm seeing everything but right Before I decided to leave I noticed Something out of the corner of my eye And I'm like there's no way this is Actually here hold up so we got some UNC One lows oh my goodness that's crazy Hidden sort of in between some other Sneakers is a full-size run of the Air Jordan 1 low powder blues a shoe which Just released a couple months ago is one Of my favorite releases of the last Couple months because it's so clean and So wearable and there's a full size one Here I'll try and grab my size Holy bro that's nuts I did not expect to Find these and I really wanted these too And honestly I don't really know what This shoe is going for I know that it is Sold out online and that pretty much Every store that I go to in fact I Haven't seen a pair of these at any Stores that I go to so seeing these at The outlet is pretty crazy okay let's Make sure they're in here And like degrades anything wow this is Crazy I'm so stoked to find these that's Nuts I wonder if it's like a buy one Only because I'm definitely grabbing This to keep Nuts okay for now I'm just gonna grab One of these Uh in my size and then maybe come back For another one I don't know I feel like I'm not supposed to but I might this is

Crazy and this is actually a pair of Shoes that I really want personally a Pair of shoes that I really would love To have so I'm gonna grab it it seems Like it's full retail so I'm not getting Any good deal it's worth picking up Foreign So two outlets down one more to go it's About 80 miles away I got some just Awful awful Pizza like the worst pizza I've ever had Um I saw a bunch of it I was too hungry And I grabbed it thinking it'd be you Know half decent but it's not uh so Maybe I'll grab some more food at the Next outlet but dude finding those Air Jordan 1 lows at this Outlet was Absolutely insane I did not expect to Find them I've seen them online like People were finding them at Outlets I Think in Florida which is where a lot of People find stuff for some reason Um but yeah I found them there was a Full-size run I kind of wanted to grab More I wasn't allowed to I could only Grab one but um cool to see man so yeah I'm about to cross border into Ohio and I'm gonna go to the Nike outlet and I Think the next Nike outlet is like right In between Cleveland and Akron so like Right in Lebron territory so uh we'll See what we can find maybe some dope LeBrons I don't know Another reason I want to grab this shoe

Is because my sock brand Apothecary is Dropping this brand new Turkish rug Collection which would match perfectly With this pair of Air Jordan Ones There's four different colors tan blue Red some other versions of red it's a Super super clean collection probably One of my favorite collections we've Ever dropped and uh it's dropping this Friday at 11 A.M Eastern Time on Apothecare.com if you guys want to grab Any of the pairs for yourself but uh I Think this powder blue pair of Jordan Ones would go perfectly with a lot of The socks in that collection so that's Another reason why I'm grabbing it not Just because I love it but also because I'm thinking of the whole outfit foreign So we are right in between Toledo Ohio And Cleveland Ohio at the final Nike Outlet and I just noticed that there's Actually a New Balance store here which Is crazy I have not seen a New Balance Outlet at any of these outlet malls We've been to which uh is kind of Disappointing because I love New Balance So I'm excited to check this place out Hopefully we find something crazy and uh After what started at 8 30. it's 5 p.m Now After uh let's say nine hours worth of Driving you know what I'm okay to stop At a couple outlets and just chill for a Minute we still got like four hours left

To go for the rest of the journey and uh I just need a break so let's go head up The New Balance Outlet and then the Nike Outlet and see if we can find anything Well All right so the rest of the drive is Gonna suck Fresh Foam Evo Z's A bunch of them actually And then fresh from 1080 v12s which is a Pair that I wear a lot and then also the Fresh foam Exmore V4 which is cool So some decent stuff for cheap once you Finish that means retail got a bunch of 550s The colorways orange and white blue and White red and white We've got a bunch of odegas here too Look at this on the back wall in both Colorways ankle wise what I didn't know They had a back wall like this that's Crazy we've got brand new bodegas For 80 bucks that's crazy I'm gonna grab A pair of these it's actually a pair of The bodega New Balance 574 collabs Actually in both colorways they had a Full size run of each 30 off too okay There's also another discount added on Top of the already reduced price to make It like 54 bucks Look at that fresh So this is a no-brainer I already have a Pair of these but uh it never hurts to

Have two also you may have noticed I'm Actually rocking some new balances on Foot I've got the ald New Balance 1906 RS which I really like With my Apothecary socks You know how it is and personally There's something about that yellow Suede that I just think is fire I like The blue one but the yellow one in my Opinion is the way to go this one looks Like the smallest one of the day so I'm At the third and final outlet for the First day of the trip I'm hoping to hit Some more Outlets later on in the trip But at least for my solo leg of the Journey this is it I've got a bunch of Air more up tempos and we've got some Flyknit Air Force Ones in this wild like Green Planet for sale 130. got some Little bronze right here these are LeBron twos in this blue and white Colorway for 149 way off retail which is Awesome Hold up what are these the golf Guys These are the golf ones for one okay Full retail so we've checked these out The last outlet they don't go for Anything more than full retail but Really cool to see these are my size I Would absolutely grab them but Unfortunately they're size 15. it's like More of the same So unfortunately oh wait we got Toro Sixes right here Toro sixes for how much

For 200 full retail so not worth it but We're running Toro sixes you can come Here the outlet and looking through the Men's section of the hash wall I'm not Finding much but then I go over to the Women's section and I notice a pair of Air Jordan threes oh hold up we got some Threes Oh man we got some threes for 200 size 11 nine and a half youth nine and a half Men's That's not bad I might grab these now this is actually A really cool pair of Threes it just Released earlier this year it's actually The Air Jordan 3 lucky green it only Released in women's sizing but extended Women's sizing which means it goes up to Like a men's size 12 or 13. so you just Have to know the conversion between Women's sizes and men's sizes it's Always like a size and a half down so This is a size 11 women's which means It's a size nine and a half men's and uh You never find threes at the outlet at Least not threes that are this clean so For me this is a definite cop I don't Have a pair of these I'm not sure if I'm Gonna keep this pair but it's a shoe That I like to know I have the option to Keep because it is a size nine and a Half of course because they're on the Wall I'll get them for 30 off so 30 off 200 60 bucks it's at 140. that's

Definitely worth it so the price of this Shoe is 140 which is awesome I mean That's an insane price for this pair of Sneakers it is missing the box top but Still great price Here we got some Cardinal Sevens and Some uh Blue and black Air Jordan 13s pretty Nice 150 and 150. I'm so tempted to grab these again I Regret it getting rid of them they're so Fire so before I'm about to leave this Third Outlet I noticed that they also Have pairs of Nike dunkai be true to Your schools in purple and black this is A shoe that I've bought so many times Before usually in my size and usually I End up selling it and then regretting it Immediately after I don't know I don't Think I need him but for 125 Shoot maybe I'll grab them now this time Around it's gonna be a little bit Different I have this what not stream Coming up which I think by the time this Video comes out will already be over but Uh I need a size 11 just to kind of fill Out the rotation and uh you know what It's a great pair of shoes people love Nike Dunks and uh I'm just gonna grab it In a size 11. so it's not for me but Someone will be able to enjoy it and It's crazy because I still haven't found A pair of shoes to wear to this upcoming

Ravens game I probably should have Bought a size 9 again uh because I still Haven't found the pair of shoes that I Want to wear to this upcoming Ravens Game or the next couple Ravens games but I didn't grab it in my size so instead Someone else is going to get it for Probably less than I paid for it so go For them not so great for me Very successful So I made it to Michigan super late the Night before I think it was like 10 or 11 which I guess isn't that late but When you get up at 6 30 to leave it Feels late so guys we have just met up With chase after the right price and Sky Guy on the chase after the right uh Right price Channel and we're gonna be Doing some Nike outlet shopping today Which I'm stoked about I'm excited and Uh as I would say you guys are not Non-speaker heads but you guys Definitely like you know I would say we Are not okay okay and the plan is for Today to film some videos with Chase and His team buy that sneaker collection Which if you guys want to check out the Full video there will be a link at the Top of the screen because by the time This video comes out that video will Already be out but uh after we're done All that we're gonna go thrifting and Outlet shopping but uh we're gonna try And find some pairs that you might like

I'm very excited so I'm stoked also Taking the apostle uh Oh man even I had time to put my bear on Okay so I guess let's do it let's see What we can find let's get it and I'm Really excited about this because not Only do I love their YouTube channels Chase after the right price and Caterpie Crew I'm also really excited to take People who don't really follow sneakers To the Nike outlet and see if we can Find anything crazy and get their Opinions as people who would just go to Buy sneakers for themselves and not just To collect sneakers so it's gonna be a Good day and I'm excited Foreign So our first stop is the Nike outlet in Michigan and it's actually the first Nike outlet that I've been to in Michigan okay so I always check the back Wall Over here because they have a lot of Stuff there's like a lot of returns here They're all 30 off which is great They're categorized by sizes so you got Five and I just check every size too Because you never know if you're gonna Find something crazy these are actually A really clean pair of LeBrons I mean They're a little wild but I'm surprised A little bit but they're cheap they're What 99 plus 30 off to 70 bucks these Are um Air Zoom Flight 95s if you want

For that retro okay He's got these really clean white and Green Air Force Ones oh I like those Yeah these are nice what size are these Your size 10 right oh size 10. and They're they're 100 so they're gonna be Seventy dollars I'll be honest nothing's Blowing my mind right now oh you've got In a size probably 14 oh 18 size 18 or Jordan one left they're staying size is He really a size 18 he's like 14. he's Really big yeah oh my gosh next to size 10 in a size nine eighteen so your Favorite still is Air Force Ones It's gonna be it's gonna be fair not Enough for me to pull the trigger yep Now unfortunately for Chase and Skyler Um this Nike outlet sucks so there's Nothing here it's not a great first Nike Outlet experience selection was okay I Didn't really know what to expect to be Honest Yeah I'm hoping to find something I'm I'm looking for Fair enough that's cool it's all right Yeah we can do better okay cool let's do It but that's fine the Nike outlet is Not the only place we're gonna hit today We're also gonna stop by some Plato's Closets do some sneaker thrifting and Maybe hit some game stores which if you Guys haven't really known this about me I'm really big into Retro Gaming and uh I'm super stoked to check out some of

Their retro game stores okay so we are Heading up Plato's Closet right after The Nike outlet see if there's anything In here Chase is still looking for some Uh some sneaker deals and so Skyler yeah So let's uh see what we can find let's Get it We've got some new Pumas here we're Almost new for 50th well more than I'd Be willing to pay for them but size 11. So these are Jordan hybrids I forget the Exact name but it's like a mashup of Like the 11 the sevens the twelves I'm Sure there's other ones in there I'm not Recognizing 60s too much they were at The outlet that I was at uh before I met Up with you guys oh yeah yep they've got These two they've got some nice ones Are 75 I saw Probably not probably exactly what They're going for I should say it's the First I've never seen those in my life Dessert hey there's something they're Shoes they have two bucks they are shoes You got some Air Max 974. 60. they do go on your feet I'll be Honest I'm not seeing anything crazy but Again it's like a thrift store you never Know what you're gonna find and Frustratingly enough it seems like they Know pretty much what they have In terms of pricing that's why places Like Plato's like Usually for Nikes and LeBrons and

Jordans and things you don't it's harder To find deals stuff like the Brooks and The hokas and the things where they Don't they're just like oh it's just Another pair of Brooks you know it's Anything that they assume that they Might be hide behind they're gonna price Like a typed Sorry Charlie So what have you guys seen that you've Liked obviously there's not like a lot Of variety but you do this are my Favorite shoes here oh really yeah they Are nice what size are they size 11. all Right a little too big you know what They might have if we shoot I didn't Even think of that they might have had Those at the outlet that would just walk Past I don't like them enough to buy Them but fair enough the competition is Low here all right this is all right Yeah it's not bad this is all right let Me check out the Bryce and that guy too Because it could be let me see what year It's from I actually don't know when It's released They also one thing I didn't tell you Guys but they have a date range uh right There underneath the SKU number so it Says like the manufacturing date so April 27 2022 oh it's from 2022 to July 30th 2022. so it's a new release it's Probably not worth anything but I'll Check it out just in case okay so

Unfortunately it doesn't look like we Have anything here it's on to the next Spot so unfortunately this Plato's Closet also sucks so not a great first Impression for Chase as far as sneaker Thrifting and uh Nike outlet shopping But it's fine we got a couple more stops That'll be fair I think in a lot of These cases like I think if I were to Look up every shoe I'd find you know Some decent value but I just don't I Don't I don't blame it Cool these guys are professionals these Guys literally do this for a living Except not with sneakers with everything Else so I'd say right yeah okay so you Guys are you guys are the authorities Here so We're taking a break from outlet Shopping and sneaker thrifting to hit up A game store called Second Chance gaming Which is a place that uh looks Incredible and I've actually heard of Before but seeing it in person is pretty Amazing they've got retro games from Every era whether it's NES SNES N64 all The handheld consoles PS2 Xbox 360 just Everything but uh for me personally I'm Just looking at N64 games because I'm Trying to build not a complete N64 Collection but grab all the games that I Grew up with alright so we're hitting up Another Plato's Closet let's go this is

The one this is the ones we got this so Just down the street from the game store There's actually another Plato's Closet And I figured why not check that out Can't be as bad as the first one all Right so we've got some uh Court Force Things I don't know what these are some Brand I've never heard of we got some Snoopy guys right here that's pretty Cool no idea what those are we've got Some Champs Okay this is probably not the shelf for Us Let's say same thing it's quite simple There you go Oh wait we got some dunks Chase here we Go Those are sweet those are cool they are Cool but the problem is the price is Makes them not cool oh my God 30 120 pounds Even 250. it's a great shoe yeah it is Here let me check to see how much They're going for actually but I don't Think that's uh feels High that's a Workable price for me to be honest with You with size 11 too not worth it with The box too my dad we you guys might Have found something crazy I'm just Gonna really get you and now it's not The craziest thing in the world but There's two there's two here can you Guys guess which two it is nice okay That's one of them

Now neither one is like crazy I haven't Checked the price neither but what Series going for Skyler what's the uh 75 All right that's probably about like This one all right here a little bit of Wear what's your guess I'm gonna guess They have this price like 80 or 90. 75 75 okay I was gonna that's annoying I Was gonna say 75 and I went for the high These are actual Jordans yeah they're Not bad yeah those are the uh the sixes Those are the midnight navies I think is The official colorway not bad and then Who is this guy that's Pharrell so these Are the first so this is his brand uh Billionaire Boys Club okay and this a Couple years ago this would have gone For thousands but unfortunately they Released it after all the hype Wisconsin Now it's probably worth about 75. I'll Check that I'll check the comps on eBay Just to make sure but it's really cool To see that it's nice to see something Like that yeah it is yes that is huge Yes it looks like it's barely worn too So it's in great condition it might be It honestly might be worth it I'll check Those guys out but Pharrell's just aren't moving the way That they used to so going through these Plato's we've already found a couple Decent sneakers nothing that I want to Grab to resell or even keep but I'm Happy to show chase that there's

Actually some value at Sneaker thrifting And at Sneaker outlet stores and places Like that so these go for about 90-120 Which is for 75 is not bad but it's Probably a slower mover and honestly After fees To break here and break even yeah but Cool shoe kind of a bummer and what's Crazy is that the more that we look Through this store the more that I find Like at first glance I didn't see Anything but going through each one of These aisles I keep finding like Jordan 11s or Jordan sixes or Jordan Sevens They're all priced pretty much exactly What they go for on eBay but if you're Looking to grab a used pair of Jordans And you find a pairing your size that You like it's worth picking it up here Because you're gonna save on shipping And fees okay so those are nice so this Puma is really nice it looks a lot They're pretty neat yeah your size Not nice enough Unfortunately we didn't grab anything at This Plato's Closet but it was nice to Know that we can find stuff in Michigan Uh really quick just to let you guys Know I also grabbed some other video Games that you guys didn't see I got um NFL Street too which I'm stoked on Chase's recommendation and then uh Donkey Kong Country so not only is Chase Into Retro video gaming and really

Anything Nostalgia he also loves Pokemon So we went to a Barnes Nobles to grab Some Pokemon cards for him and uh not Gonna say I was peer pressured but uh I Would I bought a box too yeah spent 50 Bucks I don't have any Pokemon cards It was an impulse purchase it was I was Forced to do it I wasn't but I was I'm Really excited about this let's wrap it Open let's do it let's do it okay so the Way I'm gonna do this is I'm gonna have Us each open a couple packs because I Feel like you know I don't have the luck That you guys have so I feel like it's Probably better to to let you guys rip a Couple Um I also don't know anything about this Particular set so I'm just gonna leave All oh they do yeah they have sleeves All right a good amount um okay so we Got how many packs eight I haven't opened Pokemon cards in a Minute so I'm stoked on this I'm ready Okay There he is so right when we were about To crack some of these packs which was About to unleash this huge wave of Nostalgia over me Um that sounded weird to say one of the Employees from the game store that we Had just gone to actually walks up to Our car and knocks on her window and Says

Pokemon cards oh no way like I just Wanted to see if you're still over here Because like it's like a tupperware full Of stuff I think they're in there I Should check it out yeah we're literally Opening Pokemon cards as we speak I know he doesn't even care yeah we're Gonna come in Let's Do It All right yes We're going I actually just found something pretty Good oh wow So chase ends up grabbing the entire Collection and uh we're on to the next Spot So we end off the day at Rocket Comics Which is this really cool comic and toy Store we don't really have that much Like this in Philly I mean there are Some spots that are really solid uh but They're kind of far from where I live so I don't get to go out to them too often So it was really cool to see one of the Best toy stores that I've ever been to I Mean they had vintage Star Wars Legos I Guess not really vintage I was playing With them when I was a kid so like back In like the 90s they had Star Wars Legos They had GI Joes they had pretty much Every kind of toy genre that you could Ever want they had cards and they even Had some games not as much as I think Any of us wanted but it was a really Cool spot and a great way to end the day Well guys that pretty much wraps up the

Day with chase after the right price and Sky guy we found some good stuff what Did you do you mind really quickly Showing me uh what she grabbed outside Of um the no sneakers that we grabbed so I'm very excited about the Pokemon card Score that we literally bought from a Guy that brought them to a game store I Still can't believe that happened There's some good cars in there too Um this box excites me this guy oh nice Look at that glorious wow so some of the Best Buy lots of empty boxes and stuff Okay I can use empty boxes because I had A lot of loose games that need boxes so Heck of a day and unfortunately for Skyler and Chase's first sneaker Shopping Journey we weren't able to find Anything but it was still a good time And I would do it again it was exciting To chase after the right price today That was a blast it didn't happen today But guys if you haven't checked out Their Channel make sure to hit that Subscribe button to their Channel both Of their channels which are linked in The description below hit the Subscribe Button to my channel if you haven't done That yet I would hope that you have but If you haven't it's cool too and with That being said see you guys in the next One see ya Bart will do