What sneakers can you find at the Nike Outlet right now? Come with me to my local Nike Factory stores to see what wild sneakers we can find!

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It's up here this Outlet's got a lot Going on man eating good in the Neighborhood today I'm going to as many Sneaker Outlets as I can in one day to Find the best sneaker deal and in Today's video we find some crazy stuff So let's get to it so the sneaker Market Is down but that does not mean that Sneakers a dead in fact it's easier now Than ever to find great deals on Amazing Sneakers at the outlets and while I Usually go to just the Nike outlets in These videos because that's usually Where the best stuff is in today's video I decided to hit up some other outlets And I actually find some pretty amazing Stuff so with all that being said let's Dive right into it Remain all right so right in the front Door the first thing I'm seeing we got Some of the bre re imagins in a Size definitely Grade School uh 8 wi Maybe for 100 not bad we got the white And gold ones for 180 and then the craft 3es for 210 what size these are actually Dope size nine I might actually grab Those look look at This that's wild they have a full size On of the the ones they got the twos Still for 109 I got more two Low's for 99 it's a Great Price Infrareds for $129 and you got the 13s for

159 that's wild so many good Jordans on The Shelf today at the outlet this is Wild hold up I didn't even notice these We got the one Low's for 109 what a Crazy price that's amazing in a bunch of Different sizes I'm going to have to Grab a bunch of stuff here today this is Wild you know what I'm going to grab These as well cuz the price is crazy That's crazy definitely grabbing those Should I grab a pair of these too They've got N9 and a half actually They've got nine as Well I might but they're full retail Though so I'm not sure these ones at 109 That's a definite cop these ones not as Sure about okay get to the back wall see What we got got the acronyms still we've Got some really nice 97s some LeBron we got the Blazers the Sakai for for 54 that's a crazy price I Guess no one wants them we've got these Air Max pluses I don't know if you guys Saw my review of The Air Max Plus drifts That I dropped a little while ago you Guys should check that out if you Haven't yet Link at the top of the Screen but really clean colorway in a Size eight got some dunk eyeses down Here for 99 size 11 and2 weird color way Though don't love that color way didn't Even notice this we've got some golf one Lows for 140 and some more fear 3es for probably

30% off 20% off so 20% off that would be Like 40 something Off like 40 shoot 45 50 off that's not bad down To like 140 my math is terrible 160 I Don't know doesn't matter either way Great price what are These what Air Max one86 OG Nrgs I've never seen these Before I really have no idea what these Are let me check these guys out cuz I I Really have no Clue all right so I looked these up These are the golf Air Max 1 86s with The big bubble it's like a patriotic Version of some kind I've literally Never ever seen these before the tongue Is kind of cool you got American Flag I dig that oops R in the Box for How much 180 with 20% Off what is that that is like you know That's just a decent amount off that's a Decent amount Off I'm not sure if I want them but Really cool to see them got some more Fears crazy to see so many Fe years such A fire shoe got some dunks down here What we got blue black and yellow dunks Which I might have actually seen last Time I was here having so much trouble Picking them up there're size 14 looks like full retail plus 20% off Pretty cool all right let's check some Of the regular aisles see what we can

Find got a bunch of roshi for $39.99 $29.99 for some really good colorways Man this is so crazy to see them this Price like I remember back in the day Was crazy back in like 2012 these were Going for for crazy resale especially Colorways like this I don't know if this One in particular maybe this one I don't Remember dude it's been over 10 years But still like this was the ultra boost Before the ultra Boost got a bunch of blazers over Here pretty nice colorways for 59 what are these Heritage vogs okay not Bad got some big swoosh Blazers right Here what are these called Blazer mid Jumbos all right over here we got Some Nike Dunk Low's pretty clean not a Lot of sizes though super clean colorway Though I love the green I love the Maroon 115 not bad got some mids for 69 That's awesome oh no way we got the Air Max Scorpions on sale for 149 I remember When these dropped I was so excited and Then they came out and I was like ah They don't feel as good as I was hoping It's because of this plastic right here This TPU like you don't feel any of the Air underneath but here we got the Billy Ishes for 69 off of 180 that's crazy if You were looking for these now is the Time they got a full size run too this Still looks like fingers even in the Olive colorway all right let's check out

The women's section we got a lot of the Same stuff got these ones right here for $149 not a bad price got the Lany got The twos got the amam still for $189 now That's a great price actually these are My size I would cop but they don't have Them these guys are finally at a Reasonable price they kept like going For 200 and while they're an OG while They're a dope shoe you could get them Online for cheaper so it's nice to see Them go for a competitive price they got Some more twos over here the white fire Red sale colorway we got the 13s over Here as well the wheat 13s pretty cool To see them we have them men's sizes too Ooh we got the the Royal ones that's Crazy did I get my wife's size of these I don't remember I'm might have to get My wife's size you know what I'm going To let's do it they look Good again another shoe that I don't Love it still deserves more hype than it Got eating good in the neighborhood Today man oh man almost knocked over my Plant man oh man man we' found some Crazy stuff today stuff that uh you know I didn't expect I'll be honest with you First off I should show you guys the uh The stuff that's not so sneaker heavy And it's just kind of more of a personal Pickup uh I got some running shorts and Then I also got some more golf pants Because whenever I go to the Nike outlet

These are too big let's dive into the Actual sneakers that I picked up the First pair that I grabbed very clean Pair of shoes this is a pair for my wife You've got the Royal one reimagines in My wife size brand new um it's crazy how Much this shoe has dropped in value um Even at the Outlet I think I got it for What so I got it for 140 oh that is that Is retail okay I got these for retail I'm sure I could have gotten them Cheaper online but usually when you pay Like stockx fees and eBay fees and goat Fees it ends up being you know $ 20 to $30 more expensive and that would have Made it about the same and in PA there's No sales tax on sneakers so I got this For 140 even pretty solid pickup Hopefully the wife likes them I've been Buying her a lot of sneakers recently Mainly because I've been doing a lot of Outlet shopping recently and that's why I did get her the bread Forest which you Guys might have seen in my I I think it Was my Allstar unboxing Allstar sneaker Unboxing something like that got her Those on the Nike sneakers app my first W in a while on that app but next up so This is a pair of shoes that I've Actually gotten before at the Nike Outlet got these Air Jordan one low University Reds these usually retail for What like 160 170 got these for 109 Which is unbelievable that's just the

Price that they're going for now at the Nike outlet there was a bunch at every Nike outlet that I went to not to spoil Anything for you but a lot of pairs of These available so if you're looking for These hit up your Nike outlet you can Get it for 109 I'm sure the prices have Dropped a lot on the resale Market just Because they're selling for so cheap at The Nike outlet but incredibly clean Pair of sneakers great for the upcoming Summer I don't know it's awesome grab a Size N9 and a half oh size 10 I could Rock it I may or may not I might throw It on what not I'm not sure yet but Awesome pair of shoes uh okay the final Pair of shoes we picked up Was this pair of Air Jordan 3 crafts now I'll be honest with you I was not a huge Fan of these when they first dropped but Actually seeing this in person they're Pretty clean they are pretty pretty Clean now I'm not really a huge fan of The double paneling it definitely looks Like what an off-white Air Jordan 3 Would look like if Virgil ever dropped It uh but it's cool I love that there's A Nike Air on the back with the Jumpman Over top on the heel tab you've also got The double Jumpman on the tongue it's a Pretty dope looking pair of sneakers if It had dropped like 2 or 3 years ago Maybe it would have been hyped but Either way I think I got these for how

Much let's see I think it was 20% off Retail retail was 210 I got these Four full retail Really full retail I thought I got 20% Off man all right well full retail I Actually don't know what these go for on Stockx I probably should have checked But I was stoked on these they are a Size N9 and a half so I can rock these And I might Rock these um pretty dope Pair of sneakers it almost feels like a Treasure hunt or like when I go to yard Sales and I find crazy stuff the stuff That I find at the Nike outlet I usually I usually end up liking more than the Stuff that I just buy for resale mainly Because there's that story behind it of Like searching out and finding it that's Not always the case in fact in most Cases that's not well at least for the Stuff in my collection I just buy the Stuff that I like but for stuff like This it's more of a gr I buy the stuff That I like from the Nike outlet because I found it for a good price and it's got A good story behind it if that makes Sense so that outlet was actually kind Of stacked and apparently in that same Outlet mall there was a couple other Outlets for some other sneaker brands That I wanted to check out all right so At Sneaker conon this weekend someone Told me that there was actually a Finish Line Outlet at the same outlet that I go

To for the Nike outlet here that you Guys just saw me go to uh which I had no Idea about apparently there's some crazy Finds there um so I'm interested to Check it out because I literally had no Idea it was here so uh let's see what we Can [Music] Find right off the bat they got Pandis all right some nice pink dunks I'm to dig those got some 1906 RS looking great for a price 155 not Bad got some 960s too dig these and some 2002 RS wow the newbound selection is Crazy got a bunch of mids 120 some nice white and black mids some Lows some the the Superstar some SAS Let's see what they got in the back Back got some Ultra boost in this nice White pink for 100 size 9 got these guys For 120 that's actually dope that's Cheaper than at the outlet you know I Might grab these actually let's do it Let's grab a pair of these oops a nice Is there anything else sh they got the Sabrino wasu for 100 not bad some Onclouds that's crazy pretty decent Selection O 990 V6s didn't even notice this they got fos In a bunch of good colorways and sizes That's kind of crazy should I grab a Pair of

These got a bunch of dunks too you got The pandas down there you got these Black and yellows kind of cool and then Over here you got the Nike Comm slides Which I've never seen in store before That's kind of crazy so they didn't have The size that I wanted in the ones at a Finish Line that was the only shoe I was Really interested in so I'm going to Leave them but apparently there's a Adidas Outlet close by I just don't know Where it's at so let's find it and Hopefully find something at Adidas we Found it let's [Music] Go okay so I'm seing a lot of ultra Boost stuff we've got some 40s some Ultra boost oh they say ultra light These are definitely Ultra 4ds we've got um Regular Ultra lights We've got a bunch of like different Versions of ultra boost the 40 forward Pulse all sorts of stuff and then a full Wall of regular Ultra boost for $79.98 That's not bad I guess people aren't Feeling them anymore they don't look as Good as they used to but still super Comfortable okay so let's see the back Wall we've got cozy ZX 8000s got Trey young 2os 469 these cozy zxa thousands are kind of Cool it's like super soft it's all foam That's really

Interesting got some faux snake skin Rivalry Lows uh H we got these guys I forget What they're called the clima cool just The atti foam clima cools looks like I Found the OG Ultra boo we got the 1.0 is In this crazy multicolor colorway we got This really clean like green and gold Colorway this nice brown color way again This is the kind of shoe like the Ries That we talked about earlier like this Is a shoe that a couple years ago would Have been flying off the show And now it's sitting at Outlets crazy to see how Trends and Fashions change you know over time got Some Trey young 3s over here not too bad Additional 50% off store W oh wait Really additional 50% off store wide That's Crazy that's crazy so what so this is 70 No Way that actually might be a steal got Some nmds On's for 80 man that's crazy With a different upper two that I'm used To they're all right Got some regular Nmds the r1's from back in the day for 70 these are a little weird got some Kids a1s in the sold out colorway that's Crazy not going to lie a little Disappointed with the ads Outlet I Thought there'd be more of just Everything but there was not much of

Anything so uh I guess I could check the A6 outlet but if I don't film anything In here it's cuz there was just nothing In here so let's see what we can Find Nothing at A6 should I check out Crocs might as well right let's do it Got a bunch of the Toy Story stuff Lightning and queens I one get one 20% Off other than the Lightning McQueens Nothing at Crocs no SES I know it was a Pipe dream but still so unfortunately The other outlets were bust but the good News was on the way home there was Another Nike outlet that I could stop by In Center City [Music] All right coming up to the back wall What we Got dunk bunch of those dunkes that we Saw at the last Outlet got some monarchs let's Go got some Kai Blazers probably cheap 99 not as cheap as I thought over here We got the uh the 13s the weat 13s we Saw the last outlet for $19 I really Like these a lot and there's a lot of Good sizes maybe a pickup I don't know But I really like these we also got These guys for 109 man that's crazy how Cheap they are they're so dope of course You got the up in the air Twos for 109 Great price as well full size run same Thing with the other two 99 great price

What's up Here Air Max On's not bad more Air Max Ones in this really nice UNCC Color these are clean I love these Actually there's another pair right here In a size 11 and a half the white University Blue I actually really love This color way that's so dope Man these are clean not my size though Got some dunai SE Baroque Browns looking very nice what price Probably full retail plus 20% off and They got a bunch of these they're not in The wall like they were their last Outlet but they are well they are on the Wall just not on the the regular price Wall got a bunch of the ceds and kid Sizes actually are these kid sizes yes Five and a half or women's whatever but Still dope shoe got the same eyelashes Again for 69 got some kill shots for Retail 125 full size run unfortunately Nothing at least it wasn't out of my way So that's a good thing so this Nike Outlet is kind of a hit or miss uh Sometimes I find amazing deal sometimes I find absolutely nothing and Unfortunately today I found absolutely Nothing now I was really hopeful because I saw so Loco's Instagram post because I Think it was here for Sneaker Con Philly If you guys haven't seen my $20 sneaker Collection episode at Sneaker Con make Sure to check it out linked at the top

Of the screen but uh I was hopeful cuz I Think he found like palino once on the Wall which is crazy uh but unfortunately Nothing there today but that does not Mean the day is over here in fact There's one more outlet that uh I've got A good feeling About we're at the final Nike outlet of The day and I'm going to try and find Something crazy cuz the first Outlet was Dope the next couple were not as good Let's try and end off the day on a high Note okay so down here we got some DJ Ceds okay based on an employee Suggestion told me to check out the reer Ball so I'm going see what we can find We got some golf ones for 105 we've got some Blazers for 53 not a Bad price what else do we have what else Do we have here what are These Nike Initiators Okay hold up hold up oh my gosh this is My Size 90 bucks yeah that's a cop that's An absolute cop no question oh my God Gosh I've been looking for a personal Pair of these and to get them for 90 Bucks I'm going to do it yes they are Well they're definitely worn not really Refurbished but hey you know what it is What it is definitely grabbing these no Question I'm keep checking out the Refurbished wall cuz there's got to be

More stuff we've got some Air Max solos Oh we got some little bronze oh I wish I Had found these last week when I was Buying basketball shoes bronze for 100 I Actually did just get a pair of the um AE ones the Adidas AE ones which I'm Excited about which you guys may or may Not have seen my YouTube short on yet But check that out if you haven't got These guys again for 20% off these are Everywhere right now got some air Vapor Max Pluses pretty clean o got some Nikey Dunk glow bet true to your schools oo That's actually not terrible 20% off so Like 25ish bucks that's actually not a Bad deal I might I'm thinking I'm I'm Going to grab these I'm just going to Grab these I feel like that's worth It let's me doing that dance for the Song It Doesn't Matter Outlet's got a Lot of good stuff going on man I already Found two good things hoping to find More got the Jordan 38 in the aqua Colorway and a size eight that's dope That's really dope oh we got the Comm Mules I remember when these dropped People were all about these and then They didn't really go anywhere so cool To see those though not going to lie I Kind of dig these air Vapor Max pluses Especially for $129 that's a dope price wow I actually Really like those a lot this is really

The find of the day that's that's so Crazy I wish they had a bigger size than This I just talked to one of the Employees and they said that 5 Y is the Biggest size they have but man that Would have been so crazy I mean that's Nuts that's nuts these guys are dope too But I don't think there's any additional Sizes otherwise I mean these veromos are Crazy I actually don't even know which Veros these are but uh shoot that's such A dope Shoe I me crazy to see these two Additional 20% off what oh my gosh So 20% off the retail price for these guys Again use size I think same thing with These guys that's that's nuts what size Are these These are size 7c maybe they'll fit I don't know we'll See no probably not probably Not I love these man should I go for a Size n and a half do you buy any chance Have these in a in a nine or instead of A size 9 and a half it doesn't say like Additional sizes on it but oh it say no Back stock available they fit so good I'm going have to grab them yo so stoked With that last stop Man what a good way to end off the Shopping day it's crazy shout out to all The employees in that particular night y Out let the one in princ in they're Amazing so the final Outlet did not Disappoint we picked up three pairs of

Shoes and a dog how did how did I get You in my bag dude that's crazy did they Take off the security tags this is a Stupid joke I'm going to put my dog down First pair of shoes that I picked up at The final Nike outlet was this pair of Nike Dunk low be true to your schools I Don't know which school this is I just Know it's Mystic red cargo khaki so uh Let let me know in the comment section Down below I could Google it and find Out but I don't care that much let's do Some quick math so we grabbed this pair For 115 retail with 20% off which is Okay so we grabbed this pair for $92 so For a brand new pair of Nike Dunk glows A size 10 and a half which is not a bad Size for $92 pretty solid pickup Definitely not mad at that I'm throwing These guys on whatnot I might actually Include these in the $20 sneaker Collection if I have enough money in the Fund and also if I can sell these for a Decent amount I actually don't remember What I have in the fund at the moment But either way cool pair of sneakers Next up we've got the Nike Zoom vomero 5ivs in this beautiful neutral Olive Colorway these are super clean now these Are size 9 and 1 half so it's a half Size big but it is a very dope pair of Sneakers that I like a lot there was Actually like a cream and white pair at The Finish Line Outlet which I probably

Should have grabbed if I was trying to Grab these I grabbed these for 20% off So that is so I got these for $32 off so I got these for $128 uh there was only One size left which means that these Were a return so um I bet I bet these go For a little bit more than what I bought Them for for I would not be surprised Cuz the Vero 5ivs are incredibly popular Right now dope looking pair of shoes Feel great on foot may or may not keep These not 100% sure yet but price was Right so I don't know if I need an extra Pair of shoes which I don't I'll keep These but I'll have to wait and see the Final pickup of the day which is Actually my favorite because I feel like It was the best deal is this refurbished Pair of Air Jordan 1 high reimagines now This pair is a size 9 and half but I am Going to keep it even though I'm a size N9 retail is 180 and I got it for 90 now To be fair this pair is worn there's Dirt in the out soole the upper is uh Weirdly worn down for a pair that should Have only been worn like once or twice No dude this pair has been worn a lot There's some heel drag on there what Nike yo did someone just like throw this In the Box I don't know 90 bucks though that's About what a used pair would go for in This condition this is it looks like one Or two Wars it's not that bad um more

Than I expected though this is Definitely the most worn down pair of Refurbished Air Jordans that I've seen At the nikea before but uh that's Actually weird I didn't notice all that Before all right well maybe I'll use an Apothecary sneaker cleaner wipe or Something and kind of wipe this guy down Just to make it less uh less worn I Don't know I'm genuinely surprised by That I didn't expect it to be that bad This time around though this Nike outlet Did take off all the security tags which I'm appreciative of honestly the Nike Outlet in Princeton might be my favorite Because everyone there is so nice like There's a lot of Nike outlets that have Really nice employees uh but every Single person that I've met at the Nike Outlet in Princeton is amazing some Nike Outlets don't let me film other Nike Outlets have one person that really Likes me and one person that doesn't uh The Nike allet and Princeton seems to be Generally Everyone likes me which is Great but let me know in the comments Section down below which one of these Pickups you like the best and which Pickup you think was the best deal in my Opinion I think it could have been these Guys um if they had been a little bit Less worn was it the Nike dun cloes for $92 was it The Air Jordan 3s for full retail I

Actually don't know what these go for I'm assuming they go for retail or less Would be my guess let me know which one Of these pickups you guys like the best Let me know which pair you would have Picked up for yourself thank you all so Much for watching and I will see you all In the next one