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Seth Fowler
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Oh no way I I can't believe I found These that's nuts I'm going have to grab Some of those I'm going to every Nike Outlet looking for the best sneaker deal And the best sneakers that we can find And in today's video we find some Bangers man it's Crazy okay so there's actually a lot of Stuff in the dunk Air Force aisle we've Got the Air Force color of the month Series with the jewel Nike logo right There which is pretty clean for 109 we Got the undefeateds and it looks like Just one color I guess they sold out the Other colors finally maybe I don't know Maybe they're on the wall we've got it Looks like another color of the month But I'm not sure just an orange pair got Some dunk mids in this canvas more dunk Mids some more canas dunk mids and then This Chenille logo Nik dunk this are Kind of clean for 135 got a bunch of LeBron here the only One that's like really a main one I Guess or Mainline one or the premium one Is the next Generation right here the Nextg or the 20 or whatever I never know The name of these there's so many Versions but yeah nothing nothing in This section I want to grab hold up Looks like over here they've got Jordan 2's and this very clean I think it's up In the sky color way and then the Elephant print ons oh my gosh I'm

Definitely grabbing a pair of these in My size that a size n or just n and a Half only seeing N9 and a half let me Grab that that's crazy definitely Grabbing these for $144.99 too that's a Great price that's awesome I'm so down With that over here they got a bunch of The Billy eyelashes the Air Force highs In the finger colorway and the olive Colorway both for 10 actually this one's 109 this one's 89 I think this colorway Better I'm actually surprised that one's Cheaper I had no idea this was an Undercover Air Force for $89.99 that's Not bad cortex too actually kind of dig This I don't know if I'd rock it but Definitely cool to See all right let's check the wall see What they've got hold up I think I just Saw something no way the Nike Air Ships that's crazy 30% off yeah Definitely grabbing these in my size too That's wild they're absolutely grabbing These all right so we do have the other Undefeated Air Forces on the wall not Surprised by that at all oh we got the Sakai been sitting here for forever These guys the gortex Air Jordan 1es Kind of crazy to see thought these sold Out but apparently not and the craft Mids kind of cool got some Jordan one Lowe's down here in this green and black Colorway and then also these Ipas which I I really hate I'm going to

Be honest but seems like someone else Did to if they return it all right let's Check out the refurbish section not Seeing much we do have some Air Forces Over here it's like orange and white Color way kind of clean some of the Bronze and this pink and orange for 115 Not bad there's a bunch of these desert Camo dunks in the women's section for $99.97 not bad if you're looking for These bunch of them okay so over on the Women's wall we got some dunks we've Seen a million times before got some Rosies not too much else in another Aisle we've got it looks like the Air Jordan legacy 312s that used to be the Just on and this women's colorway and Then we've also got the infrared sevens Kind of wild to see I think they're Sitting most places though to be honest But they're definitely sitting here Looks like they've got the the lanes the Valentine's days and some o2s in one of These aisles I haven't found them yet But they're somewhere here we go here The OG g2s for 134 which is not a bad Price a lot cheaper than what they were Last time I was here but still probably Cheaper online got the Lany for $129 and Then the Valentine's Day ones which uh Yeah I'm not surprised no one's grabbing These all right so this Outlet was Absolutely amazing I didn't expect to Find anything cuz I haven't been here in

A couple months mons which honestly Should be a reason why I would expect to Find something cuz when I go every Couple weeks yeah I see the same stuff Over and over but today we actually Found some new stuff I'll go through it Really quickly the first thing you guys Saw actually you've seen everything Already but just to go through it a Little bit more in depth we got the Air Jordan 1 elephants I'll be honest I Prefer the lowtop version but for let's Get the price on it $144.99 I can't hate it man I really Can't hate it well so really stoked on These size 9 and a half so I can rock These smell nice smell like a new pair Of Jordan 1es it's crazy how Jordan Ones Just aren't as hype as they used to be I Still think they're incred inedible I Still Rock them all the time I'm rocking A6 today but usually I'm rocking Jordan Once so yeah very clean shoe you got the Elephant print on the overlay it's the White leather I like the black Nike swo I like the color blocking it's fun I Also really like the box too the fact That the Box comes in this elephant Print is a really cool touch so I'm Definitely into that let's grab another Pair over here this is the pair that I'm Stoked on this is the Nike airship in The black white and it looks like aged Cream color way it's uh it's crazy how

Much they age this mids solar how much They painted it I'm sure they got like a Watercolor brush cuz that's how you do It you got like a a light dye or a Watercolor or something like that and Just kind of lightly scrub it on or or Brush it on to the midsole to make it Look like that oh no way this is the Amalan hair colorway I had no idea I Just thought this was a black and aged Colorway that's crazy this colorway I Know the blue colorway went for a bunch I don't think this one goes for as much But that's actually insane I really Can't believe that I didn't even realize Until I looked at the box and the box is Amer all over it that's wild I don't Think these like resell for anything at Least to my knowledge wow they even got The amam maner on the um the sock liner Of the shoe right there we got the laces With that sort of age texture too that's That's actually crazy I I can't believe I found these you guys won't believe the Price I paid for these it's it's insane Okay so they originally priced at $140 And because I got them on the back wall They were 30% off which means I got them For $42 off $98 is how much I paid for Them 98 bucks for these the amam manier Now there unfortunately is no box top uh I don't really need the box top but it Would be nice I actually want to check Out the resale price of these really

Quick cuz I really didn't realize these Were what they were so let me check Really quickly all right so that's kind Of crazy so I actually paid like I said $98 for these and they go for like 130 I've seen some pairs go for 180 uh but Those ones seem to be like rarer sizes And they have the full box and Everything most pairs of these go for Under retail but $98 is well Below Retail which I'm just so stoked on and Then the Air Jordan one elephant Prince Go for around what I paid for him like 14150 so both really decent deals really Happy with that and honestly one of the Best finds that I've had in a while I'm So stoked on these I can't believe that That's really a come up okay so I had to Stop by the Apothecary office my sock Brand if you guys don't know but I Wanted to show the guys uh what I just Picked up at the outlet get their Reaction see if they like them and They're all size N9 so maybe uh maybe They'll be interested I don't know let's See yo yo I got some shoes to show you That I just picked up from the Nike Outlet okay so here's the first one grab These for 140 Outlet shoes outlet Shoes not bad right 140 yeah really nice And they're size 9 and a half pick up And then also this one's a crazy one but I'm a on year oh really yeah I got those For $98 that's that's crazy right onward

You want can I have these a while I Maybe yeah if you like them try them on They dropped like um a couple months ago Man you like this or that like yeah cuz Look at the laces too I know when you Leave shoes like a little damp yeah they Turn like this and then look at the Midsole too it's the same way it's like All age kind of cool looking they're Dope I don't know I'm tempted to hey I'll give them to you for exactly what I Got them for 98 bucks actually these are Two good pickup right wait is this the Package I've been waiting for I think This is the package okay wait hold up Guys so this here Apothecary is doing The Apothecary mystery box once again Where you get 10 pairs of random socks For I think 100 bucks which is3 33% off Yes 33% off which is an incredible deal And some people might get a golden Ticket and uh this is actually one of The things that we're giving away so We're throwing these in randomly the Mystery boxes and you can win things Like S4s shirts other sneakers or this Pair of sneakers right here yeah let's Open it let's see oh wow he double Packed it oh there we go okay this is One of the pairs that were giving away So you guys have a chance to win this if You grab the mystery box Linked In the Description below y I'm Ready hey dude I love that pair so you

Have a chance to win this pair for free If you grab the Apothecary Mystery Box Linked In the description below and you Get 10 pairs of socks find a Golden Ticket win cool prizes plus some of the Socks in the mystery box we've never Released collaborations that have Already Dro that have sold out we're Dropping pairs that you guys have never Seen before and of course just like a Bunch of awesome socks so give them as Gifts to your family keep them for Yourself whatever you want to do you can Grab the PO box right now yeah dude for Real honestly 10 pair socks 10 cousins Friends you have 10 cousins right I do Have 10 cousins yeah guys make sure to Check it out linked in the top of the Description below oh wait Josh you want To see some sneakers really quick so These are Nike outlet pickups here's the First pair I grabbed these for 144 from The outlet oh not bad right yeah not bad And then this one's crazy oh yeah dude The box is actually my favorite part Which I hate to admit but this pair is An amam maner collaboration I got for 98 Bucks oh at the outlet yeah it would Actually go perfectly with your fit I Didn't even mean to do this to promo Your shirt but we're dropping these Shirts on Black Friday size Large very nice also in white too I Think right I dig that so check out the

Website Black Friday the shirts are Dropping and check out the website Because there might be something else Crazy happening as well yeah so what Would you rate this uh this Outlet pick Up out of 10 I mean for for being an Outlet I I think this is a nine n or all Right okay probably my best one so Far okay so we're in the back wall of The women's Section see if we can find anything got Some Air Maxes nothing over in this Section looks like we got some Jordan One elevates over here in the reverse Royal not really interested in those not Seeing too much else oh we do have some Looks like refurbished maybe not Refurbished maybe just Jordan one Women's Lowe's and it's like denim which Is not bad don't love them Though over here we got some Jordan 2 Lowe's kind of nice in this uh White Varsity royal black colorway kind of Clean the men's section is busy but they Do have a lot of stuff they got the Acronyms they got these Air Maxes very Clean bunch of acronyms actually and These dunk mids right here these are Kind of clean the amber brown pretty Nice kind of dig those we got a bunch of LeBron it looks like over here they got The twos they got the I think the up in The air twos is what they call but a Full size run they also got the ones we

Picked up previously in a full size R if You guys are looking for Jordan Ones Elephant prints they got them and They've also got the uh the infrared Sevens in men sizes I think they had it The last outlet but I didn't say Anything about it cuz I didn't even Realize but they got them here full size On as well a lot of good Jordan sitting Kind of crazy to See easy monies up here in the size N I Love these and they're 30% off I might Actually grab these no box top but they Worn very lightly yeah I'm going to grab These for sure they still got the DJ Ked Here in a size seven wow that's crazy I Love these oh man for $1 179 not a bad Price either with 30% off that's not bad Over here they got the Nike dun with the Chenille swoosh bunch of sizes I think That's it though I think it's all I Found no way they got the fours they got The craft fours wow they're in a huge Size size 18 that's crazy they had these In my size I'd definitely grab them but Not not a size 18 hold up while I was looking at these I saw they got some Playoff 13s in Another giant size as well wow what size Size 17 Huge all right I think I'm done let me Go wait in that super long line oh no Way up in the back wall they got the

Neapolitan 11s got those Nike Dunks they Got the reimagine ones a bunch of them I'm going have to grab some of those Satins that's crazy you know what I'm Going grab one of these too I really Like it all right so I don't really know What the lighting is going to be like in Here so I have these on I don't know if They're even going to stay on who knows But uh we grabbed some pretty amazing Stuff at the Nike outlet and Center City Philadelphia I can't believe it first Thing that I'm so the first thing that I'm most Excited about is this Christmas Basketball I know it's stupid I don't Even know how much it costs weirdly Excited about that so the next thing is The uh the kd3 easy monies or pure Monies I forget what they're called is It the easy monies they look like They've been tried on I'm not going to Lie like the outo has a little bit of Dirt in there but nothing major they're Usually priced at 130 I grabbed these For $91 which is amazing $39 discount Cuz they were on the wall 30% off no box Top but basically brand new really Stoked on this pickup my size too and Then the other thing we picked up was Crazy now unfortunately this thing was Full retail but that's because it's a Recent release it came with the box and It wasn't on the back wall Neapolitan 11

Now this is a women's shoe this is a Size 12 women's which is a size 10 and a Half Men so it's definitely a wearable Size not for me unfortunately never Actually seen these in person you've got This sort of like pink semi-translucent Outsole you've got this very dark brown Patent leather and then of course the Upper is leather instead of ballistic Nylon it looks a lot like the gratitudes So I'm kind of surprised that they Releaseed this shoe around the same time As the gratitudes but we grabb these for Full retail which is 225 really cool to Find at the Nike outlet like really Stoked on that I'm assuming it was Probably a return because most likely They're not reselling is my guess but Who knows I'll actually have to check Them out but a really awesome find I Really thought that after that first Nike outlet we wouldn't find anything Else but we found some bangers and that Might be because people just aren't Buying sneakers right now but either way Found some bangers really stoked in These Pickups they still got the blue ambushes Down to 999 bucks now which is crazy They got these guys right here and they Got the Hello Kitties for $79 additional 40% off that's wild actually so let's Check the refurbished section we got Some ambushes which are not refurbished

But for 129 the green pair up tempos for 85 doesn't look like anything else Though which is kind of a bummer but so Always worth Checking got some golf ones a huge size Size 14 pretty pretty cool for how much 180 too much for me not too much over on The Jordan wall they do have the golf Jordans down to 159 which is a great Price I do want to grab these 12s but Not for $19 I feel like that's still too Much you can get them on stockx for like 100 still got a bunch of the Skai and They got these golf sixes right here Pretty cool the C guys oh shoot they got These guys the uh footscapes never Actually seen these not the recent Release at least kind of crazy don't Like them though bunch of dunk 85s in The white and red and some really Interesting green Jordan MVPs so I'm not seeing much Unfortunately but hopefully we find some I don't know not looking Good still got these Undercovers Undercover mock flows and like a camo And a white for 70 bucks off of 160 That's crazy I don't think anyone wants These there's a full size run same thing With these These are down to 40 that's Insane full size run they do have a Bunch of twos looks like women's to Though for 134 it's a great price but Only in size like 76 50% off golf I

Might have to grab some more stuff I Don't need anymore but might have to Additional 50% these are 20 bucks so Unfortunately guys we did not find Anything at this Outlet there was some Decent stuff just nothing that I wanted To grab they had a lot of the same stuff That we've seen at the other outlets you Know what I guess I should also say what My favorite pickups of the day were I Think my personal favorite pickups of The day were the amam maner airships and Uh the Neapolitan 12s those are my two Favorite pickups of the trip because Those are two shoes that I didn't find Anywhere else it was like random luck of The draw so really stoked on those but Let me know in the comment section down Below what sneaker finds that you like The best and what crazy stuff you found At the Nike outlet guys thank you so Much for watching make sure to check out My tech Channel by clicking the link in The top of the description below you Could run a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X don't forget to grab the Apothecary mystery boxes which are now Live also linked in the top of the Description below you can win sneakers PlayStation 5es Nintendo switches it's Going to be absolutely insane so check Those out you get 10 socks for 100 bucks Which is $10 a sock which is an insane Discount give them to friends use them

As gifts or just keep them for yourself Stock up on socks so guys thank you so Much for watching I appreciate you guys And I will see you all in the next one