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I'm going to every Nike outlet in my Area to find the best deals I can find On the back wall or in store let's do it Crazy If you told me two years ago that I was Gonna find this shoe in the Nike outlet I would have told you you're crazy so Today we are headed to some of the best Nike outlets in the Philadelphia area The Nike outlets that I usually go to And the reason we're doing this is Because I've seen a lot of really good Stuff on Twitter popping up not at these Nike outlets in particular but at a lot Of the ones in like Florida and California and places like that so I'm Very hopeful that we find something Crazy I've been seeing Air Jordan Ones I've been seeing um I don't remember I've been seeing Foamposites I've been Seeing crazy stuff that you don't expect To see at the Nike outlet and I'm always Hopeful so come with me as we hit up all The different Nike outlets and see what We can find Okay so at the Nike outlet the first Thing I'm seeing on one of the end caps Is some sakais which is crazy Did not think we'd find these I have to Grab a pair of those I don't think They're going for anything but it's cool To see just saw something on the wall I think we got stuces Stussy Air Force Ones

Oh my goodness not Stu he's undefeated I'm an idiot We got the undefeated Air Force Ones on The wall in what size let's see let's Fix this box I'll fix it later We got the undefeated Air Force Ones in A size eight I'm gonna grab these That's a crazy wall Find so these undefeated Air Force Ones Retailed for 160 dollars and when they First released they were relatively Popular but they didn't move that Quickly a lot of people bought pears but The sizes just didn't completely sell Out however because the shoe was on the Wall and it didn't have a box top it was 30 off which means that we were able to Grab this pair of shoes for 104.99 which is incredible and based on What I'm seeing online for these guys I Think I could sell them for like 130 Bucks which is a 25 profit which is Honestly not bad for a shoe that looks Like this super crazy to find a DS pair Of these for that cheap I love it I wish It was my size because I probably would Rock it I mean even if you're not the Biggest fan of patent leather this shoe Comes with some pretty wild colors we've Got the semi translucent Nike Swoosh and The bright green outsole which I think a Lot of people like not for everybody but Definitely a unique look these are

Actually pretty clean I've never seen This exact colorway in person but I Actually really dig these I'm stoked on This pickup got the Faisal bronze over Here the LeBron Next gen's in a size six we got the Barbershop LeBrons Right here right up here we got a size 17. it's a pair of Jordan twos which Ones are these the Jordan 2 sale melon Tin I'm not sure exactly which one this Is These are huge size hold on grab around The box and show you what it looks like Compared to a size nine That's insane over here we got some Roshes oh man for 64. and I just bought This pair for 75 less when I was here That's a bummer I like this color even Better too and they didn't have any Sizes before Man I screwed up I screwed up well Regardless if you guys want row shoes They're at the Nike outlet roshi ones Officially I used to be called the Roshe Runs now they're the roshi ones and They've got three different colorways Black gray and Olive we got the almost Travis is here Which is kind of funny for 90 bucks Actually this one's only 60. we've got The real Travis's on foot with the brand New Hess collection socks if you guys Want to grab them they drop officially

On Friday the 21st I think at 11AM Eastern time.com Really fire collection you guys should Check it out all right so over here We've got a lot of Jordans a lot of Stuff that I'm interested in we got the OG twos we got the Jordan high elephant Prints we've got the uh women on mars or I don't know what's called women on Mars It's not that we got these craft fives Craft fours even and then these guys Which I'm really interested in these are The Elephant Print lows in a size eight So I can't fit this size but uh I might Still pick it up so I've been on the Hunt for these for a while and to find These for retail 140 bucks is pretty Surprising especially at the Nike outlet Now unfortunately they're not my size They're a size eight and not a size nine So I can't rock these myself but I'm Usually not a fan of elephant print Air Jordan Ones a really elephant print Anything that's not originally an Elephant print shoe but this elephant Print Air Jordan one low is actually Really fire I don't love the high top Version of the shoe but the low top one I'm into and if this is my size I would Absolutely keep it unfortunately it's Not but I still had to grab it because It was the only size available I know That's stupid I know I have a shopping Addiction but you know when you see a

Shoe like this you got to grab it I Don't know if you've seen my top 10 Air Jordan 1 list of 2023 yet but if you Haven't make sure to check it out Link At the top of the screen not to ruin Anything for you but this shoe is on the List and higher than you may think now Unfortunately these do sell for less Than retail on stockx which I didn't Realize until until right now when I Slipped them up but hey you know what I mean we made money with the Undefeateds these ones we'd probably Lose about thirty dollars so it is what It is still a great shoe still Definitely recommend picking it up and Again you can grab it for under retail Links in the description below if you Want to grab them so I almost had a Heart attack because I literally thought They were Royals sitting here but these Are not These are not Royals and they're not 65 These are the ebrenons I always get picked out by the lows over Here But never the mids this is the first Time seeing the mids good colorway I Mean it's a great looking shoe it's just Not what you think it is This is actually a really clean Air Force One colorway this pink suede That's actually fire for 90 bucks That might be a pickup we've got some

Dunks here in the women's section camo Dunks size eight women in size six and a Half men's actually not too bad looking I wouldn't grab them but cool to see Them on sale some cool kids sizes and Air Jordan 3s I don't remember the Colorway this is called but something Clay maybe we've also got these crazy Mids which I've never seen before Jordan Color Jordan one mid SS I'm not sure but It's cool it's cool to see looks like it Didn't do very well because it's at the Outlet but cool to see you know what I Think I'm gonna grab a pair of these Because these are fire I'm just grab a Size that I could maybe fit probably not though This is dumb I don't know why I'm doing This I like this though a lot maybe I Can trade it I don't know maybe we'll go And whatnot I'm not sure That's super super clean shoe so this Shoe is just entirely an impulse Purchase there was no reason for me to Grab this other than the fact that I Really like the way that this shoe Looked and it seems like it was a pretty Decent price so I believe this shoe Retailed for 140 bucks I don't remember exactly but We bought it for 89 which is like almost Half a retail which I thought was Definitely worth it now it is a size 10 And a half so I really only bought it

Again because of the shopping addiction But hey it's a really nice looking shoe It comes in this light pink suede same Color on the outsole you've got these Nice white hits and if I were to sell This online I think I could sell this For like five dollars more than what I Bought it for so after fees you probably Would break even or maybe not actually Make any money and lose money but hey For the purposes of this video we're Gonna say five dollar profit so awesome Shoe though definitely an awesome shoe I Don't know if you guys can see that but It's so subtle the pink is so so clean I Love it if it came in a low top version I would absolutely grab it my size all Right so this first Nike outlet was Really really solid we found some great Stuff that I did not expect to find Um I never know what I'm gonna get with This Outlet it usually tends to be the Middle of the road Outlet we never know Exactly Um whether it's gonna get the craziest Stuff or nothing at all and it's like an Hour and a half away from my house so I'm honestly pretty happy with the fines That we have bad I mean I can't believe Some of them you guys saw we've got the Elephant Print Air Jordan Ones the I Call them stuces but the undefeated Air Force Ones and then of course so it's Just like fire pink suede Air Force Ones

Really really great pickups obviously I'm not gonna stop we've got two more Outlets to hit I feel like they're all Going to be good hopefully it's just Like a feeling I have I don't know if That's a misguided feeling or what but I'm hopeful now if you want to grab any Of the sneakers that I grabbed in Today's video all you need to do is Check out my whatnot live stream that's Coming up in the next couple days There's a link in the top of the Description below what not if you Haven't heard is a live auction shopping Platform with sneaker auctions starting At just one dollar 24 hours a day it's Pretty wild and uh I use it all the time To buy and to sell in this stream not Only am I selling like 25 pairs of Sneakers from my own personal collection I'm also giving away Apothecary socks And three pairs of shoes which include The upcoming Air Jordan 1 uncitos All right so first things first in the Kids section we've got some Air Jordan 7s From black and pink not too bad a bunch Of different sizes I've got these Jordan Series es which I've never seen before Which are fine And then these Jordan mids right here Which I feel like I've seen all these Shoes here this Outlet before so I feel Like they're just kind of sitting look

At this we got some satin Nike Dunk Lowe's these are clean in a size five Women's I actually really really love These I'll grab them for my wife but I Don't think they're the right size not 100 sure I should know that but I don't Really clean though whoa whoa whoa hold Up we've got More surprise in this like LeBron British purple a British khaki colorway British tan I guess that's crazy Full-size run too Hold Up Wait hold on a second Yo they've got all Of The Undefeated Air Force Ones what Okay this this was unexpected I didn't I Didn't see this coming at all hold on so We just bought these at the other outlet For I think 30 off But now there's like every size And every color I don't know what to do I also have the Air Force One La familia's I think Pretty nice clay colorway I'll dig that Yeah these are clean I love the schnield Swooshes too that's dope wow these are Everywhere there's like probably 20 of Them I've seen so far Great colorway though So unfortunately nothing there I was Really close behind the stuces or the Undefeateds I keep doing that and uh I Look them up online and they're going For like 90 so I think I got the best

Deal that I could get at the last Outlet On those guys so I left them all even Though I kind of wanted to pair for Myself if I want to grab it I could just Buy it for myself for 90 the other pair That I was considering were the sakais Which I didn't pick up at the last Outlet but I also didn't pick up at this Outlet because again not going for Anything so it is what it is but now I'm Gonna go to Zoomies to grab some socks Apothecare socks for the upcoming Whatnot live stream I know I already Have a bunch of them but I'm right here At Zoomies and I need some colors I Don't have at home because I've worn Them all so if you guys want to grab Apothecary socks they're available at Zoomies Oh my gosh they've got so much here They've got the cause they've got the Ambushes well we're gonna have to grab a Lot they also have the stuces too but Look at this I'm gonna grab a pair of These probably a pair of these probably A pair of these that's crazy okay so Over here they've got everything they've Got the cause sakai's Blazer lows in Both red And in purple both on sale 115 100 and Then 114 usually 140 so we're rounding For the red because I really want to Pair the red personally let's grab a Size nine if they have them

Do they have them we have nine and a Half nine here we go oh it's the display Actually this one might be good let's See let's see let's see let's see Yo this is crazy I can't believe this Okay we're grabbing these so I've seen These shoes sitting a lot at Nike stores But I've never seen them sitting at the Nike outlet and as you guys saw at all The other outlets we went to there were Other pairs of the Sakai Blazers but None of the cause Sakai Blazers which Really surprised me that these were at The outlet at all I'm actually not sure What we paid for these we paid we paid 114.99 I think they retailed for 140. so Not bad I also wanted to show you guys The Box because the box is pretty cool You've got the COS x's and the Sakai Branding across the top and then you've Got the shoes which actually are very Very clean now these are sort of a Triple collaboration between Sakai cause And Nike obviously they're the Nike Blazer lows they feature a lot of those Sakai hits like the double Nike swooshes And the um Huge layering of paneling on the midsole And then of course the one detail that Blows a lot of people's minds and my Mind was blown when I first saw these Are the cause X's right there on the Front of the shoe it's really surprising To me that these didn't sell as well as

I thought that they should have they're Actually a genuinely nice looking pair Of shoes yes the colorway is loud but There's a lot of other loud colorway Shoes that sell just as well as non-loud Colorway shoes so I would have expected These to do well they've got the cause Branding and the Sakai branding on the Tongue which is really cool and there's Two different colorways there was this Sort of maroon red colorway and the Purple colorway and I went with the Maroon and red colorway even though I Think the purple colorway is the Colorway I like more I just feel like This one's a little bit more wearable so Grab these guys and I think I lost money Let's be honest I grabbed these for 114 And I think that they go for like 99 100 So minus 15 profit but you don't pay for Shipping or fees so realistically you Probably broke it let's go breaking even For the purposes of this video once Again breaking even on these guys good Shoe and they had all the different Sizes so these guys still sitting I saw These in my last stream and I regretted It because I bought well you guys may or May not have seen the video yet but I Bought another pair of shoes a Sneaker Con which I thought was going to be the I don't know the Raven shoes I can't buy These again I bought these like three Times

125 is not bad though we'll see I mean Probably just grab my stock expert Cheaper so they've got all the Undefeateds like in the last outlet and They also have the ambushes in both the Green and the blue in like every size so I'm going to grab a pair of these I'm so Excited about this this is nuts And I just don't know which one I should Get the blue or the green I'm probably Gonna go green Because I like the green and the cream Better I shouldn't be so stoked about this but I am these are the Ambush Nike Air Force Ones a pair of shoes that I think I Missed out on when they dropped but uh Finding them in the outlet is crazy this Is my favorite pickup of the day this is A pair that I'm absolutely keeping I Always say that and I don't usually end Up keeping things for this crowd I do Want to keep these guys come in like a Far screen or a deep green with this Really nice cream colored or lime green Colored Nike Swoosh it kind of flies off The back of the the shoe of course you Got it in the heel Tab and then you've Got this really cool af1 lace lock on The toe of the sneaker and then of Course Ambush on the heel very very cool Pair of shoes I believe I bought these For retail I think it was 180 let me Double check yeah I bought these for

Retail 190. and I think if I were to Resell these unfortunately I would lose Money I could probably flip these for Like 150 160. so I'd lose 30 bucks but Uh honestly for a pair of shoes that I Wanted to rock anyway a pair that I've Been looking for for a while a pair that I now don't have to pay shipping for or Fees for anything like that I'm still Happy really really cool pickup and to Find this at the outlet just made it Crazy really love this shoe though Really stoked on this pickup I'm Grabbing these 100 which has the guys Who work here who give me the bag really Appreciate it insta cop absolutely So stoked on this pickup that's crazy Of course like last time they've got Roshi's a bunch of different colors you Got the gray which I grabbed last time The red and the black Let's check out the refurbished section While we're over here I got so much stuff already it's crazy Okay we have we've got um oh these guys I Love These Guys these are the alpha Fly next percent twos not my size though Unfortunately 138 it's an insane price But size 10. that's actually like Shoot should I grab these two I don't Know we might come back to these because That's actually a crazy find 12 seconds Later but I am gonna grab these because This is a huge come up

See how good they are see if they're That warm fairly worn Barely worn at all a little bit right There maybe running once but I'm Grabbing these for sure no question now This may have been the craziest pickup Of the day this is the Nike Alpha fly Next percent two this is a shoe that Retails for 250 dollars and in this Colorway I believe it goes for like Maybe 160 uh or maybe even more maybe Like 180 on the resale Market these Actually resold for a while it's crazy And the reason for that is because They're so expensive generally and they Were really difficult to get Um so they resell and this colorway well Not my favorite uh we grabbed for a Hundred dollars 138 dollars more than I Thought but it looks like it retailed For 275 which is crazy to me but these Are Marathon running shoes these are the Kind of shoes you throw on for race day And that's about it you've been training These a little bit but probably wouldn't Suggest it Um they do make you feel like you're Flying when you're running in them They're incredible I've run in these Before and it felt like a cheat code Like it felt like it wasn't okay to be Running in these so um I got rid of them Plus I just didn't feel like paying 275 Dollars for a pair of shoes that uh I

Was gonna run in so I returned them and Uh now I bought a pair for 138 Unfortunately though it's not my size Um it is a size 10. so I might be able To I mean I could wear it I could throw It on but it wouldn't fit perfectly and I think I could probably flip these for Like 160 to 180 let's go with the low End so 160 so we have a 28 profit or 22 Profit sorry my math sucks so yeah Really cool shoe great price if you Haven't tried these yet definitely Recommend it if you want to try on a Pair of shoes it feels like a cheat code When you're running like I literally ran For three miles and felt nothing and I Don't run that much and I suck at Running it was incredible Yeah no way they've got the Jordan one Stashes these are ridiculous these are Brand new too no one's worn them what Size size 12 and a half I hate these but I've never seen them in Person so kind of cool to see It's so ridiculous is there anything Stash in there let's see let's see if we Got some style they come with the dust Bag too look at that Any stashed in there just foam I wonder if you're supposed to keep the Foam in to make it look like it's puffy I don't know I don't even worry about These you got these really clean Air

Jordan 37s in this orange and Olive Colorway for 149 they look great I love That yo I really thought we found the 85s we just found oh these are called What okay these are golf okay this is Crazy this is shoot I didn't realize I Had so much good golf stuff what That's crazy I might actually legit have To grab these because that's they have My size size 13 size 13 says 11 10 and a Half 14 12. nah everyone's bought these all out What are these blue ones The blue ones though they got the blue Ones let's see I don't want the blue one so that the Black and white colorway is clean though So I just got rid of my 85s these are Kind of crazy I've never seen these Before metcons MF I wonder what that stands for we also Got these dunks right here he's like a Plaid dunks Kind of cool for 125 which seems like Full retail Yo hold up how did I miss these It's so crazy we got sakais what in the Red and gray and black and the maroon And blue How did I are there other colorways no How did I miss these there's so many of Them this is the craziest trip to the Nike outlet I've ever had Like this is absolutely insane okay I'm

Gonna grab these I'm gonna do it I'll grab this pair because it looks Like it's in a little better condition If you had told me two years ago that I Was gonna find this shoe in the Nike Outlet I would have told you you're Crazy and uh two years ago you would Have been But these undercover Jun Takahashi Sakai Nike LD waffles were sitting at the Nike Outlet and according to an employee There they were sitting for a couple Days if not a couple weeks this is yet Another triple collaboration and a shoe That like I said a couple years ago These would not have been sitting now This is not a colorway that came out a Couple years ago this came out I think Last year maybe they didn't sell out Because otherwise they wouldn't be in The outlet or maybe people return them I'm not sure but they had a full-size One of these guys and the red and gray Colorway the reason I went with this Sort of like purple blue and gray Colorway is because I just liked it Better but I think the red and black Colorway does resell for like ten Dollars more so I bought this pair for 170 and I believe I could probably sell This for like 150 160 so we're only Losing about ten dollars which is still Not great but again with fees and stuff

Like that it's probably better to pick It up at the outlet now the black and Red colorway I think you could probably Sell for retail if you wanted to so this Is not a shoe you should really be Reselling I don't think any of these Shoes other than maybe the alpha flies Maybe The Undefeated Air Force ones the Ones on the wall not the ones that were Easy to buy because those ones actually Had some profit margins none of the Other shoes really did however it was Very crazy to see them and this is one Of the crazy issues I found at the Nike Outlet because when when you're going to See not only a collaboration but a Sakai LD waffle collaboration super super Crazy decent looking shoe not my Favorite that's probably why it's got The outlet because people felt the same Way but uh really interesting looking Shoe you've got the undercover and Sakai Branding there on the back of the sort Of like midsole protrusion and then uh Of course you've got the undercover and Sakai branding on the double tongues and On the heel cool looking pair of shoes And a pickup that I'm happy with I'm not Gonna lie I also grab some golf stuff Too I grab golf pants which I didn't Have and then this dry fit shirt which I Needed because I was sweat on the golf Course then they also have out here A Bunch of other crazy stuff we've got the

Craft fives some Foamposites some dunks Look at these These are crazy like suede Dunks you got the twos you got some Giant twos and then sort of the gold Black cement threes What this place is crazy yo what was That that was literally the most insane Nike outlet I've ever been to I've been To this Nike outlet like 17 times Probably in the last six months but that Was crazy like legit crazy they had I Mean dude the ambushes first of all I Would have bought both pairs if it had Just been them but they had the cause Sakai's both colorways they had the Regular sakais they had the undefeateds Which we saw at most of the other Outlets and then of course they had the Other sakais two different colorways Which again what about both if uh it Wasn't for the fact that uh you know There were so many other things there And then of course we got the uh the Alpha flies or whatever the outfly twos Dude I could have just gone to this Outlet I made a vlog about just this one Outlet it's absolutely crazy I Literally insane but guys that pretty Much wraps up the entire video for today If you guys want to check out my Upcoming whatnot live stream make sure To click the link in the top of the Description below giving away pairs Selling pairs it's going to be awesome

As always thank you all so much for Watching make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet I'll see you all in the next One I hate when people do that like they put Their hands never really looks that good Maybe my editor will make it look sick I Don't know or maybe he'll just leave This in I'm not sure Foreign