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Also got whoa hold on about to grab a Pair of these too no question I'm seeing A bunch of them for 125 30 off I'm Definitely grabbing my size I'm going to Every Nike outlet in my area to see what Steals deals and possibly Grails we can Find so let's do it so the first place I'm gonna hit today is actually the Nike Outlet or I guess Nike Factory Store in Center City Philadelphia now this place Is interesting because I don't always Find stuff here in fact out of all of The Nike outlets that I go to I usually Find the least here but I'm hopeful Today hopefully we find something good We got the Jordan Slides I forget what They're called the Jordan hex mirror I Actually really dig these a lot kind of Got like a coffin look to them these are Pretty cool size 10 women's is out there 10 women so what's that that was an Eight and a half back it actually fit These Oh shoot I'm gonna actually grab these How much are these going for doesn't say You know I'm gonna try this on really Quick um for today we've got the para Nike Air Max ones and the OG colorway Of course popcorn socks Let's see Oh man They're not bad they look kind of wild Especially on foot like wilder than I Thought but

Kind of cool Shoot I'm gonna grab these so I'm going Through the women's section and you Might be saying to yourself why are you Going through the women's section it Doesn't matter you can't even fit any of The shoes in the women's section well First of all that's not true I can Actually fit a lot of shoes in the Women's section because I have smaller Feet size nine is average but still Smaller but I'm going through all the Boxes on the hash wall and I look down And I see a pair of slides that I've Actually really wanted to try so those Slides are the Jordan hex mule so I Guess they're more of like a mule or a Uh a clog than an actual slide but Either way the Jordan hex mules and they Have them in a women's size 10 which is Actually a men's size eight and a half And it means that I could actually Probably wear these so I decided to try Them on and the crazy thing is is that Not only do they fit but they also fit Big so this is definitely a shoe that I'm interested in grabbing and because These guys were on the hash wall they're Actually 30 off which means they're not Their retail price of sixty dollars They're actually just 45 bucks which is Still retail but considering the fact That I'm getting them for 19.50 off it's Not a bad price so on the guys wall we

Got the Jordan one high flies And purple black and white Not too bad for 149. We got some pretty wild Air Force Ones Over here the Air Force One Low unities This interesting midsole see cool it's a 129. hold up they got some jaw once here 110. Full retail but It'd be crazy to see Jazz I don't think They're sitting are they Maybe they are not the first color we Didn't completely sold out but it's a Shoe that I actually really liked Shoot I'm gonna figure out a pair of These so I'm kind of just looking Through the aisles of this Nike outlet I Found the mules I'm stoked on those but I'm kind of hoping to find something Else and I see a pair of Nike jaw ones Now John Morant is a really well-known Basketball player who's had some pretty Well-known issues recently but he's Still one of the best American Basketball players currently playing the Game and last year Nike finally released His first signature shoe the Nike jaw One and the first colorway of this shoe Completely sold out now this is not the First colorway of the shoe and this Colorway doesn't have really any resale Value and unfortunately it's priced at Just standard retail but I am genuinely

Surprised to see this at the outlet and I feel like you know what let's just Grab it we're here got some Roshes over Here too wow for 49. I bought my pair For the full retail price like three Weeks ago or maybe two months ago at This point I don't know but that's crazy This is such a clean colorway too they Also got a bunch of the sakais too They got the Sakai Lowe's the Blazer lows and like a bunch Of different colorways you got the white And orange You got the black and white It's got like the British khaki For 89 that's not bad at all 89 I'm Grabbing a pair I'm doing it so I'm feeling pretty good About this Outlet so far and I noticed That they still have the Sakai Nike Blazer lows which kind of have been at Every outlet that we've been to over the Last couple weeks and I've seen them Over and over and over again but this Time around something's different and That is their price point they're Actually priced at 89 which I think is Crazy it's kind of crazy not to pick These up maybe they're not the most Hyped up shoes in the world maybe They're not the best looking shoes in The world but for 89 come on this whole Video is about steals and deals with the Nike outlet and this might be one of the

Best steals and deals at the Nike outlet In this entire video so I decided to Grab them I'm not that excited about Them but for that price I mean you can't Really turn it down yo so that was crazy Literally as I was checking out I tried To get a little bit of it but I felt Really awkward filming at the register So literally as I was checking out Someone returned UNC ones UNC towed ones And I got them I can't believe it I Literally can't believe it I was a kill Do you guys are they available for sale Like is that gonna be something I can Grab and they're like I mean sure if you Want them and I was like yes absolutely I want those so I grab them that's so Crazy man what a day I'm feeling pretty Good at this at this point I'm really Happy with the pickups that we have I'm Walking up to the cash register and I See one of the employees re-tagging a Pair of UNC toe Air Jordan Ones as you Guys know a pair of shoes that released A couple weeks ago and completely sold Out someone who turned the UNC tow Air Jordan once and I grabbed them and not Only did I grab them with the box and Everything I grabbed them for 30 off so This shoe usually retails for 180 Dollars and I actually grabbed this pair Of shoes for 126 dollars a 54 discount for a brand New completely sold out pair of shoes

Probably one of the best maybe not the Best profits that I've had at the Nike Outlet but one of the best pickups I've Ever had at the Nike outlet and it was Complete luck and because I got so lucky I'm actually going to pass on some of The luck to you guys and give this pair Away on whatnot so if you guys want to Check out my upcoming whatnot live Stream where I give away this pair of Sneakers and a couple other pairs of Sneakers make sure to click the link in The top of the description below and not Only are we giving some stuff away I'm Also selling a bunch of sneakers from Today's video and a bunch of sneakers From my own personal collection so if You guys want to check out that one live Stream again click that link at the top Of the description below and if you sign Up for what not using that link you get 10 towards your first purchase but in Case you haven't heard of What Not What Not is a live auction shopping platform With sneaker auctions 24 hours a day Starting as low as just one dollar in Fact all the auctions that I'm running On my whatnot stream are going to start At just one dollar so if you guys want To tune in and get some sneaker steals Check out the live stream so after this First Outlet because I'm in Center City I decided to stop by the Apothecary Office and see how everything's going

And I decided to grab lunch with Osman The co-founder of Apothecary and stop by Snipes on the way because it's actually Right next to where we're grabbing lunch All right so I stopped by Snipes really Quick and I'm seeing a lot of stuff They've got the Washington threes in a Size 14. they got the Palomino 3s they Got the craft fives Air Jordan Ones You've got a bunch of dunks here like Dunk Lowe's so much stuff even the Skylines which I didn't even realize Dropped the Snipes that's kind of wild I might grab a pair of these honestly Just for the whatnot Stream So as I'm Looking at Sneakers I realize that Osman Has just kind of disappeared and I have No idea where he went so I started to Look around and I see him over by the Checkout holding something well love I Think osman's got some they have those I grabbed the brown sneakers app but I Definitely grab it here are you gonna Grab a pair They're sick dude oh geez I really don't Need to spend What size I got are these If you don't grab it I'm gonna grab it On whatnot yeah Do you you don't want it I need on this Earth okay I'll buy it And then Okay cool uh That's crazy

They probably do Are they really I don't know So I said he got him late in there wow I Didn't know that okay So yeah I did pick up the uh the Black Toe one lows which is a pair of shoes I've already had a pair of and I also Want a pair on the sneakers app so I may Be giving a pair away I'm not sure yet I Might want two pairs I have no idea but Either way I grabbed a pair of Snipes And they were sitting which is crazy in Every size except for like size 11 and 12. but for me personally this is one of The best sneaker releases of the year so I was stoked to find it for retail so I Grabbed yet another pair and we head Back to the Apothecary office and you Know what while we're on the topic of Apothecary the sock brand that I Co-founded we are actually launching our Brand new no show collection for years You guys have been asking about us Dropping no shows and we've dropped lows But we've never dropped no shows and Finally we're dropping them in two Different collections they're both sets Of four you can get an all black set of Four or the tonal set of four I think They look amazing in this pack too Especially that tonal collection look at That that's crazy so if you guys want to Check out our brand new Apothecary No-show socks they're available this

Friday at 11AM Eastern Time on Apothecary.com link just below that what Not Link in the description below so This next stop is the outlet that's like An hour drive away from pretty much Anywhere that I've got so so it is Usually a trek to get out there and Whenever I go and don't find anything It's a huge bummer and I get really mad Because I'm like I just spent two hours Going to this Nike outlet but uh the Good news was today we actually found Some good stuff here all right so the First spot we're checking out is the Refurbished section Um got some LeBrons here We got some for these Nike freeze Nothing really I'll be honest I was kind Of hoping for more in their favor so That's okay For these Nike sfb Field boots all right Here we go All right so on the wall where they just Usually have one size they've got a lot Of stuff they've got ambushes and black And white which is kind of wild they got The g-dragons which is the nuts I've Never seen these in store before full Retail price it's pretty wild you've got The the women's Jordan Ones are these Women's I don't know if they are These might know these are women's yep And then you've got a couple of the uh The infrared

Sevens right here and then you've also Got well hold on the Doernbechers I don't know what size this is but That's kind of crazy I might actually Grab these so an orange pair of Huaraches catches my eye and I realize It's the Nike hirachi dornbeckers a pair Of shoes that I've never seen in person So if you didn't know the Doernbecher Collection is actually a collaboration Between Nike and the Doernbecher Children's hospital and they actually Pick I think it's like maybe 10 children To design their own sneakers every year And then they auction off those pairs to Raise money for the hospital and last Year one of the shoes that was Collaborated on was the Nike Air Huaraches and this particular pair was Designed by Dario Valdivia and I think The Dario absolutely killed this pair I Think they did a great job it's a really Great looking pair of shoes it comes in Like tonal oranges and yellows and You've got this really nice sort of army Green on it super clean look and even Though it's not my size I still want to Grab it I might actually grab these and These I noticed that there's actually This pair of undercover Air Force Ones On this wall and it's not the pair that We've seen at other Nike outlets it's Not the green pair of the blue pair it's Actually the black and white pair which

I think is one of the more popular pairs Now it is a size 10 and a half so it's Not going to fit me but it is something That I think I could either sell and Whatnot or maybe give away whatnot I'm Not sure yet but there's only one pair Left I haven't seen these before but I Think I'm gonna grab them And maybe these if I'm feeling crazy Shoot I think I might so the next pair I See is is pretty wild then it's a pair Of shoes I would never have purchased For retail if I didn't see it randomly Sitting at the outlet and that of course Is the peace minus one Nike sneakers I Think that there's some kind of are they An Air Force I'm not sure exactly what They are they are a oh a brand new Silhouette the Nike quando zero one or The Nike quando one so maybe it was more Of a curiosity maybe it was because I Thought the shoe was more hyped up than It actually was but either way I grabbed A pair in a size nine and a half and uh I I just I I don't I don't know what to Do with this honestly so over here it Looks like we've got the hybrid Jordan Section we've got the Jordan liftoffs The Jumpman 2021s which looked a lot Like the Jordan 38s is that I don't remember we've also Got a bunch of these guys I forgot what These are called These are the fake outs In my opinion the Jordan access

And then we've got these guys that Almost look like 11's the max auras Not a bad shoe though just looks a lot Like 11s So after almost a full day of Nike Outlet shopping and driving all over the Philadelphia Countryside I end up at the Final Outlet which is the outlet that we Found so many great sneakers at last Week but as soon as I opened the door I Realized this Outlet is completely Mobbed and I'm thinking my chances of Grabbing a pair of sneakers here is Probably pretty low but uh actually I Was wrong okay so first thing they still Have the Nike sakais In both colorways in like a bunch of Sizes now last time I grabbed these guys I think this time I might grab these Guys because I don't have these yet So I'm gonna grab them I'm gonna take Them at this point I realized that they Actually still have pairs of the Sakai Undercover Nike LD waffles in both Colorways now they do have less stock Than they did last time but again last Time was a month ago and the fact that They still have these is kind of crazy Honestly I'm kind of stoked that all These fire shoes are at the outlet this Is like the best time in sneakers like Whenever the hype just isn't there it Happens like once every five years Sometimes the hype just isn't there for

Sneakers anymore and you can pick up Crazy collaborations for under retail Now unfortunately they weren't on sale But they are probably the most hyped up Pair of sneakers here so I'm not Surprised let's say they've got some new One lows and they still got the golf one Lows which I'm excited about See Oh wait they got some golf 12s right Here in a size five and a half 179 not Bad We've got a bunch of highs High ones but Really big sizes unfortunately The golf ones they're all size 15 which Is a huge bummer because I would Definitely grab a pair of these if they Had them in my size man so they've got These guys still in a full size run but They're only 149 this time they're down By 40 bucks which is crazy they've got a Full size run so I think I'm gonna grab The green pair again because I'm crazy And I love the group there and I didn't Keep it last time and I regretted it Just grabbing these green guys right Here so right off the bat I'm seeing the Ambushes the undefeateds even the sakais That we saw last time we were here it's Been about a month and there's still Like a full-size run the one difference I'm noticing though is that the ambushes Are actually on sale in fact the green Pair that I picked up last time for 190

Is now selling for 150 and as some of You may know I didn't keep the pair last Time because I ended up giving it away And whatnot or selling it I think I sold It either way for 150 this is a pair of Shoes that I'm keeping got some really Clean air more up tempos in this sort of Like cream and brown color I really dig That a full size one of those for 139 Off of 180 which is awesome hold up they Also got the noctis too for 149. that's Crazy full size run I have to grab a Pair of these That's nuts so after making another Financial mistake I decided to walk Around the store even more and I noticed That they actually have a pair of the Nocta hot steps Drake's shoe and it's Actually a pretty decent colorway it's The black and yellow colorway now last Time I was here they did not have these And to be fair there's really not a lot Of hype around these shoes because I Think people are just not in love with The silhouette but I actually think it's A pretty clean look and not only do they Have them in this really solid colorway They're actually cheaper than retail They usually retail for 180 bucks and They have them for 149. and I'm not Gonna lie I did check whatnot and I Checked goat and stockx and all those Places and it seems like I could Probably get around 140 for them but

This is a shoe that I may or may not Keep so I kind of want to just grab it Just in case they sell out really Quickly and I'm not able to grab them Again so uh I pulled the trigger I've Only been here like a minute and I'm Already going crazy three pairs already That's nuts so it looks like they've Also got all the Billy eilish Air Force Ones or at least two of the colorways The tan and the Olive and like a full Size room for a full price 180 which is Crazy I literally thought these all completely Sold out I mean they look like fingers Like it literally looks like I'm doing This But that's wild I can't believe they Have them at this point I decided to go To the women's refurbished section Because I've already been to the Refurbished section in the men's area And uh it was lacking so I decided to Hit up the women's section and hope that I find something and surprisingly I do Is it crazy What size size nine and a half women's 11. that's actually perfect I'm gonna Grab these and the pair that I find is The Nike Zion twos in the voodoo Colorway not only that it's in a size That I can wear it's a size nine and a Half I don't know why this is in the Women's section because I don't think

It's a women's shoe but I'm gonna grab It now the craziest part is not that They have this sold out pair of Zions Which sells for a decent amount of money But they have it for 84 dollars because It's in the refurbished section so 84 Dollars in my opinion is a steal for This pair of shoes even though you don't Get the original box so I'm not gonna Lie I was kind of hoping that I would Find a pair of the Nike Dunk High be True to your schools that I buy every Outlet that I go to I've owned four Pairs already and I've sold every single One and today I decided to uh finally Buy one and keep it and every time that I've gone to the outlet over the last Like three months they've had pairs but For whatever reason the shelf that Usually has them didn't have them Anymore in my head I'm thinking I can't Believe I've missed my chance I've got a Ravens game coming up next weekend it's Preseason game but still I'm excited About it and I've wanted to wear this Pair of shoes to a Ravens game but Because I keep getting sucked in by the Hype I'm like nah got a pair of Jordan Ones or no I'll grab a different shoe But uh I finally decided you know what Great shoe great price I'm gonna buy it And they definitely have a size nine but They didn't they didn't have any sizes They were completely gone

So I thought all hope was lost I thought I wasn't gonna be able to grab these Dunks because I was looking on the shelf And they just weren't there but now I'm Seeing a bunch of them for 125 30 off I'm definitely grabbing a pair of my Size where they got size nine please Size nine they only have size nine and a Half oh no Let's see Size 10 size 10 size 10 size 10 size Nine and a half let's just do it let's Just grab the nine and a half Let's grab this guy right here Let's do it and what's crazy too is that This is like almost exactly Raven's Purple I took my second frame Lamar Jackson Jersey to the Apothecary office I don't have it here anymore not in the Studio but I do have a football signed By Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden and just To give you a comparison between the Purple on the shoe and the purple on the Basket basketball Oh man the purple on the football now The actual Ravens purple is a little bit Darker but it's close enough and while Wearing this with my Lamar Jackson Jersey I want to look fresh so guys that Was by far the craziest day I've ever Had at the Nike outlet I can't believe It we found so much good stuff more than I've ever found ever and I've also spent More money than I think I've ever spent

At the Nike outlet which is you know Neither here nor there but uh it's been A really good day I finally got the Night to be true to your school Nike Donkeys or the beetrooted school Nike Donkeys Um not exactly my size they're a size Nine and a half but I got them for 30 Off so all that waiting and five pairs Later we finally have them which is Great but uh again if you guys want to Check out my upcoming whatnot live Stream we've got a bunch of really great Sneakers dropping almost all the Sneakers we picked up in today's video Plus we've got a bunch of giveaways plus We've got some crazy Steals and Deals It's going to be awesome I cannot wait If you guys want to check that out there Will be a link top in the description Below and if you sign up for whatnot Using my link you get 10 towards your First purchase so you can use that on Socks on sneakers on whatever you want Even retro video games it doesn't matter So check it out if you haven't yet huge Thank you to whatnot for sponsoring Today's video and with all that being Said thank you all so much for watching Make sure to let me know which one of These pickups you like the best and I'll See you all in the next one