Here’s a quick look at the Spider-Man Custom Air Force 1 that Vick Almighty created. If you want to see a full in-depth step-by-step tutorial, watch the full video. #shorts

Are you guys a fan of custom sneakers I'm Vic and I just made these one ofone Spider-Man Customs out of an all-white Air Force One a lot of painting went Into the sneaker so I started off with The prep workk to wipe off all that Factory finish using sstone cotton balls And sandpaper for this project I used The paintbrush and the airbrush I hand Painted the red and the navy blue on the Side panels then with the airbrush I Laid down a smooth gradient on the S From light blue and finish it off with The dark blue on the back tab the Funnest part about this custom was the Stencils we cut out key elements from The human spider suit laid them all down And airbrushed it I even added an extra Detail on the insole using the vinyl and The iron the Final Touch of this custom Was swapping the white tongue with the All blue one then we finish it off with Some blue laces let me know if you guys Like this custom and what theme you guys Want to see me do next