Sneakers from 1996 need extra care, but they still top the quality of kicks now! In Today’s Customs and Restorations with Vick he walks you step by step on how to reglue a midsole and sole to an OG Concord Jordan 11. An iconic sneaker like the Jordan 11 takes a little bit of extra care, but it is well worth it!

Due to the age of the sneaker there was quite a few steps to make this sneaker fully wearable all over again. It took a lot of prep work, a little bit of deconstruction and a whole lot of acetone. The most important part of any reglue is the prep from the dremmel to the cotton balls and all the way to the cleaning process.

One deconstruction was done it was time to reconstruct the kicks. After one last round of acetone and a quick dremmel pass on the uppers it was up to Barge Super Stick to make these shoes 100% wearable. Pro tip: Always let your glue cure for an hour or so and bond using a little bit of heat for the best glue job!

Now you have everything you need to reglue your Jordan 11s; are you confident enough to do it?!

To finish the process a quick clean and polish was an absolute must.

If you could make your OG kicks 100% wearable would you rock them or keep them on the shelf?
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What's up everybody today we're going to Be working on these original 1996 Concord 11s this is a beautiful shoe They don't make them like this anymore Our job today is to make these fully Wearable once again I'm gonna show you Guys how to glue the sole onto the Midsole midsole onto the upper but first I'm gonna show you guys how brittle the Glue on these ogs are Let's get to work Hopefully the UV rays can remove some of The yelling after smash We're not gonna Be working on these uppers for a little While so we're gonna put these in there Now so we could come back to do a lot of Prep work Getting the Mentos off the uppers is Really easy the glue was super brittle However these have been previously Re-glued so it's not as easy getting These off in some areas it's coming Undone pretty badly in some other areas It's holding up really well we got to Get this all fully off so we can redo it So we're going to be using some acetone And a syringe we're gonna pop some Acetone inside the little crevices to Fully get it off [Music] So for this step you may want to use a Matte acetone paint and a white midsole Do not mix well together so make sure to Use a mat or a clean surface

Got the solo off nicely the syringe is a Nice trick if you guys hear closely That's a broken down air unit inside That's not supposed to sound like that It's supposed to be fully intact but That happens with age so with the sharp Exacto knife we're going to go in cut Open the lid so we can clean out that Broken down air unit [Music] All their units are out we'll replace Those later Next Step prep work using Some acetone and cotton balls we're Going to wipe off the glue off the soles Top part of the midsoles and bottom of Course we've got to use a mask and glove [Music] Thank you [Music] Got the majority off using acetone However in some areas it's on there Pretty good so using a Dremel we're Going to get it off it's important to Use a metal drill bit and not a standing One because it's going to help maintain The texture on the Soles you don't want To smooth out the texture on the sole Because when it's time to bond it onto The mental it's not going to adhere Properly the texture on the sole is There for a reason Foreign [Music] The metal drill bits is a key that's a

New trick I just picked up next step Real quick you need some sort and cotton Balls we're going to wipe off any Remaining glue so we can move on to the Midsoles [Music] Prep is complete we're going to put These soles inside the victory thousand With the uppers I'm not trying to get These fully icy which I could using Silver souvenir sorta Vibe I'm just Trying to get these a couple Shades Lighter I like the Vintage Vibe but I Wouldn't mind if these were a little bit Less yellow [Music] Thank you [Music] Getting the glue off the top area was Really easy just using acetone and Cotton balls however the bottom part That's where it gets kind of tricky I Had a hard time getting the glue off the Soles that's why I had to bust out the Dremel for this part we're going to be Using some paint stripper so what it's Going to do is weaken up this Gloom After a few minutes we'll go in with the Scraper and scrape most of it off [Music] Thank you [Music] So far so good we got the majority of The junk off the sold next we're going

To wipe off the remaining paint stripper And glue using some acetone and cotton Balls we're also going to take care of The top area [Music] Prep is complete we got rid of all the Glue off these Mentos now the next step We got to do is a deep clean after doing All that work we did get the menstruals Pretty stained up we got to get them Back to fully white before we start Gluing so for this we're going to be Using our rejuvenated brass bristle Brush and stiff bristle brush as well as Our rejuvenating solution to get these Back to fully white [Music] Deep clean is complete we got these back To White Next Step we're going to tape Off we're originally the air unit was Once placed once we tape it all off We're going to peel it and we're going To use that to cut out the EVA foam [Music] Gutter pattern piece next we're going to Lay down on this EVA foam we're gonna Trace it and then cut with an X-Acto Knife [Music] Foam is cut out these are going to fit Perfectly next we're going to be Applying some glue to the bottom and Sides same thing with the midsoles so we Can bind them together

[Music] All right gluzark here let's put it Inside heat it up so we can stick it all Together [Music] Foreign Foam is in place right now it's not Sitting very flush so with the Dremel We're going to get it nicely leveled [Music] It's a lot of gear [Music] [Music] EVA foam is in place be shaped up nicely These are going to be way more comfier Than before we also got the soles out of The indoor setup these look so much Better than before I'm sure if I apply Some more shooting air sword Vibe and Put them in there for a couple days We'll get them back to icy but again I Like the yellow look next step we're Going to give everything a quick wipe Down with some acetone and kind of boss To wipe off any remaining glue after That we're gonna be applying some bar Cement to the top piece and bottom piece Of the midsole and Soles [Music] Foreign [Music] For a couple hours before we go in and Stick it together we got these at the Indoor setup the UV rays did a great job

Putting some of the yellowing from the Mash so the next step we're going to do Is some prep work for this you don't Want to use acetone because they can Damage the pound leather so we're going To be using a Dremel with the 60 grit Sanding bit to get all the old glue off [Music] [Music] Grumbling is all done this took a little While when you're doing this step you Got to make sure you have a steady hand Because one quick slip up can cause the Whole panel letters to be ruined Next Step we're going to finish off the prep Work with some acetone and cotton balls To finish right be not the bottom boards Prep is 100 complete next we're going to Be applying our bar cement onto the Uppers we just got to be very careful And not get any glue on the black Pattern leather Foreign [Music] For a couple hours now we're on to the Missiles and the soil we're going to be Heating it up little by little and Sticking it together we'll start off at The back [Music] [Applause] [Music] Blue drop is complete from The Souls Onto the midsoles everything lined up

Nicely I started the weekly process on This point making sure it was lined up Perfectly I took care of the rest of This back area and then I jumped over to This front making sure these two areas Were lined up perfectly after that I Applied heat to the rest of the sole to Make sure everything was bonded nicely Same thing we're going to start from the Back make sure everything's lined up Properly we'll heat it up once it's Mounted we'll jump to the front then do The rest of the sides the biggest tip I Could share with you guys during this Part is to not apply too much heat if You apply too much heat you can warp and Shrink the midsoles and there's no going Back for this process you want to take Your time [Music] All right good to go gluing the sides Everything lined up nicely we still have To heat up the inside to complete the Bonding process [Music] Glue job is complete these are looking Great but we still have to go in and Give these a light cleaning the glue job Studies to dry before we do that to Speed up the process we're going to put Them in the fridge for a solid 20 Minutes Now the glue job is all complete we're On to the details we got to give this

Shoe a quick clean using our rejuvenator Solution and a soft bristle brush over The last couple days I've been touching The shoe a lot during the prep work I've Been doing a lot of sanding grabbing the Uppers and stuff so I'm sure I've Created some marks and stains here and There so we're gonna go in and give Everything a nice wipe down the soles And metals are already clean so we're Just going to focus on the patent Leather and the white mesh [Music] Shoes are all dried now we're on to the Pound leather overall it's pretty shiny But I can get it even shinier we're Going to be using our mink oil this Buffing tool a microfiber towel and some Alcohol wipes the quality on the patent Leather of these ogs is Top Notch I Wouldn't recommend using alcohol wipes On any of the new Retros because they Can dull out their Shine the material on These ogs is different and won't damage Them Foreign [Music] Back to shiny now the moment I've been Waiting for Let's lace them up [Music] All right everybody that is going to Bring us to an end on these OG 1996 Concord 11 restoration you're not gonna

Lie it takes a lot of work to properly Re-glue a shoe between all the prep work I got to do laying down the glue lining It up it takes hours sometimes days but For a project like this on some OG Concord 11s it's worth it every time They simply don't make them like this Anymore the quality the build is just Way different from the newer Retros you Can tell they use different materials on These shoes they're just a lot thicker a Lot sturdier very different from the Newer Retros these were given to me by a Good friend of mine so to have these ogs Fully wearable in my collection is Something really special and I can't Wait to wear them again you guys Regulars take a lot of work and time to Do them correctly you got to take your Time do all the prep work and you get Results like this every time Don't forget you guys we had this huge Giveaway going on right now for hitting 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube we're Giving away a pair of off-white UNC Jordan Ones and a pair of off-white Jordan Fives as well as One thousand dollars don't miss out you Guys to enter hit the link in the Description good luck everybody and Thank you guys for the support this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys next Monday see you guys Thank you