This might not be Vick, but he did a number on these New Balance 2002R sneakers! In today’s Shoe Care Academy video Yared will walk you through a step by step tutorial on how to clean suede and mesh sneakers. These are known as the Protection Pack to most, but the real name is the Redefined future… Did you know that?!

To clean these up we used the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit and paired it with some of our other favorite products. Looking at these sneakers we thought for sure they would need the washing machine due to the mesh material and the amount of dirt stuck in there, but to our surprise these cleaned up great with just the pretreatment.

The pretreatment consisted of three different sneaker cleaning brushes and an all natural Cleaning Solution. The Stiff Bristle Brush was used to break down all of the grime on the outsole before moving onto the beat uppers. Once the sole was clean it was time to use the Medium Bristle Brush on the midsole. Finally it was time to use the Soft Brush to create all the bubbles and flush out those tricky upper materials. Once the sneaker was clean all that was left to do was let it air dry on our drying rack.

Once the sneaker was dry it was time to reset that nap on the suede material. We used the Suede Brush and applied very minimal pressure to bring the suede back to a buttery texture. Once that was done we used the suede Eraser to remove the trapped in stains that didn’t come out from the pretreatment.

Overall these cleaned up great! Fun fact… These were worn by our Global Sales Manager for over a year before we took on this cleaning!

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What's up YouTube I am finally here big Chinos in the building ready to get down On this cleaning video however today I Will be known as big clean house if You're new to this Channel Please Subscribe since this is my first Cleaning video make sure to smash that Thumbs up button Vic what you think We need to work later brother Today guys we have a pair of New Balance 2002 refined features also known as a Protection pack in the rain cloud Colorway Pretty cooked but nothing I can't take Care of for sure let's get to it [Music] We are going to be using the rejuvenated Signature cleaning kit that includes a Patented Lounge system however these Might not need to go into the wash we're Going to see how they come out after we Take care of the pre-treatment in the Cleaning process now let's get our Cleaning station set up first we have a Four ounce solution soft medium stiff Brush microfiber towel laundry bag shoe Trees laundry pods cleaning mat and Lastly our dry rack combo all these Products are available on receiving Air.com hit the link in the description To save 10 now the moment we've been Finally waiting for Let's clean these shoes for before and After purposes I'm going to set the left

Shoe aside we're going to start off this Cleaning by taking out the laces and Inserting the adjustable shoe tree Look at all that dust [Music] Now we're going to grab a four ounce Solution Scored a couple squirts in our water Now we're gonna head over to Manuel's We're going to use the air compressor Gun it's pretty much loosen up the dirt Take off that surface dust so during the Pre-treatment process we're not pushing Any more dirt into the mesh and the Suede let's head to the shop Let's get into it [Music] YouTube I'll tell you one thing the air Compressor definitely did its thing was Able to loosen up the surface dust and The dirt now let's get into the cleaning Pizza mint usually during shoe care Academy cleaning videos they take care Of the uppers then the soles however for Today's video we are doing it in Reverse the main reason why we're doing The cleaning process in Reverse is Because if I take care of the uppers First and then go tackle the soles There's a slight chance that dirty water Might leak onto the uppers So to avoid That we're going to take care of the Soles first using our stiff bristle Brush

[Music] The outsoles are done guys now let's get Into the midsole using our medium Bristle brush aside from taking care of Metals this medium bristle brush can Take care of upper materials such as Basic leather nubuck mesh canvas you're Definitely going to want to avoid using This brush on delicate materials such as This nice fuzzy suede right here Foreign [Music] All right guys wrapping up the midsole Now that that's done I'm gonna grab our Soft bristle brush I'm gonna take care Of this delicate suede as well as this Mesh if I'm not satisfied with how the Mesh looks after a few passovers the Sock I'm gonna grab our medium brush Again hit a couple more times and that Should be wraps [Music] Foreign [Music] Well guys that pretty much wraps up the Pre-treaming cleaning process honestly They came out really good for that Reason being we are not going to be Utilizing our patented launch system so Boom all we have left is to clean up the Laces and take this wet shoe over to Many worlds where we're going to place It on our drying rack let's go [Music]

Foreign [Music] Guys we have let the shoot completely Dry overnight now we just have a couple More steps before the cleaning process Is entirely done for this portion we are Going to be using the dry suede kit in This kit I will be using the dry suede Brush to reset the entire upper suede if I see any leftover stain spots I am Going to be going over and hitting that With the dry suede eraser and that Should pretty much wrap up the job let's Get to it [Music] [Music] When using the dry suede brush you're Going to want to apply light pressure on This way to not damage any material as Well as brush in all directions in order To bring back its true texture As mentioned before guys we're going to Take a rejuvenator dry suede eraser and Go over some black stains that were left During the pre-trimming process I'm Going to be using the Eraser inside the Shoe as well as the toe cap Foreign Brush And lightly take out the debris That's about it just got done resetting The suede on the shoes last step is to Lace up these fresh kicks [Music]

We just got done lacing up the shoe now Let's bring in the dirty one bus driver Move that bus The results speak for themselves Honestly I got down on these we were Able to achieve these results using the Rejuvenator signature cleaning kit as Well as other recruit native products Such as our rejuvenator cleaning mat Our dry rack combo and lastly our dry Suede kit all of these products are Available on shoegrenator.com don't Forget hit the link in the description To save 10 that's a wrap folks don't Forget to like this video don't forget To drop a comment potentially with some Free products and lastly don't forget to Subscribe my name is Big cleanos it's a Pleasure to clean sneakers for you guys On the big screen today hope to see you Guys soon [Music] Thank you [Music] Not the face though [Applause]