Were you able to cop the Air Jordan 4 bred Reimagined? Lemme know. They look super clean in hand and on feet.

The Air Jordan 4 reimagine drop today Are they sitting or is it an easy cop Let's go shopping quick stop at the Toronto deucy store for their latest Spring collection these graphic sweaters Were super clean especially in the olive Color I prefer the contrast rib sweater Which looks so good on body I bought it Online so it's going back quick fit Check I saw this long sleeve wash black Thermal I tried it on and it was an Instant cop the hump Begins for the four Is at livestock tr's best sneaker store In my opinion Nate was looking to cop His pair they actually had a ton of Great kicks and clothing in there but Apparently they sold out hella quick Which was surprising to me because it Seems like a lot of people were on the Fence about these next up was size two Pairs of kicks caught my eye the Adidas BW Army and these New Balance 860s nice But I feel like I can get these on sale As for the Jordan 4s they sold out in 40 Minutes it's all good though cuz we Still had hope at kith Toronto we Finally got our hands on the Air Jordan 4 reimagined but they only had GS sizes Trust me they are so nice in hand if you Can get your hands on them I definitely Would