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Here are three tips on how to always put A good outfit together number one play With colors colors have the power to set The tone for your outfit so learn to Play with color palettes that flatter Your skin tone if you didn't know some Skin tones look better paired with Certain colors now to pair colors Together you want to take a look at the Color wheel you can never go wrong with Complementary colors complementary Colors are colors on opposite sides of The color wheel so if you ever have Trouble with color combos this will be a Big help getting into number two play With patterns and textures don't be Afraid to try out some patterns and Textures from time to time because it's A great way to switch things up mixing And matching these different elements Can add depth and make your outfits a Lot more interesting so start with Subtle patterns like stripes or checks And experiment with different fabric Textures tip number three Elevate with Accessories a classic Watch chain or a Stylish belt can take your fits from Good to great