Style tips for short guys!

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Here are three style tips for my short Kings out there tip number one you want To make sure you have the proper fit Look it's essential for short guys as it Creates the illusion of a taller frame So you want to opt in for clothes that Are well tailored and avoid baggy or Oversized pieces that can overwhelm your Stature tip number two Embrace Monochromatic outfits wearing the same Color or shades of a single Hue Elongates your silhouette so go for Darker tones like Navy black or deep Earthy tones don't forget to incorporate Various textures and layering to add Depth and dimension to your outfits tip Number three accessories accessories can Play a vital role in enhancing your Style especially for short guys so Opt-in for accessories that draw Attention upward for example this could Be any type of hat which will add height To your overall look you can even pair That up with a few chains to keep the Attention upward