Suede and nubuck materials can be tough to clean and mixed with a vibrant color it can be even harder! You risk room for color bleed, color fade, watermarking and permanent damage to the sneaker. Luckily we have everything that you need, in today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we give you a full cleaning guide for all your suede Nike Dunks! These Green Apple SB Dunks were requested in the comments after we took on the Orange Lobsters a few videos back, so we had to clean them up for you guys.

We picked up these bright and vibrant kicks used from eBay for a deal and after they arrived at the headquarters we rocked them a little bit more to get them really dirty! We weren’t too sure about how these would clean up when we first sat down to take care of them, but we had to put the product to the test.

For this cleaning we used the Essential Cleaning Kit. The Essential Cleaning Kit is highly beneficial for suede or nubuck sneakers that need a deeper cleaning, but it is also the perfect kit to give your sneakers a quick and effective clean. We also paired the product with a couple different things from our product line up to create the perfect cleaning station.

Now there was a few things that could go wrong with this sneaker, so it was really important to clean the sneaker evenly and take our time during the cleaning. The color bleeding was a huge possibility during this cleaning. One pro tip that we used was cleaning the sneaker one panel at a time and patting the sneaker dry as you go to avoid oversaturating the material.

We used the 3 different brushes to clean up these SB Dunks and then allowed the sneaker to dry in the Arizona Sun. When you are cleaning suede or nubuck materials it is crucial that you place the sneaker outside or in front of a fan to dry. These materials needs to dry evenly to look their best or there could be watermarking, discoloring and additional issues.

Since we got the suede wet, we had to reset the nap on these materials to ensure that it came back to the buttery texture. We see a ton of comments about getting suede wet, but you can 100% get suede wet as long as you are careful!

For the last step we used Mink Oil to bring back the color of the suede and condition the materials. Mink Oil helps not only recondition the suede, but the leather as well!

Let us know in the comments what you want to see us clean and we might just make your dream a reality!

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00:00 Sweepstakes Information
00:42 Video Introduction
01:06 How to Set Up a Cleaning Station
01:51 Benefits of the Air Compressor
02:32 Benefits of the Shoe Trees
03:22 How to Clean Suede Uppers
04:30 Benefits of the Medium Bristle Brush
05:07 How to Clean Rubber Outsoles
06:20 How to Effectively Dry Suede
07:02 How to Reset the Nap on Suede
07:45 How to Use Mink Oil
09:16 Product Breakdown

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luck everybody and hopefully I'll see you soon ! What's going on Reshoevn8tion I'm Jordan 
and in today's Shoe Care Academy episode we're   Going to be taking on these Green Apple SB 
Dunks that released in the 2022 fruit pack.  We're going to be cleaning these up using the 
RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit as well as   The RESHOEVN8R Dry Suede Kit to reset that 
nap when we're all done with the cleaning. So if   You're new here make sure you subscribe, if you 
like today's video hit the thumbs up button and   Drop a comment on what you want us to clean next. 
Without further Ado let's get into this cleaning!  Went ahead and got our cleaning station all 
set up with everything that you will find in   The RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit we have 
our four ounce cleaning solution which can clean   40 to 60 pairs of shoes, our three different 
brushes that you can find in the three brush   Packs, as well as our microfiber towel to dry off 
the sneaker when we are done. We also paired it   With a few more products we have our Shoe Tree 
which is essential for cleaning shoes to allow   Us to put as much pressure onto the toe box. Our 
Cleaning Mat to keep our cleaning station nice   And clean and absorb all of that dirt and grime 
and our Drying Rack and Bowl combo to store our   Brushes as well as our water and solution. Before 
we start this cleaning I'm going to be setting   One shoe aside for before and after purposes 
and then after we do that we'll head over to   Our sneaker store Many Worlds to use their air 
compressor to blow off all of this surface dirt. [Music]   Alright I'm back from Many Worlds now 
the air compressor did a lot more than I   Thought it was going to got this shoe fairly 
clean we blew off all of that surface dirt   And grime. The reason that we use the air 
compressor is just so that we don't push   It further into this suede material it is 
a delicate material and there is a huge   Chance that this green is going to bleed we 
won't know until we clean it. So for the next   Step we're going to be removing the laces 
and inserting the adjustable Shoe Tree. Got the Shoe Tree inserted into the shoe now the 
main benefits of the shoe tree is that it helps   Hold the shape of the sneaker during the cleaning 
process, lets us put as much pressure onto this   Toe box as possible and it helps eliminate the 
creasing that you already see on this toe box. For   The next step of this cleaning we're going to be 
taking our cleaning solution and mixing two squirts 

Into our bowl of water before we get to scrubbing. 
Got our solution into the bowl of water so now for   The next step of the cleaning we are going to be 
using our soft bristle brush this is the softest   Brush in our arsenal we're going to be using it on 
the entire uppers from the leather material to the   Suede, the tongue and the sock liner . Now since 
this does have this vibrant green color on the   Suede I'm not really sure if it's going to bleed 
so I'm going to clean one area first see how the   Material reacts and then we'll clean the entire 
shoe. One thing to remember when you're cleaning   Suede shoes is you want to clean the entire 
sneaker evenly, pat dry as you're cleaning to avoid   Water marking because it definitely can happen 
so let see how this shoe reacts. [Music] All done with our soft bristle brush now soft 
bristle brush did its job I didn't see a ton of   Bleeding on this shoe there was a little bit from 
the lighter green color didn't really see it from   The darker green which shocked me but nothing 
to be super concerned about, didn't ruin the   Leather, the sock liner or the tongue. Did its thing 
clean the whole shoe evenly you might have noticed   That I did dab the brush on the cleaning mat a 
couple times just to avoid over saturation as   Well as patted dry throughout the cleaning. Suede 
is like a sponge and it really likes to soak up   All of the moisture so it's important to dry the 
sneaker as you go. For the next step I'm going to   Be using the medium bristle brush specifically 
on this midsole and then I'm going to use it on   The tongue and the sock liner one more time the 
medium bristle brush is a great tool for cleaning   Multiple materials it works well on the nylon 
sock liner as well as the tongue and it also works   Great on the leather materials but the main point 
of this brush is to clean those rubber midsoles .  We are all done with the medium bristle brush 
We went ahead and took care of this midsole as   Well as the tongue and the sock liner I also 
removed the shoe tree and the insole to really   Get a deep clean on this insole using the medium 
bristle brush I'm going to leave this out of the   Shoe to dry but I am going to put the shoe 
tree back in so that we can finish up this   Process. We're going to be moving on to this 
outsole using the stiff bristle brush [Music]. One thing about the stiff bristle brush is 
that it works best on rubber you can use it   On the midsoles if there's some deeper staining 
and then always the outsole. We get a lot of   Comments why do you even clean the outsole of 
your shoes well because why wouldn't you clean   The entire sneaker? However I wouldn't use the 
stiff bristle brush on any other material such   As knit, canvas or suede because it is so stiff 
so just stick to the hard rubber materials. We're all done with the pre-treatment on this 
sneaker now SBS do have this fatter tongue, fatter   Sock liner and the thicker laces so we could put 
them in the washing machine however for this. We're   Not going to because of this vibrant suede. It 
could fade, it could cause damage we're just not   Doing it and it looks pretty good without that 
washing machine so I'm going to set this aside   Before we go outside to let it dry and take 
care of these laces. [Music] Laces and  

Shoe all cleaned up we're gonna head and put 
this outside and let it dry luckily we live   In Arizona so it'll only take a couple hours. One 
thing to remember when you're cleaning suede is   You want it to dry evenly so take advantage of 
the sun use a fan, let it air dry just make sure   That you're allowing it to dry evenly and never 
put your shoes in the dryer let's go outside. [Music] Alright we're back we went ahead and 
let the shoe dry outside overnight to get an   Even dry and as you can see these SB'S cleaned up 
really good all that's left to do is we need to   Reset the nap on the suede so for that step we 
are going to be using our Dry Suede Kit paired   With our medium bristle brush to bring that 
suede to that buttery texture. You don't want   To apply too much pressure to the suede just 
kind of let the brush do its thing and move   It in multiple directions until you get that 
desired texture on the suede also the medium   Bristle brush has a similar consistency to the 
suede brush it just covers more surface area so   You can use that as well when you're trying 
to reset the nap don't push super hard into   The material just let the material come back 
by itself. We got our suede all reset using the   Tools in our Arsenal overall it is back to that 
super buttery texture now I didn't see a ton of   Color bleed when I was cleaning this shoe but 
I am definitely seeing some fading on the color   Now that it is dry so to bring that back we are 
going to be bringing in another product this is   The RESHOEVN8R Mink Oil we're going to spray a 
couple even coats on this sneaker and rub it in   Using our medium bristle brush to really bring 
back the color. Mink oil is great for bringing   Back color and suede as well as reconditioning the 
materials on Suede and Leather So if you have some   Suede or leather pairs in your collection 
make sure that you pick this up. [Music] We're all done with the mink oil we got 
these back to that vibrant green color now I   Mentioned these are from the fruit pack they 
were actually inspired by green apple Jolly   Ranchers which is personally my favorite Jolly 
Rancher, but these are not my favorite out of the   Fruit pack. The green is just not my color but 
the blue raspberry ones are pretty legit. Let   Us know in the comments which is your favorite 
out of the entire fruit pack. Now that we have   All of the cleaning out of the way all that's 
left to do is lace up this sneaker. [Music] Shoe is all laced up and ready to go let's take a 
look at the before and after overall I would say   That these results speak for themselves the Green 
Apple SB Dunks cleaned up really nice we've had a   Ton of requests for this shoe so we made it happen 
for you. Let's recap a little bit of this cleaning   We went ahead and used our RESHOEVN8R Essential 
Cleaning Kit for the bulk of this cleaning   And paired it with a couple other products we used 
our Drying Rack and Bowl combo this is great for   Holding the brushes during the cleaning process 
as well as holding your water in solution to   Keep everything in one centralized location. Also 
it's perfect for storing your brushes after you're   Done with your cleaning. We used our cleaning mat 
which is one of my favorite RESHOEVN8R products  

Keeps your cleaning surface nice and clean 
highly absorbent and it is machine washable   So when you're done with your cleaning throw it 
in and reuse it for as many cleanings as you want .  We used our RESHOEVN8R shoe trees; the shoe trees 
are essential for holding your sneakers they help   Hold the shape of your sneakers and allow you 
to put as much pressure onto your toe box also   If you are putting your sneakers in the washing 
machine which we didn't do with these ones you   Will leave the shoe trees in there and it'll help 
keep your sneaker the shape that you want it to be . Next our Dry Suede Kit our dry suede kit is 
extremely beneficial it works great if you   Want to reset the nap on the suede also if you 
have a pair of suede shoes that isn't super dirty   And you just want to do a quick cleaning the 
dry suede kit is perfect for that quick clean   Method and finally our RESHOEVN8R mink oil 
use this to bring back the color on the suede   As well as recondition the leather great tool 
to have you can pick up all of this product   And so much more at reshoev8n8r.com and use 
my link in the description to save yourself   10 off. If you like today's video hit the 
Thumbs Up Button, if you're new here make   Sure you subscribe and I'll see you guys again 
soon in the next Shoe Care Academy video [Music] Thank you