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Three sneaker pickups one of which is a Grail the other is a super sleeper shoe And Pickups from one of the best Streetwear Brands out right now all of That and more in today's Clothing Haul Video so let's check it out so let's Start off with the streetwear brands I Have five pickups actually from hidden NY which is a New York based streetwear Brand that became super popular on Social media through their exclusive Drops and they've been heavily endorsed By guys like Lil yachty for example I Bought two T-shirts and some accessories That I want to show you guys the first Two T's I literally studied their size Guides and I still somehow ended up Getting them wrong I bought two t-shirts In a size small I have this 3M Boro tee As well as one of their racing tees Because they're too small I've had to Actually stretch the t-shirts which Sounds a little bit more complicated Than it actually is however it did Actually work so I'm really happy that I Was able to make the sizing work after All the two accessories that I picked up Are actually this aluminum green ashtray I'm not a smoker but I think it's a cool Display piece that you can just put on a Mantle or in my case it would be on my TV stand and the other accessory that I Got is just a clear water bottle with Green accent colors on it it's an algae

And I actually really am a big fan of Nalgene water bottles especially in the Gym I also have some pickups from Urban Outfitters let's start off with the Stan Ray painter pants these are synonymous With that Workwear style especially with The Hickory Stripes as well the fit on These is very wide and they actually Only come in a 32 length so I will have To get these altered but for the time Being I have pinned them just to show You guys the type of fit that they have I also picked up this american needle New York Eagles hat that's a mouthful Right there the reason why I went after This one is because it is a cream color And I don't have any hats that are in This color so this will naturally go With a lot of my wardrobe a lot of those Earth Tone colors that you guys know That I love to wear and american needle Is one of my favorite fitting hats and Urban Outfitters carries them so I Highly highly highly recommend american Needle snapbacks I also picked up this Rothco vintage crossbody bag with the Traveling that I have going on next Month this is going to come real Handy I Like how this sort of has that sort of Early 2000s kind of style to it and with The faded Olive canvas material once Again just goes with a lot of my Wardrobe and as always the links will be In the description for all the Urban

Outfitters items with sizing info so be Sure to use those links you won't regret It okay I need to talk to you guys about My brand more apparel we have a drop Coming out August 25th super excited to Be uh releasing another drop I have the Signature hat that you guys have seen me Wearing and you got a ton of you guys Have been asking about it so I really Appreciate it I I tried so hard to find The perfect hat sample and I'm really Glad that I did I went through dozens of Samples and if you don't believe me look At all the hot blanks I went to these Are all blank caps and I fought tooth And nail to find the right one and this Is the T-shirt this t-shirt compared to The last one is a little bit more Minimalistic this is the front just a Small logo and then on the back it says More apparel Athletic Club Athletics is Always going to be the theme of these Drops just because of how much I love Sports and Fitness so yeah follow the Instagram page so you can stay updated On release info I'll be sure to link Everything in the description so before We jump into sneakers I want to show you Guys a couple accessories couple watches That I bought you guys know I'm a big Watch guy all of these are very Affordable considering but the first one That I want to talk about is the Seiko 5 GMT Style watch I absolutely love this

If you like those sort of Submariner GMT Diver's watch this is definitely Something that you need to check out as It is a much more affordable price it's Also an automatic watch which means There's a ton of engineering and Tech That goes into making one of these I Love the Jubilee style bracelet as well Another one of my favorite watches is The tiso PRX I'm wearing the one with The blue face right now to match the hat But I had to pick up the gold because of How much I've been wearing this this Watch gets a ton of compliments Um I went with the 35 millimeter so if You guys are looking for watch Recommendations you can't mess with Either of these okay time to talk Sneakers I bought one of my grills Recently I've popped it into one or two Videos I believe since then but I never Really chatted with you guys about these The Nike Air fear of God one these are Currently going for eleven hundred Dollars on stockx I believe it or not Found these on Facebook Marketplace for Around four hundred dollars I was a Little apprehensive at first but the guy Agreed to pay through PayPal and there Was a lot of like reassurance that they Were authentic as well and seeing them In hand they're 100 real so the fact That I got these for four hundred Dollars like new with OG everything I

Think that's a steal in my book the next One is the Oakley chop saw okay this is That sleeper shoe I was telling you guys About let me tell you something okay I Tried to warn you guys about these now Drake is being spotted in Oakley uh chop Saw mules don't say I didn't warn you Win these blow up all right either way Regardless of whether they blow up or Not I don't care because I love the way The shoe looks I love everything about It it just has a super unique design to It it's a very it's a shoe that not a Lot of people are going to be wearing These were very difficult to track down For lower than like 600 and I think I Got them for like three which is just Slightly above retail so this was a huge Pickup the next one is a little bit more Of a surprise impulse buy it is the come De Garçon Nike Air carnivore I set a bit On these on stockx for like 150 which is Literally 50 off of the retail price and I won the bid randomly so this was a Huge like under retail steal but a shoe That's so very cool in my opinion Because it can be kind of dressing like A smart kind of way Um but it also because of the the roots And the you know just the nature of the Shoe being a little bit bulky and having That like 90s basketball design you can Still get some streetwear outfits off at These but like I said for the fact that

I got these for 50 off it's just it's a Huge deal in my opinion the next pickup Is from Uniqlo and this is an attempt to Plant a little seed in your guys head I Hate to say it fall is coming okay and Uh I have already started that is my Sort of job as a content creator that Talks about new and exciting fashion Trends is to be on the loop okay love The fit of this uh this is a size extra Small in the short blousing so just keep That in mind be sure to go one full size Down uh if you want to pick these up but If you guys are want to get ahead of the Game in terms of jackets from Uniqlo This is among some of the best so let me Know in the comments what your favorite Pickup was if you have any other Questions be sure to leave them in the Comments below thanks so much for Watching and I'll catch you guys in the Next peace