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With warmer weather in full effect there Is no better time to talk about some Spring summer fashion trends than right Now I got cameraman Bruce behind the Scenes helping me out not this guy again I hope this is better than your last one Hey I heard that okay now listen not Everybody is gonna agree with what I say But hey these are just my opinions if You're not into it I'll catch you in the Next video but let's start off with some Spring summer sneaker Trends now I need To throw a thought Sutter here is it Just me or is the Air Jordan 1 becoming One of those shoes that's just becoming Less and less exciting with each release Okay I love the Air Jordan one in fact I Have more pairs of Air Jordan Ones than Any other shoe in my entire collection And I think that's becoming the problem Of the situation is that there's just so Many similar colorways that are dropping So in my opinion I think it's becoming a Little bit saturated kind of like the Dunks kind of like the 550s and I think That as a result of that people like Myself are craving new and fun designs Which then takes us to some really fun And exciting shoes to talk about and Number one is Oakley really Oakley yes Oakley okay now follow along with me Here there is a big Trend right now with That Y2K aesthetic where those early 2000s designs are becoming more and more

Popular Oakley is having a big Resurgence right now and it is a very Niche product for sure but when styled Correctly I think looks really really Clean there's the Oakley flesh there's The Oakley chop saw they're already Starting to come up with some clean Collaborations like they did with brain Dead and ultimately I think it's just a Shoe to keep an eye on there is another Trend that's happening in sneakers right Now which are metallic sneakers a lot of These designs you'll see familiar with Early 2000s Runners things like the Asic Gel Kayano 14 for example there's also a Number of other trending sneakers that Are coming out with this similar formula Number one would be the whales Bonner Samba that just came out from Adidas Another one would be the onitsuka tiger Mexico 86s there's the Nike vomero There's the New Balance 860 that just Did a cloud with MMA and door which is Really growing on me as well as the 1906 R yeah I don't know about all that hey I Totally get it but these are just some Things that I observe on the internet And I like to show you guys so that you Can form your opinion okay let's talk About shorts back in 2020 the IT thing To do was to wear those five inch inseam Shorts that matched your rap graphic tee That match your fitted cap yeah of Course I want to show off my leg gains

Plus they look great with my dunks no I I totally get it but there is a big Trend right now going on with denim Shorts and the thing is that it differs In all types of sizes washes and lengths And the best part is is that this is a Trend that is super affordable I Literally went to a thrift store I got a Pair of jeans for five dollars I put Tape on them to measure I put scissors I Threw them in the washer and the dryer To get that fraying and boom next thing You know you got a fresh pair of jean Shorts you can also grab some off of Amazon Lee denim makes these carpenter Shorts that come in that sort of baggier Fit another thing that I'm seeing a lot Lately with shorts is this aesthetic of Like boots and shorts kind of trend Dora The Explorer looking eyes all right can I get through this please okay thank you Whether it's the Yeezy boots or this new Sushi Timberlands that just came out It's just a really clean combo and Something that I think you guys should Know about okay and in terms of casual Shoe options you guys need to check out Loafers and mocto Derby shoes bro got The church shoes sixes on yes but when Style correctly makes for a really good Fit okay loafers are one of those shoes That can be dressed up and be dressed Down come in a number of different Styles whether they're two-tone options

To those mock toe Derbies that I showed You earlier and one thing that I think Really pairs well with this type of look Is neck scarves bro that is some Borderline fruity stuff you got going on All right just because you're not Confident enough to wear something Doesn't mean you gotta put others down All right I bought a pack of four silk Scarves off of etsy they come in these Pastel colors which is perfect because These type of colors will actually go With a lot of your wardrobe one other Trend that I've seen that's been Replacing a lot of people wearing Flannels over shirts Cardigans just Because just a little bit more weather Permitted our striped oxfords now the Important thing is to not wear it in Like a preppier style and to get one That's super tight and slim fitting you Can leave it on button wear a tank top Or a t-shirt underneath but when I cap In some sneakers it gives off kind of Brunch Vibes but also like you could Wear this with your friends and not seem Like you're overly dressed all right now Let's talk about graphic tees now I made An entire video dedicated to graphic tee Recommendations you can check that out By hitting that video right over there Now one thing I will say is I've become So sick of seeing those like fake Vintage graffitis they see it like h m

It's got biggie on it it's got like Drake or like something super random Point is is that those types of t-shirts With these heavy printed Graphics are Kind of the root of why you feel like You have nothing to wear sometimes is Because that can only be styled in a Certain number of ways if you were to Get a graphic tee for example that has a Much more subtle print to it not only Can it be worn a bunch of ways but like Say it has a big back pattern on it you Can easily cover that up and still wear It as if it were a basic t-shirt for Example all right that's actually pretty Good and in terms of best places to buy Graphic tees highly recommend going with Actual vintage Graphics you can get on EBay Etsy places like that let's talk About pant recommendations for the Summer time not everybody likes to wear Shorts it feels comfortable wearing them Now one thing I would completely avoid Are those super super baggy jeans that Hang on the floor those super baggy Parachute pants because in a couple Years time you are going to look back on Them like you do with those spray-on Skinny jeans I think it's important to Find a balance in terms of fit what I do Recommend instead because there is a Huge Resurgence of it going on currently Are Selvage denim now I have a number of Different price points to recommend on

The affordable side do what I did if you Want to test the waters a bit is go with The Unique Glow slim Selvage jeans I Wear these all the time I think they Look great when you want to dress them Up as well Um if you want to level up then I Recommend the Naked and Famous true guy It has a nice straight fit to it I Personally got a pair and I need to get Them hemmed finally you got something Right yeah I know they do have a similar Feel but the difference between the two Is that one is technically fast fashion And then the other one is imported from Japan manufactured in Canada uh it is Double the weight of the actual denim Itself much thicker and you're obviously Paying for those unique raw Characteristics where it's going to show Signs of wear that are you know pertain To your body now another type of pant Recommendation that I have are linen Pants I linen is much lighter breezier Fabric the con is that it does wrinkle a Lot which kind of drives me nuts a bit But if you're heading on a vacation or You live in a super hot climate linen is Your best friend they're pretty Affordable too because the fabric is Much lighter are you done yet I'm Starving just about if you want a Breakdown of the best white spring Summer sneakers to wear this season

Check that video out right here or if You want to learn about some of the best Accessories that can elevate your outfit Check that video out right there so let Me click on one of those and I'll meet You guys there