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If you’re looking for tips on how to up your summer style, then you’ve come to the right place! In this video, I’m sharing with you some stylish tips that will upgrade any outfit. From shorts to comfortable sneakers, there’s something for everyone in this summer style guide.

Whether you’re dressing for a day at the beach or a night out on the town, these tips will help you look your best! So put on your sunscreen and stay stylish all summer long!

Summer is here and you know what that Means it's time to elevate those outfits Now in today's video I'm going to give You seven summer style tips that will Keep you looking good and cool All Summer Long now before we get into it if You guys like fashion sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure you hit that Subscribe button down below now let's go Ahead and get into it so getting into Summer style tip number one you want to Embrace slight Fabrics as the Temperature rises it's essential that You choose lightweight Fabrics that keep You cool and comfortable so you want to Opt in for breathable materials like a Linen or cotton now linen shirts are a Summer staple known for their Airy feel And relaxed look now you can pair that Up with a pair of chinos or some jeans If you want a more relaxed look now Cotton is another great option offering Both comfort and style so remember to Keep a lookout for linen or cotton T-shirts this summer these will have you Feeling fresh and cool all day long so Getting into summer style tip number two You want to play with colors and Patterns summer is a good time to move Away from those neutrals and add a pop Of color into your wardrobe so try Incorporating some bold Shades like red Blue or even yellow these type of colors Will instantly make your outfit stand

Out so step out of your comfort zone and Have some fun with your wardrobe this Summer so tip number three we can't have A summer video without touching on Footwear so let's get into that when it Comes to your summer Footwear you want To prioritize comfort and breathability Now loafers are a great choice for their Versatility loafers are a great choice Because they pair well with casual and Dressier outfits now I know not everyone Is on board when it comes to loafers so Let's talk about sneakers now if you're Aiming for a more casual and laid back Look then low tops should be your go-to Now don't get me wrong high tops are Cool but you definitely get less airflow Making your feet a lot more hot than They should be low tops are perfect Pairing with shorts chinos or even jeans Now remember Footwear can make or break Your outfit so you want to Choose Wisely Prioritize comfort breathability and Versatility When selecting your summer Sneakers summer style tip number four You want to experiment with different Types of shorts summer is the season to Let your legs breathe and what better Way to do that than with a good pair of Shorts you want to ditch those baggy Shorts and opt in for shorts that hit Just above the knee this length looks Good on pretty much any guy now when it Comes to Colors neutrals like khaki navy

And olive green are Timeless options and Can easily be paired with pretty much Any outfit now like I said you want to Have fun with your wardrobe so adding a Pop of color is not a bad option either Now getting into summer style tip number Five you want to shop affordable now Look we all love affordable clothes and Thanks to today's sponsor cool fandy you Can get great deals on high quality Items all summer now I recently got in a Couple summer Staples that are going to Come in clutch this summer like this Cuban long sleeves also this button down Which is perfect for vacation or even Beach days and lastly this waffle shirt That's great for nights out now as you Can see I have one of their pieces on Right now and I did not expect the Quality to be this good because the Price point is so low now since they are Today's sponsor you can save yourself Some money using my code GT Vision 30. So cop up save yourself some money Because these are pieces I promise you Will not regret picking up getting into Summer style tip number six you want to Accessorize with lightweight accessories Now accessories are finishing touches That can Elevate any summer outfit for Example a trucker hat not only protects Your face from the Sun but it also adds A pop of color to your outfits now you Also can't forget sunglasses these are

Not only a summer necessity but it also Can help you look more attractive Because what it does is make your face Look more symmetrical accessories are Just a perfect way to add a personal Touch to complete your summer outfits so Don't be afraid to experiment and have Fun with them so getting into the Seventh and final summer style tip you Want to incorporate light colored Bottoms now you can opt in for trousers Or chinos and light shades like beige Khaki or light gray these colors are Versatile and can easily be paired with Variety of shirts and Footwear options Now for a more casual and relaxed look Consider incorporating some light Colored shorts into your outfits now These can be any type of short of your Choosing it could be cargo shorts or Even mesh shorts all you have to do is Pair that up with a T-shirt and your Summer outfits will be on point and There you have it seven summer style Tips that will keep you cool and stylish All summer so that's going to be it for Today's video don't forget to check out Today's sponsor kufandy first link in The description down below as always I Appreciate you guys for watching and I Will see you in the next one peace [Music] Thank you