1 wash cycle with our laundry pods and laundry bag had these White Vans looking great again! Shop online today at www.Reshoevn8r.com #shorts

This is ruinator sneaker laundry bag and These are a pair of Van's true white Skate authentic well they work see Normally I would just go out and get a New pair these ones are practically Brand new so instead I thought I would Give rejuvenator sneaker laundry bag a Chance after removing the insult and Laces I place everything into the porish Mesh bag this is designed to protect and Clean my sneakers I then add a Clear Laundry pod courtesy of rejuvenator to Ensure I don't die or damage the s Sneakers it's recommended that you wash Using cold water only and never put them In the dryer as they may damage the Sneaker I'm actually super impressed how Good these came out after just one wash Almost all of that mud staining is Removed these look great and I'm super Stoked to get them back on feet you can Find this laundry bag along with other Products at renator Dcom