Talking endorphins B3 in many ways this Is the poster boy the star of this Category and has been for several years It is the training partner to the second Endorphin Pro 3 and the speed three Basically has a lot of the same stuff in It including stockings paper-based power Run PV foam in the midsole but it has a Nylon plate running through the middle Of that and then suck any speed roll Rocker geometry now the plate the foam And the geometry are all combined to Create an incredibly versatile ride Probably the most versatile of any shoe On the market it's a very comfortable Shoe for easy runs but it is very quick And it is a nice lightweight shoe so you Can use it for racing or speed sessions And pretty much everything that's really The main Pro we have with the endorphins V3 it's just incredibly versatile it's Just the perfect all-rounder that does Tick off so many different kinds of runs Other pros of it are that it's now a Slightly older shoe so it is often Available in sales its price tag is Expensive but not the most expensive by Any means in this category so if you can Pick it up in a deal it's now looking Like quite good value we have also found It to be quite a durable shoe like the First edition of this shoe I put 500k Into and saw no signs at all