With the second version of the shoe it Really has explosions in popularity a Little bit more it's got a dual density Midsole the top layer of which is Nitrogen infused piba that's Puma's Nitro Elite foam and then the bottom Layer is a nitrogen infused tpe foam That's Puma's Nitro foam both of them Pretty light the top layer is a bit Bouncier a bit more exciting because It's got that paper material in there Running through that you have a plate That is 70 carbon and 30 of TPU plastic It's got a big thick outsole on the shoe And the most comfortable upper with Plenty of padding that do mark this out As a very versatile shoe that's built For training it's got a good stack it's Got those two you know Lively Foams in The midsole and a nice comfortable upper It's a shoe that's built to handle a Wide range of runs and really be used More for training but it does still have A lot of speed in it if you are going to Use it for faster stuff Pros with it Certainly it's versatility it's similar To the Endorphin Speed 3 in that regard This is a shoe you really can use for a Bit of everything even if it is a little Bit heavier than some of the other Options in this category it is still a Pretty Speedy shoe the outsole is a Major Pro for this shoe it's a thick Layer of Puma grip that