The Suunto Race is Suunto’s first true AMOLED multisports watch that’s clearly built to take on the Garmin Forerunner 965, Polar Vantage V3 and watches like the Forerunner 265.

Colour screen aside, the Race offers free offline maps, dual-band GPS and impressive battery numbers and does all that and more for less than what you’ll pay for the 965 and the Vantage V3.

Testers Jane, Mike, Nick and Kieran have all been putting the Race to the test to find out if Suunto is onto a winner here.

00:00 – Intro
00:09 – Price and Key Details
03:57 – What We Like
13:32 – What We Don’t Like
23:41 – Verdict

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Hey this is Mike from the Run testers And this is our multitester review of The sunto Race so here's the key things you need To know about the sunto race let's start With price and in the UK it's £389 $449 in the US now in terms of model Options you are getting The Pick of Stainless steel or titanium bezel so a Lot like the cinto vertical now going For the titanium version does put push The price up and that is the model that Most of us in this video have tested as I said you are getting an AMOLED display Here now cnto has used an AM display on Its watch before so if you remember the Cinto 7 which was Soto's first kind of Smartwatch they did with Google and wirs This is the first multisport premium Sports watch from cinto that now offs an Amed display and is a touchscreen Display and one that you can keep always On alongside that AMOLED touchscreen Display you are are getting three Buttons there's two flatter ones on the Right side of the case and that's kind Of sandwiching a rotating twisting crown That let you kind of navigate through The software now in terms of that Software cinto has changed things up From previous watches and it's really Kind of cater for having that AMOLED Display so in terms of those standout Running features we are getting a lot of

What we saw on the sunto vertical and Actually impressed us on the sunto Vertical which we have reviewed on the Channel so you are getting that dual ban GPS support here you are getting free Offline maps which is kind of synced Over to the watch via the sunto Companion phone app and that has to be Done over Wi-Fi along with giving you All the things we got on the sunto Vertical there's a little bit more on The training and Analysis side of things So the first thing that really stands Out here is the kind of bigger emphasis On recovery and there's now a HRV Recovery inside which requires two weeks Of your sleep data and from that sunto Can then tell you when you should be Recovering when you should think about When you train and basically ultimately A bit like what Garmin and Polo do is Offer a bit more insight into you know The decisions you've be making about Your training there's also a new sunto Coach as well and that's looking at Things like training lad to help again Dictate how your training is going what You should be doing about your training As well too and really give the c r a Bit more in terms of that training and Analysis profile and making it more Useful outside of your tracking time a Bit like choros and polar C is pushing a Little bit more on the Smartwatch side

Of things so it still doesn't quite live Up to what you get on a ging watch but You have a watch here that allows you to Control music playing back on your phone And also allows you to view Notifications on watch as well too you Do have access to synto kind of Plus Store which gives you access to some Kind of third party app so you do have a Quite extensive third party app support There as well too if you want that but Ultimately you're getting a more Simplified Smartwatch experience but With the added Amed display you are Getting a little bit more than we've Seen previously on Smartwatch front from Sun's watches last and by no means least Is battery life and the good news is Sunto is talking some pretty good Numbers here now if you're looking at Day-to-day and kind of using it as a Smartwatch and some tracking in general You can expect up to 12 days now that's Not factoring in having the screen set To always on which we'll see it drop Below that kind of quoted 12 days There's also a very basic watch mode as Well which gives you up to 26 days but Obviously that will restrict the kind of Features and what you can use on the Sun To race now we're talking GPS battery Performance that kind of top GPS Accuracy mode you can expect 40 hours of GPS battery life that can max out 120

Hours and obviously you will sacrifice Having that Supreme accuracy to have That longer battery life so some Impressive battery numbers to go with Some very good features at a very good Price now does the sunto race deliver The goods let's find Out so there's an awful lot to like About the sunto rice I'd say but I will Start with the design which I think is Good it's a really nice looking watch With that kind of etching on the bezel Around the watch the buttons and the Screen obviously is nice and bright it's Maybe not the best AMOLED screen out There I think the brightness on the H Vantage V3 I think is a little better For one but it is a nice screen and what Soon was done with materials I think is Really impressive you've got the Sapphire crystal display you've got a Titanium model which is the one I tested Which is also nice and light or a steel Model at a very good price that Sapphire Display in particular is great because I Have scratched the screen on the 4 and a 965 over the course of a trail run got That little bit of extra peace of mind With the stronger materials in the sunto Race at a price you don't often see Those materials second like is the GPS Which has been absolutely outstanding Throughout my testing I've been using The sunto race at the same time as the

Polar Vantage V3 and a couple of Gins The Epic Pro and the 4 and a 965 the Gins and the sunto nearly always match Up very closely and having had the Garmin I think as the gold standard for GPS accuracy in the last year or so with Its multiband the sunto joins it right At the top of the tree it's been pretty Much culate for me in all conditions so Yeah no problems with all GPS that Multiband is as good as anything else Out there the battery life is also Really solid for an AMOLED watch like I've been getting for a week quite Comfortably with the or on screen Enabled if you want it enable race to Wake you you'll get longer than that as Well and that's indicative of the trend We're seeing with these watches now like You can get this really nice bright Screen without really sacrificing Battery life Su also offers outstanding Battery life for individual activity so If you want just one activity with loads Of multiband Theo race is going to last Longer than any other AMOLED watch quite Comfortably i' also say that the maps Are great it's a Time consuming to download them to the Watch through the wireless things I'm Make sure you do that before you go Anywhere because it's going to be hard To do on Hotel WiFi but once they're on The watch they're really nice and clear

And easy to read and routs I really like The way the blue arrow shows where You're heading next on the sunto uh race It's makes it really clear to follow Routs especially ones where you're doing Sections where you'll overlap yourself Maybe going in different directions and That kind of thing so yeah big tick on The mapping front so the first thing I Like about the sunto race is the design Now I feel like this is something CTO Has got right over the last few years And that's prior to the vertical I'm Talking about things like the C9 Peak Way we were starting to see a bit more Kind of focus on how these watches Looked the sun race really continues That theme and you know it definitely Has that kind of feeling of the sun Vertical it definitely has that outdoor Watch feel to it and you compare it to The watches it's clearly aimed up Against so things like the G FR 965 and the polar Vantage V3 it doesn't Look like those watches and I quite like That it's got a distinctive look about It I like this big shery bezel you're Getting a little bit more protection in Terms of what you're getting on that Screen as well you're getting two Options so the stainless steel and the Titanium version both of those watches Do still come in less than the Competition as well too so you're

Getting that kind of high quality design A very distinctive design as well that AMOLED display which definitely elevates The look and feel of using the cinto Race dayto day and also like the Advantage V3 you've got a very easy to Remove strap as well too so if you don't Absolutely love the strap and to be Honest it's you know been absolutely Fine for me it is easy to take it away As you look at something like the G for And a 965 you need to kind of fiddle Around with a kind of tool to kind of Remove it from the case but with the sun Race it's a lot easier to do the other Thing I really like is the software now I don't absolutely love everything about The software but I think you know Bringing in that AMOLED display has Meant and a bit like what we've seen in The competition when you kind of embrace That am display you have to rethink how The UI works because you're putting more Reliance in terms of the touchscreen and Using that kind of touchscreen Functionality now I've always found that A bit of a weakness on C's watches in General on the cinto race it's Definitely a step in the right direction In terms of just how things are Organized just where things live just Kind of getting around to the sports Tracking for me the user interface has Been a massive Improvement in terms of

What we've seen from Soto's watch his Previously so that is definitely a tick Box for me the last thing I would say And there's been a lot of things that I've really liked about the C race but Really retaining the kind of core kind Of running performance or run tracking Perform performance that we' got on the Sunto vertical which is really where I Think things have changed in terms of Sunto and in terms of where it's been Going and really getting back on track In terms of delivering a good strong Alternative to choros Polar and of Course Garmin as well too now it has That dual band mode like the cin Vertical and for me it has performed Really really well I've been using the 4 And a 965 and the polar Vantage 33 Al Together for quite a few runs as well Too what I found is this has been Closest to the Garmin for 965 and that Kind of multiband dual band mode that Garmin office which is up there with the Best I think in terms of what I've Experienced with the cinto vertical also In terms of the Apple watch Ultra as Well too in terms of that dual band mode And I think it's in good company with Those kind of top level dual band kind Of performances that I've seen so that Is definitely a massive plus the other Thing I would say is the kind of General Kind of mapping support that you're

Getting here now we saw it on the cinto Vertical Now it's a bit cumbersome in terms of Getting those maps and what you want in Terms of the mapping support on the C Race but ultimately when it is on there You've got that nice AMOLED display on There to really make the most of that Mapping support and if that's something That you've been looking for and that is A really strong kind of level of support Here that you're getting here on the Race love the design I think the UI the User interface in general is a step in The right direction and it has really Kind of impressed me in terms of what We've seen previously on sunto watches And also just core run tracking Performance the GPS is good the kind of Metrics are kind of associated with it And kind of the added things like Mapping a real nice added features here Especially when you consider how much This watch uh kind of costs and it Compares to other watches it's clearly Up against I'll start with my likes this Has a really big really bright AMOLED Screen it feels very similar in size and Brightness to the Gin 4Runner 965 this Is a lot lot cheaper this is 389 which Is around the same price as a 265 so It's you're getting a lot for your money In terms of screen it didn't feel too Big on my wrist anyone who's watched any

Video I've made about running watch Before will know I don't love a massive Watch I find that it digs in when I'm Not running when I'm working or when I'm Sleeping I didn't have any problems with This watch and it fit really nicely Thing I liked was a battery life i' you Know I've been testing this watch and I Haven't really had to charge it all that Much you're getting a really good Battery life and a really bright screen For a really low price the price is Super competitive here my final thing That I did like and I was impressed by And this is something if you're Comparing this to the Garmin 4 265 to Really note is the offline mapping is Great it was super it took a while Definitely took a while but once I'd Uploaded the maps onto the watch it was Super easy to follow Maps when I was Using the watch there's a really clear Kind of blue arrow I think sometimes It's quite difficult on a watch even on With a screen as big as this it's Difficult on a watch to really see you Know when do I need to turn left I Didn't have that problem here it was Really easy to follow mapping and the Fact the screen was bright and colorful Made that even better so I've had the Sunto race on my wrist for a good month Now and it's safe to say that this is The best sunto watch I've tested in a

Long long time it might actually be Bto's best watch Ever I tested the sunto Race titanium Edition which is the Pricier and heavier version and I said It in our first run video and after Longer testing it's still very true Overall this is a slick well-designed Watch where the hero really is the big AMOLED screen but I think the titanium Bezel looks smart it's still got some of That Adventure Edge that you get with The sunto but it looks a little bit more Slicker for everyday use as well now now I hailed the screen on our polar Vantage V3 review and it's a similar story here The big AMOLED display gets a massive Thumbs up for me though it would be much Better on the Cento if it didn't have This bezel around the edge of the screen Not the Titan bezel but the inner one But it's a big point of difference Against the choros which sunto needed And when it's whacked up for the screen Is notably brighter and punchier than The polar V3 it's a big step forward for Sunto when it comes to display quality And elevates the maps and navigation and Makes digesting your run data a whole Lot more pleasant visual Affair now for An AMOLED watch the battery life is also Pretty good particularly in Max accuracy Dual frequency GPS mode in my tests a 1H Hour run using that highest accuracy GPS Mode burned just an average of 3% that's

Draining faster than the 40 hours that Sunto claims this to will last but it Matched the Gin 4 at 965 and the polar Vantage V3 when they were also in their Respective Max accuracy modes and Despite that big AMOLED screen the daily Usage burn was also around 4 to 5% Without training and that's with the Always on screen Switched Off overnight The sunto race was even stingier it Burnt just 2% on average with all the Tracking switched on that included blood Oxygen which usually torches the battery Much faster on watches so that was quite A surprise so on staying power based on My detailed tests it's a match for the Other big AMOLED Rivals and it's a Thumbs up on battery life too now in my Tests in Max accuracy mode the accuracy Of the GPS was also good the duw band Worked very reliably it's been at least On par with a polar Vantage V3 and the 4 On a 965 not just on the total distances But also when you dig into those uh GPS Traces and tracks look at the maps There's not too many stray traces from The sunto through buildings Rivers uh You know in places that shouldn't be so That's also been a positive in my Test first dislike is the heart rate Accuracy which has been like pretty much Downright awful for me with the sunto Race like really rarely right during uh Training like actually I think on the

First run one of the few runs I'd done There was spot on it and I thought maybe It's going to be okay and pretty much Since then the heart rate accur has been Terrible during workouts it's also Sometimes just noticeably wrong at rest Like I'll look I'll go to the heart rate On the C race and it'll just be too high Like it's never so exaggeratedly too High that it makes a big difference but It's just yeah not a very good heart Rate sensor by looking at it it doesn't Seem to have as many LEDs and Doos as You get on things like polar and Garin Watches so so I wouldn't comfor this Watch expecting good hot rate accuracy Like some people might have it but I Think that's going to be rarer than the People who have problems with it I would Link a chest strap that's usually the Case I think with sports watches it's Best to have a chest strap for that bit Bit piece of mind but Garmin and apples Watches are certainly better on the Heart rate front also say that the user Experience in general just lacks a Little bit it's not quite as good as Another watches like suto not really Made the most of this AMOLED screen in Lots of ways the widgets are nice but The watch faces are a bit basic you Can't see them also when you go into Always on mode you just get a vague time Can't click through the widgets on the

Watch face to then see more information On those widgets and there is a bit of Lag on the race to wake now it's not That bad anymore like early on theun Race was noticeably slower to wake on Race to wake than the gmen 965 or the Polar Vantage V3 and it is still slower Than those watches but not by much it's Not enough to annoy me but I'm not that Annoyed by this stuff I also haven't Really had any lag when scrolling Through the menus it's been responsive Enough for me but again I think if You're someone who gets very annoyed by A micro second of lag I think it's Probably slightly laggier than other Watches something sunto seems to be able To work on with software updates so Hopefully it'll get better over time but Yeah it's not as fast to react as things Like Gins watches am screens or Certainly SmartWatches like the Apple Watch and oh and sunto is just a bit Messy with the way it's does really Really winds me up for some reason that You can't customize existing Sports Modes you have to create your own one if You want to get the stat you can't I Can't customize the basic running mode I Have to create NYX running mode to get The stats I want and to turn on the Music controls I had to turn them on Within an activity and then within the General settings to get those on the

Watch just it's a lot of slightly messy Little stuff structured workouts are a Bit of a pain they have to be a guide They can't it's not a native feature It's a lot of stuff that s could work to Fix I think can create a Slicker overall Experience just just a few little minor Annoyances will come up regularly when Using the watch I found none of them a Massive turnoff compared to the good Stuff it does but it feels like it's Stuff that could be fixed you're also Not really getting any smart features Here Beyond like a weather forecast and Notifications it's yeah it's it's not a Smartwatch that's one area where Garmin Is very clearly outstripping other Sports watches and then lastly I've have Got quite major problem but hopefully Not one that's going to repeat for lots Of people the sun race did end two Workouts just during them during my time Testing it and one was just a random Yoga session fine and if the other one Had been something like that I probably Wouldn't even mention it but the other One where it stopped just in the middle Of a workout Was a Race I was doing a 10k race it just stopped tracking uh Just after the 5K Mark and it's oh it's Like okay well it's just you failed During the time I really wanted you to Work well and I've had to quickly Restart the activity and don't think

It's a problem that's going to be Widespread it hasn't happened to me Since has not seen it in other reviews So wouldn't really worry about it but oh It just niggles at the back of your mind A little bit when something like that Happens so hopefully it's not something That happens to anyone else so into the Dislikes and the first thing I have to Talk about and I was hoping I wouldn't Have to talk about it is the laggy Software now this is something that I've Experienced on sunto watches previously I hoped it would be fixed on the sunto Race and when I first had a look at this Watch a few months ago it was something I was a little bit concerned about and Whether when we had it in our hands Would it still have that same laggy Feeling That I got when I first had a little Play with it and ultimately it's still There and it really puts it into context When I have been using the G 965 and the Polar Vantage V3 at the same time the Polar Vantage 3 V3 the big one of the Big things about it is that kind of Performance boost and improving the Slickness of the software and you Definitely see that compared to the Vantage V2 from the V3 with the sunto Race now we saw this a little bit on the Sunto vertical where it just you know When you're interacting with the dayto

Day you At least for me I can't help but not Notice it particularly when you see what Other watches kind of offer now the Other thing and it's you know this is Not going to be a massive issue for Everyone but I've not found the sleep Tracking very good now I do like to Track my sleep in terms of what I've Seen with the sun race it's just not Been there in terms of the kind of Tracking performance I've seen the Accuracy the reliability of the tracking So if you're looking for this watch to Be something that you can track your Sleep then it's not massively impressed Me and this kind of lends me into the Other thing that I didn't absolutely Love which is since made a big deal About the kind of delving in a bit more Into the kind of recovery side of thing So it has that kind of HRV based Recovery insights which is a little bit Like HRV status On the Garment FR 965 and the Garmin Latest Garmin watches in general and Polo has kind of offered something Similar in terms of its recovery Features as well too really relying on That heart rate variability information To kind of drill into that data and give You kind of better insights and help you On what you should be doing in terms of Your training time now for me I think

It's a bit like HRV status where in Isolation it doesn't feel that massively Useful now obiously it's a piece of Information that you have to so it's one Of those features where you have to Spend a bit of time kind of tracking Your information tracking your sleep to Make sure you get the most reliable Information but ultimately I think the Way that information is presented Doesn't feel massively useful and it's Lacking something like the training red Inness feature on garmin's watches to Really kind of make it a more simplified Useful metric trick to have cuz at the Moment I don't think the way that HRV And that recovery information is handled Is very useful it's a good start but I Think ultimately needs to get a lot Better to become a bit more useful and I Think that would be laid against a lot Of the training analysis that you're Getting on the sunto watch on and off The watch yeah so those are the three Things I've not absolutely loved about Lto race so like corus watches the sunto Race users combine controls you have the Touch screen and you've got these three Buttons one doubling as a digital Crown Here in the main the are responsive and Easy to use on the move but I've always Found sunto navigation the least Intuitive of the major watch brands and I think that's still the case here it's

Not always immediately obvious when it's A button press or a back swipe or a Scroll as you get deeper into the menu Sometimes it's hard to know where you're At I've also found the software somewhat Laggy the raise to wake is often Sluggish the touchcreen isn't as Snappy As the polar Vantage V3 or the 4 and a 965 and moving around the menus uh is Often and all the data is often Frustratingly slow sometimes you're Really waiting particularly if you're Trying to do anything particularly fast So that's not great the second thing I'm Not so sure about is I had a real Struggle to get the strap connected to The watch it's got swappable straps but I had to take a knife to mine to budge This one of the spring pins to get it on And there are much better ways to do This I like garmin's got the little Quick release I'm not a fan of the thick Silicone strap either or this hook Fastening mechanism that I found very Hard to get place what even the cheaper Corus Pace 3 has clocked the benefits of A nylon strap for fit and comfort and I Would much prefer that another smallish Detail but something else I found Annoying when we're talking about that Digital Crown this digital Crown is Really quite big and protruding and I Found it often caught my skin there's Not enough clearance here and that made

It fiddly to use the Apple watch I think Gets round this by sort of housing it Better and giving it a little bit more Clearance than you have here it sort of Was just a bit frustrating a much bigger Issue is heart rate I've been less than Convinced with the optical heart rate Here I've put it up against the polar H10 chest strap the Vantage V3 Optical Sensor and the 4Runner 965 Optical Sensor and even the 400b frontier X2 Chest strap now on the slow steady runs The sunto race had a tendency to lag and Then Lurch higher than the chest strap It sort of there was a bit of drift During Pace changing interval sessions And runs where I shifted the gears more I also had the somewhat inevitable delay With the optical sensor from this now Where Optical sensors can struggle it Did there was a big delay compared to The Vantage V3 and the spikes lags and Surprising lows were a bit worrying even On long slow steady runs the sunto just Seemed to respond much slower that said If you want accurate heart rate get a Chest strap and with the price that You're paying for the race which is way Below the Garmin and po you can actually Afford to get a good one and improve the Data overall and nullify that problem Alog together so now three things I Didn't love the first one is that there Was no period tracking that I could find

No female Health tracking no pregnancy Tracking on this watch I couldn't find An app or a widget to download to to the Watch and I couldn't I would miss having That on my wrist obviously this is only For female Runners but I think Garmin do It really well Apple have added it to Their watch you can now use your skin Temperature for both of those watches as Well as just an algorithm where you're Tracking your periods comparing this to The 265 I would go for the 265 because For me I like to know where I am in my Cycle cuz I think it affects my training So that's not available that's not to Say it won't be in the future but I Couldn't find it in my testing and I did Think it was missing second thing I'd Have to add is it's quite tricky to add Heart rate sensors or any kind of other Sensor to this I tried to connect a Heart rate monitor and my Turbo trainer To the watch and it was really fiddly it Took me quite a long time and one of the Main reasons that is is because it Doesn't name what the sensor is so it's Really difficult to connect anything to The watch finally from a smartwatch Perspective obviously you don't buy a Running watch to use as a smart watch But I kind of think if you're spending £389 400 on a watch you want to wear it 24/7 and this is definitely lacking in a Few Smartwatch features that we see on

Most Gins now on the market there's no Off you know no offline music so you Can't put music onto the watch you can't Put podcast onto the watch and there's No option to make contactless payments From your wrist using this again it's Not something that everyone even once on Their watch but I think it is worth Mentioning and it is something that I Think I would miss if I was leaving Leaving gin moving to sunto is something That I would miss being able to pay for My my verdict is that this is an Absolutely cracking watch I think su's Done a fantastic job here you've got a Great screen lovely Maps great GPS solid Training analysis through training Peaks Really impressive battery life great Materials all at a really good price Like it's fantastic Val it's the best Valley AMOLED watch I'd say out there And if you're focuses really on things Like build quality and battery life the C race is certainly one of the top Options on the market from any brand I Obviously had quite a few dislikes with It when I had that section but all of Those are relatively minor compared to The great stuff you get on the watch and As a sports tracker as a pure Sports Tracker it does a really fantastic job And all the most important fronts like Heart R accuracy we can debate whether That's a really important front CU I

Would always use a chest strap and I Think this is a very bad Optical heart Rate sensor but I you know I would Always fix that immediately with any Watch with a chest strap and then Everything else it does a really good Job the price is just really smart I Think because in this top end watch Market with maps and multi-man GPS and Lovely screens and stuff like that Garmin's been pretty dominant and the Ways to compete with that are to add all The features that Garmin has or to Compete on price now suto added I think The key features that Garmin has in that Multiband GPS and the maps and the Battery life and the AMOLED screen I Think those are the most important ones To pick pick from garmin's range it's Not gone after things like smart Features and hasn't really got the Advanced navigation tools that you get From Garmin but that's okay and then They've undercut them on price and that Was where the vertical went wrong I Think which cuz I thought the vertical Was a very good watch from sunto but Really expensive um so what sunto has Done is undercut ging and he done it Also with exceptional build quality with The sapphire display and that titanium Bezel you can get or even the steel Bezel and that just makes it a really Hard watch to compete with the sunto

Race because in its price bracket the Only watches that really can compete With it I think are older Gins that have Come down in price like if you got Something like the Epic 2 or Pro on a on A good deal in Black Friday and brought It down near the price of it then you're In a conversation but at its price on RRP the sun race is it's fantastic value I think it's a really outstanding watch And there's nothing else there that can Really beat it then if you just compare On performance alone I think the two two Or three big watches that really compete With it from Garmin you've obviously got The 4 a 965 which hasn't got the build Quality hasn't got the sapphire display Of the sunto race and is a little bit More expensive but then does outdo it on Things like the navigation tools the Smarts the music storage prefer the Training analysis the more detailed Training analysis on G and you get with Training readiness and it's got a better Heart rate monitor as well and obviously The epics Pro is the same you get the Then you do get the build quality that You get here with Theo but you are Paying a lot higher price for the epics But you do get built-in flashlight as Well and and G I still think you is Better on quite a few features and it Certainly has a Slicker user experience But like I say sunto race is cheaper

Polar Advantage V3 I think the sunto Race is a clear winner in that little Comparison we talked about it in the Polar Vantage V3 review as well Sun race Does everything that the polar does as Well or better including GPS accuracy Being slightly better it's cheaper it's Got better battery life better build I'd Say the C races the better watch of Those two for sure so so like I said Suto race at its price point I think is Very hard to beat even comparing it to More expensive watches like the Gins uh The 965 and the Epic Pro there are some Areas that make the sunto more Attractive like it's got the longer Individual activity battery life it's Got the harder design than the 4965 and It is a fair bit cheaper so well done Sunto I think this is a great watch I Think this is one of the top options in The market if you're just looking for a Hardy long lasting watch with very Accurate multiband and an AMOLED screen Sunto race is the cheapest way to do That quite rare in this bracket I think To have a category where the easy answer Isn't just to get a certain Garmin I Think if you do get a certain Garmin and You pay a bit more and you get the Epic Pro and you get the 4 965 I think they Are still slightly better watches but The sunto does beat them in some areas And it certainly beats them on price so

Yeah fantastic so my verdict then while Sunto has made some big leaps forward Here they've also been very smart on Price and by that I mean they've made it Cheaper than the amalo rivals that are Out there so even if you opt for the Price of titanium model the race is Still a big chunk cheaper than the Garmin 4 and a 965 and the V 3 and Though it's maybe not as rounded or as Complete in terms of design and features As either of those two watches CTO has Kind of done a corus pace here and put It at a price that makes choosing Between this and those other watches far Harder it's a much closer call if you're On a budget and with the stainless steel You're getting a lot of watch here for Under £400 where I recommend it over a Garmin 4965 for all out capabilities Probably not really the Garmin design UI App infrastructure features all of that Stuff are simply better delivered it's Probably a closer call against the polar Vantage V3 but I think I'd still prefer The polar overall but if you're looking For a more affordable option than those Two this is a very good watch that can Certainly hold its own generally Speaking and if that price drops any Lower in 9 months time this will enter Into Big Bargain territory so then my Verdict this is an amazing watch for the Price for 389 this is a brilliant watch

You're getting a lot for your money here The AMOLED screen the offline mapping All of the running features you could Need it is a great watch I've been Really surprised by it I think I've Always veered towards gamman over sunto I've never really loved sto's watches And I have been pleasantly surprised When testing this watch that said for me Personally there'd be a few things that I would miss if I was switching from Garmin to stto for this watch that would Be the female Health tracking it would Be the smart watch features like being Able to make contactless payments or Listen to music from the watch they're All missing at the moment and I think I Would miss them if I was making that Switch so my verdict on the sunto race From a pure running perspective is that When you consider what this watch can Offer and compare it to the watches it's Clearly aimed up against so the polar Vantage V3 and the g 4 965 the cint race Can absolutely hold its own in terms of That kind of pure run tracking Performance and when you consider that Whether you go the stainless steel Version or the titanium version that I've tested it massively undercuts two Watches in terms of pricing as well and In terms of what you're getting in Features now would I go for this watch Over the polar and the Garmin now my

Thing here is if cinto had got the Software absolutely nailed on I mean in Terms of Performance Point of View then It would be a no-brainer for me I think That in terms of the mapping in terms of The kind of dual band performance the Battery life there's everything here That you'd want from a running watch or A premium kind of multiports watch in General that software sort of things has Really kind of let it down for me a Little bit I think I look at it against The polar Vantage V3 I think the Performance is a lot better in terms of Interacting with that watch you get a Really good bright Amo display on there As well too I think the approach of the Training analysis and things like sleep Tracking is done a lot better on the Polar Advantage V3 and that would be Reasons for me on top of its kind of Dual band mode as well and the general Kind of feeling of the Polar watch just That is a watch I would probably you Know it costs more but I probably would Still go for that the G for a 965 what You'll get there I think again you're Getting much Slicker working kind of Software I think in terms of a general Smartwatch point of view it offers a Little bit more as well too and then the Training analysis as well I just feel Like the Garin kind of handles those Things a little bit better than the CTO

Race I think the other way to look at The cinto race is you look at it when You know pricing is actually compared Better to something like the 4265 the 4 in a 265 that's an AM Amal Display as well too you're not getting The offline maps you get on the Sun race But you are getting I think the software Just feels and runs a little bit nicer It's maybe not got the same level of Protection and kind of design materials To give that extra protection either you Know you're getting a little bit more in Terms of Smartwatch features on the Garr 265 and I think the training analysis on The 265 is very good as well too that's The main thing for me if cin had really Kind of nailed the software side of Things performance side of things then It would be a much easier decision to go For it over the Garment and the pole Just thing if I had to pick between this And the 265 I would still probably Edge Towards 265 but even without that kind Of for mapping support the PO and the Garmin I would be going for the PO and The Garmin even though they're more Expensive because if I think if I'm Going in for a you know premium Multisports running watch I want that Performance and that software to run Nice and smooth as well I think that's Just a a minimum kind of expectation of How when you're spending that amount of

Money that that performance is there as Well too for me definitely the best Sun Running watch I've used used alongside The cinto vertical the AMOLED display Has been a success in terms of adding it Here and I hope that cinto continue that Trend and offering that good value for Money at that top end but ultimately I Think for me I would still be leaning Towards going for one of those other Watches and also the kind of similar Priced G for a 265 as well too so a very Good sunto running watch but it's not Quite the full package for me just yet But there definitely a lot to like here Okay so there you have it that is our Multitester verdict on the sunto race Now if You' got any questions about this Watch or other watches that you want to See it compared to we've probably talked About the ones you probably want to know How it Compares or how it kind of lives Up against let us know in the comments As always like And subscribe hit that Little bell to find out about our latest Videos and yeah we'll see you for the Next round test this Video