Rare 2003 Takashi Nike SB Dunks completely restored and in wearable condition for another 20 years! #shorts

Today we're restoring these rare 2003 Nike SB tekashi Dunks a lot of work went Into them we started off by ripping off The old souls we removed all the oak Glue from the donors all the oak glue From the uppers appli some bar cement on Both shoes and then we bonded everything Together we used our ruinator essential Shoe cleaning kit to give the shoe a Proper de clean there was a lot of Taping involved to properly redy the Shoe using the airbrush we painted all The leather took care of some small Details and finished it off with some Rejuvenator me oil the black is Back to Black SS are fully wearable the owner of These is going to be really happy Comment down below what's your favorite Dunk we're giving away our shoen and Signature shoe clean kit