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Grab the Air Jordan 1 Palomino:
In today’s video I check out the Air Jordan 1 Palomino! The Air Jordan 1 Palomino had a release date of September 2nd 2023 and a retail price of $180! The Air Jordan 1 Palomino features brown nubuck hits accented by black leather. Check out the full Air Jordan 1 Palomino review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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Is this one of the best Jordan sneakers To drop all year let's find out The package came in came in excited to Check it out I've been waiting all day To open it I saw it was delivered and I Didn't get home until just now so I want To pop this guy open see how they feel See how they look I actually have not Seen these in person well obviously they Don't come out for like another couple Months but I have seen some people do Reviews on them I just haven't watched Them because I didn't want to taint this Review without people's opinions so here We go oh the box look at that that's Crazy like I said I have not watched Anyone's review or even read anything About this sneaker yet by the time this Review was over all I've done research I'll know what I'm talking about when it Comes to the sneaker but as of right now For this unboxing I'm coming in fresh Baby this is all this is all natural and I can't get out of the box maybe I Should have probably more than this all Right so here we go so the box is this Really nice black satin finish I love it You've got this really nice gold Nike Logo right there on the top of the box I Love go Contrast the satin black really really Nicely you've got gold Nikes around the Outside of the box and then even this Little like line at the bottom of the

Box is also gold this actually might be My favorite Jordan one box that's Released over the last couple months I'm Like looking at every other Jordan one Box that I have I really love the lost And found box but this this might be it This is actually a really fire box okay So we grabbed a size nine which is my True size and the official colorway of This shoe is Black Metallic gold Palomino I didn't know there was gold on This shoe I'm gonna be honest with you I Had no idea Okay we've got the the goat stuff inside Like the verified uh cards got the goat Sticker and then These are actually really really clean I Mean I didn't think that they wouldn't Be nice but this is actually way nicer Than I thought look at this wow I love Them oh I got a little bit of scuff There unfortunately but uh it's kind of Like a new Buck but it's also kind of Like a matted new book I'm not sure Exactly what kind of leather this is but It's really nice but first impressions I Actually dig these a lot I love the Bread colorway I love the color blocking Of the bread and this brown and black I Actually might like these more than the Mochas at least at first glance the more I look at them the more that I might not But as of right now I'm kind of feeling These so the Air Jordan 1 Palomino is

Slated to release on September 2nd for a Retail price of 180 but as we all know Because we're still like three months Out from the release of this shoe it is Very possible that the release date Might change between now and then it Happens a lot with Jordan brand so if You want a pair of these just stay on Top of the release information if you Guys follow my sitter cell series I'll Make sure to keep you guys surprised of That but it's very possible that this Shoe might release later or earlier Depending on how Jordan brand feels that Week but I've got to say that after Owning this shoe for a couple days and Wearing it around I love this colorway It's super clean it's super wearable It's got that bread color blocking like I mentioned earlier and I get that brown Jordan Ones weren't really a thing until The Travis Scott Air Jordan Ones a Couple years back people didn't really Care about them but uh they've really Taken off and I personally like this More than the mochas I think I do I Think I like these more in the mochas I Mean it makes sense that Jordan brand is Playing off the Travis Scott hype and They're just dropping a bunch of brown Jordan Ones and I'm here for it it's Definitely a more dressed up more adult Jordan one in a weird way and I know Jordan ones aren't as popular as they

Once were some colorways do still sell Out but a majority of them you can find In store like weeks after release which Is kind of crazy to me because it's Still my favorite silhouette I actually Love the fact you can still find them in Store because it means I can get pairs For retail or even at the outlet a shoe Like this I do think has the power to Really sell out and sell out very Quickly because of how clean this shoe Is and how much it reminds people of not Only bread ones or bread color blocking But also shoes like the Travis's now to Be fair I don't think the shoe is going To be as popular as something like the Mochas and the reason for that is just Because Jordan ones aren't as popular as They were a couple years ago but I do Think this is going to be one of the More popular Jordan Ones of 2023 at Least one of the more popular Non-collaboration Jordan Ones of 2023. So obviously you can grab this pair when It releases September 2nd or sometime in September but I grabbed my pair off of Goat I grabbed it for like 450 I don't Remember the exact price but I'll put it Up on screen for you guys If you want to grab a pair of these Early I've made sure to leave an Affiliate link to goat in the top of the Description below it's a great shoe and I think this is one of those shoes that

While it definitely has that sort of Fall Vibe you could rock it in the Summer and it would go with a lot Because I mean brown and black goes with A lot of stuff but hey at this point why Don't we talk about the materials that Make up the Air Jordan 1 Palomino which By the way Palomino is a generic course Apparently according to Google I didn't Know that I just thought it was a brown But I guess horses are brown so that Makes sense actually the exact Definition is a pale golden or tan Colored horse or pony with a white Mane Tail originally bred in southwestern United States okay well not exactly what I thought but it is kind of a pale tan I Guess I don't know so it's a horse Themed bear Jordan one Actually come to think of it it's not The only Palomino themed Air Jordan Sneaker to release this year but in my Opinion is by far the best but getting Back into the materials starting off Around the toe of the sneaker you've got This black leather mud guard now the Leather used in the mud guard is nothing Special it's kind of your standard black Jordan brand leather it's not even Really tumbled but it feels fine it's Unremarkable it's just more the same in The center of the toe you've got this Sort of like chocolatey Brown super Short nubuck material at least I I think

It's new but it's a great looking Material but as you guys saw in the Unboxing it does get scuffs very very Easily in fact my entire shoe has some Pretty minor scuffs all over it now it Kind of looks like a leather bag which I Actually think makes leather bags look Better when you have scuffs on them it Makes it look a little bit more used but When it comes to sneakers while I don't Mind things like creasing scuffs I'm not As big of a fan of so I guess I'll have To wait and see how this wears over time But it's just something to keep in mind When you grab a pair of the Palomino Ones there's a chance you're gonna get a Scuffed up pair in fact the chance of You getting a scuffed up pair is much Higher than you getting a non-scuffed up Pair but again it kind of adds to the Character of the shoe so it's not the Worst thing continuing up on the shoe You've got more of that black leather on The eye stay as sneaker and weaving Through the eyelets on the shoe you've Got these flat black laces now Unfortunately you don't get another set Of laces Inside the Box actually am I Missing laces anymore Does anyone think so okay so yeah just Black laces not sure why I'm surprised They didn't give us Brown laces but it Is what it is actually because there's Gold hits on the shoe I'm kind of

Surprised they didn't give us like gold Laces or at least yellow laces they tend To do that pick the most like random Accent color on the shoe and then make a Lace color out of it but they didn't do It in this case they just gave you black Laces so there you go underneath the Laces you've got your standard Air Jordan 1 nylon tongue in black and at The top of the tongue you've got this Nike Air tag with the Nike Air Embroidered into it in sort of a goldish Color it's not really a metallic gold It's more of like a very light yellow But I think it's a nice touch and it Obviously matches with the Box I usually prefer when they make the Nike Air branding on the shoe the same color As the secondary color on the sneaker Like for example with the red ones You've got red on there but in this case I actually do think it brings a nice Little pop of color to the rest of the Shoe because it's a pretty quiet and Simple and subtle and low-key looking Sneaker like it adds a nice little hit Of something to it because otherwise It's just like a very muted brown and Black shoe which for some people might Not be it for me I'm about it but I get If you're not moving inside the shoe You've got your standard black fabric Sock liner and then rounding off the Inside of the shoe you've got a black

Insole with a Nike Air branding printed On the heel in metallic gold maybe not Metallic maybe it's more of like a Sparkly gold but either way it glistens But I mean honestly it doesn't even Matter it's gonna rub off like the third Time you wear the shoe anyway so who Even cares but now let's get into sizing And fit got some new shoes and the siren Started again it must be after you Because you got fire I got some new shoes I don't want to get Your opinion Like the neutral colors I can't figure Out is this like suede is this nubuck What is that on the heel looks like a Flattened out like suede I mean it looks New Buck to me my wife used to design Leather bags so she knows a lot about Leather I defer to her whenever it comes To leather so I'm going with nubuck I Hope you guys I'm trying on this pair of Shoes to give you guys an idea of how They fit and just to see if they fit Like regular Jordan Ones I'm assuming That they do because they look like Regular Jordan Ones I just want to give You guys like my full first try on Experience before we do this though I do Want to give a huge shout out to Apothecary my sock brand I've got this Brand new camo collection dropping for The Fourth of July I know this is not Fourth of July colors but we do have a

Blue one and a red one so we got some Sort of Fourth of July colors dropping This Friday link and info right there so Make sure to check it out First impressions Standard Jordan Ones nothing special Really like the way that these look a Lot actually I really really like this Brown a lot especially with these sample Apothecary cargos which aren't coming Out for months so don't even worry about That they feel good I like them a lot What do you think do you like them yeah Make them look cool let's go with your Alphabet thanks I try to look cool for You sometimes not all the time though You're always cool to me oh thanks Thanks Mom They feel like Santa Jordan Ones when it Comes to sizing if you've never tried on A pair of Jordan Ones before make sure To just go to your local sneaker Outlet Try on a pair it doesn't even have to be An outlet it can be your local Foot Locker or whatever go to your local Sneaker store try on a pair of Jordan Ones because all the recent ones fit the Same to make sure that the sizing is Right for you before you drop the money On them these ones are 180 bucks so They're not cheap but they're also not Like crazy expensive in the grand scheme Of Jordan so try them on make sure the Fits right for you but for me I tend to

Go true to size I'm a size nine these Are a size nine they fit me fine so if You can only buy them online go through True size and you should be just fine Unless you're like a super wide footer In which case maybe go up half a size But generally I would say true to size Of Jordan Ones and you're good to go I Like them I think these are super I love The neutral tones like you said and they Look even better some camo Apothecary Socks which actually match the shoes and The pants it's crazy oh also there's a Gold hit in the tongue I don't know if You saw that the actual gold not actual Gold but it's shiny all right okay well I guess that's that continuing back in The shoe you've got some more standard Jordan brand black leather on the Midfoot nothing that exciting and then On top of that you've got some more dark Brown nubuck making up the Nike Swoosh Moving even farther back on the shoe Towards the heel you've got more of that Nubuck and then on the nubuck Wing area On the lateral side of the shoe you've Got the wings logo in Black around the Top of the ankle you've got some black Leather like you do on your bread ones Or any other bread colorway sneaker and Then moving down on the sneaker you get To this almost white or I guess sale Colored Air Jordan 1 midsole and finally Rounding off the look you've got this

Matching brown rubber outsole so overall The Air Jordan 1 Palomino in my opinion A really great release is it the most Exciting Jordan one or even Jordan of This year probably not but it's Definitely one of the most solid it's a Colorway that you can wear with a lot of Different things the materials while not Exceptional are definitely solid and Look great and it's a shoe that I think A lot of people are going to be going For so even though there's a lot of Pairs available I mean obviously a bunch Of people have already grabbed pairs to Review and whenever people are getting Pairs like two or three months early Either they're fake or there's a bunch Of them available and I think in this Case there's just a bunch of pairs Available so if you want a pair these You shouldn't have too hard of a Time Grabbing them around September or again You can use my link to go in the Description below and actually also While you're down there maybe check out The upcoming Apothecary camo collection But getting back into what I was saying I don't think it's going to be that Difficult of a shoe to grab however I do Think it will probably sell out on Release day so if you want a pair of These enter all the Raffles that you can I think you'll have a good shot if you Do that I really think it's one of the

Best Jordans to release all year not the Most exciting but one of the most Wearable but hey at this point in the Video I would love to know your thoughts On the Palomino ones and whether it's a Shoe you're looking to pick up in September so let me know those thoughts In the comment section down below as Always thank you so much for watching Make sure to subscribe if you haven't Yet and I'll see you all in the next one