We’re talking about old shoes. Every year the big brands release their upgraded next generation shoes. Every year they tell us they’ve made them better with fancy new tech and new marketing blurb to go with it. But here’s the thing: these new shoes don’t always improve on what we already had. And sometimes we just like the way the old shoe was. We wished they’d left it alone.

So in this video, The Run Testers have each picked a couple shoes from previous generations that they think had something the new shoes don’t. We’re not necessarily saying the old shoe is better but it might ride a different way. Or fit differently on the foot. Either way, these are shoes we’d still recommend now. And if you’re lucky – you can get them at knock-down prices. Step this way for our oldies but goodies pick of past gen shoes we still love.

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Nike Vaporfly Next% 2
3:27 – ASICS Magic Speed 2
5:16 – Nike Invincible 2
6:38 – Under Armour Velociti Wind 2
8:38 – HOKA Rocket X
10:05 – HOKA Tecton X

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Hey people welcome to the Run testers And today we're talking about old shoes Now every year the big Brands release Their upgraded next generation shoes Every year they tell us that they've Made them better with fancy new tech Tweak duers new midsoles plus plenty of New marketing blur to go with it but Here's the thing these new shoes don't Always improve on what we already had or Sometimes we just really like the way That a shoe was in its older generation And we wish that it now didn't have a Fatter tongues or change tack heite or Whatever they've tweaked so in this Video The Run testers have each picked a Couple of shoes from past Generations Previous gen shoes that they think had Something the new shoes don't we're not Necessarily saying the old shoe is Better but it might ride a different way Have a different fit on the foot it's Just feels slightly different either way These are shoes we'd still recommend and Now if you're lucky you can get them at Knockdown prices too so step this way For our oldies but goodies pick of the Past gen shoes that we still Love I think a few of us will probably pick This is the vaporfly next perent 2 I Much prefer this sh shoe over the three I've done a lot more miles I've run Marathons in this shoe and I much prefer

The feel of it underf foot than I do With the threee they've changed quite a Bit with the free and I just don't think It feels as quick I have real memories Of running downhill from the London Marathon start in Greenwich wearing this Shoe and just feeling like I was flying And that's what you want from a super Shoe and you could definitely get this For a lot cheaper and I just prefer the Underfoot feel I feel like it's got a More aggressive toe off running in this Shoe the three is definitely a lot more Stable but I think if you want to feel Like you're flying on a race day I would Go for the two over the three and I Think you'll save money by buying the Two if it really well they've got very Similar uppers but they like have Slightly tweaked the underfoot Experience you can watch our vaporfly 3 Review to feel to find out a lot more But as a as a kind of old school pick I Would go for this one definitely over The three I'm with Jane on this one I Love the vaporfly next perent 2 for Chasing fast times over pretty much Every distance and even though when The Vapor Flies first came out these were The wild massive snacked Super Shoes Things have now gotten bigger and even Wilder since then and now by comparison The next percent two I think look really Conservative and feel a whole lot more

Direct than some of those other Super Shoes there's much more ground feel and A directness and a stiffness and a Really strip back RAC to these shoes That I think has changed with the NEX Perent 3 that I've got here the next 3 Now has more zumex foam Under Foot and That foam has been tweak to be softer It's definitely much more accommodating And protective if you're running with Bad form and that's great when things go Wrong at the ass end of a marathon but I Think that it changes the ride and makes It a bit duller it's taken away what Made the Nike Vapor FL expent 2 Different from the alphas and the sock And the elites of this world those other Carbon races now arguably the hoker Rocket X2 has sort of jumped into that Space But if I was racing a half Marathon a marathon or even a 10K and I Had to choose between the vaporfly 2 and The vaporfly 3 it'd be the two all day Long yes you have to be moving in your Best form to really get the most out of This shoe but I like that it keeps you Honest So an older generation shoe that I Really love is the aex magic Speed 2 Which flew under the radar in a lot of Places but I really enjoyed using it it Basically went into my rotation as my Daily trainer of choice because it has Got a really versatile ride with plenty

Of speed there thanks to the plate in The midsole but a really comfy ride as Well cruising through easy miles it Almost replaced the Endorphin speed for Me just because the Endorphin Speed 3 Didn't fit me that well and this hasn't Much a tighter fit a great fit in General it's a bit narrower and has a Nice lock down but comfortable fit for Me I still really like like it just as a General Cruiser like I say you've got The TPU carbon plate mix in there asx's FF blast foam on top and some flight Fame underneath it's not the most wow Midsole in terms of the bounce but it's Got a really good rocker the mid sole Does have a bit of bounce it works like I say for a nice variety of paces and It's a really comfortable shoe that I Did enjoy just using for a bit of Everything really now the magic Speed 3 Obviously came out and I don't think It's fair to say the older one is a Better shoe but it's quite a different Shoe I found that the magic Speed 3 was Bit more race focused like it was a lot Lighter it felt a lot more aggressive a Bit more stripped back you had a full Carbon plate in the mids soole and well That's great for doing fast reps and Races and stuff like that using it Almost as an alternative carbon shoe I Find that the magic spe2 is more relax Sh and one that I find a bit more

Capable across the uh easier ranges of Paces and that just makes it a bit more Of a versatile shoe I think so while the Man 3 is a quicker shoe and probably More exciting shoe and still a decent Generalist I'd say the manb 2 is more of A generalist and that's what I want Really from a plated train shoe like This I have got full carbon shoes to go Out and go really quick in so the magic Speed 2's versatility really appeals to Me and that's why I still think it's Worth picking up it is still pretty Widely available and easy to get in Sales now down towards kind of around1 Mark10 Mark and in which case you're Getting a really good all round Shoe I can't make a video without Talking about this shoe this isn't my This isn't my OG Invincible this is my Boyfriend's because you can't be around Me for more than about half an hour Without me talking about this running Shoe but the Nik convincible I love this Shoe we all know I love this shoe but I Really think the third and the latest Version of this shoe is probably my Least favorite so I think if you want a Really really plush really really Comfortable really really cushioned Running shoe you don't want to spend a Fortune go for the original Invincible The OG or go for the Invincible to cuz They both feel the the original and the

Two feel pretty much identical I'm not Really sure what they even change now Thinking back whereas the three does Feel a bit different it's got a Different upper feels a bit sleeker um But if you want a really soft cushion Shoe this is a shoe to buy and I have Multiple pairs some in the office some At my parents house in different in Different versions and I will keep Running in the older versions and if Anything putting the older versions on Feels more like kind of going back to an Old friend so I would recommend that as My other old school pick if you're Looking for an nice everyday cushioned Runny Shoe so one of my choices is the under Aror velocity win 2.0 now this shoe may Never have made the big time like some Other popular daily trainers but as a Fan of firmer lower stack more direct Shoes that encourage a faster foot Turnover I always had a big soft spot For the Under Armor velocity wind too I Like the easy fit I like these warp Uppers the overall kind of more Traditional design of the heels and Tongues was great too at 241 gram or 8.5 Ounces they were really quite light and Racy as well this was one of the early Shoes uh of under arour shoes to use the Flow foam cushioning system where you Had this kind of one single kind of

Piece outs soole for the cushion and the Durability and traction without the need For outs soole rubber I found the direct Ground feel and the lightness on the Foot encouraged that fast foot turnover And that made for a really nice natural Run these were good for intervals they Were good for shorter faster runs but You could get away with some longer Miles too now in a world of soft springy Super foam shoes they harked back a Little bit to a more traditional ride Now some of you might even remember when It was possible you could actually run a Marathon PB in a Firma EVA foam shoe I Do and that's some of the feel that they Gave you now the velocity wind 3 has More flow foam Under Foot with two Ms in The for foot and a 4 mil extras in the Heel that's added a bit of weight and Heft to the shoes also slightly softer And it shaped differently from the Original wind too and for me that's Taken away some of the dynamism of the Original shoe which felt lighter more Snappy and more Responsive yes the V2 was firmer but in My mind that's really what set it apart And arguably that firm responsiveness Was what it was really good for it was One of those shoes that felt a little Bit more traditional something you could Actually run fast in it felt light and Precise and good for doing faster

Sessions if anything the V3 Has lost its Edge for me it's a bit more Confused now and I definitely preferred The lighter Firma V2 so my old shoe that I still think is A great shoe and you can still buy is This this is the Hawker rocket X now as Far as I can see you cannot buy directly From hawker's website but I've seen Plenty of retailers particularly in the UK where you can still get this shoe and It sits below1 I've seen it sit kind of £70 and for me that is a still really Good price for what I consider a very Good shoe and it's a shoe that still Sticks in kind of my rotation as well Would happily still use this for kind of Shorter sharper sessions I've done my First Sub 410k in this shoe and I think You know if you can get the fit to work For you it is a little bit on the narrow Side I think what you get in a return is A shoe that has a great rocker in it There's pop in that midell as well too It's totally different to what we've got On the rocket X2 now which is you know Hawker has kind of you know gone Different with the upper with the mid Sole there's more rubber on the outside Well to give it more durability than the Shoes are and that's a shoe to give you The scope to go longer distance in in a More comfortable manner the haaker Rocket X is definitely for those shorter

Distances as I said speed work I think You can race in it if you can get the Fit to work for you you can pick it up For Less than1 pound I still think this Is a great shoe the rocket XT feels a Little bit expensive for you as I said It's a totally different shoe but you Want something that gives you that kind Of nice fast feeling I still think this Is a good shoe and under1 that is a very Good deal for a shoe that I've had a lot Of good times in and continue to use as Well hi Runners I'm Laura and I am still Running in the Hawker tekon X original Um this is 18 months old now I've been Running in it for 18 months and I still Regularly run in it despite also having The next Edition um I've had this since The summer both you can see I've had Lots of miles in them been through lots Of uh mud this one actually I ran cross Country in the other day and went Through a it was a a river crossing we Had to go through so got thoroughly Soaked took the inner out dried out nice And nice and well and I'll be running Cross country in it again tomorrow um That's generally how I decide between The two now because there's not a huge Um difference in the the bottom of the Shoe most of the changes they made for That second edition were in the upper so I mainly have relegated the first one to Um when I know it's going to be a lot

Muddier when it's going to get muddier When it's going to get wetter um because They're the older ones so not too muddy But you know I'm not shy of mud um I Don't really they're their trail shoes They're meant to to go out in all Conditions aren't they but these ones I Will pick for going when I know it's Going to be particularly bad conditions But because of that River Crossing you See it it doesn't actually look that That bad it got a nice um wash off in That in that River so this one is now you can get it On hawaz own websites on lots of other Places um but you can get it now for £104.99 um if you happen to be one of The sizes that they they've got quite a Few sizes but obviously not as much Availability as newer shoes but yeah $104.99 in it was 175 when it was full Price um the the newer one came in 10 They priced it10 more so this is £185 um so you're saving yourself 80 Quids there um to go for the older one So the main differences were in the Upper so it makes the upper um a little Bit stiffer it's CH to repel water a bit Better but I still wouldn't have done Well in that that River Crossing um it Makes it a bit stiffer in the Upper uh so that's really your main Difference but everything underneath the Hood um is pretty similar it feels very

Similar underfoot so I recommend the Shoe both shoes but this one if you Wanted to save some money go for it so There you have it those are our Quick Picks of some of the past shoes that we Still think are great have good Potential they're all still on sale Somewhere so you can still get them now If you fancy trying them as ever thanks For watching we hope you've enjoyed the Vid share it with the fellow Runners if You did maybe hit subscribe if you're Not already in the meantime we'd love to Hear which shoes you think were better In the previous Incarnation tell us in The comments below if you're after new Shoes why not check out our pick of the Best shoes from 2023 there's a video Appearing on the channel just about Now otherwise thanks for giving us your Time as ever and happy running everyone