Make these releases better with a @TeamVKTRY Insole!

These are some of the best sneaker Releases in March 2024 on March 1st is The Adidas ae1 Stormtrooper Adidas is Really on to something with the Anthony Edwards line this shoe not only performs Well on court but also looks great on Foot and hey if you want to make your Pair perform better on and off the court Make sure to add in a victory insole These insoles are specifically designed For athletes they're formed with carbon Fiber and they help you not only perform Better but also reduce the risk of Injury so upgrade your a1's Encore Performance with a pair of Victory Insoles on March 5th is a Travis Scott Jumpman Jack in mocha this is Travis Scott's first signature sneaker that's Designed specifically for him from the Ground up March 21st is the trophy room Air Jordan one low this shoe comes in The Home and Away colorway the home Colorway possibly being a friends and Family exclusive and the away colorway Being The Wider release and the Inspiration behind the collab is the 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer rookie card Dropping in the 26 which is Air Max day We've got the Air Max One big bubble and Royal blue so dropping sometime in March Apparently we're getting more Adidas Yeezy releases the only ones that we Know about right now though are the gray 350s which let's be honest Kanye called

Corny so I genuinely have no idea how That's going to affect sales but which One of these drops are you looking Forward to most