Stop struggling to clean your favorite sneakers; we can help!

The Nike Dunk is the perfect staple shoe, so as a sneakerhead you can’t tell me you don’t have a pair in your collection that needs a clean up! In Today’s episode of Shoe Care Academy we walk you through how to clean the most beat pair of Orange Pearl Dunks we could find. This is hands down the best method to clean your Nike Dunks.

For this cleaning we used our Signature Cleaning Kit to fully flush out the sock liner and tongue. Leather sneakers can be cleaned with our Essential Cleaning Kit, but for these they were highly worn and had stains that we aren’t even sure what caused them! These were dropped off at our cleaning by our good friends at Loco Style Grindz. Their team is not only known for making incredible food, but let me tell you they WEAR their kicks.

The first step as always is to remove those laces and insert the Adjustable Shoe Tree to remove creasing in the toe box. Once that is complete it is time to add 2 squirts of Solution to our bowl of water and get to scrubbing.

The pretreatment as always starts with the three different brushes to breakdown the surface dirt and grime. Next we move over to the laundry system to get those deep stains out of the material and overall make the sneaker look 100X better!

Once the cleaning was completed we took it one step further to iron out some creases and provide our customers with a fresh looking pair of kicks! Now she can wear these until the sole falls off or the grip is gone.

Let us know in the comments what you want us to clean next and who knows we might make it happen for you!

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you soon. What's going on RESHOEVN8TION I'm Jordan and
in today's Shoe Care Academy episode we're Going to be taking on these Orange Pearl dunks
that we got from our friends at Loco Style Grindz, we've cleaned shoes for them in the
past. Vick did a full restoration they are the exact
definition of wear your shoes. We get tons of comments that we don't clean
shoes that are actually dirty and we use fake Dirt. However are these cooked enough for you? Because I don't think it gets worse than this! We're going to be cleaning up these Orange
Pearl Dunks using the RESHOEVN8R Signature Kit and they probably will need the washing
machine at least two times just due to the Amount of dirt on this sneaker so without
further Ado let's get into this cleaning. Before I forget if you liked today's video
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a comment on this video on what your favorite Dunk of all time is. Plus turn on the Bell notification we drop
videos with Vick every Monday and we drop A Shoe Care Academy video every Thursday. We got our cleaning station all set up with
everything that comes in our Signature Kit We have the four ounce cleaning solution we
have the three different brushes the soft, Medium and stiff. We also have our adjustable shoe tree and
our microfiber towel and then we also have Our laundry bag that comes in the Signature
Kit. We have our drying rack and bowl combo to
store our brushes and put our water in during The cleaning process. Our cleaning mat to keep our surface super
clean and our laundry pods because these are

Going to need the washing machine and you
can pick up everything that you see on this Cleaning station at reshoevn8r.com, use my
link in the description to save you guys 10% Off. Before I start the cleaning I do want to point
out a couple things on the shoe that we will Not be repairing such as the rips and the
sock liner on this back piece there is some Scuffs it's missing some paint there might
be more on the shoe after we clean it we'll Definitely see, but we will not be repairing
that so let's go ahead and set this shoe aside And we'll be working on this one. For the first step of this cleaning as always
we will be removing these laces so that we Have a clean surface to work on and then we
will be inserting our adjustable shoe tree. We got our laces out and our shoe tree in
now the main benefit of the shoe tree is to Help push this creasing out on the toe box
as you can see on this before shoe these shoes Are heavily worn and heavily creased it won't
100% remove the creasing but it'll definitely Help the only way we could remove that crease
would be to use the iron method, but I'm no Expert in that and they're going to wear the
shoes again. So we got the shoe tree in and now we can
put as much pressure on this toe box as we Want when we're cleaning it to get all of
this dirt, grime, teriyaki sauce whatever It might be on this shoe, so for the next
step we're just going to be adding two squirts Of solution to our bowl of water [Music]. Now that the solution is in the bowl we're
just going to go ahead and use the Soft Bristle Brush on the entire uppers of this material
we will probably need the Medium Bristle Brush On them as well but for right now we're just
going to start by breaking down all of the Grime [Music]. Alright Soft Bristle Brush did a pretty good
job on this sneaker broke down most of the Dirt and grime on the leather however I am
going to be using the medium bristle brush The main points will be the tongue, the sock
liner it's still super dirty as well as the Deeper staining and the stitching the soft
bristle brush didn't do much on this stitching Because it is so baked in there. These shoes dropped in 2021 and I'm pretty
sure she's worn them everyday since! We're going to be moving on to the medium
bristle brush but before I did that after We cleaned up this surface layer of dirt we
definitely realized some more imperfections On this shoe specifically there's some cracking
in the paint on the toe box as well as some Deeper scratching and scuffs all over this
toe box as well as on the side these would Need a repaint to get them fully back into
that perfect condition we're not going to

Do that today, so we're just going to clean
them to the best of our abilities let's move On to the medium bristle brush and hit the
deeper staining as well as the dark spots And this midsole [Music]. [Music] All done with the medium bristle brush
used it on the uppers to get the deeper staining Out as well as the inside of the sneaker and
then I used it on this midsole now you are Going to notice that the stitching is still
super super dingy. Stitching might be one of the hardest portions
of the shoe to clean whether it's this hard Stitch right here in the midsole or this Nike
on the back it's super hard. Also the tongue is really dingy one tip when
you're cleaning the tongue is it's always Going to look dingy you really have to flush
it out using the laundry system. We will be putting these in the washing machine
as I said, but until then we're going to be Hitting this super grimy outsole using the
stiff bristle brush. Before that I have to use this little pick
to get out all of the dirt and grime that's Trapped in the crevices of this outsole. When using the stiff bristle brush you can
use it on hard rubber materials so I did use It on the midsole to get deeper into that
midsole Stitch and the outsole the outsole Is going to need a lot of work and a little
bit of elbow grease however I wouldn't use The stiff bristle brush on any material except
for the hard rubber because it can cause damage. All done with the pre-treatment on these sneakers
before I put them in the laundry bag I want To do a quick comparison of the before and
after to show you guys with the three brushes And the natural solution did [Music]. Overall I'd say the pretreatment did a pretty
good job now it's not completely perfect the Stitching's still dingy, the tongue isn't
perfect and neither is the sock liner which Is why we're going to be putting them in the
washing machine I'm going to go ahead and Set this aside and take care of the laces
and then we'll head out of here and straight To the laundry room. [Music] Got the shoe and the laces inserted
into the laundry bag plus our laundry pod Which packs enough power to clean four pairs
of shoes in one load so now we're just going To be heading to the laundry room. Alright we are in the laundry room we're going
to be washing these on a normal cycle with Cold water and we'll take them out check them
out see if we need to clean them one more Time and potentially put them back in this
washing machine and then we'll allow them To air dry never ever put your sneakers in
the dryer I can promise you that you will Cause damage.

Alright we got the shoes out of the washing
machine let's open up this bag and take a Look. At first glance they look pretty good. Stitching's a little bit still dingy so is
the tongue as I had mentioned earlier in this Video we would probably need to do a second
pass and then put them in the washing machine One more time so we are going to be doing
that . Let's look at the laces. Now the laces they cleaned up really good
so we're just gonna set those aside reset Up our cleaning station and do a quick pass
on this sneaker before we throw it back in The wash. [Music] ha [Music] We are all done with the
second pre-treatment on this sneaker what We just showed you guys is that not all shoe
cleanings are perfect and they are not all The same every shoe reacts a little bit different
sometimes you just need a second clean to Really get deep into the sneaker this shoe
is still not perfect so we are going to be Putting it in the washing machine one more
time in our laundry bag normal cycle cold Water foreign [Music]. We're back we went ahead and let the shoe
dry overnight overall this shoe cleaned up Really good there is still some imperfections
there's some scuffs scratches some of the Paint rubbed off overall that won't be fixed
unless we have a full restoration with Vick Almighty so we'll pitch it to him, but there's
a good chance it won't happen. One thing that I want to fix and learn is
the iron method to fix these creases so I'm Going to call in some reinforcements. Hey Vick can you teach me how to do the iron
method? What's up Jordan I guess I'm reinforcements
I guess you need some help removing the creasing From the toe box. Yeah. Alright, so for this part dude you're gonna
need an iron, some towels and a wet rag you Got all three? Alright first thing take out the shoe tree
next you're going to want to stuff the toe Box with some towels get it in there good
dude. I'm gonna apply pressure up dude get it in
there good. Next one how many? One more. Looks good next we've got a wet rag we're
gonna place it over the toe box it's not super Wet, but it's not dried either so it doesn't
burn the leather do we have the iron hooked

Up we got it. Alright dude all we got to do now is just
simply iron out the creasing you want to apply Pressure but not too much pressure because
you don't want to burn the leather. You want me to try it first? You got it. Alright I'm gonna show you real quick and
you got it [Music] and then like after every Like three or four seconds just stop let's
see how it's looking it's pretty good and Then just kind of like mess with it a little
bit grab the towel and just kind of stuff It in there some more and then redo it one
more time obviously you just want to do this Until all the creasing is out. [Music] It's not bad it's getting there [Music] How's it look? Dude that looks great for your first time
doing it you did a good job you repeated the Process to go three times you didn't apply
too much heat the toe box looks good you have That before. I'm not complaining so the next step take
out the towels put the shoe sheet back in The shoe and let it cool down for a good 10
minutes and you're good to go. Perfect now that we got that little restoration
tip out of the way all that's left to do to Wrap up this cleaning is to lace up this sneaker
so let's lace it up. Got the shoe all laced up now overall this
shoe cleaned up really good plus we went that Extra mile and took care of the creasing so
overall it looks great. We achieved these results using the RESHOEVN8R
Signature Cleaning Kit paired with a couple Other products we have our sneaker laundry
detergent pods these are dye free so they Will not damage your sneakers and they can
clean four pairs with just one pod not to Mention they smell amazing. We also used our RESHOEVN8R cleaning mat to
keep our station nice and clean this is highly Absorbent plus machine washable so when you're
done with your cleaning process just throw That in the washing machine like you would
your normal laundry and you'll be good to Reuse it. Finally we used our drying rack and Bowl combo
to store all three of our brushes through The process as well as our water and we'll
use this to store the brushes now that we're All done with the cleaning you can pick up
all of these products and more at reshoevn8r.com And use my link in the description to save
10% off.

Now as I mentioned these are from local style
grinds they have some of the best Hawaiian Food in Arizona make sure you check out their
Instagram to see where they're popping up Sometimes they're here at Many Worlds sometimes
they're at different locations but I promise You'll want to try their food. I'm Jordan if you like today's video hit the
like button, if you're new here make sure You subscribe and drop a comment on your favorite
dunk I'll see you guys soon in the next Shoe Care Academy video [Music] Thank you