Air Force 1s are already an iconic sneaker, but paired with Drake they’re even better! Today we will walk you through the best method to clean these premium leather kicks using the RESHOEVN8R Essential Cleaning Kit. Leather shoes are easy to clean we know, but the sneaker cleaner is the key to a better clean!

After our good friends at Common Hype dropped off their go to sneaker for a cleaning, we knew a cleaning video was in order! These kicks had some sort of red liquid stain, dirt and grime, If you know the boys at Common Hype you know they’re all rocking a pair of these. The Nocta Air Force 1 has a couple different details than the normal AF1; like the “Love you forever” on the side of the midsole and the hearts on the bottom. Plus the material on these uppers is a solid premium leather, even the sock liner is leather.

Since they are all leather the Essential Cleaning Kit did the trick for sure and they’re ready to go back to their owner.

Now Nick asked, but let’s hear your answer. What do you call Air Force 1s?

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00:00 Introduction
01:06 How to set up a cleaning station
01:53 Benefits of the Shoe Tree
02:32 How to clean the uppers
04:00 How to clean midsoles
04:48 How to clean outsoles
05:32 How to clean shoe laces
06:03 How to properly dry sneakers
06:48 How to lace a sneaker
07:06 Cleaning Recap

Welcome back to another episode of Shoe Care
Academy powered by RESHOEVN8R my name is Nick and on today's menu we have a special
treat from our homies over at Common Hype. They used our drop-off cleaning service which
is located inside Many Worlds which is right Next door it's our Sneaker Boutique and clothing
store they dropped off these Nocta Nike Air Force One Certified Lover Boys that are not
completely cooked but they're pretty trashed. I don't know what they did to these things
it looks like they might have dropped some Kool-Aid or maybe they went and stomped around
on some strawberries or I don't know what But they dropped these off for us to clean
so we are going to go ahead and get them all Nice and cleaned up. Now I have a question
for you guys what do you guys call Air Forces? Some people call them forces, some people call
them af1, some people call them triple whites, Uptowns, g-fazos I typically call them triple
whites, but I want to know what you guys like To call them. Vick what do you call them? Excellent
question Nick Air Force Ones. Alright there We have it age-old question answer Vick Almighty
calls them Air Force Ones, but anyways let's Get to cleaning them. Alright we got our
cleaning station all set up for this cleaning I'm going to be using the RESHOEVN8R Essential
Kit the essential kit includes our four ounce Bottle of solution, microfiber towel and our
three brushes which include soft, medium as Well as stiff. Now with this cleaning I'm going
to be using a few extra products that are Not included in the RESHOEVN8R Essential
Kit but they are available on reshoevn8r.com Which is the cleaning mat, the drying rack
and Bowl combo, as well as a shoe tree. Now We are only going to be cleaning the right
shoe for the video purposes but since Bryson Did use our drop-off cleaning service we will
clean the other shoe off camera so that way He can pick them up tomorrow. First step of
this cleaning is going to be removing the Laces and then inserting the shoe tree [Music].
Okay the Shoe Tree is inserted into the shoe The purpose of this is to shape the sneaker
during the cleaning as well as provide a nice Hard surface so that way you can scrub and
get all the dirt and stuff out of the toe Box without worrying about creasing up your
toe box. The next step is getting two squirts Of our solution into our bowl of water so
that way we can get to cleaning also I need To get rid of this. Now since the sneaker is made out of Premium
tumbled leather we're going to start using Our Soft Bristle Brush first it's the softest
brush that we offer in the Essential and Signature Kit it's also available in our three brush
pack which is available online at reshoevn8r.com But let's get to cleaning. When you're cleaning the sneaker let the brush
do the work you don't need to be really forceful and shove the brush into the shoe to get it
cleaned just move the brush around in a bunch Of different angles and circular motions and
back and forth to let the brush do the work

For you [Music]. So I just finished my first
pass on the uppers of this shoe using the Soft Bristle Brush, but I noticed that the
inside insole is dirty and it smells pretty Bad and since we're not going to be using
our laundry system on this one I want to clean The insole, so we're just going to remove it
hit it with our Soft Bristle Brush maybe the Medium Bristle Brush depending on how clean
we get it let that air dry and put it back In. [Music] First pass of the uppers as well as the inside
is done the shoe looks great already as it Was it wasn't super thrashed or super dirty
it was just typically dirty from wearing a Pair of shoes every day like Bryson and Matt
or whoever's these are from common Hype, so We're going to move on to our next step which
is going to be using our Medium Bristle Brush. We're going to use this on our hard rubber
midsoles inside this try to get the stitching You can see there's some staining on there
from whatever that red stuff was so we're Going to try to get that out the best we can
using our Medium Bristle Brush [Music]. [Music] [Applause] [Music] The Medium Bristle
Brush made quick work of this midsole it wasn't Super trashed and dirty, but it definitely
cleaned it up and makes it look a lot nicer. It got a lot of that red out of the stitching
but there is still some staining on this stitching So we might have to address that at a later
time next we're going to hit this outsole We're going to be using our Stiff Bristle
Brush to go ahead and get all this dirt and Gunk and everything else out of the bottom
of this shoe so that way he can go back out And hit the clubs and looking all super fresh. [Music] [Music] That's going to take care of our outsole
using our Stiff Bristle Brush pretty much Done with the treatment of this sneaker it's
looking way better than it did before the Last step I need to do is clean the laces
they've been sitting in this bowl of water This whole entire time so we're just going
to get them cleaned up and then take the shoe Outside and let it dry. Now these laces did have a bunch of red stuff
all over them so what I'm doing is I'm just Going through and looking through the lace
to see if the red stuff that was on these Did come out in the solution it looks like
it did so that I don't need to do anything Else to them I'm just going to keep just kind
of cleaning them squeezing them dry and we'll Take them outside and let them dry. Now if you remember all of these letters had a bunch of red stuff all inside now they're All nice and clean so we can let these dry
as well now we're gonna let this shoe sit

Outside and dry in Arizona it's currently
95 degrees outside I don't think it's going To take too long to dry. Another benefit of
letting the shoe sit outside in the UV rays It'll help brighten the whites of the shoe
and also help de-yellow some of the yellowing That we saw on the soles of the shoe without
even having to use any Sole Revive. We brought the shoe in from outside it's been
sitting outside for a few hours in the Arizona Sun so it nicely evenly dried the shoe out
for us versus leaving it inside also the UV Rays have helped brighten the whites of this
shoe the longer you let it sit out there the Brighter it'll kind of get the shoe, but there's
always going to be a limit to it but it looks Great the way it is all we got to do now is
lace it up. [Music] That's going To bring us to an end on cleaning these Nocta
Nike Air Force Ones to achieve these results We used our RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit it provides
quick and easy clean for sneakers that aren't Necessarily trashed but they're pretty filthy
and dirty naturally worn kind of shoes that You normally would naturally would see this
kit includes your four ounce solution, your Soft brush, your medium brush, your stiff brush
as well as a microfiber towel. Now we used The soft bristle brush on these premium tumbled
leather uppers. Soft bristle brushes are great For your super delicate materials as well
as leathers and also like this premium leather. We use the medium bristle brush on our midsole.
One thing I also I want to note on this sneaker Versus standard Air Force One on the outside
of the midsole it says love you forever instead Of the Standard air. We used a medium bristle
brush on that and then on the bottom on the Outsoles we used our stiff bristle brush another
difference on this sneaker versus standard Air Force One is instead of stars on the toes
and the heels they've got little hearts how Cute, but also you can see we've got some heart
loss up here on the toe as well as some heel Drag and heart loss down here. Now some other
products I used in this video was our drying Rack and Bowl combo, the RESHOEVN8R cleaning
mat and this kit doesn't include them but It's a great thing to have for RESHOEVN8R
shoe trees these are essential for putting In your sneakers to add shape as well as give
you a nice hard surface to scrub to get all That dirt off of your toe box. One other thing
I want to use since we did not use our RESHOEVN8R Signature kit which has our patented laundry
system they do still have a little bit of Smell which is normal from wearing them all
the time so one thing I am going to also use Is the RESHOEVN8R deodorizing spray. So much better now I also want to remind you
guys to make sure you enter our giveaway we Are currently doing a giveaway for the month
of May for hitting 1.5 million subscribers On YouTube we're giving you the choice of
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Door at Many Worlds all you got to do is click
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and we're gonna pick three separate winners. Also stay tuned next week we're going to clean
the Air Jordan 3 Reimagined, I hope you enjoyed This video hopefully it was super helpful
and I hope you get your shoes nice and clean. If you can go ahead and leave a like, drop
a comment, save, favorite, share do all the things And make sure you're subscribed. We dropped
two videos every single week Mondays we do Vick's customs and Restorations and every Thursday
with another video Shoe Care Academy once Again my name is Nick and I'm out [Music]