Each month the Run Testers try out piles of running products, but there’s a lot of kit outside of shoes and tech that we don’t get a chance to talk about until we do a full round-up.

This month, it’s a short roundup as everyone is enjoying the festive season. Expect running clothing, winter lighting and a lot of socks.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
Kieran’s Picks
01:03 – Falke Stabilizing Cool Socks
02:45 – Bodylite Nightvision Light
03:48 – Tracksmith Sessions Long Sleeve Top
Tom’s Picks
06:35 – Ronhill Light Shoe Clip
08:26 – Kiprun Basic Running Belt
10:20 – Inov8 F-lite High Socks
11:32 – Kiprun Running Mid Socks Run 100

The links:

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Falke Stabilizing Cool Socks:
Bodylite Nightvision Light:
Tracksmith Sessions Long Sleeve Top:
Ronhill Light Shoe Clip:
Kiprun Basic Running Belt:
Inov8 F-lite High Socks:
Kiprun Running Mid Socks Run 100:

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