Each month the Run Testers try out piles of running products, but there’s a lot of kit outside of shoes and tech that we don’t get a chance to talk about until we do a full round-up.

In this video, we cover everything from running tops, jackets and vests, to fuel, glasses, and running backpacks.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
Nick’s Picks
00:38 – Roka Oslo Ti Glasses
02:33 – Nylon Strap For Garmin
03:54 – Gore Concurve Jacket
Kieran’s Picks
05:58 – ASICS Fujitrail Waterproof Jacket
07:07 – VALA Energy Gel
08:30 – OMM Ultra 12 Vest
Tom’s Picks
09:30 – Soar Advanced Race Vest
13:30 – Tracksmith Boston Tee

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers and Welcome back to another monthly Roundup This is the video where we talk about All the kits and accessories and things That we've been testing over the past Month or so that we want to tell you About and we haven't had a chance in Other videos that we've made so let's Jump in and see what we all picked this [Music] Month So my first pick this month is the Roka Oslo thae glasses that I've been wearing And I'm wearing right now indeed I've Been using these for all my runs over The past month these are prescription Glasses that are built for people who Move so they have a lot of features that Means they will stay in place when you Exercise so that includes the nose pads You get different nose pads to try and Help them fit to the shape of your nose These non-sli gecko pads at the end of The arms that mean again the glasses are Held in place and they generally have a Very lightweight design they don't fog Up they've worked really well for you Know running every day pretty much since I've had the glasses come in I've used Them for other workouts like yoga the Odd strength session I occasionally do The odd bike ride but mostly obviously For running and they fit really Comfortably I've raced in these a couple

Of times I've run several 20 MERS in Them they don't get overly sweaty greasy They don't fog up they don't annoy me at All basically once I've put them on Forget about them for the rest of my run So when it comes to the fit of them I Think they are very secure I don't have Any bouncing or anything like that I Will still sometimes pop on a little Silicon thing on the end just put it Around there basically just to make sure They don't slip which this much which Happens a lot of glasses on my nose I Think basically it's just the shapee of My nose the bridge of my nose means that Glasses will slip to there which isn't The end of the world and I've done loads Of runs where I'll just nudge it back in Occasionally or even leave it there but If I like I like a nice secure fit I Don't want them to move around and I use Those little silicon grippers or hooks Which I've always used of my glasses in General for running just to make sure They stay exactly in place so these cost $275 for subscription glasses there are Loads of options you can then spend more On if you want different coatings on the Lenses and there's loads of different Frame styles as well this is just the Standard clear lens with the obviously The clear frame as well there's also the Normal Oslo glasses which don't have the Titanium arms that are $265 so just a

Little bit less there obviously there's A massive range of glasses Within roa's Website as well so if you don't like This particular style I'm sure you'll Find one to suit you but as some only Runs every day I don't really enjoy Faffing round contact lenses very often Unless I'm testing sunglasses or for the Occasional race so most of the time just Going to step out the door in my glasses These have worked really well they're Lightweight comfortable and you know Stay in place and don't annoy me on any Kind of run and I can see which is Obviously the main benefit of glasses Second pick is this nylon strap that I've been using with my Garmin epic Pro That a few people have seen in video Asked about uh so I always say if you Are going to buy a new strap for your Watch go and get one off eBay because You get a massive range and it's very Cheap I've got some for the Apple watch As well off there this is an official One but yeah this is about £5 on eBay The price fluctuates a little bit I Think it was £433 when I bought it and Basically it's a nylon strap you can Obviously pick the size and model of Your watch to make sure it fits the one I've got actually is a hook and a loop Closing nylon strap which is not ideal For the new epics and Phoenix because Their pins on those don't come out so

The little pin on this watch here you Can't remove that without breaking it so I thought okay that's annoying that's Not going to work but actually I just Pushed the hook through and that's been Fine I've used it now for several months My entire marathon training cycle and That doesn't come out no matter how hard You pull it so it's still very secure Don't have to worry about that you can Also get open-ended nylon straps off EBay that means you can just hook them Through either side very much in the Style of the actual Garmin official ones While costing a lot less so yeah they're Just NY on straps basically and they're Really cheap they're on eBay you might Have to wait a couple of weeks for it to Arrive but you know they are per good And work very well on the watch and you Get a much bigger range of colors Including light blue which is what I Wanted so I went to eBay and found it Now I've got two of them durability is Fine this is the older one it's been Used for a lot running every day Showering of it every day it's obviously Faded a little bit and got a bit scuffed Up but it is still perfectly functional And you can uh always buy a new one for Another £5 as I did uh when that one Does get a bit too scuffed up for you if You do like it to look nice and fresh so The last thing I want to review this

Month the month Essentials is the new Gore con curve waterproof jacket this Came out Fair recently it's picked up a Couple of Design Awards from ISO and is A very good waterproof running jacket With a high price as is always the case With Gore top jacket it's $280 or £270 And what you're paying for really is Obviously a very lightweight breathable Jacket that works very well for running And I think the really standout feature With the con curve jacket that I've Noticed during my testing is the fit it Is a slim fit jacket and it really hugs The body very nicely very closely and Just means you get that complete freedom Of movement you want on the run I've Worn this jacket for lots of marathon Trading runs including a 24 Miler I've Also used it down the track for hard Reps and that it doesn't overheat it Fits very nicely it's just really a Great layer that does handle the Elements really well it's also really Very breathable so I have used it mostly In the rain but actually that 24 Mile I Ran in it was about 1 or two degre Cs And actually not raining but it was very Cold and I used wore that jacket with a Lightweight base layer underneath and That was enough to get the body Temperature regulation bang on so yeah It's a really great jacket as you'd Expect for this price you've got that

Winning combination of waterproofing and Breathability it's the fit that really Stands out I think on the market gives You that really nice close fit it is a Slim fitting jacket so I have a EU Medium it's a European medium it's a US Small and it fits me very well I'm about 6t tall and you pretty lanky and gangly As you can see it's a packable jacket Packs down into its own pocket it comes Fairly small not very small but it does Pack down pretty easily only thing I'm Not entirely solding about design is These slightly different fabric sections On the wrist here which are a bit softer Which does feel nice but I found that They took slightly longer to dry and Actually occasionally after the jacket Got soaked you can pretty much Shake Most of it entirely dry but these little Patches will stay a bit wet and then you Put it on again and you have a little Wet patch against your wrist not the end Of the world but just I noticed so Obviously it's a very expensive jacket Waterproof jackets are very expensive For running if you're going to get a Really high-end one this is a very high Performing jacket but it is a big Expense we do actually have a video on The channel of the best cheap jackets if You'd want to check that out so you know There are options here that cost a lot Less but for a good waterproof jacket

You often have to pay quite a lot and This Gore con curve jacket I think is One of the best available thanks to that Really impressive Fit now we're seemingly still flipping From spring back to winter here in the UK and that means I've been running in Some pretty changeable conditions out There it's pouring down with rain out There now and I'm about to go out you Head out in Blue Skies though often and Suddenly you find yourself being pelted By Moody rain I also hate being cold I Much prefer to run too hot than risk Getting too chilled so I've been Reaching for this new perex Shield Fabric aex Fuji Trail waterproof jacket It's designed for tra Adventures it's Waterproof up to a point longer kind of Periods of heavy rain actually defeat it It has sealed seams though it's nicely Lightweight it's breathable it's ideal For just taking the edge off windy and Cold conditions as well without being Over hot all those moments where you've Been kind of moving for 8 hours and just Need a little something to help Stabilize your core temperature this is A good jackets having your pack it's Easily stashed and packed down into its Own pocket you've got one chest pocket Here that's also waterproof you've got Some thumb Loops here or they're not Thumb Loops but they're sort of cuff

Loops that hold the Cuffs in place it's Nice solid kind of easy to use Zips I Suffer really bad from rain or so fiddly Zips can be a pain really like the Colors overall it's not cheap but it is A great option for lightweight Obligatory Ultra kit now it's also Ray Season and that means decisions about What gels to use to fuel your adventures Are being made and I hear a lot of People say that they just can't get on With artificial Malad extran gels and They're looking for something different Alternative ways of fueling and one Option I really like which is totally Different is this it's vara's gut Friendly All Natural Energy gels they're Made from just five ingredients you've Got maple syrup a date paste you've got Salt in there lemon and lime juice and Chia seeds the consistency is somewhat Different than sort of it's like more Like a paste than a gel you can use them During higher intensity efforts but Arguably they suit slower longer Endurance efforts a little bit better They're also very sweet and you know With some gels you need water to wash Down to kind of gloop and rinse your Mouth but the Via gels it's a little bit More to take the edge off the overall Sweetness now I've used V gels for Marathons and ultas and I find them a Bit overpowering if I try to sort of hit

A 60 cart ground of carbs per hour tally But I absolutely love adding them into The mix as a change of taste and texture With other gels so provided you like Dates I think you actually look forward To eating these gels and with 24 G of Carb in each really quite compact 35 G Gel that's a decent hit of energy from a Much more tasty and natural source now I've always done a lot of run commuting And these days if I'm going to a meeting About 10 km away if I can get away with Running to it I am going to be running To it I've tested dozens of running Packs over the years for big toes Runners World men's fit and stuff Magazine here in the UK and hands down One of my all-time favorites is this omm Ultra 12 L light pack it's such a well Balanced bag there's just enough space To take a laptop and a change of clothes And a towel but it doesn't feel baggy And floaty if it's not full as well the Harness here is nicely padded and Comfortable there's no kind of bounce it Sits really nice that's made easy with The adjustable sternum and waist straps There's not a load of pockets here You've got a zippered pocket up the top Here one to the right and and some open Stretch mesh Pockets here on the sides As well ideally I'd really like two of These kind of waist zippered Pockets There's also no upfront bottle storage

So I probably wouldn't use it to race an Ultra but for everyday commute or long Day Adventures on the trails where you Don't need immediate access to water This bag is my go-to and I think it's Pretty reasonably priced too I've been Using mine for close to 3 years now and It's still going really strong no signs Of wear and tear really versatile I just Think a great option for those kind of Every day runs where you're going to be Carrying a lot of Kit so my first pick this month is the Saw Advanced race vest now this top um It's very expensive I use saw vests for All of my races so we've got run tester S vest and I also have S vests from my Running club as well and they're by far My favorite vests to use if I'm doing a Proper race and want something that's Really light and breathable and just Feels really really comfortable I've Never had any issues with saw when it Comes to things like rubbing um and when I've used them for marathons they just Felt really light and comfortable they Almost feel like you're not really Wearing anything whereas some of the Other stuff that I wear can feel a Little bit bulkier by far the lightest Feeling vests that I have ever tested And would always use them for any races Um but the advanced race vest this is a New one um that is quite a bit more

Expensive than the existing race vest so The the this comes in £130 which is very Expensive for a race Fest so what I Would say about this is that it's Probably only really something to buy if Maybe you're re you really really care About um how light your top is and um What it feels like because that's a lot Of money for a race vest but I been I've Really enjoyed running in this this vest What I would say about it is so it's Designed slightly differently than the Standard um race vest that s make it Uses a 3D woven design um and it has a Bit more of a um I wouldn't say papery Cuz it it's not that's that sounds Negative but it it has this sort of Crepe um fabric design to it which just Feels really really light the the normal Svest feel really really light as well But this has a bit of a different feel To it um the other thing about it's got This um reflective design over the um Around the neck which I'm not too sure About I'm not I don't really need Reflective design around the neck it It's looks a bit futuristic for my Liking and a bit of detailing uh around The bottom as well um it also for me Feels a little bit the higher in the Neck than the other s vest so it feels a Little bit more like um a bit more tank Top than than vest although I do think The design is pretty similar I think

It's pretty minimal if there is a Difference um but when I've been running This it's just it does feel incredibly Light and comfortable I keep losing it Because it's black um and it gets rolled Up in the bottom of my cupboard and cuz It's so light and small like I I always I can't find it um but it is very very Comfortable very very light um this Sweat Just disappears off of it straight Away it's um it's really good if you if You want something that dries really Quickly the other s svest are very good At that but I think this is better than That um but it's a lot more expensive so It's you with the normal saw vest you're Still getting a fantastic vest that is Relatively expensive um but I think a Lot of Runners are buying those vest now Because for race day and things they are Really really good options this is Probably a a very serious option maybe One that you don't necessarily need if You already got um an existing svest but I do think this is a very nice option And in some ways it's an improvement on The existing s vests so in a couple of Weeks I'm going to be doing the Boston Marathon uh it's the first time I've Ever qualified for Boston Marathon so It's a bit of a big deal I never thought I'd get into Boston Marathon 3 years ago I never even plann to try and get Qualifying time for it but after I did

Chicago a couple of years ago I got the Qualifi time time and now I can do Boston so it's quite a big deal for me Uh and I'm probably going to end up Buying a lot of souvenirs from that race I might be buying some of the kit that's At the Expo just because I want to have A momento the fact that I qualified um But when it comes to kit for these races Um sometimes if you if you get it from Um the Expos and I there's lots of Brands that um work at with with the Various marathons um they tend to be uh It tends to be K the it's brand but I Don't necessarily want the kit itself They're not they're not necessarily Brands that I really want to get Race Kit from um but tracksmith is a little Bit different now tracksmith they uh Produce um a range of marathon kits for The marathon Majors so London Tokyo Boston um they have they produce a range Of designs uh for each of those those Marathons um and this is the um Boston Te uh which is the limited edition Designed for Boston 2024 now the reason I like this is it It's a momento of a race that I'm very Much looking forward to doing and I'm Very proud of being able to do um but It's also a piece of kit that I actually Want because I really like wearing Tracksmith running kit so it's nice to Have that option it's quite smart move

By um track tracksmith to focus on the The majors um and produce some kit that Is actually really nice um so uh this This is really good I've used it today For a Uh 32 km run uh it's very light and Comfortable sweat wicking um the other Thing as well I like about is it fits me Really well I have a bit of a weird body Shape I'm quite wellb built uh in my Upper body and sometimes when I get Race Kit it doesn't really fit me very well Um and I I don't find it very Comfortable tracksmith seems to be Designed for people like me so it's just A little bit more relaxed in certain Areas um and just just just works very Well I think it's because tracksmith is A performance running brand but it's Also a a fashion brand so a lot of the Kit that is released I will wear uh Outside of running so it's quite nicely Designed as just nice tops um and Because of that the fits probably a Little bit different so I find it very Comfortable to wear um and uh yeah it's Well worth picking up if you are doing One of the majors and you want a nice Souvenir that isn't from the brand that Is associated with the marathon itself Tracksmith also have some other options As well when it comes to the major um Limited edition kit so this is the Boston race vest or singlet from 2000

For 20124 I haven't actually tested this Yet because uh I don't really want to Wear Boston race vest until I've done The race uh so I'm saving this uh maybe For the race uh but definitely after I've done the race um but yeah and the Other feature about that is you because It's a race vest they put these um nice Little uh golden safety pins on there as Well so you can use them for your bib um But I'll report back on that uh in a Future Roundup um once I've tested it After I've finished Boston so that's it From us on the monthly round up this Month thanks a lot for watching don't Forget to like subscribe and click that Little bell and check the caption below To find a link to our podcast which Comes out a couple of times each month Thanks lot for watching catch you next [Music] Time