Each month the Run Testers try out piles of running products, but there’s a lot of kit outside of shoes and tech that we don’t get a chance to talk about until we do a full round-up.

This month we’ve got a whole heap of the latest kit to talk about, from headphones and t-shirts to some of our favourite running nutrition.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
Kieran’s Picks
00:36 – UYN Exceleration Shirt
02:52 – Sidas Ceder Wood Shoe Dryers
Nick’s Picks
03:33 – 1More Fit SE Open Earbuds
05:14 – Muarten Gel 160
06:30 – Kiprun Running 500 Compression Socks
Tom’s Picks
07:52 – Sis Go Electrolyte Powder
09:57 – Sasky Flow Long Sleeve
11:44 – Watch Charging Adapter:
Laura’s Picks
14:45 – Soar Long Sleeve Tech T
16:36 – Adidas Run Icons Running Long Sleeve
18:20 – Proviz Antares Running Headlamp 500 Lumens
Jane’ Picks
21:15 – Shokz Openswim
22:54 – Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Running Bra
24:22 – Nike One Maternity Leggings
Mike’s Picks
25:32 – JBL Soundgear Sense Headphones
28:18 – Adidas Terrex Xperior Merino 150 Base Layer

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers and Welcome to the monthly rounder where we Talk about all of the things that we've Tested over the past month or so that we Wanted to tell you about they just tend To be things that we have been wearing Throughout the month or testing out Throughout the month and we just haven't Had a chance to talk about them in Another video so let's dive in and see What we all picked this Month So I wanted to talk to you about this Wind acceleration shirt now you may not Have heard of wind before it's spel uyn But they're an italian-based makers of High performance apparel and recently I Got to test some of their kit in anger While running a lap of Lake Garder in Italy which is quite close to their Headquarters now I used this Acceleration shirt for that run it's Designed for temperature control in hot Conditions and I ran in this for 70 Mi Over 2 Days in temperatures between 20° And 30° C so it was a perfect test for This and I fell in love with this top it Reminded me a lot of the ex bionic fenic Shirt those kind of Highly technical Shirts I used this one of that one to Run the marathon toar back in 2015 only I think this one's a bit lighter it's a Bit more comfortable it's incredibly Soft like really really soft against the

Skin the fabric is light it's really Really stretchy and flexible and it Features these breathable Flex Zones That help dissipate heat in the key Areas and even in bizarrely testing Temperatures for October in Europe I Found it helped keep me really quite Cool and crucially without getting sweat S which was one big thing I wore it and It didn't get heavy and wet but what I Really love was how disappearing it felt It feels quite kind of snug but because It's really flexible it moves with you And doesn't restrict you in any way it's Got this kind of great combo of snug and Cozy but really Airy other great things It dries fast and it doesn't stink well Too bad anyway going into a second day's Running it's dead handy for multi-day Adventures or if you want to just do Less washing I have a feeling it's also Going to be a great layer for the winter Too perhaps under a jacket almost like a Mid layer come t-shirt so though it's on The pricier side for a t-shirt is Technical and I think it's going to be a Really versatile top to have in the Wardrobe that will last long and if You're putting together an MDS a Marathan desab kit or a multi-day Ultra Desert kit then I think this might be Well worth a look now winter is coming Here in the UK and that means a lot more Rain where we are so on the bright side

That gives us something to talk about With our neighbors but it also means More wet running shoes now I have to Admit I'm a bit lazy with my shoe care And I'll often just stick wet shoes on Or under a radiator which is not really That good for them and the durability When I'm being good I might stuff the Shoes with newspaper or kitchen towel to Soak up the moisture but these days Actually I don't really have much Newspaper to hand and rattling through Rolls of kitchen roll actually gets Quite pricey if you're running a lot in Wet shoes so when I saw these Cedarwood Shoe dryers I was really quite Interested to see if they worked I Thought they might offer a quick and Convenient alternative to that those two Methods I've been using and they do Slipping these into your shoes takes About 10 seconds and they'll sit they Overnight soaking up the moisture Working much faster than air drying they Also help manage the worst no not all of The nasty odors that Cedarwood really Smells really nice and cidus also Guarantees that they'll keep sucking up The Damp for a year for under £6 they're Actually pretty Sound Investment for Taking better care and extending the Lifespan of those increasingly expensive Shoes you keep buying yeah and they do Smell rather

Wonderful my first piit this month and I Have to read this are the one more fit SE open earbuds s30 which is way too Long a name but the one more s30 earbuds More or less covers it these are pretty Cheap open buds basically I've been Testing a lot of these this year it's Been the year of open headphones that Basically put a little speaker near your Ear canal so you can be aware of your Surroundings while you run whilst Listening to audio of a slightly higher Sound quality than you get from the bone Conduction headphones testing those from Things Brands like sharks clear open Rock Ola dance and the one more buds Basically come in a lot cheaper they are £70 or $70 it's less than half the price Of things like the clear Arc 2 and the Shocks open fit and you get a really Strong product for that price like they Still sound good not as good as the Clear Arc headphones in particular and They're not quite as comfortable as the Shocks ones but they still are pretty Comfortable sit very securely on the Year with that ear hook design they Sound pretty good decent battery life at 10 hours with another 20 in the case all In all a really quite a solid set of Open headphones and you know open Headphones never sound as good as in Earbuds to me so don't necessarily Always see the need to Splash big money

On those kind of headphones when you Could just get a very good set of inar Buds for sound quality and then pick up A cheaper set of open buds like these Although they're still not that cheap But they are already reduced to £60 I've Noticed this week so that's a good sign For their long-term price I used these On several runs and the fit is nice and Secure even if you're wearing glasses And a hat I found and although the hook Does dig into the back of the ear a Little bit over time they are still Quite comfortable they're not buds I Loved using for long spells outside of Running but for one 2 hours of running They're fine perfectly comfortable nice And secure cure so yeah if you're Looking at open headphones and you've Been put off by the very high prices of Things like the shocks open fit which Are great headphones but that is a big Price to pay for this style of headphone I think the one more s30 are a good Alternative next up we're going to very Quickly talk about the uh Morton gel 160 I'm going say very quickly cuz it's very Similar to the gel 100 just a bigger gel Essentially you get 40 G of carbs Instead of 25 in the smaller gel 40 G of Carbs is a lot to have in a packet like This and it's obviously Morton's Hydro Gel which I have found very easy in my Stomach in general compared to other

Gels that I've used in Marathon and such So I usually actually use Morton's drink Mix 320 in marathons I carry 250 mil Soft flask of that which is 40 G of Carbs so having a gel that provides that In a more convenient smaller package Lightweight package like this I think It's going be very useful plan to use These as part of my next marathon build And for race day itself and you know it Does exactly what you'd expect it's 40 G Of carbs delivered in a convenient Package I found been using these Basically to fuel runs recently where I Would normally have used the Morton Drinks mix instead and it does does the Job basically it's easier to get down I Found an other 40 G carb gels that I've Tried things like the sis beta fuel gel Or the OT super carbs they're both great But they're slightly more aggressive and Hard on the stomach I find compared to The hydrogel you get here obviously with Morton it's not that cheap but it's also Reasonable value considering it's a Bigger gel it's £40 or $50 for10 whereas The gel 100 is £33 for 12 and you know There a lot of carbs there small package Not much more to say very handy for long Events and my last pick this month is The Ki run 500 running compression socks These are £18 from the cathlon which Obviously is good value that's why we Always talk about the cathlon and I

Wanted to check these out cuz I've been Using compression socks a lot in my Running of late I've been having some Minor Achilles issues and I felt that Compression sock made me feel a bit Better on the run so I've been using Loads of them lately my favorite are the Sep the Run Sox 4.0 or seps maybe sep c Cap I don't know one of those you know What it looks like uh and they ultra Light socks as well are also very good I Use those for a lot of races but wanted To try the cheaper option you get from The cathon because sep socks are quite Expensive they are over40 £50 so these Com in much cheaper obviously do a Similar job I'd say they are thicker and Less comfortable than the sep socks for Sure I've been using the Deaton socks in A range of runs I prefer to use them Mainly for shorter runs and then switch To the pricier options for more for Longer or harder runs that's on the run Though outside of running they're just As good so if you're using compression Socks for Recovery socks then I would Not hesitate to get the the cathlon ones Ahead of more expensive options they're Comfortable do what you expect from Compression socks make they make your Cal muscles feel all hugged and they're Getting some kind of benefit and On The Run yeah they're pretty good they're Just not quite as lightweight breathable

And comfortable as some of those seep Socks I mentioned earlier but yeah solid Pick there that's the kiun fire running 500 compression Socks my first pick this month is the uh Science in sport go electrolyte tub so This is pretty simple it's an Electrolyte powder that gives you 36 G Of carbohydrates per serving um it has Some some uh salts in it it has some Minerals and vitamins in it not loads It's really about that carbohydrate that You're getting so you're you're getting More calories and you've got a bit of Energy to do the run uh I don't normally Use fueling like this for my runs um Unless I'm doing marathon training I've Just come off a big uh marathon training Block I did Berlin and then I did Abington Marathon so I was doing a lot Of running and what I found was that I Was getting tired in some of the larger Interval sessions I don't really like Using gels when I'm out training I use Them for racing but I I don't tend to Use them when I'm out um ticking off Loads of miles for training mainly Because they're quite expensive um but Also I'm I'm not really used to taking Gels all the time I I do it for races CU I need to but in reality I don't really Like having gels that much I'm not a Massive fan especially when I'm training So the reason why I picked this up is

That I wanted something to get a bit of Energy before some of the longer Sessions I was was doing about 100 km a Week at my Peak for Berlin marathon and I wanted something just to take me over And give me a little bit of extra energy For some of those runs thing I like About the powder the sis powder is that Um even though you get 36 GS per serving CU it's a powder you can choose how much You want so I probably wouldn't always Have a full 36 gr serving I might have a Half of that if I was just going out for A uh a shorter interval session I might Have a bit more if I I knew I was doing Something longer um so I like the fact That you can modify how much you want With this it's really tasty um it's Quite subtle it's not overpowering taste Um it's really easy to drink uh and it's Not too expensive either when you Compare it with things like gels um when It comes to energy so uh sis go Electrolyte um powder uh goodbye if You're looking for something just to top Your energy levels up if you're doing a Lot of training my next pick this month Is a running top it's the SEI flow long Sleeve top I have just started wearing My long sleeve tops it's getting colder Now it's uh getting windy in Brighton so Um I've been pulling out all of my long Sleeve tops to do my runs with uh and What I have found about this one um is

That it's quite nice I like the look of It it's subtle I can wear it when I'm Not running if I want to um but the Reason I like this is It's relatively Thin it's it's not the thinnest material Out there um so it's better suited to um Really cold days um but it's also quite Breathable as well so if you put this on And go out in the cold the first K to You where you're not heated up uh it Does a good job at keeping you warm and Then when you actually pick up the pace And you're out there whether you're Doing like an interval session or a half Barathon training session and things Like that um it is pretty good at sweat Wicking um and it does feel quite Breathable as well so overall there's Not a lot to say about it apart from the Material it's just a really solid Comfortable nice looking long sleeve top For running great for the winter um and I don't tend to wear jackets that much In Winter because I when I put them on I Get hot within about 2k and then I have To take them off this is my S main type Of top I wear even in on the coldest Days because I will get hot uh and I Just find this very comfortable also Like the fact that uh this is a medium Uh I find it's quite roomy as well it's Quite comfortable sometimes when you get Running tops they can be a bit tight um They can be a bit bit designed for um

The uh thinner man uh whereas I like a Bit of giving it and this is very There's a lot of um space in it to move Around in the arms and around the Midriff my third pick this month is um One which I picked up from Amazon um and I don't think it's even got brand name It's just a a Garmin watch charging Connector um now the reason that I Wanted this is that coros has its own uh Key fob charging um cable really small Little thing uh it's absolutely Fantastic I constantly lose my watch Charging cables I've got a draw draw Full of them and then I go through it And I can't find any of the ones I Actually need um and the Cars one is on My keys so I I never I never lose it so I wanted to find out if Garmin had their Own version of it I don't think they do Um they should do really because it's a Really nice little uh thing to have Because if you've got lots and lots of Watches like I have uh or Electrical uh Appliances that you need charges for you End up having a lot of wires hanging Around and I'm constantly having to hide Them away um so that they're not out Everywhere um so the the reason I got This is cuz I wanted a version of that That coros key fob that I could use to Charge my Garmin um and this came up It's you get two in a pack and they're $6.99 I should point out that these are

Not Garmin so if you're worried about Using a charger on your Garmin watch That isn't a Garmin charger uh because It will um affect the warranty and Things like that probably don't use These but um if you uh don't mind then These are really simple it's a USBC um Connector which you can stick into any Of USBC leads that plugged in and it Just converts it to the Garmin 4 pin Connector simple as that dead easy I've Used it quite a bit for over the past Week Works absolutely fine charges the Same time it would i' expect it to Charge um and you also get with it a Little I can't find it at the moment cuz I don't know what I've done with it but A little slip um of uh like thread that You can actually use to connect to your Keys um or something else so you don't Lose it so yeah $66.99 for two of these They're working very well for me at the Moment um and I haven't lost um either Of them yet although I can't find those Those threads I don't think um maybe I Didn't keep those and I put them in the Bin but um yeah good value um as a Backup charger if you want something for Like holidays um or just to keep in your Work bag or something like that in uh And if you need it for an Emergency hi Runners I'm Laura I've got Three options this week um one a little Bit of a treat yourself item and two uh

Quite reasonably priced I think but all Three things that I um have been Enjoying using so first up Autumn's here And I've been running in the saw long Sleeve Tech tea okay um as you might Expect from s it's at the the more Premium end of the pricing so this is 90 um for a very lightweight long sleeve Tea it is available in extra small up to Extra large and it is made with 87% Recycled Materials it is lovely it is lovely to Wear it's very lightweight Um kind of you can sort of see a little Bit through through the fabric um the Very like small holes in the in the Weave very very lightweight so it's not Super cold at the moment it's just kind Of those crisper morning so a nice long Sleeve something to WIP wipe the sweat Away let's say on your face on that long Sleeve um but just a little bit extra Covering I have been using it for um Also actually I've been running uh Somewhere where there's a lot of deer uh This past week and therefore potentially A lot of tick so it's good to have that Extra little bit of covering don't need It for the warmth but um covering those Arms so I would layer it underneath Stuff um it's it's very lightweight good For layering as we go further into the Winter but at the moment just taking That chill off very um very pleased to

Have it in my club color almost this Blue it also comes in red um it's got Two kind of reflective bits one here on The front front shoulder and one in the Middle of the back that very discret um Kind of ss I don't know what shape would Call that but a little little little Slash anyway um very reflective bit but Quite small very Subtle it's nice if you've got 90 quid And you're in the market for a long Sleeve then Uh go for It also on the front the the saw brand In there Cu uh so everyone knows that You've spent 90 on your long sleeve Tea my second item uh another long Sleeve tea Um a little bit warmer and a bit cheaper This is the Adidas run icons running long sleeve top There we go a long name there's lots of Tops on Adidas's uh catalog so there we go run Icons running long sleeve top £ 38 comes In 2xs up to extra large and it's 100% Recycled polyester so it has little Added ass symbol on the back a massive One on the back um but yeah comes in Black and two other colors I think one's Are like a light grayy color and the Other one is a like a teal green it's Quite nice but I've gone for the black

Um it is slightly warmer in it's quite Thin but then it has this the the kind Of the raised um inside on the inside It's a slightly raised weaved Which will trap a little bit more body Heat in there keep you a little bit Warmer but it's quite still quite Lightweight it's got thumb holes if you Love a thumb hole um it has got thumb Holes And yeah just quite quite basic but um Useful long sleeve tea it's on me it's Loose enough that I could put a vest Under as we get further into um um Autumn and Winter um because it's not that fitted Will allow for that uh but quite simple And I think quite reasonably priced At38 my final item is it's head torch Season isn't it get those head torches Out this is the provis antaris running Headlamp 500 lumens it's $39.99 but at the moment it's down to $35.99 Which is reasonable priced it's quite Quite a lot of light comes from this um It takes batteries rather than being Rechargeable obviously you could put Your own rechargeable batteries into it Um it takes three aaa's and you'll Should get 20 hours of light from That it's got a good thick elastic strap Um which keeps it feels quite sec secure In place um not too much movement

Running along with this uh what I would I would like to have seen a bit more um Padding on the back There's plastic bit that the elastic Strap goes through but you're only Really getting any padding from the um Elastic strap there's no other padding On there So it's presumably aim that you're going To be wearing it over a headband a buff Or a bobble hat um so you're not going To be going bareheaded with this really Um which is a shame not to have that Option is comfortable enough on top of a Buff and things like that there are five Different light settings uh there's a Red one there's a flashing one there's a Spotlight a Mac Spotlight and a flood Light so there you go it's it's it's It's big good enough for me to see where I'm going through the woods uh when it's A bit darker uh Uh that's what I can say I can see a bit Ahead of me I can see probably 30 m well Um do I need to see any further than That I can pick up odd bits bit further But Yeah for $35.99 it is at the moment I think it's A good bit of Kit there we go you've got The um you can angle it down at your at Your ground in front of you it's a bit More technical or angle it up and a Little bit more further a field the

Button you just it's just one button on On the top to go through the options And it's quite easy to press tried it With gloves on it's quite easy to find And press the button to go through those Options hi I'm Jane I'm one of the on Testers and I'm here with my October Monthly Essentials a bit of a theme this Month I am 5 and a half months pregnant I'm still running I'm still swimming I'm Still doing activity but it's kind of Changed it's changed what I'm looking For in my kit so I thought I'd talk About it and bring you my topics this Month first up are the shocks open swim Headphones like I said still running but Doing a lot more swimming as well just To do kind of longer sessions really and I've been super impressed by these I Tested them a while back and to be Honest they have sat pretty much Unopened in a drawer ever since but I've Dug them out and I absolutely love them I've been so impressed with them they Are about £150 $150 but I imagine with Black Friday coming up you'll be able to Grab them a little bit cheaper they're Just super comfortable to wear I found That they fit really well they don't Budge in the water and because they're So lightweight you can definitely put a Running cap a swimming cap running on The brain a swimming cap over the top of Them and they sit really comfortably

You're not they're not moving when You're pushing off from the side of the Wall it is a a little bit fiddly like All swimming headphones to actually get Music and podcasts onto them you have to Use a cable and manually download music Or podcasts onto them cuz Bluetooth Doesn't work in water is a little bit Fiddly but once you've got the hang of It it's fine and the great thing about These is that there's two different Modes there a little mode button on the Back and you can switch between swimming And then everyday mode when you're not Swimming so obviously you can use them For running as well but because there's No Bluetooth you would have to still Download things onto the headphones and Use them to go for a run shocks have the Open run which I think we've all spoken About before and we've reviewed before But as a swimming version I was really Impressed by these I really love them They come with a little pouch that you Can put them in so you don't Accidentally put them in the washing Machine with your swimming kit and I've Really really enjoyed these next up is The Sweaty Betty zero gravity running Bra I'm not sure if I've spoken about This and if I have already I am sorry For repeating myself but I have been so Impressed by this bra it has washed Really really really well I'm finding

That as I go further along in my Pregnancy I'm definitely looking for More support in my bras and a lot of Bras just haven't been supportive enough Bras that were before aren't now but This bra has really stood the test of Time it still fits which is amazing in Itself but I've washed it like it's Basically the only running bra I'm Really running in at the moment and I Wear it most RS and wash it most brands And it's just not shrunk it's not Bobbled it is £75 so it is an investment But I have been so impressed by this bra There's the different you can really Customize the fit in the back and you Can uncp up here on the back which is Just great when you're trying to get out Of a sweaty bra at the end of the run It's a clever clever design and it Fastens with the traditional hook and Eye fastening so you can you know you're Not trying to wiggle into to a bra um But I've been really impressed by this It comes in loads of different colors And again it's one to look out for in The sales but a really good investment If you're looking for a really Supportive high impact bra and last but Definitely not least again these are Really Niche pcks that probably won't Apply to a lot of people watching so Sorry about that but these are the Nike One maternity leggings I have held off

Getting maternity leggings as long as Possible but these are so so comfortable They've got this massive waistband for The bump and I've worn them running I've Worn them for yoga I've worn them for Pilates I've worn them walking the dog They are just super comfortable Obviously they're not you know if you're If you're going out on really long runs They've not got pockets and they're Probably not the most as sweat wicking As something I'd normally run in but I'm Not running very very fast at the moment And I just want to keep running as long As possible and these fit really well I Have got a bump support which I can be Really boring and do a run tester video About but I doubt many of you will be Interested in that and these fit really Nicely over the bumps Port been really Impressed by them they've become a Staple and a go-to they are £65 but Again they do them in different versions Different leg lengths and you buy your Normal size so I bought my normal size Before pregnancy and they have been Really really comfortable I really Recommend them if you're looking to keep Running and you're looking for a pair of Maternity leggings that would do for Running go with Nike So my first monthly pick are the JBL Sound gear sense headphones now these

Are part of this new breed of open air Air conduction style headphones unlike Bone conduction headphones these Essentially putting speakers near your Ears not inside your ears and still give You that awareness style sound approach But ultimately give you something that Has a better Bolder more customizable Sound than bone conduction can offer you Now this was kind of thrusted into the Spotlight by shocks open fit which I Didn't absolutely love mainly over the Kind of design side of things now in Terms of the sound gear sense these have An ear hook style design they're a bit Bulkier than the O open fit but Ultimately I think they do the job of Staying in place what I also like is That you can adjust where the speaker Sit in proximity to your ears if you Want to adjust the level of awareness or The you know the effectiveness of the Awareness then you can do it simply from Kind of twisting up and down the kind of Speaker element of the headphones now in Terms of other things I really like the Sound is typically JBL it's bold bright It is customizable the JBL companion app Allows you to do that and it is just Very easy to do that and I think you can Get a really nice sound if you want that Finesse you can get that finesse and Ultim as I said you can get a good level Of awareness from these headphones as

Well I like the fact that you've got Touch sensitive controls which I don't Normally opt for when I or like to have On Sports and running headphones but This is a very good example of touch Sensitive controls and they they're very Responsive they're not overly sensitive And they work very well and again you Can customize them in the app as well Battery life isn't anything Groundbreaking I think if you're Listening at kind of higher and louder Volumes High generally do and kind of Those basier uh kind of profiles or Sound profiles then you know an hour's Worth of running we'll see the battery Drop by about 20% Which you know you Know based on what JBL kind of promises Is not quite there but you do have a Kind of quick charge feature which means You're constantly topping up when you Drop them back in the case so yeah for Me the JBL sound sent a really good open Air um air conduction style headphones They are cheaper than the shocks open Fit and it sits in that category of Cheaper open fit Rivals that I think Really do a good job so my second Monthly pick is a Bas layer now a Bas Layer is one of those things where I Feel like it's worth spending a little Bit more money on because I think it can Become a very good staple to have in Your running wardrobe where temperature

Starts to drop a little bit but if You're like me and you don't like to Have a lot of thick layers when you're Out running and I kind of sweat very Quickly when I have a lot on this can be Something you can thr on underneath um You know a long sleeve a kind of a Gile A kind of thinner jacket and it gives You that extra bit of warmth Particularly the kind of beginning of The runs where that's kind of where I Need it most now one that's worked for Me really well and I have been using Where it's not been really cold uh in The UK but I have thought about putting On an extra layer has been this this is The Adidas ter experior um Marino I Think lell based Bas layer this is a Short sleeve version it comes in long Sleeve as well one thing I would think I Really like about in terms of the way um Ad kind of approaches it Bas layers that Kind of rates them in terms of the kind Of conditions they're best suited for so This is kind of scored at 150 I think it Goes up to kind of 250 260 that being Kind of really cold conditions this is More kind of sitting between when the Conditions are maybe still a little bit Warm but kind of starting to kind of Cool down a little bit so definitely Isn't in those kind of Colder kind of Running conditions now the first thing I Like is that it is fitwise it's not one

It really kind of has that compression Style fit things like the saw base layer That I use has that kind of approach so It sits close enough against your skin But it isn't too tight so it is Something technically you could kind of Probably be comfortable wearing on its Own without kind of wearing it Underneath something I think ultimate is Very comfortable it is a base layer that I have used a few times as I said and it Doesn't kind of you know because of the Material it's made from it doesn't kind Of smell when you start to sweat in it So you can reuse it a few times before You need to wash and I said I've used it Quite a few times over the past month And actually the previous month as well And it's one that I've gone back and Used and I said I've kind of Switched Between this and the sore one but Ultimately this is a very good quality Base layer as I said it's not cheap but I think it's worth it's one of those Things I think it's worth spending a Little bit more and a Bas a good quality Bas layer and this definitely sits in The category of good quality Bas layers That I've really enjoyed using over the Past month that's it forone thanks a lot For watching don't forget to like Subscribe click little bell all those Things and uh if you go into the catch Below you can find a link to our podcast

Which comes out at the end of each month Thanks for watching catch you next Time