We’ve tested a lot of kit over the course of 2023, from the latest watches and headphones to dozens of road and trail shoes. At the end of each year, we go through the full list of everything we’ve run in to pick our best options from a range of categories.

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00:00​​​​ – Intro
03:04 – The Best Running Watch
07:30 – The Best Running Headphones
12:38 – Our Favourite Trail Shoe
17:20 – The Best All-Rounder/Daily Shoe
22:24 – The Best Cushioned Shoe
26:38 – The Best Race Shoe
32:48 – Running Brand of the Year
36:46 – The Audience Award for Best Running Shoe

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Hey Tom here from the Run testers and Welcome to the annual run testers awards For 2023 in this video we pick our winners And Runners up for a range of categories Including loads of different shoes and Headphones and watches so let's dive in And see who Won Okay so we're back again with the awards The 2023 run testers Awards and we've we've Moved it forward a little bit this year Because I think last last couple of Times we've done it we've left it till The end of the year and it's sort got We've got pretty much all the shoes Already so we thought we'd do it a Little bit earlier this year um got all The shoes got all the shoes but as a Result what we've done is uh we're Discussing this if it was going to be The if the shoes had to be in 2023 or we Picked up the shoes that we missed last Year that came out towards the end so Things like the super blast so we've Included shoes that came out that that We couldn't include in the last Awards Sounds good very Oscars very likely Oscars exactly yeah yeah um so it's been A I wouldn't say I think last year it Was there was like some really clear it Was a really exciting year pursues last Year and there was some really big wins

I don't think it's been as exciting this Year there's been a few good shoes but There's not been like lots of stand Stuff I would say what what would you Guys say I think it's been I think there Been some sound yeah I agree it's been a Bit of I think what's been we very Apparent when we did the voting for the Awards is actually some of the very best Shoes that we've all loved a lot Individually not all of us have got so I Think we've had a little bit less you Know General hype between us about some Shoes which maybe dos the overall level Of hype but yeah I think a lot of brands Have had s slightly quieter year um but Yeah it's been okay yeah some very good Shoes I I I think I think thing that's Missing for me this year was you had Last year we had a massive onslaught of Shoes from Brands like saky and pummer Where it just seemed like new shoes are Coming out every few weeks and of course We haven't had new speed this year Either so we should always and and Mac Five um so they're ones that obviously Crop up quite a lot in our in the awards So actually I suppose what might be is That actually this was the year of the Super trainer and in the end a lot of Those were a little bit disappointing so I think actually that maybe dulled My Overall impression of the Year quite a Lot because all the new super trainers

Came out and actually a lot of them Weren't pretty good I thought yes I'd Agree um yeah okay well let's um let's Start going through the awards so as Always we um we all vote on our favorite Picks throughout the year uh and then we Tally up all of the all of the choices And uh work out what the top pick is in A category and then we have a runner up As well uh and uh in this video we're Going to talk a bit about why we pick Those shoes uh so first award we've got Is is best running watch Mike you're Going to pick this one up what won best Running watch in 2023 yes I think which is pretty Unanimous I think in terms of the team But I think the one we've gone for is The one that is on my wrist is the Garmin 4 and a 965 now I think the big Thing for hit for this really for Garmin Is that they really had to show response A bit more of response to what's Happening with smart watches and Particularly the Apple watch so they Decided to go Amed with a few of their Watches this year I think for us the 9965 is the one that stands out it's That kind of top feature packed running Watch that gin has in its collection and It really kind of elevates a lot of the Features that it already has on this s Has already delivered on the previous Watches I think it really makes mapping

You know more impressive in terms of Having that am display you know all the The data that you'd want from the from a 900 series on the from the for Runner is There as well and I think crucially and This is the thing I think we were all Worried about is what the battery life Was going to offer and what it was going To deliver I think ultimately for me Something that I still go back to when I You know we're testing watches all the Time it's the watch that I go back to um And I think the battery life has kind of Delivered on that front and gives me Enough and I think for a lot of us in The team who voted for it just an all Around good performance and it is more Expensive than the than the previous Watch but I think if you want that AMOLED display and that kind of top end Garming running watch then that's what You get from the 4965 any thoughts from anyone Else Kier you had it out at Lake G right Yeah and I actually absolutely concur What Mike said I think the battery life Something that's sort of really been a Standout for me on that I I was testing It up against the Apple watch Ultra 2 Over the three days in various different Settings and it's the kind of watch Actually I could have gone the whole of That run without having to worry about At all and in all of the settings it was

It was competitive I yeah just solid and You know the the one thing as well I Think just the AMOLED screen does really Make a difference it's take a little While for me to be a convert to that as An idea of been I don't really mind Having a screen as long as I can see it But again out in the bright sunlight I Think yeah it it actually really Impressed me in particularly over that Kind of multi-day as well so yeah the Only negative I had about it was um I Because it doesn't have the reinforced Screen that you get on the epics and the Phoenix which never bothered me at all I Never even thought about it but I did Actually scratch the four on the 965 Screen at one point um I don't know when It was somewhere in Wales but yeah so That's the what I think why you know When you talk about the we often I think Gloss over bit the difference in build Quality between Phoenix epics lines and The 965 lines because it's something That generally comes up a lot in our Day-to-day running I don't think but Yeah you don't get that screen but it's Quite rare that I scratch watch first Time I've ever done it to I think okay So winner 965 what about the runnerup Mike so the run up we've gone with is The chorus Pace 3 so I think we all Loved the carus pace too and I think the Pace in in general is kind of probably

Car's strongest watch and while the Price has gone up with the new Pace I Think ultimately it's still offering Exceptional value for money in terms of You're getting in terms of sports watch In terms of what you're getting in Running features you know in terms of Still having that really strong battery Life that will really kind of associate With carus watches I think in terms of The upgraded heart rate sensor we've got Here in terms of having dual frequency GPS all these kind of things that you've Got in this in the cheapest chorus watch Really makes it a real standout watch And I think it holds its own against Much more expensive running watches as Well so I think you know I think was Very close in terms of these two watches And I think we've got one that's kind of That top end price in terms of the 4965 But as a Runners Runners up kind of Award for the cars Pace 3 I think in Terms of value I mean it's very hard to Beat in terms of what you get from that Watch yeah I think one thing that's Really great about is that is the Multiband GPS seems to have been Improved quite a lot because corus Brought it actually were the first to Launch the multiband watch was the Vertex to and it just wasn't very good And I was bit a bit disappointed and Then the Apex 2 Pro and they had

Multiband GPS still wasn't very good but The pace three it genuinely has been Very accurate like I used it for my ATK Run against the epics and it was very Close across the whole way in multiband Mode and things like that so that GPS at That price point is quite rare I think It's you know of that standard and That's a big thing for me obsessed with GPS and also good for people with uh Leaner wrists the uh the pace yeah much Smaller very nice and Light okay so from watches on to the Next bit of tech headphones now I I Probably so there's it's been a it's Been a bit of a quiet year for Headphones sometimes we get a lot of Headphones released it doesn't seem to Be that many but there's been a couple Or one specifically towards the end of The the later in the year that's cropped Up which um been waiting for a while so What one best headphone Nick Kieran Right yeah I thought you Tak this One do the run up he's going to do the Runner up Okay you got to to do that you to do That last line again leave it in leave It right okay well now now we've said That it's now the suspense has been Built up yeah so the winner of the the Best headphone um for this year is the Jabra Elite 8 active now I think it's Safe to say that we're all you know

Fairly good fans of the um the old kind Of elite four actives and the and the Sevens and the eight I think have come In and they've just improved I think Across the board most of the key areas That you want in a good pair of uh Running headphones so you've got solid Fit for in ears I think with a kind of Shake grip which does hold tight for Most people other than Nick um no no These are the only ones the only ones That stay in my ear oh they stay they Stay so even that they've ticked that Box but you know you've still got really Nice compact design in terms of the buds And the case they're well built they've Got they've upgraded the durability Including in the in the case I think They've got clear Rich um deep and Pretty nuanced audio as well that's also Custom iable so you get lots of bells And whistles with these their battery Life remains competitive which I think Is 8 hours active noise cancellation Goes up to 14 if you switch that off There's like a total of 56 hours of Runtime in the buds and the case so it Kind of ticks them over into not only You got Marathon territory sort of Covered with your eight hours but you've Also got Ultra covered as well with the Battery life loads of additional Features ANC the hear through got Spatial sound you can have one thing I

Really love about them is dual Simultaneous connection so you can Connect to your phone and your laptop at The same time and switching between Those is nice and easy as well and Overall I would just say the these Headphones are basically a really good All round package for just sneaking in Under 200 in the UK uh so I think they Represent good value for money and I Think they've been a favorite amongst The team because of that nice and now to Nick the runner up so the runnerup is a A bit more of a controversial choice I Think it's fair to say if it shocks to Release the open run mini this year Probably would have V for that but we've Shocks open fit is headphones I think They can go either way so I love them Because they fit really really well They've got a really secure fit for me Very comfortable fit they hook over the Top of the year they stay in place they Deliver better audio than bone Conduction headphones are allowing some Awareness although less awareness it Should be pointed out than bone contion Headphones but I know the fit hasn't Been so good for other people so I think That's the bit of a toss up here and That's I think this is one of the big Trends in headphones this year is this Open headphones that isn't a bone Conduction headphone it hooks over the

Top of the ear a speaker rests near your Ear they've called the air conduction They just put a speak in E is what They've done um and some of them are Really good and the sound quality is Quite impressive there but actually Surprisingly I think the fit issues with Rim is kind of across the board I have a Lot of them that hurt my ear a bit that Pinched my ear a bit or a bit loose and I would have thought an over if fit like That would be quite easy to get right But actually it isn't the case so I Think when you're looking at these Headphones you have got to worry about The fit quite a lot but the open fit for Me did fit I said the word fit a lot fit Really well really comfortable and I I Just really like them as headphones I Think they're a really solid option for General Life use if you're not someone Who goes for any headphones all the time Obviously not ideal when you're Traveling but the rest of the time They're quite useful but I do know there Were some problems with the fit in the Team right yeah I did not get on with Them and I'm test I mean I've you know Like Nick said there's defin I think the Biggest Trend we've seen this year has Been this kind of talk of air conduction Ultimately just giving people who don't Love the sound from bone conduction I Think with me I think the I think shocks

Have got something here in terms of the Sound perform in terms of what they're Delivering and offering something Alternative to their kind of neckband Style headphones the fit just didn't Work for me and I think if they're going To persevere with it I think there's Room to improve that sort of things I Think if they can get that right I think I would be more on board with it um as a Pair but I think there's a lot that They've got right in these headphones Just needs for me personally needs to do A little bit of work in terms of that um Design in terms of the secureness of the Fit I thought they're great but M don't Charge anymore what I don't charge Anymore okay well we should uh car out That then they runner up as they still Charge them Off I've not managed to work out how to I've done something wrong but no Definitely not charging yeah little Cav Little cavy out there but it's not Doesn't sound like as a problem for Anyone else yeah 25% of us Though okay so on to the shoes uh we'll Start with now this this this um Category all the other ones are what we Class as the best uh of the shoes but With trail shoes there's so many to test That we don't class it as the best trail Shoe it's our favorite Trail shoe Because there's so many that we haven't

Had an opportunity to test um because There's so many that released um is Who's picking this one up kieran's on The lead I think okay so Kieran what won Our favorite Trail shoe of 2023 yeah You've stolen a little bit of my thunder There I think it's worth noting that When it comes to this award we probably Lean towards a shoe that's a bit more Kind of road to Trail something that's Probably bit better on the less sort of Technical side of things we're thinking About maybe rolling easier Trails than The sort of steep Mountain sort of Technical descent that you might find People doing Sky running and for that Reason the winner that we've chosen is The hokan X2 it's definitely one of Those shoes that can cope with road to Trail it sort of ticks all the boxes of A sort of versatile off-roader I think It's it's good it's kind of fast it's Pretty Nimble it's got kind of balanced Cushioning so there's enough cushioning There to soak up a bit of the trail and The road but you're getting response There's enough stability and support I Think for a lot of people to find it Quite a generous shoe and easy to Running on Trails um I think it's got Gears for shorter and faster runs but You can also wear it on you longer slow Runs and it's got the protection that You might take into Ultra territory when

You're going to have a lot of time on Feet as well so it's got all of that in Its Locker it's a bit basically like a Ped up speed go um that's comfortable Durable and I think a really really Capable shoe that's just fun to run Across the trails in not massively Different than the first one though is It it's a minimal minimal yeah they've Not changed they've not changed an awful Lot which I I figur maybe it's was a Popular one there some shoes that we've Gotten here that massive overhauls to to The previous versions but the the tekon X2 um yeah not not a major difference From the first one what I found the tan X2 is appreciated it a little bit more By the end of the year having tested a Load of kind of super shoy trail shoes From other brands that have gone a bit More wild with their designs more crazy Like you realize just how kind of solid And reliable the tech next to is and can Land on almost anything and grip and Give a wide decently wide platform to Land on so I do think yeah it's got a Pretty good reliability Factor as well But you don't necessarily feel a massive Amount of response from the mid I it I I I've whenever I run out I think it's a Lovely smooth ride that's what I always Get from it really enjoyable smooth ride Tom smooth R sponsored by death podcast Um all right what what's the up there I

On this the Nike ultrafly which um I Think is an interesting shoe actually Think I've done about 150k in this shoe A lot of run I don't actually think i' Put it in my top three but other people Have voted for it so I do think it's a Good shoe so I think it's just a really Expensive shoe but this is Nike's VAP Fly for the trails is what it was Initially moted as with zoomx foam in Midsole a carbon plate they wrapped the Zoomx to make it more stable big beefy Wide base on it and it's quite a heavy Shoe as well and I actually love the Shoe a lot uh for because it was my First summer of doing these ultra Distance runs it's a very very Approachable accommodating shoe and you Know I really liked ticking through very Long runs very slowly in it and it was Really good for that I just don't think It's a terrific racing shoe if you're Looking at shorter distances and Actually you get that a little bit more From this will probably one for next Year but now because actually doesn't Release till spring but the Adidas uh Trail shoe the Trix aggravate speed Ultra is a bit more Dynamic and exciting But the ultra I think is a very good Shoe um and I won I've Loved using for Lots of runs I still just don't know how How much I'd recommend it because of the Price but it is a runner up so I say

It's a very good Mike you must have Voted for this right you love I voted it Yeah I mean I like I say I think when Initially when this I got the shoe in I Mean I was kind of thinking it it's been A lot more aggressive than it actually Turned out to be I think in terms of a Shoe that you can kind of cruise in I Love the fact that Nike has decided to Go that kind of vium out Sonics you know Loads of good Tres have that and but it Works really well and I think for me the Runs that I've done it I've just enjoyed Running in it I know I don't think you Can do massively quick runs in it it Just doesn't allow for that but not what I don't think it's built for and what we Thought maybe it would be built for but I think in terms of the runs that I've Done and you're just relaxing kind of Going out and covering you know a lot of Mileage I think it's it's a nice shoe to To run in it's one I've enjoyed running In yeah I mean it was fair I don't to do It down because like out of the box Pretty much I just did 50k in it for the First time in my life I ran that far and That long and I did the last 30k of 80k Ultra in it and it's it's really really Comfortable and a great upper for Comfort although it's not the thickest Uper I did get thorns in my feet at Times but um I just think you've got to Go in expecting that a cruiser if you go

And expecting that bouncy zoomx ride Just doesn't really deliver that it's a Much more stable you know platform than That built for stability and comfort Rather than that zingy Pace okay so from trail shoes to I'd say This is probably one of the trickiest Areas the categories nowadays because so Many things in it daily shoes best daily Shoe now best daily shoe has gone from Being just you know your comfortable Shoe that you pick up and go and do Miles into a massive spectrum of shoes Including you know daily super shoes and All sorts of things so there were a lot Of competing uh shoes in this category But one you stood out above all of them Um uh that was the A6 super blast it's It's well yeah I think I was quite Skeptical of the shoe and then I tried It yeah it is it is really good yeah I I Picked it up quite early on in the year And you you you've haven't had it till Recently have you and um yeah it's just A Fantastic enjoyable shoe it just it's a Very expensive shoe but it's a it's a Shoe that you can do a lot of stuff in It it it technically on paper when you Pick it up it looks like a big Max Cushion shoe but really you can go Pretty fast in it as well yeah I've gone Down the track in it it's got a bit of Stiffness to it so you can run fast it's

Like the only shoe in aix's range that Uses this turbo foam that isn't know the Racing shoe from metas the metas speed Racing shoe so you are getting a bit of Bounce there it's really ver it kind of Shows what you can do with a Max cushion Shoe with a great Pham because it's 250 G in a uk9 and it's 45.5 mm stack heite It's crazy light um so yeah I mean it's Really expensive and there are certainly You know more practical shoes you can Get for a lot less that probably do a Very very good job we've got some in the Other categories but I did enjoy love Running in it and it's probably the First time I've really liked and really Loved using a absurdly high cushion shoe For the most part I find them a little Bit you know annoying at times but um This and May and then maybe the prime X2 Strong as a for training I did find very Enjoyable I think the superlast is going To be very interesting to see what Happens with it it's it it reminds me of I think the the the original Nova blast Was a little bit more of a polarizing Shoe some people absolutely love that Shoe and some people weren't so keen on It but the magic of that first shoe Disappeared quite quickly when they to The no Blast 2 so I'm very interested to See what they do with the the next super Blast version when it comes out the Feeling I have with it and it isn't

Really like it at all but it feels Similar in what I use it for and how Much I enjoy it to the original Nike Pegasus turbo which obviously was a well Loved shoe and um yeah I get a very Similar vibe from it even though it is So much bigger yeah it's it interesting Well uh oh sorry I was just going to say Just I mean it's interesting why you Think why this hasn't really been pushed Because you know you guys both loved it And it's not a really issue that aex has Really pushed you know in terms of its Launch so I mean you know in terms of it Going forward and being an iteration Well I think they got surprised by the Nova blast being so popular and then They you know really started to push it And I think they've there's now a whole Load more super blast colorways coming Out they lowered the price very slightly I think as well and I think they've Realized they've got got a winner there It is you know you look at it originally It was 200 45mm stack shoe without a Plate so these shoes you know why would You buy it then you do buy it you I can Do a bit of everything in this shoe and Actually I want to do a bit of Everything in this shoe every you know And the price doesn't seem so mad when Suddenly you're replacing Two Shoes in a Rotation with it and things like that But yeah it's still a little bit of an

Issue so they're not going to push it That hard I imagine just because you're Going to flog a lot more Nimbus and K Yeah well the the runner up in the best Daily shoe category is uh an interesting One that for me is probably one of the Most I would say exciting shoes of the Year but one that was was most Surprising uh that's the oncloud surface 7 a shoe that uh it it it's a complete Overhaul of some of the materials that Are used in pretty much all of on shoes So instead of using the Helen super Phone it uses cloudtech phase which is a Considerably softer shoe it gives you a Completely different ride than what you Get in any of On's other shoes and I Think we all enjoyed that shoe didn't we Yeah very much very much squeaky but Very very good squeaky yeah my Girlfriend was walking around the house What's that not is there a mou I do Think it's it's the best ride on Zer Produc it's one of the best rides of the Year for Ming around like it was Kier You talked about this recently with me About when you're coming back from like Illness or injury and you start running Again you're so excited to be running And then a shoe really clicks with you As well and it's just like the best Feeling and I had that with the cloud Surfer and I was just ticking around in It and it's quite light and it's not the

Most responsive shoe but it is so light And fun to run and you can do some Quicker stuff but it's great fun to Mo Around in uh I still haven't hit like a massive Amount of distance in mine though that's Probably my concern on durability I Don't know if you guys have done big Distances in them yet no i' I've just Been using it for you know maximum 12K I Use it for those like easy daily runs And just do just been doing pling those Out but uh I did do one where I didn't Realize that the the shoe was squeaking And I was really confused the whole way I could keep stopping and like checking My belt and stuff until somebody Somebody else mentioned to me that it do Squeaks and now I know what it is it Definitely does I mean I've been on a Trip with all and we were all in CL Cloud surfacer and it was just Collective squeaking everywhere we went So yeah definitely definitely does Squeak nice well hopefully we'll see Some more shoes come out with this Cloud Tech Face gous shoe for walking around In as well which is Classic On yeah yeah I have to say I basically Just live in the super blast at the Moment okay so from daily shoes onto Best cushion shoes another one that we Had a lot of different um conflicting Entries for

Uh Mike what won the top spot for best Cushion shoe of 2023 yeah so the winner We've gone for is the S Triumph 21 I Think generally we're all pretty much Fans of this yearo I think you know in Terms of what so delivered in this year They've changed things in terms of the Upper but in terms of the feel in terms Of the types of runs it's designed for And I think it has a little bit of ver Versatility where I think some of the Cushion shoes that we've seen this year Maybe doesn't quite have that same level Of Versatility but I know it's a shoe That I have been using long term and I It's just as I say it's a really enjoy Comfortable you've got that kind of Power run um kind of plus fo you've got That sock Cline I think you kind of Really sink into as well but I think It's got a nice kind of rocker ride in There as well that makes it and Enjoyable shoe to run in as well and one One that I think you can soak up a lot Of time in um and I think a worthy Winner in in terms of this category well One of you I think it was you Mike or it Might be new Kieran you actually put it In as a top spot for best daily shoe Which which is interesting because that Is sort of what a lot of people view This shoe as Now I think maybe I I think maybe I but I think that it does have that

Versatility where I maybe didn't feel Like that before I'm not sure if it Maybe G put it in but I think I do think That has a little bit more versatility I Think some of the shoes that we've seen This year that probably sit in this Category maybe don't have that same kind Of feel about it but I do yeah I think There is an element to that that I think It can worked like That any other thoughts from anyone yeah I'd agree i' I'd say that it is I think It's got more than just being you know When I think about it up against Something like a like a nimbus which we Might talk about at a sec but that it's It's different I think it does more I Think it off I think it offers more yeah Exactly it offers um it offers more than That to me and I think that's what Really appeals that it's not just you Know it's not just a shoe like we talk The the um the 1080 v13 that you're just Going to only go and run easy miles in There's a lot more to it it can do a lot More but when you want to go and run in A nice kind of cushioned sort of shoe Then it's it's got that and it's Locker So I think there's definitely Versatility there it's Triumph there you go yeah uh well um Does anybody want to let us know what The rout the runner up is no idea no Idea the A6 was 25 which is probably not

Wasn't that surprising based on how we All reviewed it earlier in the year but Um yeah he wants to pick this one Up yeah I mean I could start I mean I Think um it's it's a you know massively Changed shoe from the previous shoe one That again we talked about versatility I Think you had that with the previous Shoe but I think this has gone kind of a Different direction and I think it's wor I think we probably agree in terms of What it's the type of runs it's designed For it works very well it's very plush I Think the changes in terms of the Upp Are all designed around giving you Something that's really comfortable um And it's a shoe that personally I I have Enjoyed running in and if you're going To go long slow Long Easy runs I think It's ideal for that it's just all about Comfort here the nimbers 25 and I think From that point of view that's what You're looking for in this is this is a Really good one for that I think as well I really liked really like for long runs I was a bit underwhelmed in our first Run review just because the level of Hype was insane for a cushion shoe I was Getting a bit annoyed by that and then Ran in it more thought it is a really Good cushion shoe and I just really like Long runs in the shoe because it's one Of those shoes like the Brooks glitering 20 which hasn't been a data this year

That's bit surprising feels just as good At the end of a run it's not like really Oh it's really soft for the first few Miles but then gets a bit sappy and Starts to sink in and you know it has a Bit of resiliency the foam in the nimas So it gives you that bounce all the way Through and that comfort and yeah really Good long run shoe very hard to argue With apart from you know high price I Mean this is one thing about Cushing Shoes this year right they've we talk About super blast be expensive most of These cushion shoes are now within about 20 quid $20 of the of the super blast And it's a lot of money for a cushion Shoe I tell you what though cushion Shoes do come down in well a lot of them Come down in price a lot quicker than The super blast do yeah definitely yeah They're obviously there and also nearly All very long running line so you know Next year the ad S6 won't make a big Update to the probably so the 25 will Suddenly be a big bargain because it'll Be very similar to the new one okay so From comfortable cushion shoes to the Big one the best race Sho 2023 which has Been an interesting year for race shoes Um Nick what w the top spot for best Race shoe of 2023 it has been an Interesting year for Raco some Brands Just opted not to update their shoes at All and then we've had some insane

Recent developments with the pro EVO One And the alphafly 3 which aren't really Available so we haven't really included Them in voting yet but I think what has Been the big story this year has been New well brands that hadn't made a very Good carbon racing shoe making a good Carbon RAC shoe so quick shout outs to All of those Brands you know on made a Good racing shoe at last underr made a Good racing shoe hoker but the winner is The Nike VAP 3 because we're pretty Basic we just G with the v no I love the V 3 we don't all agree on this so we'll Discuss that in a minute but I basically Think they made it perfect and then They'll be we'll see what the AL 3 is Like in the proo one but they reduced The weight they had a little bit more Cushion reduce the outside a bit which Is a bit of a problem cuz it's not as Durable but pure racing I think it's Perfect it's so light you can turn your Feet over really quickly I've Loved Racing very short distances in this shoe Like 4.8k distances but you've got that Cushioning and bounce there done a Marathon in it as well and it just feels Superb towards the end and right now It's perfect for me I can't wait to rest Any distance in the shoe any kind of Session and you cruise around in it you Know Doing Hard sessions cruisy Paces I Wouldn't go do easy run I wouldn't do

That but um and then you can race in so I think it's you know nailed it and uh So I think a few of us voted for this But then a few of us other guys here Don't like it as much as older shoes Right I would say um so I really like it I think it's solid great shoe uh the Only thing I would say about it is I Don't think as much in it with the the Vaporfly 2 so um and I i' actually go as Far as to say I'm not sure I like the The slight bit more cushioning uh in in The new one um compared to the the bfly 2 when I've gone out in the bfly 2 since Just to check the feel of it I think do Prefer the vfly 2 um and also I have This major issue that I ripped the Bottom off of all my race shoes and this Has been Year scuffy talk about 7K on a 10k race just destroyed the the outsole Of the Bly 3 which is not what you want To do with a sh that expensive no yeah I Mean I I I also I'm I think I said I Prefer the vaporfly too as well simply I I just think there a little bit there a Bit more stiffness there's a bit more Directness to the vaporfly 2 to me it's Just overall a bit more racy than the The new version which that that extra Bit of cushioning I think just softens It and DS it a little bit for the way That I run as a it's still a great shoe And I understand why a lot more people Or a lot of people still love it and

Actually I think there's a little bit More protection there if you're not Running quite as well the paperly 2 you Kind of had to be in a certain form I I Found or running in a certain way you Know attacking a race but yeah and I Think you could do more in the in the Three but yeah I think for for All Out Racing I would still will go two over The Three what I think is interesting as Well is I also think by the way I love The bfly 3 clearly but if you're finding The bfly 2 for 100 quid less I'm buying The V too um you know I'm not crazy um But I think Nike seems to be you know Had the vly and the alpha fly with the Two the second version of each very Clear differentiation outfly was a lot Heavier a lot bigger a lot propulsive Great for marathons V flly was light you Know firm stiff Speedy it feels like Maybe they're merging a little bit the Last Generations the VAP 3 got that a Little bit softer a little bit more Cushioned still very light the Ally 3 What we've seen from prototypes looks Like they've lightened it a bit Streamlined it a bit maybe the shoes are Coming together a little bit and they Wonder if that'll be you know great or Not but it does seem like Nike has moved On from the bayly 3 and put all of its Elite in the Ally 3 you know this this

This Autumn for the big races so yeah There might be more the more of the Focus going forward for the brand um Potentially okay well speaking of other Brands that released or really up their Game when it comes to car plate shoes What got the runner up uh Kieran yeah so We given the runner up to this and it's Nice to see him make a shoe that's Actually I think it's their best race Shoe yet it's hooker's rocket X2 best Carbon shoe they've produced and I think They finally have a winner that you know Again it's this a shoe that's sort of Really quite well balanced it's agile It's light there's a little bit of Softness to it but it's still really Energetic I think it's springy and Lively all of those things and the one Thing I really love about it is there's Lots of Versatility in it so I think you Can it's I think it's probably best Racing all out up to the half Marathon It might be a little bit too sort of Direct for some people going beyond that Up to the Marathon distance but it can Cope with a you know range of paces and Distances and it's a carbon shoe that You know it feels even sort of a little Bit better equipped for training runs as Well so I think it kind of bleeds back Into that you know there's some of the Carbon races you look at them you think Do I really want to go and train in

Those not not particularly just cuz they Sort of feel the way that they kind of Feel on the foot and the way that you're Going to run in them you got to be in a Mindset but I also RI the outo off of My Reference yeah that's the thing all the Bfly and ons I've seen a lot of people Rip those outs I've never seen someone Rip the outs off the rocket X2 apart From top One I really like the rocket x 2 as well I think it's a beautiful shoe for one Which is quite rare in com Sho the Version but I think it's also a low Drop Super Shoe that feels like a low Drop Super Shoe like it does feel much more And a flat across the thing you know if Like that low Drop feeling whereas some Of the ones that have low Drop are such Aggressive rockers I think they still Feel like normal drop higher drop shoes Um I I I dis like I I think it's a Really soft shoe and actually that's the Only problem I had with it for long Distances when I did longer runs in it I Did feel like the foam just compressed a Little bit I didn't get quite too much Bounce at the end um I just feel like It's quite a soft foam they have there But then you know everyone has slight Different feel about she's by I think It's quite stable carbon RAC as well I Really I had did twisty race in it and

It's sure you can really go at corners Uh and it also offered fantastic grip on A really wet track in one session which Again is not something you necessarily Get from Racing shoes obviously you Don't get it if you rip off the Outso okay uh so that's all the shoes Done um and then we've got our new award That well new last year which is the Brand of the year um so it's the second Year we done it I mean it was two three Years is that new or is it established Tredition it's pry it's pretty new it's Pretty new uh if we if we've been doing The awards for a while yeah the so the Brand of the year is is a award we give To a brand that we think has made some Big improvements or or done really made Us notice what has been being released Over the over the past year uh last year It was saky what this year Nick did we Pick as our brand of the year I think It's lot tight this year last year it Felt to all us that s had really had a Great year and just made almost the best Shoe in every category and um what aex Has done this year like is they it's It's not about carbon shoes this they Don't haven't updated their carbon shoes This year but I feel like every single Shoe I've tried of theirs this year has Been good like really good and just They've put the FF blast plus foam in Loads of shoes they've made some shoes

Lighter they've just generally improved Every shoe in their range to the point Where they've got really top offering in Every category like going from you know The Nimbus and the Caro massive cushion Stability and neutral shoes um just Really comfortable fun to run in they've Got the super blast obviously an Outrageously fun shoe that people really Start to take to the uh going at the Magic speed three like budget carbon Racing shoe or training partner shoe Really fast the fastest I think of the Super trainers just a really fun shoe to Run in and on the trails as well the um Fuji Speed 2 I think is my favorite of The plated um carbon trail shoes that Have come out just because it is Genuinely very fast really Dynamic ride And it just feels like every time I've Pulled on an Astic shoe this year it's Been quite a similar and consistently Impressive feeling like nothing is like Wearing down fast Tom hasn't RI the out All of any of the assd shoes let's not Forget the 30 that's a big I've not really the outs For that one yeah almost impossible you Have to digging in there with a claw Hmer to get that out well for me that That was that was the the big thing for Me the the the jelo 30 is the first jel Keano shoe I've really liked yeah and Same with nimas actually the first nimas

I really like just yeah it just feels Across the board they've made just a Load of excellent shoes that are not Only like quite fun and exciting to pull On but actually just fundamentally good Shoes that last long time feel good on Every run don't we down just a practical Good shoes yeah I think they they've Made some bold decisions about making Changes to some iconic lines and they Could you know they ran the risk of like You know ultimately getting it wrong but I think most of the decisions they've Made they've got right I think they've Also listened in terms of previous Iterates of shoes that haven't quite hit The mark and they've learned and they've Delivered better versions of those shoes So yeah I'd agree that I think they've They probably had a good year as Nick Said I think across the range I think That's the most important thing it's not Just been one category of shoes it's Been across different you know different Types of shoes as well and all this we Don't really like the nov last three That much we like and yeah it be Interesting to see certainly what they Do with the Met Speed Line next year but Those are just very good racing shoes as Well so yeah good shoes available if you Want to go all aex it's a very easy to Build a fantastic rotation definitely Nice and our runner up is a brand that

Pops up constantly um everyone seems to Have this somewhere in their list of Picks is Garmin so what's gin done this Year that that that we really liked made A lot of good Watchers Move you Do stand out the stand out though has to Be that they've made 500 editions of Phoenix 7 and also say next year they'd get They'd get brand of the year if they Just trim down the range a bit make Easier yeah I I mean it's just there's No bad garments anymore like cuz they've All got the same underlying excellent Features the top ends was amazing I Still yeah I still think they could Probably use a better end level watch Just to compete with some stuff out There but I mean we all really even Going up to the epics pro this year They're even making AMOLED watches that Last a long time so yeah they're taking On everything okay uh and the final Award for the uh the Run testers Awards 2023 is the audience award so this is Where we uh ask the audience across Instagram and YouTube to pick their Favorite shoe of the year now we're not Specific about the type of shoe we just Ask for their favorite shoe um and this There was a lot of people who who Commented with their shoes I think There's it was in the hundreds uh where

People were commenting and there was a Massive range of shoes some that you Would assumed that would be in there and Some that I'd never heard of Um but there was one clear winner by Miles across all of the the the voting And that was the the the as6 super blast Um people seem to love that shoe despite The price despite the fact it hasn't got Loads of marketing behind it it's it it Was by far in a way the the most popular Shoe that people were voting for Word of Mouth sensation so our 2003 shoe of the Year is a shoe released in 2022 we didn't actually get it yeah yeah Well I mean there were sub shoes in There that were from like three years Ago So um and then the runner up was an Interesting one that was the Boston 12 Yeah I mean this is only I've tested I Do think this would be featured quite Strongly across our Awards if you Thought you guys all tested it as well I Really don't see a reason why anyone you Wouldn't like it it's brilliant shoe It's it's the Adidas the previous couple Of versions of the Boston were not Really that well received though massive Stack quite firm built like a tank and Lasted forever and quite good for long Runs but just not really a fun feeling On the run and the Boston 12 is is a fun Feeling on the run while still being you

Know a great long run option good Continental robber out soole nice dual Density mid soole upper I don't like Very much it's a bit too racy I think For a uh for a shoe you're going to use Most days rather than for actual races Yeah brilliant shoe and I I do think you Guys get hold of it it might have it Might have snuck into a couple of other Categories potentially cheers Adas yeah that's why I didn't get brand Of the year I voted I've tested all this Year well that's it for the awards 2023 For another year wow God yeah well done To everybody who won and all the runners Up as well um and we will be back well We'll be back next Year put Wembley for next year aren we We'll book The Royal Albert H to do the Uh to do the ceremony next year Right bigger and bigger I've don't know Why I'm saying this because I know it'll Happen anyway but if there's anything we Missed or you feel that we got some of The the uh the the the picks wrong then Let us know in the Comments own Piics a difference of opinion so you Know not everyone yeah all the votes Have been counted and you know it's not Easy so until next year see you cat sh It's been a Triumph been a Triumph That's been a Triumph see you Right that's it from us for another year

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